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The Front National is a French party which has a moderate but significant following. It is also at the receiving end of hatred coming from the Main Stream Media, Education industry, politicians generally and the Puppet Masters, the ones who pull the strings, who bring us Ethnic Fouling In France & indeed Ethnic Fouling throughout Christendom. You might feel that it was just coincidence that the next French election was going to be between the Jew, Sarkozy and the Jew cum rutting chimpanzee, Strauss-Kahn. It was going to be a win for the Jews no matter what, something gamblers call a stacked deck. That is how they like it.

Now le Front is out there in the running with Marine le Pen as their new face. Her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen was a sound sort of chap who served in the Légion étrangère. The Wiki is keen to point out that he was not at Dien Bien Phu but does not compare his service with that of draft dodging scum like Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron - where do you stop with a list like this?

It is fair to ask whether Madame le Pen is really a nationalist or a decoy who has been nobbled by Jews, just like Geert Wilders & Nigel Farage. Marine Le Pen To Visit Holocaust® Museum is suggestive. She is not going to say that the Holocaust® is  a detail of history or that the Holocaust® story is a very profitable fraud with significant tax advantages run by Zionist criminals. Making her into one of their puppets gets us back to the stacked deck they love. What is her game? Marine le Pen Talks. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.
PS The war time Front National was set up by French communists with the aim of taking over after the war. Concealing its connection with the Francs-tireurs partisans was part of their treasonous intent. See The White Rabbit page 40 et seq.

Front Nation Gets A Loan From Russia
So Vladimir Putin approves; a good sign.


National Front ex Wiki
The National Front (French: Front national, FN) is a political party in France. The party was founded in 1972, seeking to unify a variety of French far-right currents of the time. Jean-Marie Le Pen was the party's first leader and the undisputed centre of the party from its start until his resignation in 2011. While the party struggled as a marginal force for its first ten years, since 1984 it has been the unrivalled major force of the French far-right. The FN has established itself as the third largest political force in France, after the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) and the Socialist Party (PS). The 2002 presidential election was the first ever in France to include a far-right candidate in the run-off, as Le Pen beat the socialist candidate in the first round. In the run-off, Le Pen nevertheless finished a distant second to Jacques Chirac. Due to the French electoral system, the party's representation in public office has been limited, despite its electoral success. The current leader of the party is Marine Le Pen, who took over from her father in 2011.

The party's political profile is based on French nationalism. Its current policies include economic protectionism, a zero tolerance approach to law and order issues, and opposition to immigration. Since the 1990s, its stance on the European Union has grown increasingly eurosceptic. The party's opposition to immigration is particularly focused on non-European immigration, and includes support for deporting illegal, criminal, and unemployed immigrants; its policy is nevertheless more moderate today than it was at its most radical point in the 1990s. Some party officials have historically been subject to controversy for occasionally promoting historical revisionism, specifically related to the Second World War. However, the party's current leader, Marine Le Pen, has actively distanced herself from this.
The Wiki holds it nose, suppresses its dislike and pretends to take it down the middle.


Marine Le Pen Of The National Front Is More Popular Than Sarkozy [ 6 March 2011 ]
The leader of France's far-right National Front party is more popular with voters than president Nicolas Sarkozy [ a Jew ], an opinion poll has revealed. Marine Le Pen would gain an unprecedented first-round election victory if the French were asked to vote for a new president today. France will go to the polls to elect a new president in May next year, but the results of the survey, published in Sunday's Le Parisien newspaper and based on an opinion poll by the Harris Institute, come at a time when Sarkozy's popularity continues to plummet.

