Not all blacks are criminals and not all criminals are black. The most dangerous are Jews in finance and politics. Blacks tend to smaller stuff, assault, robbery and so on but there are more of them which makes them dangerous too. Here are sources of evidence.

Blacks Cause Crime
So do white men but to a far smaller extent.


Blacks Are Despised By The 'Liberal Establishment'
The Liberal Establishment regards blacks as idle, shiftless, incompetent. That is not what they say; it is what they mean. Actions speak louder than words.


Of Course The Most Controversial Aspect
[ of the Birth Of A Nation  ] is the depiction of Blacks
Joel Williamson, in The Crucible of Race, argues that from 1880 to 1920 three competing “mentalities” existed in Southern thinking on Blacks. The ‘liberal’ believed in the Black’s possibilities. The ‘conservative’ presumed inferiority but was willing to permit Black people in their ‘place.’ Finally, there was the ‘radical conservative,’ typified by Dixon, who believed that the ‘new negro’ would (and was) quickly regressing into savagery due to the breakdown of control offered by slavery and racial laws.
The  incitement of Black Hate worked well. It was proven in Ferguson. The truth is being demonstrated in South Africa.


Al Sharpton
Sharpton is a nasty bit of work, one who shows us just how bad they can be. Jews use him, like Martin Luther King to incite hate, to incite Black Rage. He is like Jesse Jackson, another race hustler on the books as a priest of some sort.


Is in America. Detroit is where politics turn black, then turn nasty. The mayor is a convicted criminal. There is Devils Night when the locals display their true nature while the Main Steam Media shows its, by censoring the truth of evil.


A Conspiracy Of Silence
Telling the truth is not what newspapers do. They are Propaganda machines.


Four Out Of Ten Criminals Are Blacks Or Ethnics [ 9 December 2012 ]


Black Africans ex Metapedia
The Metapedia explains all. It is clear about their low Intelligence. See Racial Differences In Intelligence for more and better details. The lack of brain is a political reality whence the enthusiasm of psychologists and others for pretending that first that IQ cannot be measured, then that it is meaningless. Finally they claim that there are no different Races in order to block discussion of reality.


Blacks and Crime
Blacks commit a LOT more crime than white people. The statistics prove it. The Media hide it.


Black Invention Myths
The title tells us all except whose agenda is being served.


Blacks And Jews
Jews blame us for the African-American slave trade while they ran it. They are always the victims, never the perpetrators - in their publicity. The truth is rather different. It often is when Jews control the media. That is why they control it.


Black Guilt
We did not start the slave trade in Africa. It was thriving long before we got near the place. Buying them from blacks and exporting them to somewhere nicer in America was major trading. Jews were heavily involved even if they did not have de facto monopolies. See The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews on the point.

Alex Kurtagić, who wrote this article reads as fair minded. His reference are genuine.
George Orwell said:-
I am willing to believe that history is for the most part inaccurate and biased, but what is peculiar to our own age is the abandonment of the idea that history could be truthfully written. This article is counter propaganda and truth.


Black Rage
Is largely the result of Propaganda fed to them by Jews. They used the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King to cause race riots in America. They used Nelson Mandela to break the government of South Africa. It works.


Black Senator Charged With Fraud
Bryant didn't do it because he was black. He did it because he was greedy. He got four years. Then they did him again - Bryant Charged With Taking $192 Thousand Bribe


Black Slave Owners
Are they an aberration? Not at all. Without them there would have been no slaves to trade in the first place.


The Black The Murders The Cover Up
He is on trial for doing it a second time. Do the main stream media tell all? Not a chance.


Blacks In Haiti
An earthquake hits big time. Things go off big time and the locals revert to type. Haiti was rich when was run by France. Now it is different.


THE BUCK NEGRO by William Cowper Brann
Mr Brann puts his view. He is quite evidently a sound sort of man unrestrained by pious fraud. He was writing in 1898.


Crime Rate Of Negroes
This is the last know honest article in the main stream media on the subject. It was published in 1958.


Darwin Awards
Are about stupidity and survival. They can become opposites. Stupidity is not an all black phenomenon but they do get awards.


Jews Incite Hatred
They pay blacks to make rap music full of foul mouthed incitement to hate. Jews are criminals on the make. Jews get away with it because they have influence with corrupt politicians.


Jews Incite Hatred II
Confirms the sources in the previous one.


New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina came along and made Orleans into one huge crime scene. It was not all black; perhaps only 99% but it did make a point.


