There are some old newspapers out there. Here are some examples. They were the dominant source of news but the wireless changed things. Television gave us another source. The Internet is making a real difference. Newspapers are closely controlled by the owners so a few men have huge influence, or rather they did until the Internet made it cheap and easy to become a publisher. This is marvellous news for truth. Propaganda being bypassed by the little people.


Is published on line. It ran an article headlined America's Virulent Racists - The Sick Ideas And Perverted Science Of The American Renaissance Foundation. It is a pack of lies, grossly Libellous produced by Robert Sussman, a Jew [ probability > 99% ] who knows nothing about Amren. Alternatively he is lying blatantly, with malice  aforethought. He is the kind of Paranoid rogue who makes one think that Adolf was right about Jews. Fred, who actually knows the people involved explains all at Sussman.
PS The source - The Myth of Race is published by the Harvard University Press as a splendid example of the Big Lie.


Is the business of finding the stories.


Press Regulation
Her Majesty's Government hates free speech. So does Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. They colluded with a lawyer to make bad law, vague law, meaningless law which gives judges the opportunity to make it up as they go along; in fact it forces them to do just that. Lawyers will get rich out of this. That is an implicit bribe.


Is about the paper aspect of the industry rather than the news itself.


Newspapers Censor Their Way to Oblivion
The Kansas City Star [ I had not heard of it either - Editor ] is a medium size newspaper in a Republican area which chooses to spike stories that will annoy Democrats. Their share price has gone from $50 in 2005 to $3 now, in 2008. Their sales are reflected in the price. Cause and effect? With the Internet giving us access to the truth, they have a problem. The Guardian, a left wing operation in England is losing money in a big way too. I am not shedding tears for them.


Newspaper Circulation
Newspaper circulation is going steadily down. The number are out there and they make bad reading for those in the industry. They are propaganda machines that have out lived their peak influence. The British National Party will not be shedding tears for them. Giuseppe has the numbers and a gloat. The Telegraph aka The Quislinggraph dropped 16% in a year. No wonder they are sacking people. The Sun with sales of 2,936,099 at 20p a time is grossing around £587,219 per diem or £214 million per annum. This sounds like a living to me. Knock off 50% for distribution and 25% for printing to leave £53 million for editorial. There is room for lots of snouts in that particular trough. The Grauniad, grossing some £54 million should be able to survive.
Will we be poorer for their passing? I doubt it. So would a lot of past readers, if they gave the matter a thought.


Newspapers Are Dying
They were profitable, influential then the wireless became an option. Television was another news channel. The Internet was the real option, one that made publishing cheap, easy worthwhile. Paper is no longer the only way.


Let Us Pay
During 2009, it was difficult to find anybody inside the newspaper business who was not profoundly depressed about the future of the industry. All the trend lines were downwards. The migration of readers and advertisers towards digital media was already a long-standing headache for the industry. Then came the credit crunch, whose aftermath brought recession, further decline in sales, and a sharp downturn in advertising. The result was industry-wide gloom........

Would it matter if it died?.......  Without it our democracy would head the way that papers themselves risk heading, and become hollowed out, with the external apparatus of democratic machinery but without the informed electorate which the press helps create. And one beauty of the current arrangement is that it functions without the press having to be well-meaning or high-minded......

Why is that [ going totally on line ] a good thing? Because the internet can make all those costs go away. If newspapers switched over to being all online, the cost base would be instantly and permanently transformed. The OECD report puts the cost of printing a typical paper at 28 per cent and the cost of sales and distribution at 24 per cent: so the physical being of the paper absorbs 52 per cent of all costs. (Administration costs another 8 per cent and advertising another 16.) That figure may well be conservative........

At some point, the economic logic of this is going to become irresistible......... So this, I think, is the future of newspapers. Their cost base will force them to junk their print editions......... I feel equally certain in saying that what the print media need, more than anything else, is a new payment mechanism for online reading, which lets you read anything you like, wherever it is published, and then charges you on an aggregated basis, either monthly or yearly or whatever........