The findings have revived the spectre of 2002 when Jean-Marie Le Pen – Marine's father – knocked socialist candidate Lionel Jospin from the country's opposition out of the presidential race in the first round before losing to Jacques Chirac. The Le Parisien poll found that 42-year-old Le Pen, who took control of the National Front in January, would obtain 23 per cent of the vote in the first round of any poll if it were held now. Sarkozy would get 21 per cent. Socialist Party leader Martine Aubry, who has not announced her intention to stand, would also get 21 per cent.
This is real news and interesting news. The Grauniad is still making the fraudulent claim about nasty right wing parties and nice left wing parties. Adolf's Nazis, his national socialists were just as left wing, just as socialist as the Communists with policies substantially the same. Madame Le Pen is a nationalist unlike the traitors who run most of Christendom.
PS She looks much nicer than Blair's old woman:-
Marine                                                                        Blair and Beckett
One looks honest; the other looks like a Borgia with the walking dead.
PS Here is another.

She looks like fun.


Marine Le Pen Gets A Smear Job From The Guardian [  22nd March 2011 ]
Marine Le Pen emerges from father's shadow
Le Pen fille says she'll lead the Front National into the battle for republican values in France
by Angelique Chrisafis in Paris

Marine Le Pen surveys the mountain of letters on her desk, complaining she's run out of autographed photos to send to fans. Although Le Pen fires handguns at shooting ranges for a hobby, Sarah Palin [ whose weapon handling is dreadful - Editor ] isn't an idol. Instead, she gestures out of the office window to a statue of Joan of Arc, the mascot of the Front National, which for decades under Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie, was the most successful far-right, xenophobic party in western Europe. Under the new leadership of "Le Pen, Fille", the party headquarters on a grey suburban street in Nanterre has been decorated with national symbols: a towering fibreglass French cockerel stands guard over a rockery.

But on her office wall, to emphasise Le Pen's plea that she is not antisemitic, is an abstract painting by an Israeli artist and friend. "It's called the top of the world because that's where she said I was aiming ... well maybe not that high! Ha!" Le Pen throws her head back and delivers her trademark Sid James laugh.

Le Pen, or simply "Marine" as the nation casually calls her, has sparked the biggest political panic attack France has seen for a decade. The "Marine effect" on Monday brought a historic 15% for the Front National in the first round of local elections, striking fear into both left and right for this week's second round. The 42-year-old, twice-divorced, mother-of-three is so popular that several polls show her topping next year's French presidential first round and sailing through to the final round run-off. She is on a crusade to "soften" her party and strip away the old overtones of racist, antisemitic extremists while defending the core of her father's nationalism, and courting a new white-collar electorate fearful of crime, immigration, Muslims and losing their jobs.

Le Pen, described by rivals as "the devil's daughter", a publicity-hungry, unreconstructed, far-right populist "more dangerous than her father", is also the photogenic face of the extraordinary soap opera history of the Le Pen family. She is the youngest of three blonde daughters who for decades were wheeled out by their father to symbolise the true French nation, and who were teased at school that "papa" was a "fascist". At eight, Le Pen survived a bomb attack on the family as they slept in their beds. Later, her parents' gruesome public divorce battle saw her mother pose in Playboy for revenge. All three Le Pen daughters publicly "lived and breathed the party", married and divorced Front National party workers, in Marine's case twice.

Trained as a lawyer, she has worked for the party machine for 25 years, and has now taken to the campaign trail with her partner, Louis Aliot, on the party's executive. "It's true that there's almost an intimacy between me and the French public. They feel a particular link to me because I'm not part of that self-proclaimed elite running France today," she said.

Le Pen's verdict is that France is on the brink of a revolution to rival that of the Arab world. Social injustice, people who can't make ends meet, a growing gap between rich and poor, and overwhelming disappointment with president Nicolas Sarkozy means France hasn't been this angry since the storming of the Bastille. "There isn't that much difference between the French people and the Tunisian people or Egyptian people," she said. "The French want justice - political justice, democratic justice, social justice - they want an end to double standards and they want some ethics from their political class. The French are suffering. They are permanently being asked to make sacrifices and yet there's a political-financial caste that is reaping all the benefits of the economic situation and awarding itself endless privileges.

