Football was a game. Now it is an industry, one making millions, if not billions every year. There are taxi drivers in Bangkok interested in Liverpool. Gambling on results moves money. People pay silly amounts to watch games on Saturday, or whenever. Others, perhaps brighter watch in comfort, on television. They are targetted by advertisers who pay huge sums for the privilege. They think it pays off. The whole industry has been infiltrated by Jews. Making money is one reason. In Alan Sugar's book he tells that there is major corruption in the racket. It is one reason why he walked away even though he is also a Jew. Transparency In Sport confirms his view. Confirmation is at Caste Football. Then FIFA screwed Africa - see South Africa And Football.

Power in football is the power to control what is a Propaganda machine. Is football propaganda you ask? It most certainly is. You see those black players doing well, being feted as if they are real humans. They are being used to market Multiculturalism, to flood England with Third World aliens. Anti-English Racists love it. The communist master propagandist,  Willi Münzenberg told us that Pictures go straight to the brain without the effort of reading. It is much more true of moving pictures, film or television. That is high power programming aimed at people in England, Europe & America.

Of course in Israel it is different, very different. The Jews who are busy telling us that Blacks are superior, that Multiculturalism is wonderful change their tune when they get to the Stolen Land. Ethnic Cleansing is policy  among God's Chosen People. How do we know are? They say so. Simple enough. Another clue is all of those Concentration Camps In Israel, set up to hold blacks to keep them until they are deported. Konzentrationslager Saharonim is an example.

One abuse of their power is to harass fans who are not on message regarding the Herrenvolk [ That's German for the master race, ask any Nazi; he will know ] See Juden Tottenham - Fans Are Anti- Jew.

So, who are the Jews who have wormed their way into positions of power? Here are some.

Malcolm Glazer - Jew
Bought Manchester United F.C. by standard financial shenanigans. Never set foot inside the place so he wasn't totally stupid.


Roman Abramovich - Jew
Jew, very rich. Managed to stay out of prison. He operates in Israel as well as Russia so he has got a bolt hole if he becomes a fugitive from justice. He beat the rap on thieving Diesel and worked with Berezovsky. You need a long spoon to sup with the Devil but he is a mate of Yeltsin so he will keep getting away with things.


David Bernstein - Jew
Chairhuman of Manchester City F.C. Chairhuman of the Football Association.


Daniel Levy - Jew
Chairhuman of Tottenham Hotspur


Robert Maxwell - Jew
Liar, bully, oaf, thief, fornicator, murderer, traitor. Chairhuman of Oxford United Football Club. Bought into Derby County F.C. Went into football to show off?


Alan Sugar - Jew
Foul mouthed, made it from nowhere. Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur. Wrote an autobiography, What You See Is What You Get. It says in detail that Terry Venables is a crooked liar [ pp 371, 389..... ], that Brian Clough wanted a bribe [ p 370 ], that players liked their perks [ p 388 ].


Lord Triesman - Jew - communist
Chairman of the Football Association,


David Bernstein - Jew
David Bernstein (born 22 May 1943)[1] is a British [ Jew in fact ] business executive who was the former chairman of French Connection. A Chartered Accountant by profession,[2] Bernstein has also been involved in the footballing world and was the chairman of Manchester City F.C. from 1998 to 2003, a period of revival and stability in the club's 130 year history and is generally held in high regard by Manchester City supporters for helping to pull the club out of its nadir.[3]..........

Bernstein has been the FA chairman since January 2011 and was selected as Lord Triesman's replacement by the FA Council in December 2010. He has since revealed his main priorities as chairman were reducing dissent and increasing respect in English football,[6] establishing closer links with FIFA to gain greater influence in international football[7] and enforcing a fairer playing field financially.[8]
That is the Wiki story. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Lord Triesman Jew
David Maxim Triesman, Baron Triesman (born 30 October 1943), a former Chairman of the Football Association, is a British [ Jew in fact ] politician, a Labour member of the House of Lords and previously a minister at the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills. He now serves HM Opposition in the House of Lords as a spokesman on foreign affairs.