New Orleans and Mexico
Mexico had its own version of Katrina and it was serious. So they sorted it out. No crime, no government meddling. It got sorted. The publicity? It was ignored.


Robert Crumb Explains Blacks And Jews - They Are Not Amused
Is a cartoonist favoured by the left usually but there are some he did that they will not enjoy. See for yourself.


Ruined Farm  You Bastards will stay poor
You might feel that if a man helped his father and grandfather make a farm out of nothing he might feel bitter about having it stolen from him and even more so if the thieves ruined it. See the photos of the destruction and then believe the title of this piece.


Scotland Yard Most Wanted
It is not an all black line up but they do make a major contribution. Strangely it is mainly in Bromley that they show up. It was a nice place once.


The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
Was not something Jews boast about, in public at all events.


Washington Sniper
It was a pair of blacks, Racist blacks, full of hate, murdering white people because they were white. That is why the Main Steam Media did a news black out on it - when they knew who the perpetrators were.

Blacks Are Genetically Closer To Monkeys Than White People   [ 6 May 2014 ]
"You can read the entire peer-reviewed article, entitled 'The bonobo genome compared with the chimpanzee and human genomes,' here at Nature.

Genetic science is creating a crisis for the Cultural Marxists who wish us to believe that “race doesn’t exist.”  The lie simply cannot be sustained."
Was this all over the Main Stream Media. No. They report some things once, just barely. Others they blow up out of all proportion. Recall that a black, Stephen Lawrence was killed by patriotic Englishmen. The BBC  is still using it as a Propaganda tool 20 years later because, of course the Beeb is run by Racists, anti-English Racists who hate England.


Black Savages Imported By Her Majesty's Government [ 1 September 2015 ]
Hundreds of thousands of revellers at Notting Hill Carnival partied despite prediction of downpours as party starts. A million people were predicted to descend on west London this weekend, filling the streets with music and colour Despite the grey skies overhead, party-goers flocked to Notting Hill to celebrate Europe's biggest street party. Police reported that 86 people had been arrested by 7pm today, some 23 more than the same time last year
Police productivity improved.  No murders were reported yet.


Labour Candidate Wants To Inflict More Blacks On Us [ 1 September 2015 ]
finds it convenient to pretend that he might do something about Illegal Immigration. He lied to us about The Referendum as well. Nigel Farage makes the right noises from time to time? Does he mean them? Hint: Believe it if you want.


Black Judge Is Stupid & Incompetent  [ 17 September 2015 ]
Judge Debra James, who issued a confused ruling Monday that essentially said citizens can't sue the city to force it enforce health, safety and other public codes, has a long history of befuddling rulings that make little – and sometimes no – legal sense.

At least that's what anonymous attorneys say about James on the judge-rating website the Robing Room.
The Failed Messiah is telling us about a case is telling us about a case where the perpetrators were Jews benefitting from a bad judgement so perhaps she is corrupt rather than stupid. Of course she is Racist - see the comment at New York Jews Win The Right To Torture Chickens On The Street

She looks surly as well as stupid.
PPS Esther L. Wiggins-Lyle might be worse but then she is black too.


14 Blacks Wounded By Other Blacks At Bakersfield Party [ 21 July 2016 ]
But the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and Rent A Mob will ignore this event because the perps are blacks. It qualifies as an own goal. See e.g. Black Lives Matter - Unless The Killers Are Also Black. Inciting Black Hate and White Guilt is what the Main Stream Media do. It is a criminal offence in England due to Part III of the Public Order Act 1986 but it is only enforced against Englishmen due to the Malfeasance of Her Majesty's Government.


Blacks Want Guns To Fight Us With Claims The Guardian  [ 30 July 2016 ]
‘Dallas is hot right now,” self-defence activist Eric Randall tells me with a shake of his head..............

For Randall, who leads one of a small but growing number of groups organising and training for the armed self-defence of black areas, the stakes are high. Only 10 days before our sit-down, a young [ so he must be good ] black man named Micah Johnson shot [ attacked/wounded/killed/murdered with malice aforethought ]  14 police officers in the downtown area, killing five. The increasing friction  [ Race hatred ] between the black community, the police, and rightwing or white supremacist activists who’ve been drawn to Dallas in the wake of the killings has been noticeable, he says [ He helped incite it - Editor ].........

If police act with greater restraint, if African Americans feel safer in their homes and neighbourhoods, and if all of us help in the effort to confront public racism, it may be that fewer people feel the need to arm themselves [ He lies ].

