Max Hastings

This is my critical analysis of Max Hastings' book,  Going to the Wars. It is not so much about what he says as how he says it; about the background assumptions that underpin it. Given that Mr. Hastings has a fairly decent middle class background - Charterhouse, Oxford [ abandoned ], Parachute Regiment [ failed ], journalism, Daily Telegraph [ editor ]; given that he is shooting man who loathes John Pilger, an Australian leftie you might think he should be a sound sort of chap. His writing shows that he is not. Perhaps he is a fool, a Useful Idiot rather than an aspiring Marxist. At all events he regurgitates the party line. The Telegraph gets called the Quislinggraph. It is a reasonable point.

He is a party, one way or another to Cultural Marxism which advances Feminism, Third World immigration, anti-white Racism & Homosexuality. It is Propaganda, low key, sneaking under the radar but propaganda none the less.

My analysis is what communists might call Deconstruction - when they do it; the Wikipedia's explanation of which is turgid drivel. Is all of this paranoia or disinformation? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Max Hastings - A War Correspondent
Wrote Going to the Wars which tells us inter alia that:-
Prods attacked Bombay Street in Belfast on 14 August 1969 during the 1969 Northern Ireland Riots, with the enthusiastic connivance of the police, fire brigade etc.; page 37 - 38 houses had to be demolished; page 50
Catholics got the first kill that night; page 39
Prod police used an armoured car with a .30 cal. Browning to shoot up the Divis Flats. They murdered one 9 year old boy; page 42
There were 4 DOA; page 45
Irish enjoyed that night; page 46
Paisley is evil, a racist full of hate; page 52
GI's hated Viet Nam; page 91
GI's thought Lieutenant Calley was on the right lines at My Lai; page 111
BBC wallahs are light fingered thieves abusing expenses big time; page 118
Hastings gets political in Rhodesia, he hates Rhodesians, especially townies. He hates Ian Smith, alleging that he was a near-Fascist; Pieter van der Byl ditto while Mugabe, a Marxist mass murderer & racist to boot is written off as disastrous but a triumph of British diplomacy [ page 189 ]. How many more victories like that can we afford? The Establishment is now busy betraying England. With friends like Hastings who needs enemies? Perhaps he is just a Useful Idiot rather than a Traitor; the effect is the same.

QUOTE ex page 270 in re the Falklands
I spoke to Max Hastings who told me "the whole expedition is madness.... the game's not worth the candle.. the colonial right of the party is baying for blood and that is one of the most unpleasant scenes in British life"
Is this actionable under the Treason Act 1351? It would be if we had an honest government.

It is fair to add that Hastings does sometimes say the right things like he means them. Perhaps he really is fool rather than rogue. He was appointed editor of The Telegraph from 1986 so he was appointed by Conrad Black, a Jew loving Zionist thief implying ignorance & stupidity rather than malice.


Pilger's views are not totally without merit. He annoyed Jews big time.
Pilger praises the courage and commitment to freedom of Charter 77 and describes the communist totalitarianism as "fascism disguised as socialism".[13]
Fascism and Socialism are essentially the same, apart from the slogans, the uniforms and other details. Socialists are more successful at mass murder. Pilger has not quite taken the point.