David Maxim Triesman (Maxim because his mother admired Maxim Gorky, the Russian author) was born in October 1943 into a North London Jewish community, the son of a Belarusian father and a French mother. Triesman was educated at the Stationers' Company's School, London, and the University of Essex.[1][2]

Triesman was suspended from Essex in 1968 after breaking up a meeting addressed by a defence industry scientist.[3]

In 1960, aged 17, Triesman became a member of the Labour Party but ten years later resigned and joined the Communist Party where he remained until the winter of 1976/1977, whereupon he returned to the Labour party............

In the third[5] Labour Government under Tony Blair, Triesman was Parliamentary Under Secretary in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with responsibility for: relations with Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Overseas Territories, the Commonwealth, UK visas, migration policy, consular policy, the British Council, the BBC World Service and the Chevening Scholarships Scheme. In the 29 June 2007 reshuffle he was given the new post of Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.........

A longtime fan of Tottenham Hotspur, Triesman became the first independent chairman of the Football Association in January 2008.[6] On 10 May 2011, Triesman, speaking before a British parliamentary inquiry, made bribery allegations concerning four FIFA members, claiming that they sought bribes in return for backing England's failed 2018 World Cup bid.[12]
Jew, communist. Very political. Ran immigration policy with treasonous intent(?)


Jew Says Thai Wanted A Bribe - Thai Is Annoyed
Thai wants to sue for Libel. The Jew, Triesman made his accusation in Parliament so there should not be a problem.


Black Bunged Big Bucks To Cheat Football Fans  [ 19 March 2014 ]
The Telegraph chooses to allege that paper appears to show that Jack Warner might have been given lotsa money. The Telegraph is dancing round the truth. The Wiki is more forthright, saying that he has been at it for years.

Warner has had dealings with Brown so he [ Warner ] is not fussy about who he has dealings with.


Anita DeFrantz ex Wiki
Is big, black & ugly. She is not so gobby when it comes to explaining $4 million in bribes - see Why London Should Forget The Olympics


Major General Francis Nyangweso
Idi Amin's henchman, first class boxer - see Why London Should Forget The Olympics


Palestinians Want Israeli Footballers Banned [ 21 April 2015 ]
After FIFA agrees to discuss Palestinian Football Association's request to suspend Israel from league at May 29 congress, CEO and President of Israeli FA head to Switzerland to prevent move.
The Pals are on to something. It would annoy the Jews if nothing else. But FIFA will take the bribes or more bribes or even more bribes. FIFA could be in for millions. The Jews will win this one. The Main Stream Media will keep quiet about the whole thing. Pandering to Zionist crazies is their policy.


FIFA Took £65 Million In Bribes [ 27 May 2015 ]
At least six high-ranking FIFA executives including the vice-president were arrested this morning during a dramatic dawn raid at a five-star hotel in Switzerland over allegations of widespread corruption involving bribes totalling more than £60m over the past 25 years.

More than a dozen plain-clothed Swiss police officers arrived unannounced at the Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich at around 6am before storming the rooms where senior officials from the world football's governing body were staying.
Notice that all of light fingered are black or brown. There is not a White Man among them. This is not to say that we don't have our very own criminals. It starts with the Treason of Her Majesty's Government and works its way down.
PS It was America that did something while Europeans have been letting them get away with it for years.


FBI Bullied American Into Betraying Football Criminals [ 29 May 2015 ]
Chuck Blazer, a very fat football administrator aka Mr Ten Percent was taking bribes et cetera The FBI used him to gather evidence on other greedheads. None of them are Englishmen or even British. Aaron Davidson is a Jew.
PS There is one alleged Brit - see 2015 FIFA Corruption Case - but he is just another West Indian chancer with his snout in a very large trough.


