Jews in Holland

When Jews are victims or alleged victims it is all over the Main Stream Media. When they are perpetrators it gets hushed up big time. For instance the piece, Anne Frank May Well Have Been Betrayed By A Lesbian Jew links to the Wiki article on van Dijk which does not mention that she was a Jew although Jews [ jood ] are. The Amazon book, The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank mentions van Dijk implying a connection but gives no more.

Popular Attitudes In Europe Are Encouraging [ 28 November 2011 ]
UK-based think tank Demos has put out a report on supporters of European populist groups  (“The rise of Populism in Europe can be traced to online behaviour”).  The report is based on over 10,000 survey responses filled out by followers of Facebook pages maintained by 14 such groups in 11 countries (e.g., France’s Front National, Belgium’s Vlaams Belang, the Dutch Party for Freedom, Sweden Democrats, and the BNP).  Supporters of these groups are predominantly young (63% under 30) compared with 51 per cent of Facebook users overall; 75% are male

This is good news because young people are the future. It is they who will suffer the most from the ongoing disaster to our civilization resulting from the massive invasion of non-Whites. These results also show that substantial numbers of young people are able to develop these attitudes despite growing up in a media and educational culture that has been saturated by the opposite attitudes since before they were born.

I suspect that the great majority of these young people have personally experienced the costs of multiculturalism in their  schools and neighbourhoods—e.g., the de facto ethnic segregation apparent throughout our glorious multicultural landscape, the resulting “us vs. them” attitudes, and perhaps being victimized or knowing White victims of crime by non-Whites. At some point, one’s personal experience trumps the constant drumbeat of Multicultural Propaganda emanating from the elite Media and the Educational establishment.
The young are not swallowing BBC propaganda wholesale. This is good news. It is one reason why the Establishment is active in sabotaging the British National Party, allowing a serial swindler to carry on running it into the ground is politics, the sort that Machiavelli understood so well. Having an alternative like the  British Freedom Party run by another makes sense to them. Divide and conquer; it works.


Muslims Intimidate Their Way Across Europe [ 14 December 2011 ]
A mob of some 20 Islamists stormed a debate in Amsterdam that was featuring two Muslim liberals, the Canadian writer and Muslim feminist Irshad Manji and the Dutch-Moroccan Green Left MP Tofik Dibi. Muslim extremists belonging to the group Sharia4Belgium, which seeks to establish Islamic Sharia law across Europe, yelled "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is Greater") and threatened to break Manji's neck. Waving an Islamist jihadist flag, they then demanded that Manji and Dibi be executed for apostasy......

The December 8 debate on how liberal Muslims can prevent Islam from being hijacked by Muslim extremists was held at the De Baile venue in downtown Amsterdam, and was sponsored by the Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy. The event resumed after police arrested several of the Islamists. The incident highlights the increasing frequency with which Muslims are using intimidation tactics -- including harassment and even murder -- in an effort to silence free speech in Europe and to impose Islam on the continent......

The report also says that although teachers can discuss the transatlantic slave trade without incidents, they face harsh criticism from Muslim pupils when they teach about the history of slavery within Africa or the Middle East.
This report mentions several other attacks carried out by the Third World trouble makers imported by traitors. Of course Islamics Were Big In Slaving and are still at it. We are not supposed to say that Jews Were Big In The Atlantic Slave Trade. We are not even supposed to know it. It is true none the less as the good people of with tell you - see Blacks And Jews on the point.


Anne Frank May Well Have Been Betrayed By A Lesbian Jew [ 20 December 2011 ]
On Traitors and Victims: The Ans van Dijk Story
On a cold winter morning in January 1948 a Jewish woman, Ans van Dijk, was executed in Fort Bijlmer near Amsterdam after being sentenced to death for collaboration with the German occupiers during World War II. The pivotal questions are why a Jewish woman was executed after the liberation and how she became involved in collaboration with the Germans during the war........

In 1943 Ans van Dijk was arrested by the German Sicherheitsdienst (Security Service—SD) and after she promised to work for the SD she was released. She posed as a member of the resistance who could provide hiding places and fake identity passes, but in reality she would report Jews in hiding to the SD. Van Dijk would not only evade deportation by her co-operation but was endowed with bounty money for everyone she turned in. She was the perfect agent because her Jewish appearance made her look trustworthy in the eyes of the resistance. In the beginning she worked alone but after a while she surrounded herself with Jewish women who helped her.

Meanwhile she picked up her life and started a lesbian relationship with Mies de Regt of Rotterdam, who knew about her work for the SD but kept silent. After the liberation the two women went into hiding in Rotterdam but were tracked down and arrested. Van Dijk was charged with the betrayal of around 700 persons.

How should we consider this number of 700 persons in the bigger picture of Jewish persecution? The most infamous ‘Jewhunter’ C.J. Kaptein, a gentile policeman, credited himself with rounding up 600 Jews when he stood trial after the war; like van Dijk, he was also sentenced to death. The case of Kaptein is widely published as a testimony that the Dutch police were complicit with the persecution of Jews during the war, while the case of Ans van Dijk almost descended into oblivion
History is written by the victors? NO! History is written the Jews which is why history is full of lies. Dijk was operating in the same area as Anne Frank who might be one of her 700 victims.


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