"We're in a pre-revolutionary situation here. What's happening today resembles what was happening before the French revolution. I think the desire for a revolution like those on the other side of the Mediterranean exists here. Of course, I'm appealing for a democratic revolution – and that's also perhaps the role of the Front National – for a peaceful revolution by the ballot box, a patriotic revolution."

In 2002, France went into a meltdown of shock and shame [ the Grauniad lies - where's the evidence? ] when Jean-Marie Le Pen knocked out the Socialists and reached the presidential second round against Jacques Chirac. Le Pen senior, who holds several convictions for racism and anti-semitism, had called Nazi gas chambers a "detail" of the history and would go on to say that the Nazi occupation of France was "not particularly inhumane". Moderates vowed the shock would never be repeated. When Sarkozy came to power in 2007, he stole the Front National's anti-immigration rhetoric and seduced its voters. The FN, whose vote and finances had collapsed, was declared practically dead. But when the charismatic Marine took over from her father in January, everything changed. In 11 days this month, seven out of 12 polls forecast her not only reaching the presidential second round but beating her father's score.

Fiercely ambitious, Le Pen is not content to mop up the anti-Sarkozy "protest vote" but craves political power. For this, she must prove her party has changed. Her father led a movement of anti-system, extremist outsiders, from Catholic fundamentalists to monarchists who railed against the state and loathed the public sector. But Le Pen now styles herself as a defender of the republic, its benefits and welfare state, "the state as protector", she calls it.

But not benefits for all. French people must come first. She talks about "solidarity", says free-market capitalism is "the law of the jungle" and campaigns to protect teachers jobs from cuts. Half her new party members come from the left, she says. She is more liberal on abortion and homosexuality, and denies wanting the death penalty for school kids who deal hash. She warns the euro is "collapsing" and has promised to return France to the franc.

She makes her programme seem less shocking but the core is the same: immigration as a threat to the economy, security and culture of France, welfare chauvinism and benefits for the "true" French, gradual withdrawal from Europe. On the local election campaign trail in the FN heartlands of Provence, crowds give her a standing ovation after she warns of the "dilution" and "wiping out" of the French nation and civilisation, under threat from "never-ending queues of foreigners". Is this really a different party to her father's? "Yes, it probably is," she said. "Because for a long time there were lots of people who shared our opinions but were scared off by the image given of Jean-Marie Le Pen. They were reticent to join us. Now I'm at the head of the party, that barrier has fallen away."

Above all she wants to cleanse the party of overtones of holocaust denial and antisemitism. She fumed at Jewish associations who forced the cancellation of an interview with a Jewish radio station in Paris. "I just want to say to our Jewish compatriots they have nothing to fear, we are absolutely not antisemitic", she says. Recently, she recently said what had happened in Nazi concentration camps was "the epitome of barbarism". [emphases added by MW]

Le Pen still makes references to the second world war, but targeted a different issue: what a growing number of voters complain about is the "islamification" of France. During her campaign to head the party, she compared Muslims praying in the streets outside overcrowded mosques in France to the Nazi occupation. She has criticised Halal-only fast-food restaurants. She couches all this in terms of defending "republican values", secularism and feminism in the face of religious extremism. She is setting the agenda on Islam.

Desperate to compete, Sarkozy's party has poached her ideas and will hold its own controversial debate on Islam and secularism next month. The Jewish umbrella association, Crif, and Licra, the International League against Racism and Anti-semitism, warned last week that Le Pen's discourse was "a threat to Jews and Muslims" and the far-right was scapegoating Muslims in the same way Jews were targeted during the antisemitism of France in the 1930s.

Asked about islamophobia, Le Pen's eyes widen. "But there's no islamophobia," she says. "People are just trying to recreate the conditions of a latent conflict aimed at making French people feel guilty. If you're in favour of respecting the law, you're an islamophobe! I'm not fighting against a religion. I'm like Richelieu, I'm fighting against the constitution of a state within the state. I think that French laws, values, principles should apply to everyone. And those who don't respect those laws and principles should be firmly made to respect them."