Until then, for people like Eric Randall, the stakes will remain high enough to opt for armed self-defence. “For us to put our lives on the line for the community and the kids, it’s not even a second thought.”
The Guardian at its occasional best tells it like it is. Here it is operating as a grossly one sided Propaganda machine using non sequiturs, half truths, quarter truths, one percent truth, lies and omissions. Compare it with How To Frame A Patriot to know how experts deceive us. Using a black murderer who killed police as an excuse for story demonstrates the its utter Moral bankruptcy.

Blacks already have plenty of guns. They use them to kill each other. Three out of four murders in Chicago are perpetrated by Blacks using 100% illegal pistols. Generating Black Hate & White Guilt are policy. In Western Civilization they are also creating Trojan Horses & filling them with hostile aliens.


Blacks Hate White People So Blacks Attack [ 24 August 2016 ]
A group of mostly black men chanting “Black Lives Matter” were accused of viciously beating up seven white victims in Akron, Ohio early Sunday morning.........

Police said seven white men were walking when they were approached by five black men and two white men, shouting, “Black lives matter.” The suspects started hitting them with bottles, punching and kicking the victims.

One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness. The suspects then took the victims’ belongings before running off.


Ten Black Parasites Turn Down Five Bedroom House [ 8 September 2016 ]
Of course these allegedly French layabouts could always go back to France and free load on a different bunch of mugs.


Black Peace Rally Ends With Two Dead & 11 Wounded  [ 16 September 2016 ]
But the Black Lives Matter movement ignores these rallies because Birmingham, Alabama is 80% black. The police [ very largely black ] have taken prisoners.

They look black and stupid to me. Are Birmingham's police anti-black? I doubt it. Black Lives Matter is a political operation inciting Black Hate.


Museum Of Black Achievement Opens In Washington  [ 16 September 2016 ]
The Guardian witters on about the wonders of the architecture but keeps very quiet about the content because there isn't much.


Black Tram Driver Gets Seven Kills Near Croydon [ 12 November 2016 ]
The Main Stream Media have plenty of pictures of the victims but the driver gets a cover up. They even feed in excuses for him. He is out on bail until May, for six months; proof that he is being set up to get away with it? 


Third World Thief Stole £6 Thousand By Fraud [ 12 November 2016 ]
She worked in the dole office so she knew which lies to tell. She walked free but then she is a Pakistani or some such.


Black Lunatic Murders "Beauty Student" [ 13 December 2016 ]
He is locked up 'indefinitely'. The "beauty student" was black and flogging a dead horse. Hanging would have turned this into a win, win situation and saved the cost of feeding him.


Black African In Australia Murders Her Three Children Due To Witchcraft  [ 16 January 2017 ]
She proves that importing Third World aliens is a disaster. Sadly she has four more children to pass on her genes.


Black Health Tourist Steals £350 Thousand From Us  [ 16 January 2017 ]
Then she made off to Nigeria so that is money down the drain.


Blonde Marxist Pretends To Be 'Afro-American' [ 28 February 2017 ]
Two years ago, life was going well for Dolezal. Branch president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and chair of Spokane’s police ombudsman commission, she was well known and respected for her civil rights activism............ When a local TV news crew arrived one afternoon to interview her, Dolezal thought they were there to talk about hate crimes.

“Are you,” asked the reporter, “African American?” Like a cartoon, her features froze. “I don’t understand the question.” The reporter pressed, “Are your parents white?” Dolezal turned from the camera and fled.

Footage of the confrontation flew around the world. Dolezal’s white parents released photographs of their daughter as a blonde white child, and appeared on TV to denounce her as a fraud; she had been living a lie, pretending to be black, when she was no more African American than they were...........

Today Dolezal is jobless, and feeding her family with food stamps.......... The only work she has been offered is reality TV, and porn. She has changed her name on all her legal documents, but is still recognised wherever she goes. People point at her and laugh.
Liar pretends to be black, a victim, one of the oppressed. It was great while it lasted but making herself  a nuisance, upsetting the local police chief was her mistake. The Guardian is playing along with the 'victim' story and selling her book. Buying it? Not me.


Black Murders Another Black In Georgia [ 28 February 2017 ]
Both are black, both armed. The loser had the submachine gun. Putting it away was his mistake. A pistol is handier at close quarters. The winner was out on bail. Both weapons were illegal.


