Perverting The Course Of Justice

The Wikipedia explains Perverting the course of justice. They do not include official malpractice. The man who appoints the Director of Public Prosecutions gets a pass when all said and done. We are told that England has Equality Before The Law; that no man is above the law. You are entitled to believe it. You can believe that politicians did not commit Treason At Maastricht or that Blair did not change the law of double jeopardy in order to mount a Malicious prosecution against the patriotic Englishmen alleged to have killed Stephen Lawrence, a black because he is a Racist - Blair that is. Then there is Misfeasance In Public Office, which is a civil matter.

The right law to go for regarding bent government apparatchiks is Misconduct In Public Office. It carries a life sentence; a death sentence would be better though.

Perverting the course of justice
Perverting the course of justice, in English, Canadian (see article 139 of Canadian Criminal Code), and Irish law, is a criminal offence in which someone prevents justice from being served on himself or on another party. It is a common-law offence carrying a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Perverting the course of justice can be any of three acts:

Also criminal are (1) conspiring with another to pervert the course of justice and (2) intending to pervert the course of justice........
This is for outsiders chancing their arms rather than insiders.


Misfeasance In Public Office ex Wiki
Misfeasance, nonfeasance, and malfeasance are types of failure to discharge public obligations existing by common law, custom, or statute.

Definition and relevant rules of law
When a contract creates a duty that does not exist at common law, there are three things the parties can do wrong:

  • Nonfeasance is the failure to act where action is required—willfully or in neglect.
  • Misfeasance is the willful inappropriate action or intentional incorrect action or advice.
  • Malfeasance is the willful and intentional action that injures a party.

Example: A company hires a catering company to provide drinks and food for a retirement party. If the catering company doesn't show up, it is considered nonfeasance. If the catering company shows up but only provides drinks (and not the food, which was also paid for), it is considered misfeasance. If the catering company accepts a bribe from its client's competitor to undercook the meat, thereby giving those present food poisoning, it is considered malfeasance.

The rule of law laid down is that an action in contract (ex contractu) will lie for any of the three. However, an action in tort (ex delicto), will lie only in misfeasance or malfeasance. The doctrine was formerly applied to certain callings carried on publicly.[1]

At present the terms misfeasance and nonfeasance are most often used with reference to the conduct of municipal authorities with reference to the discharge of their statutory obligations; and it is an established rule that an action lies in favour of persons injured by misfeasance, i.e. by negligence in discharge of the duty; but that in the case of nonfeasance the remedy is not by action but by indictment or mandamus or by the particular procedure prescribed by the statutes.

This rule is fully established in the case of failure to repair public highways; but in other cases the courts are astute to find evidence of carelessness in the discharge of public duties and on that basis to award damages to individuals who have suffered thereby.

Misfeasance is also used with reference to the conduct of directors and officers of joint-stock companies. The word malfeasance is sometimes used as equivalent to malpractice by a medical practitioner.

See also

Does the Crown Prosecution Service do this sort of thing?



Why Are Those Who Rule Above The Law? [ 26 December 2013 ]
They can so they do! Simple isn't it? Corrupt as well of course. Real power is the power to abuse power. He who pays the Director of Public Prosecutions calls the tune regarding criminal charges.

For example:-
Blair Is A War Criminal who got paid millions by the Puppet Masters for sending Englishmen to Iraq
Janner, a Puppet Master who was not charged with being a Paedophile
Mandela, a tool of the Puppet Masters
Obama, put into power by the Puppet Masters
Zuma beat 783 fraud raps the easy way, by getting the charges dropped.



Home Office Coached Child Sex Abuse Witnesses On Perverting Their Evidence [ 2 February 2015 ]
Yet another blow for child abuse inquiry after it's revealed that the Home Office coached 'independent' experts about how to answer 'difficult questions'........ Experts and abuse survivors were given a 23-page document advising them how to answer ‘difficult questions’ when they appeared before a high-profile committee, prompting fears that the huge Government-ordered investigation is not independent.

It can also be revealed that the woman in charge of administration for the inquiry was seconded from the Home Office, where she has worked for 36 years – even though the department is at the centre of many of the allegations of cover-ups and VIP paedophile rings........

Internal emails now reveal that the two witnesses had been given detailed ‘key messages’, ‘key facts’ and a ‘chronology’ to learn, as well as instructions on ‘difficult questions’. 

The email was sent by Angela Kyle, ‘head of secretariat’ for the inquiry, who is effectively running its administration. 

She has been a Home Office employee since October 1978, a time when the department was allegedly giving funding to the Paedophile Information Exchange.
High level perversion, high level corruption. Infiltrating an Inquiry is good way to sabotage it. The 2014 Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry sounds like the Kincora Job all over again. What is Her Majesty's Government doing about officials who let Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham abuse 1,400  English girls? The answer is not a lot apart of waiting for us to forget. Cameron has nothing to say about this but then he is a Capitalist Swine.


Jews Export Paedophile Pervert To Israel In Order To Pervert The Course Of Justice [ 17 September 2015 ]
In 2008 the management of the Adass Israel School (AIS) in Melbourne, Australia learned its principal, Mrs. Malka Leifer, was sexually abusing teen girls including manually penetrating them. Fearful of the police, they convened a group including Rabbi Zvi Telsner of the Chabad Yeshivah Centre and decided to cover up the crimes and whisk Mrs. Leifer out of Australia. Within days, they paid some $ (AU) 8,000 to ship her and her family off to Israel. There she remains, fighting off Australia’s request to extradite her to face criminal charges.

While the extradition demand wound its way through the Israeli courts, a victim sued AIS. Just after Rosh Hashanah the court awarded the victim  $(AU) 1,024,428 ($US 734,310 ). This includes “exemplary damages” (aka punitive damages) of $(AU) 100,000.
Perverting The Course Of Justice is SOP [ standard operating procedure ] for Jews. It starts with Mesirah, their word for concealing crime. The Mafia call it Omerta. It is how Jews kept Bernie Madoff out of prison while he was setting world records as a thief.


Senior Judge Says Lawyers Are Obstructing Justice For Pakistani Paedophile Perverts [ 6 February  2017 ]
Senior judge slams lawyers for obstructing Rochdale child sex grooming gang deportation case
Lawyers are helping a child sex grooming gang avoid attempts to deport them by obstructing the courts and “weakening the rule of law”, Britain’s most senior immigration judge has warned.

Mr Justice Bernard McCloskey accused taxpayer funded lawyers representing the gang of treating the immigration tribunal, which will decide whether they should be allowed to remain in Britain, with “sustained and marked disrespect”.

The case has raised fears that convicted criminals are adopting a strategy of timewasting and obstructing the courts in an attempt to put off any possible deportation from the UK as long as possible..............

Barrister for the other three men was Zainul Jafferji, who specialises in human rights, personal immigration, commercial immigration and asylum law.
One bent lawyer has just got his comeuppance - Bent Lawyer Kicked Out After Taking Tax Payer For Millions albeit the Establishment went easy on him; Shiner is not in prison. There are thousands more like him, defrauding the Legal Aid Fund by running bad cases. The simple answer is stop paying them to work for Pakistanis and such like.
See the faces, know the guilt. Theresa May, Blair, Brown, Cameron and their like imported them with malice aforethought.