Criticism from political opponents is healthy, she says, but don't base it on "false accusations of racism, antisemitism and xenophobia".

"For 20 years in France, anyone who was against immigration was called a racist," she complains. But now she feels immigration is "perhaps the biggest problem of the 21st century". Hence, her visit to the Italian island of Lampedusa to inspect the flow of migrants from the Arab revolts. For her, immigration "has nothing to do with racism, it's an economic problem. It clearly affects our balance, notably the budget, it touches our identity, so I think we should be able to talk about immigration without systematically being accused of racism or xenophobia."

She adds: "The right-left divide makes no sense any more. Now the reality divide is between nationalism and globalisation."

Le Pen, a member of the European parliament, also says France's sovereignty has been "sucked dry" by the EU machine. France's cultural identity is also under attack from "a type of Soviet-style planning where we are seeking through massive immigration to weaken identities through a sort of general of multiculturalism where everyone suffers."

She wants immigration to stop and the specific differences between cultures to be preserved. "It's too much. There is a certain threshold above which the identities are shaken and collapse and we're setting up the conditions for a clash of cultures."

She says she does not want her party described as extreme-right, a "pejorative" term. "How am I party of the extreme right? ... I don't think that our propositions are extreme propositions, whatever the subject."

Intellectuals love to psychoanalyse the "raucous, tomboy" Le Pen, who looks uncannily like her father, with a similar gravely, cigarette-inflected voice, and whose trademark on TV is a beaming grin that infuriates opponents. Many feel she is driven by a deep need to impress her father and rehabilitate him in the public eye. Rubbish, she says. "I'm profoundly in love with my country ... I think politics is a virus, you either have it or not. And it's incurable." She does ask her father's advice. It would be ridiculous not to given his experience, she adds.

Le Pen's following is biggest among the working class, but she is attracting the lower middle-class and the women's vote. She is a feminist and long-time single mother heading a notoriously male-dominated, traditionalist party. But she feels this works in her favour. "I've always thought the French people are the least macho in the world," she smiles.
[* This article was updated on 22 March 2011 to include additional material omitted from the print edition of The Guardian.]


Marine Le Pen To Visit Holocaust® Museum [ 3 November 2011 ]
A French presidential candidate for the [ allegedly ] far-right National Front party is visiting the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to pay her respects to the more than six million Jews killed by Nazi Germany. Marine Le Pen is visiting the museum during a US tour that also includes a stop on Capitol Hill to meet with politicians and a visit to the United Nations. Ms Le Pen's visit to the Holocaust Museum is seen as a dramatic gesture and a departure from her father, former party leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. He had run-ins with the law during his long career for minimizing the Holocaust and calling the Second World War gas chambers "a detail" of history.
Madame le Pen is pandering to the Jews, making like she believes the Holocaust® story. The two main contenders in the French election were going to be Sarkozy, a Jew and Strauss-Kahn the rutting chimpanzee Jew running the IMF. This is what gamblers call a stacked deck. But Kahn was put in prison after a black whore alleged rape which put him out the running. How was Marine nobbled? Threats, blackmail, bribes are the obvious methods. Jews have huge influence in the Main Stream Media. One pay off is a boost from Reuters founded by Paul Reuter, another Jew. See Marine Le Pen Makes Progress For The National Front

The Guardian, England's voice of the Feminist, Homosexual, Illegal Immigrant, wine snob and general purpose Useful Idiot told us that she had been nobbled back in March - see Marine Le Pen emerges from father's shadow


Marine Le Pen Meets Israeli Ambassador Over Champagne [ 5 November 2011 ]
'Misunderstanding' over Le Pen meeting with Israeli ambassador

French [ allegedly ] far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen seized on the attendance of an Israeli ambassador at a lunch she hosted on Thursday at the United Nations to counter her party's xenophobic image. Israel's UN mission said ambassador Ron Prosor's had gone to the event through a "misunderstanding."