Black Robs Jew, Black Get Eight Years [ 1 March 2017 ]
A serial burglar who carried out a £1million raid on Simon Cowell's home which left the music mogul in 'constant fear' now faces a further eight years in jail. Darren February, 33, who is already in prison for knocking down and killing a motorcyclist, stole jewellery and passports from Cowell's home while he slept.

Just ten days after the burglary at the property in Holland Park, West London, he crashed a stolen car on the wrong side of the road into father Kenneth Baldwin. February was last year jailed for eight and a half years for causing death by dangerous driving, and will now serve a consecutive sentence of another eight years for the December 2015 burglary.
The black got eight years for killing a year ago but they let him out. Are the Home Office wallahs mad or bad? His extra eight years mean he will be out in two or less. Hanging and flogging have a lot going for them but Parliament panders to Rent A Mob.


Black Woman Fires Shotgun - Black Drops It - People Laugh [ 7 March 2017 ]
A shotgun-toting woman was enjoying a day at the range [ until she took her first shot ] when she took aim at her target with hilarious results.

Eyes narrowed on the unseen bulls-eye, the woman aimed and fired, at which point the heavy firearm flew backwards out of her hand. Some smoke billowed from the gun as it soared through the air before landing somewhat far behind her, where fortunately no one was standing, video uploaded to YouTube shows...........

A woman can be heard exclaiming, 'damn,' while another joked a couple seconds later, 'watch where you stand.'
The Mail seems to think she aimed; WRONG. She has the butt folded so she couldn't. She doesn't even know what the sights are for. You just might wonder how blacks are able to murder each other.


Third World Parasites Murdered Their Baby Daughter [ 15 March 2017 ]
A mother who 'staged the death' of her 16-week-old daughter on a bus sent a text that said 'Imani is dead' as unsuspecting passengers desperately tried to save her child, a court heard.  Jurors were told Rosalin Baker, 25, was given the 'thumbs up' by her 52-year-old boyfriend Jeffrey Wiltshire as she boarded the number 25 in Stratford, east London, holding the body of their baby daughter Imani.

The Old Bailey heard she told passengers her baby had just fallen ill in a bid to stage her death and cover up the horrific abuse and murder of the child at home. Imani, who had been born prematurely at 28 weeks, was rushed to hospital but she had already died from a fractured skull and brain injuries caused by her being thrown against the floor or a wall.

The court was told that Wiltshire boasted he had 23 children [ on the dole no doubt ] and was proud of becoming a father aged 52.
More blacks, more crime, more Ethnic Fouling Of England.


Racist Nurse Is A Black Bully [ 28 March 2017 ]
Yet another Third World import full of hate. Our wonderful police will keep her out of prison. Of course she had been English the Main Stream Media would have been howling for blood.


Black Crook Took Driving Test For Five Others [ 28 March 2017 ]
She got seven months so some police aren't corrupt.


Church Can Cure Homosexuality - A Deceit Of Satan Allegedly  [ 15 August 2017 ]
So says the comedian running it but then he is a Nigerian, who calls himself Daniel Olukoya. The Mail picked this one up from the Liverpool Echo. They both run pictures of the reporter, an Englishman to deceive us into believing it is not a black run boondoggle. Sources are Mountain of Fire and Miracles ex Wiki, 'Die in the fire' - hear the terrifying chants at gay 'cure' church in full ex Liverpool Echo or Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries UK HQ

A smarmy looking chancer but he is getting away with it, proving that "Noble Savages" are savages none the less.


No Murders At Notting Hill Carnival [ 30 August 2017 ]
But police took 300 prisoners, were attacked 31 times & captured several weapons. But then the perpetrators were largely blacks.


Black Oaf Is A Labour MP  [ 21 October 2017 ]
Even his own are annoyed. Lewis is QUOTE a black role model UNQUOTE with a foul mind & that is just what the Wikipedia admits to.


Black Says Voters Are A Core Threat To Democracy  [ 4 December 2017 ]
A recent article by the Wall Street Journal had MSNBC’s Joy Reid declaring rural Americans “the core threat to our democracy” over the weekend.

The host of “AM Joy” followed up her recent claim that the National Rifle Association seeks to create a landscape littered with murderous “warlords” with a new prediction over Thanksgiving: Rural voters will become de facto tyrants by 2040.
She is not just an arrogant black Racist fool with access to the Main Stream Media; she is a tool being used by the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies to incite Black Hate and White Guilt. Her references to rural voters mean White Men. Does she know what a Democracy is? In a real one it is run by voters, NOT women, children, slaves foreigners, absentees or even the dead. Athens got it right.


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