Jacob Zuma is a Zulu, criminal and politician. He is living proof of in depth corruption in South Africa. He was a member of the South African Communist Party according to the Friends of Jacob Zuma. He is also keen on singing Bring Me My Machine Gun because he is a Racist, a point that the BBC chooses to ignore because it is also corrupt.

Jacob Zuma sings "Kill the Boer" at ANC Centenary Celebrations in Bloemfontein, South Africa
Zuma is a Racist full of hate. The BBC eagerly hides the truth because it is also Racist, anti-English Racist of course.


Zuma, South Africa's Next President Is Deeply Evil
He has four wives and he faced 783 counts of corruption:.... South Africa's next president
Imagine how you would react if Gordon Brown opened and closed his election rallies by bursting into a song called Bring Me My Machine Gun, swaying and jigging to the hypnotic chorus of this menacing ditty.

And how would you feel if the Prime Minister were alleged to be taking campaign money from Colonel Gaddafi; faced 783 counts of fraud, racketeering, tax evasion and corruption which somehow never came to court; and had been acquitted of rape while his fearsome supporters mobbed the courthouse? Then ponder how you would despair if, despite all these things, Mr. Brown's party was certain to win the election whatever he did or said. If you can picture all this happening here, then you have an inkling of the horrible process South Africa is now going through. Except it is much, much worse. 
My offering on Zuma, South African President Gets Away With Fraud As Well As Rape was much kinder but Peter Hitchens has been there and seen just how awful it is. He gives Nelson MANDELA a soft ride though.


Rape In South Africa
South Africa is the rape capital of the world. South Africa is full of blacks. Import blacks, import rape. QED. That is why Western governments do it and why Feminists keep very quiet about it.


South Africa Shows The Way - Black Police Rape A White Woman [ 26 November 2009 ]
Cops in uniform 'gang-raped me'

Johannesburg - A mother-of-three was allegedly “repeatedly” raped by two uniformed policemen in Kempton Park in the early hours of Sunday morning. When he heard about it, Martie Olivier’s husband, Sarel, went to the Kempton Park police station and assaulted various police officers on duty before being brought under control. He said they were unable to lay a charge of rape later that day because the police refused to take their statements............

The couple laid charges of rape, assault and bribery on Monday.
They can so they do. Jews of the South African Communist Party like Joe Slovo used Nelson MANDELA and the ANC to incite hatred and this kind of problem.


Black Stole £13 Million [ 20 March 2014 ]
is busy thieving when he is not fornicating. Zuma beat 783 fraud raps the old fashioned way; he cheated - see Zuma, South Africa's Next President Is Deeply Evil.
PS He has entirely sensible views about homosexuals.