Football Fraud Reelected [ 30 May 2015 ]


FIFA Paid EUR 5 Million Bribe To Irish [ 6 June 2015 ]
Latest on the Fifa crisis as Ireland FA chief executive John Delaney says he got paid off to not protest his team getting dumped out of 2010 World Cup qualifying
Football industry was a growth industry generating billions in sales. The corruption was part of the fun. This is just another routine example.


Football Match Fixing Is Rampant Say Players In Cyprus [ 12 September 2015 ]
A whopping 67 per cent of football players are aware that matches in the top flight [ of Cyprus ] are fixed, although only 25 per cent of them would be willing to report this to the authorities......

PASP representatives met yesterday with Justice minister Ionas Nicolaou to hand over their findings and discuss the broader issue of corruption in Cypriot football................

However it also emerged that the vast majority of football players – 75 per cent – are disinclined to report such goings-on. The chief reason they cited for their reluctance was ‘insecurity’ – they fear repercussions and do not believe their whistle-blowing would achieve results. The players believe that club officials and board members engage in match-fixing, but also coaches and athletes....... On the involvement of players, Neofytides said that in the past they were coaxed into throwing games with the promise of getting paid their full salary.......... Currently, he added, club debt is the main reason why teams agree to fix matches.......... In its 2015 report, the watchdog lists Cyprus, along with Albania, Malta, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Canada and Indonesia as ‘countries where it is impossible to bet’.

“The Asian betting market, which is completely unregulated and which it would be impossible to establish any kind of control measures for, moves – albeit these are indicative figures – around $80bn every week.”
You might think that the players would know. Having to cheat in order to get paid is a bad state of affairs but tells us something about financial management among Greek Cypriots. With Asians betting circa $80 billion a week the opportunities for fraud are there. Federbet explains all at


FIFA Football Fixer In Frame [ 27 September 2015 ]
For those who missed it, Swiss prosecutors yesterday opened proceedings against FIFA President Sepp Blatter. Blatter is suspected of criminal mismanagement or misappropriation relating to a TV rights deal he signed with Caribbean football chief Jack Warner in 2005. Blatter is also suspected of making a ‘disloyal payment’ in 2011 to Michel Platini – the favourite to succeed him as FIFA President – of two million Swiss francs for work allegedly carried out between 1999 and 2002.

Blatter was interrogated by Officers from the Swiss Office of the Attorney General (OAG) at FIFA headquarters after a FIFA Executive Committee meeting on Friday, while Platini has also been questioned as a witness.
The comedians running the Football industry got greedy, very greedy, too greedy. Now a few are coming unstuck. Having millions of fans paying silly money was an invitation to crime. They took it. Then there is the gambling side of matters. That is why Match Fixing Is Rife In Cyprus.


FIFA Bosses Stole £55 Million [ 4 June 2016 ]
They could so they did.


Football Match Fixing Is Still Rife [ 4 June 2016 ]
A referee talked some time ago. There was a fuss. What happened after? Business as usual it seems.


Football Industry Is Deeply Corrupt [ 29 September 2016 ]
Undercover reporters from the paper met Allardyce in a London hotel and filmed him agreeing to make four trips to Singapore to speak to investors at £100,000 per trip. He offered advice about how to circumvent the banned practice of third parties “owning” players. Announcing the departure of Allardyce, after 67 days in the £3m-a-year England job, the FA said his conduct was “inappropriate of the England manager”.

Allardyce said: “Although it was made clear during the recorded conversations that any proposed arrangements would need the FA’s full approval, I recognise I made some comments which have caused embarrassment.”...........

It said that it has evidence from meetings between undercover reporters and agents, managers and club officials which suggest corruption is a “major problem” in English football. The Telegraph has filmed football agents naming five current or recent Premier League football managers they said they had paid bungs to..............

It added that the loyalty of fans “may not survive the idea that the game is largely a racket run for the benefit of fixers and middlemen”.
People pay seriously silly money to watch Football. Crooks are happy to abuse them.