I say again, let us pay. Make the process as easy as possible. Make it invisible and transparent. Make us register once and once only. Walls are not the way forward, but walls are not the same thing as payment, and without some form of payment, the press will not be here in five years' time. I hope one of the big organizations is working on this idea or something like it, because for print newspapers, the clock isn't just ticking, it's ticking louder and faster.
Mr. Lanchester has a bias. Being in the business means  he wants the cash flow. A sensible analysis.


Tough times get tougher for the New York Times
Things are going down hill as the Great Depression of 2008 gets underway. But cash flow at the New York Times was drooping well before. When people have the Internet telling the truth they do not need the media's lies.


British mass media owners
David and Frederick Barclay
Richard Desmond
Lew Grade
Robert Maxwell
Paul Reuter
The Wikipedia gives five. Four of them are Jews. There are other owners. Murdoch is a Zionist even if he is not one of God's Chosen. The Barclay brothers are Catholics.
PS The Wikipedia does not bother to mention Black, the Jewish Zionist thief.


The Economist - The World’s Sleaziest Magazine
For The Economist, the Putin-as-Fascist story isn't bound by traditional Newtonian concepts of time or space, let alone the basic principles of Western journalism........ For the last few years, The Economist has been waging a relentless, obsessive-compulsive campaign to rebrand Russia and Vladimir Putin as a Fascist state and a Fascist regime. Consider last year's "The Hardest Word":

"It is an over-used word, and a controversial one, especially in Russia. It is not there yet, but Russia sometimes seems to be heading towards fascism.".....

And speaking of Hitlers, in the mid-1930s, The Economist even found time to praise you-know-who: "Herr Hitler is showing encouraging signs of statesmanship." Yes, they really did write that. The first and last example of genuine wit that The Economist ever produced.
The wonderful, caring people at The eXile, a magazine produced by expats in Moscow have a view about The Economist's line and its dislike of Vladimir Putin. Colonel Putin, late of the KGB is a rather sound sort of man. That is why he gets a bad press.


Daily Express [ 1900 - ]
Is written for the right wing lower classes. It is currently owned by Desmond, a foul mouthed pornographer and Jew.


Daily Star
Panders to the lower orders. Owned by Desmond, a foul mouthed pornographer and Jew.


Financial Times  [ 1888 - ]
Is about money to say the obvious.


Fox News
Can be rather good, which is why lefties do not like it.


The Guardian [ 1821 - ]
Is otherwise known as the Grauniad or Graun. It is a left wing organ but has good articles. It is was altogether too friendly with Zionists in their early days but  sound on systematic murder and torture in Israel.

"They do not toil, nether do they spin", but they live better than those that do.

The working-class Manchester and Salford Advertiser called the Manchester Guardian "the foul prostitute and dirty parasite of the worst portion of the mill-owners".
Private Eye rarely sneers at the Graun. It has to be their paper of choice but the halo slipped recently. The eXile, a little paper in Moscow got robbed by Luke Harding of the Graun. They were not amused. See Hack Watch -Did Guardian Journalist Hack Again?
PS Their style owes something to the Eye.


Is published in Palestine, the Stolen Land which was taken by Jews for Jews.


The Independent [ 1964 - ]
It is writes for the left and can be VERY Zionist is its sympathies.


Israel Insider
Is a worthy source occasionally. It fingered Obama, giving us chapter and verse of his Forged Birth Certificate.


Jewish Chronicle [ 1841 - ]
The Jewish Chronicle prints about 30,000 copies. See Zionist Empire Rotting From Within for in depth analysis.


Daily Mail [ 1896 -  ]
Was for people's servants and the first to publish a million copies a day. It tends to the right usually but is prone to go the other way. Is largely(?) owned by Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, who is sensible enough to live offshore.


