Jews Infiltrate England

Did the Jews infiltrate England? Was it a good thing? Why is it very unfashionable to say so? Is it in fact illegal to say so? These are legitimate questions. Taking a public position on them is not easy because the Jews own or control the media. The Internet however gives us the freedom to tell the truth. That is the major reason why the Net is under attack but that is another issue. Here is something about the historical facts. Some predate recorded history so the evidence one way or another is limited. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

There were Phoenicians coming to Cornwall to trade tin in order to make bronze. This was taught in school history. The Phoenicians came from Lebanon or thereabouts so it is easy to surmise that Jews are traders and that they were part of it. Indeed Anthony Ludovici in his book, The Jews in England tells us that they left traces behind. Cornish place names like Marazion and Market Jew are examples. Jewish names once were common there and Cornishmen through and through sometimes have a cast of countenance that suggests Jewish blood. There were also men of the Spanish Armada who never went back but settled instead.

The Jews in Medieval Normandy: A Social and Intellectual History
This covers the ground. Perhaps it spreads light on the period but be aware that it was written by a Jew, one Norman Golb  whose son is a convicted liar.


The First Contacts
These were with traders from the east of the Mediterranean during the  Bronze Age [ circa 2100 BC to 70 BC ]. Some stayed perhaps. Others left their seed behind. History does not tell. We just see the results.


Jews And Slave Trading
Trading tin, trading slaves, trading anything is a Jewish forte. Selling English slaves on to Rome was just another business. They were big in black birding [ see Jews SUGAR and Black Slavery ]  later on. Now it is White Slaving  in Israel and other venues. Some things don't change.


The Norman Conquest
William the Conqueror's invasion of England in 1066 AD may have been suggested by Jews and financed by Jews. It certainly happened and he brought them over to mulct Englishmen for his benefit and theirs. This would have been how they were repaid for any moneys they had given to William the Bastard otherwise the Duke of Normandy. Their occupation ended apart from a few that pretended to be Christian with the Expulsion of Jews in 1290 AD


The Invasion of Ireland
Strongbow's conquest of Ireland in 1170 AD was financed by Josce, a Jew of Gloucester; and the king accordingly fined Josce for having lent money to those under his displeasure. Which indicates that Jews were perfectly capable of financing invasions and may have done it for William, Duke of Normandy when he invaded England.


Elizabethan England Sans Jews
1290 AD to 1655 AD was  a time of progress for us. Cromwell put paid to that.


Return of  the Jews to England in 1655 AD
Cromwell, the proto-communist was the man who did it in 1655 AD illegally for financial reasons. It was a bad decision.


The Return of the Jews to England, Cromwell, Charles II, and the 5% Deal
Stormfront is not a fan  of Jews. They tell us that
“The chief agent in negotiating their readmission was Menasseh Ben Israel, a Jew who had settled in Amsterdam. In an interview with Cromwell and the Council, he explained the advantages which his people would bring to England by their financial knowledge, while in addition, he offered on their behalf considerable moneys at five per cent. Although the judges decided that the law did not permit them to live in England, Cromwell admitted them on his own authority. Charles II...... allowed them to open a synagogue in London.”
They are with us to this day infesting politics, business, law, education, the media, medicine etc. It is fair to say that some are competent and decent. Many rich manipulators are not. They are most dangerous in the media and politics.


1655 Oliver Cromwell, proto-communist readmits Jews to England.  See History of anti-Semitism


Antonio Fernandez Carvajal tells us that Jews spied for Cromwell as well as being money lenders.
Carvajal, besides advancing money to Parliament on cochineal, had been of service to Cromwell in obtaining information as to the Royalists' doings in Holland (1656). One of his servants, Somers, alias Butler, and also a relative, Alonzo di Fonseca Meza, acted as intelligencers for Cromwell in Holland, and reported about Royalist levies, finances, and spies, and the relations between Charles II and Spain.

