Big Business

Big business is not well thought of. There are reasons good, bad and indifferent. Here is some of the evidence.

Who runs the Boondoggles? The answer is simple; parasites. Of course they have to qualify. This means pandering to power. It isn't pretty but greed trumps principle.


Gabriel Kolko On Corruption
Doctor Kolko has a view, he is a sound sort of chap.


Corruption Index 2010
Rates bribery and corruption by country. England comes higher than our wonderful politicians deserve. The Jews are not amused by their rating.


Big Business Big Government Big Fraud
Government gets the money, business spends it. Tax payers are screwed. Politicians get fat. Business men get fatter.


Big Government
Big governments have guns. Big governments have power. Big governments can extort humungous amounts from the sullen peasant masses and spend it how they will. They then walk rich like that misbegotten rogue Blair.


Big Government, Big Business, Big Corruption
Fred explains American corruption. It is just like England.


The American government is leaning on foreign bribery while actively ignoring political corruption at home. They are unhappy with Her Majesty's Government's enthusiasm for letting them get away with it.


Southern Cross
Serves as a case study [ notice the communist jargon creeping in ] of Capitalist Swine in action.


Genetic Modification
Is alleged to be a way of making more and better food. It is unnecessary. The motives of the firms carrying out the research are highly questionable.


Pharmaceutical Fraud
Medical research is rather like gold mining. A good find is pretty much a licence to print money. A dry hole is an expensive disappointment. Faking a gold strike is possible. Medical researchers can pervert the patient trial results. This is not good.


Trafigura Bunged Angola General $750 Million [ 16 February 2014 ]
is a big oil trading firm with an ugly track record. Their Cote d'Ivoire Waste Dumping achieved 17 dead and 40,000 casualties. They had the gall to sue for libel but agreed to pay £100 million to their victims. Perhaps selling shares to a politician is not illegal but it was VERY profitable. And where did he get the $213 million in the first place?
PS Trafigura is a breakaway from Marc Rich, a thieving Jew on the run who was pardoned by Clinton after palms had been crossed with silver.


Tesco Gets Away With Fraudulent Accounting [ 28 March 2017 ]
They get to pay £129 million fine but most of the directors stay out of prison. That is the real issue. The perpetrators walk free & no doubt get their hard earned bonuses while the shareholders take the hit. Three directors have been charged. Did the auditors notice that profits were overstated by £326 million? NO! Are they any use? NO!

Recall that Enron's auditors didn't merely ignore the evidence; they destroyed it. Par for the course when serious money is involved. Of course the individuals just joined other firms. The corruption is out there just the same.
PS Tesco did sack PWC ex Price Waterhouse Coopers.


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