Le Pen said however she hoped his presence had proved that the National Front party had turned the page on incendiary remarks made by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen about Nazi gas chambers. About 30 people were invited to the meeting. Among diplomats, only Prosor, the deputy ambassador for Japan, Kazuo Kodama, the Trinidad and Tobago ambassador Rodney Charles, Uruguay's envoy Jose Luis Cancela and Armenia's Garen Nazarian attended........

Le Pen is credited with 17-19 percent support in French opinion polls and is on the US tour seeking to bolster her image. She denies her party is anti-immigrant.
Pandering to Jews, favouring immigrants over honest Frenchmen....... Is she the kind one wants in politics? Is she a nationalist? She could be even worse than the Rutting chimpanzee Jew who ran the IMF until he got sorted out


Marine Le Pen Courts Jews To No Avail 27 February 2012 ]
Marine Le Pen, the daughter of the founder French National Front Jean-Marie Le Pen is doing well in the polls. November last year she even scored higher than the sitting president Nicolas Sarkozy. Moreover, the National Front is doing very well among young voters and the workers. She is gaining momentum and she wants to change the edgy image of the National Front to appeal to a greater public by renouncing anti-Semitism and reaching out at Israel. In November 2011 she was in New York to visit the United Nations, where she had a meeting with the Israeli ambassador Ron Prosor, which later said it was based on a ‘misunderstanding’.

No matter how hard Marine Le Pen tries to reach out for Jewish approval she is not going to get it and never will........

On 27th January Marine Le Pen attended the yearly debutante ball in the famous Hofburg in Vienna, which is organized by the ring of student corporations, which can trace their roots back to the 19th century. It was the 59th time the ball had been held, but in recent years radical-left organizations have been protesting against the ball being held in the Hofburg, and got their way: this year was the last time the ball will be held in the Hofburg. Marine Le Pen attended the ball at the invitation of  Heinz-Christian Strache of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO)........

Supporting a ball of debutantes in the presence of tradition-minded young people and other European nationalist leaders is considered to be in the presence of “neo-Nazis”. The violent leftist howling crowds outside the Hofburg are supposed to be the “normal people,” because of their reverence for Holocaust Memorial Day. This is yet another proof that Jews always side up with the left against the bearers of European tradition.
Jews are good haters. This particular nausea is just an excuse. Inviting them to fornicate elsewhere is the answer.


Marine Le Pen Talks About Islamic Crazies  [ 25 September 2012 ]
She sounds reasonable.


Front National Beating Socialists In France  [ 23 March 2014 ]
It sounds good albeit Marine Le Pen has been nobbled by the Zionist crazies. NB it is only now that we are told that Hollande's mob is the worst since the 1950s.


Front National Do Well In French Election   [ 1 April 2014 ]
"With 93 percent of the vote counted, Hollande had 28.4 percent of the ballots cast and Sarkozy 27 percent,....... [ Madame ] Le Pen was in third with 18.3 percent of the vote so far."
This makes Marine le Pen look like a serious contender. The BBC chose not to tell the truth; it their main form of lying, a subject at which they are past masters.


Front National In Front In France [ 26 April 2014 ]

The Daily Mail's allegation that the Front National is Far right is fraudulent. Le Front is Nationalist, patriotic while the Mail is a Racist Propaganda machine. Marine is polling at 24%. Hollande, the spendthrift Socialist is on 20%. It is nice to have some fairly good news for once.


Front National Wins Two Senate Seats In France  [ 5 October 2014 ]
France’s far-right National Front (FN) party has won its first two seats in the upper house of parliament, in what [ the BBC chooses to allege that ] party leader Marine le Pen has described as a “historic victory”.
I choose to allege that the BBC is described as a Propaganda machine run by Marxist homosexuals who protect Paedophile perverts like Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath et al. The Far Right allegation is a straightforward lie. It is useful to Read the Beeb's output cynically, to Deconstruct it because Words are Propaganda Tools.


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