Communist Infiltration

This article is rather special. It was written for the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down and tells us, the public the truth about our enemies. It is not something the Main Stream Media are keen to tell us because they are very much part of the problem. On this occasion Melanie Phillips, a Jew throws aside the veil that was used by the propagandists, who called it the Red Scare, revealing some of the truth but not all. She can be very good on the damage caused by the flood of Immigrants that is washing over England but she keeps her mouth firmly shut about who is causing it, the perpetrators, to wit her very own people, the Jews and the damage they are doing. Ditto for the fact that it is deliberate Subversion.

Let us be grateful that a large audience, the readers of the Daily Mail have been told. Some will take the point. A simultaneous article in The Spectator tells us about Labour Party contacts with the USSR and their treasonous inclinations. Labour And Treason fingers:-
Transport and General Workers Union leader Jack Jones
General Secretary Ron Hayward
Justice Secretary Jack Straw [ Jew & Stalinist ]
John Reid
Mandelson [ Jew on the make ]
It is all part of the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes and Her Majesty's Government Solid confirmation comes from Reaching Through The Iron Curtain & the book by Colonel Beaty, with a similar title, The Iron Curtain Over America.

From the Daily Mail

We Were Fools To Think The Fall Of The Berlin Wall Killed Off The Far-Left They're Back - Attacking From Within
We were fools to think the fall of the Berlin Wall had killed off the far Left. They're back - and attacking us from within
Twenty years ago today, supporters of freedom and human rights cheered and wept for joy as the Wall was torn down by jubilant young Germans.

To so many, that heady day seemed to herald the emergence of a better world. The spectre of communism had finally been laid to rest. Liberty had triumphed over tyranny. The end of the Cold War even led some to proclaim that this was 'the end of history'  -  which was to say that liberal democracy was now the dominant and unchallengeable force in the world.

The collapse of communism was actually a slow-burning process. Its moral and political bankruptcy became obvious decades before that glorious Berlin day in November 1989

However, the 9/11 attacks on tragically proved this to be absurdly over-optimistic. The eruption of radical Islamism revealed that, while the West may have been rid of one enemy in the Soviet Union, another deadly foe had risen to take its place. So much is, sadly, all too evident.

But what is perhaps less obvious is that communism did not just vanish in a puff of historical smoke. The Soviet Union was defeated and fell apart, for sure. But the communist ideology that fuelled it did not so much disintegrate as reconstitute itself into another, even more deadly form as the active enemy of western freedom.

Soviet Communism was a belief system whose goal was to overturn the structures of society through the control of economic and political life. This mutated into a post-communist ideology of the Left, whose no-less ambitious aim was to overturn western society through a subversive transformation of its culture........ This was what might be called 'Cultural Marxism'. It was based on the understanding that what holds a society together are the pillars of its culture: the structures and institutions of education, family, law, media and religion. Transform the principles that these embody and you can thus destroy the society they have shaped.

This key insight was developed in particular by an Italian Marxist philosopher called Antonio Gramsci. His thinking was taken up by Sixties radicals [ e.g. Straw, Blair, Brown - Editor ]  who are, of course, the generation that holds power in the West today. Gramsci understood that the working class would never rise up to seize the levers of 'production, distribution and exchange' as communism had prophesied. Economics was not the path to revolution. He believed instead that society could be overthrown if the values underpinning it could be turned into their antithesis: if its core principles were replaced by those of groups who were considered to be outsiders or who actively transgressed the moral codes of that society. So he advocated a 'Long March Through The Institutions' to capture the citadels of the culture and turn them into a collective fifth column, undermining from within and turning all the core values of society upside-down and inside-out.........

This strategy has been [ and is being ] carried out to the letter. The nuclear Family has been widely shattered. Illegitimacy was transformed from a stigma into a 'right'. The tragic disadvantage of fatherlessness was redefined as a neutrally-viewed 'lifestyle choice'.

Education was wrecked, with its core tenet of transmitting a culture to successive generations replaced by the idea that what children already knew was of superior value to anything the adult world might foist upon them. The outcome of this 'child-centred' approach has been widespread illiteracy and ignorance and an eroded capacity for independent thought.

Law and order were similarly undermined, with criminals deemed to be beyond punishment since they were 'victims' of society and with illegal drug taking tacitly encouraged by a campaign to denigrate anti-drugs laws.

The 'rights' agenda  -  commonly known as 'political correctness'  -  turned morality inside out by excusing any misdeeds by self-designated 'victim' groups on the grounds that such 'victims' could never be held responsible for what they did.

Feminism, anti-racism and gay rights thus turned men, white people and Christians into the enemies of decency who were forced to jump through hoops to prove their virtue.

This Through The Looking Glass mindset rests on the belief that the world is divided into the powerful (who are responsible for all bad things) and the oppressed (who are responsible for none of them).

This is a Marxist doctrine. But the extent to which such Marxist thinking has been taken up unwittingly even by the Establishment was illustrated by the astounding observation made in 2005 by the then senior law lord, Lord Bingham, that human rights law was all about protecting 'oppressed' minorities from the majority.

None of this is to say there has been a giant, organised conspiracy to undermine Britain in this way. Admittedly, some Left-wingers did so conspire, but many others bought into these ideas for different reasons. [ This is where Philips starting perverting the truth rather than telling it  - Editor ]

Of particular importance was the demoralisation of the British ruling class by the loss of Empire and the indebtedness of Britain to America at the end of World War II  -  a profound loss of cultural nerve that made the Establishment vulnerable to any ideas, however outlandish, that promised to bring about the New Jerusalem.

These ideas gained general traction within the intelligentsia, the universities and the media  -  which is why the BBC is so institutionally skewed towards political correctness. 

However, the terrifying fact is that they form a totalitarian mindset that replicates the way communist societies clamped down on any other than permitted views. Thus the intolerance  -  or even arrest  -  of Christians opposed to gay adoption and civil union, or the vilification as 'racists' of those opposed to mass [ Third World ] immigration.

This mindset also led to the belief that a sense of nationhood was the cause of all the ills in the world, precisely because western nations embodied western values. So transnational institutions or doctrines such as the EU, UN, international law or human rights law came to trump national laws and values.

But the truth is that to be hostile to the western nation is to be hostile to democracy. And indeed, with the development of the EU super state we can see that the victory over one anti-democratic regime within   -  the Soviet Union  -  has been followed by surrender to another.

For the republic of Euroland puts loyalty to itself higher than that to individual nations and their values. It refused to commit itself in its constitution to uphold Christianity, the foundation of western morality.

Instead, it is committed to moral and cultural relativism, which sets group against group and guarantees supreme and antidemocratic power to the bureaucrats setting the rules of 'diversity' and outlawing all dissent from permitted attitudes.

When the Berlin Wall fell, we told ourselves that this was the end of ideology. We could not have been more wrong.

The Iron Curtain came down only to be replaced by a rainbow-hued knuckle-duster, as our cultural commissars pulverise all forbidden attitudes in order to reshape western society into a post-democratic, post-Christian, post-moral universe. Lenin would have smiled.
Did they tell you about Gramsci when you were at school? They didn't tell me. Did they even know? I doubt it. The BBC do though They are traitors in the business of hiding the truth and subverting England.


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