It was to Carvajal that Cromwell gave the assurance of the right of Jews to remain in England. Under the date of February 4, 1657, Burton, in his diary, states:

"The Jews, those able and general intelligencers whose intercourse with the Continent Cromwell had before turned to profitable account, he now conciliated by a seasonable benefaction to their principal agent [Carvajal] resident in England."



Jews arrived in England in 1066, brought over by William the Conqueror after he defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. The fact of the invasion is well known. The Jewish infiltration is not. It is not quite secret but it is not taught in schools. They did come to England before to buy and export English slaves to Rome. They also came earlier  to Cornwall from the Mediterranean with the Phoenicians who were trading for tin to make bronze.

They departed more or less completely in 1290 because they were hated. Before they arrived nobody cared about them. It was just having dealings with them caused bad feeling.

They infiltrated England again with the connivance of Oliver Cromwell, the self righteous proto-communist who also defeated England. We have not gotten rid of them yet.


History of the Jews in England (1066-1200) ex Wiki
It tells us that Jews first came to England in order to export English slaves to Rome and that William brought them over as tax collectors. It is well known that the Domesday Book was written a bit later in 1086 as a tax collecting device. In its day it was high technology and a device for screwing England. The idea of using coin rather than kind was also a tax collecting device.


Resettlement of the Jews in England
Cromwell saw commercial advantage in directing trade to London rather than Amsterdam so he connived with various traders from Amsterdam and that meant Jews, in particular  Menasseh Ben Israel. By the same token the Jews saw advantages to operating in London.

Lawyers didn't mind them but church men and merchants did not want them. Cromwell did. Permission was informally granted around 1655 to come over provided they did not make themselves a nuisance. They then started worming their way in and gaining influence. Some crypto-Jews pretended to be Spanish but had to declare themselves when we went to war with Spain.

King Charles II came back and was  not against them because they helped him. That was why they helped him. Two such were  Mendes da Costa and Augustine Coronel-Chacon. The merchants of London objected but failed to get rid of them.

King  William III came to England from Holland in 1689 and did not stop Jewish merchants being taxed as aliens even though he had had a loan of 2,000,000 gulden [ Dutch guilders ]  from Antonio Lopez Suasso. His arrival helped to make London rather than Amsterdam the predominant centre of European finance. All of the major Jewish financiers had their men in London. This means  Mendez da Costas, Abudientes, Salvadors, Lopezes, Fonsecas, and Seixas.

In 1745 the Jews backed the right horse, to wit His Majesty's Government, which helped. They managed to get into Parliament later and d'Israeli even became Her Majesty' Prime Minister. He converted to Christianity first though. This is a fairly standard procedure for them when it is convenient. They can stop pretending later when circumstances change.


Kevin McDonald's review tells us en passant that Englishmen paid King Edward I the huge sum of £116,346 in return for expelling two thousand Jews in 1290. His quoted source is  Mundill 1998, 249ff. - presumably from England's Jewish Solution : Experiment and Expulsion, 1262-1290. His book tells us that the Jewish Exchequer was referred to as an Engine of Extortion. His attitude to the fact is downright hostility. See by searching his thesis, Robin Mundill's PhD Thesis


Conservative Friends of Israel
Labour Friends of Israel
Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel
The similarity of the names is not merely coincidence. Even their write up in the Wikipedia were from the same hand. They are part of modern Zionist infiltration of English politics. The fact that there are three parallel operations means that they do not care about policies except as they affect Israel.


Note on sources.
Most of my links are to entries in The Wikipedia which tells some of the truth, some of the time. See Wikipedia  on the point. This makes it a useful source of evidence, albeit one that should be treated with  reserve. My other source is  The Jews in England by Anthony Ludovici who is an Englishman, name notwithstanding. The Wikipedia claims that he is an anti-Semite [ see Anthony Ludovici ] and that it is to his discredit. His book reads as an honest assessment. He gives sources too. This is a good sign because they are checkable. Going public with unreliable sources leaves the author open to exposure. It is true that he published his book in 1938 when some Jews were getting their comeuppance. It is also true that he was keen on Adolf before the war. This does not invalidate his book The Jews in England. In fact he omits any mention of the Jewish slave trading in English people.


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