Daily Mirror [ 1903 - ]
Was a right wing operation but became a left wing sensationalist paper for the toiling peasant masses, one owned by a thieving Jew called Maxwell.


Daily Star [ 1978 - ]
Owned by Richard Desmond, foul mouthed oaf, bully & Jew running a major pornography operation.


Mirror Group News
Is the holding group for the Mirror and others. It was owned by Maxwell, a loud mouthed oaf, fornicator, bully, thief, traitor and Jew. They are keen on tax evasion. See e.g. Mirror


National Review - Has gone communist
Things sure have changed at National Review
Does anyone remember James J. Kilpatrick? At one time, in the late 1970s to the mid 1980s he was apparently one of the most widely read columnists in the country. Do you know how he became famous? In the early 1950s he was an unknown editor/editorial writer for a newspaper in Richmond, Virginia. Then he began denouncing Brown vs. Board of Education, and championing states� rights and segregation.........

During this period he also became an outspoken opponent of desegregation. He editorialized against the U.S. Supreme Court�s 1954 ruling in Brown vs. Board of Education, which declared school segregation unconstitutional. The centerpiece of Kilpatrick�s opposition was a 19th-century doctrine called �interposition,� which said that states had the right to override a federal mandate that encroached on their sovereign authority. Bolstered by Kilpatrick�s editorials, several Southern states used the interposition argument to pass laws favorable to segregation. Kilpatrick also wrote a book, "The Sovereign States" (1957), to drum up support for the doctrine outside the South, but it failed to gain traction.....

Yes, National Review used to be an "racist" honest magazine, well up into the 1970s. Today's conservatives, in an effort to prove that they're the good guys who love Black people the most, love to scream that "Bull Connor was a Democrat!" and that "It was Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights movement!" What they never mention is that it was conservatives who once opposed the "Civil Rights" movement, and they did it from the pages of National Review, the leading conservative magazine in the country back then.

Compare that to the National Review of today, an irrelevant publication that just fired John Derbyshire for writing common sense, elementary level truths about race.
A sad loss.

The left wing version of that talk about race.


New York Times Is A Propaganda Machine Inciting Criminal War [ 20 April 2014 ]
Doctor Roberts names new propagandists at the NYT; one  is David Herszenhorn, a Jew [ probability > 99% ]


New Statesman
Was founded by communist subversives who also started the Fabian Society and the LSE. It was to be a working tool destroying England.
New Statesman was founded in 1913 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb with the support of George Bernard Shaw and other prominent members of the Fabian Society. Its first editor was Clifford Sharp, who remained editor until 1928.......... Although the Webbs and most Fabians were closely associated with the Labour Party, Sharp was drawn increasingly to the Asquith Liberals........

During the 1930s, Martin's Statesman moved markedly to the left politically. It became strongly anti-fascist and was generally critical of the government policy of appeasement of Mussolini and Hitler (though it did not back British rearmament). It was also, notoriously, an apologist for Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union. In 1934 it ran a famously deferential interview with Stalin by H. G. Wells. In 1938 came Martin's refusal to publish George Orwell's celebrated dispatches from Barcelona during the Spanish civil war because they criticized the communists for suppressing the anarchists and the left-wing Workers' Party of Marxist Unification (POUM). "It is an unfortunate fact," Martin wrote to Orwell, "that any hostile criticism of the present Russian regime is liable to be taken as propaganda against socialism."
The agenda comes first. The truth comes last.


News Of The World  or News Of The Screws [ 1843 - 2011 ]
Circulation is some 3.5 million copies. Murdoch's rag. Now it is gone - see News Of The World for more and better details.


News of the Screws Faces £800,000 Payout
Bullying can come very dear. Murder is cheaper - Menezes family settles for  £100,000 Met payout


Private Eye [ 1961 - ] Circulation 205,231
Was first published in 1961. It was part of the satire boom that stayed the course. It even has a pension scheme now. It does some first class reporting on corruption at the interface between Big Business & Big Government but it is against the commercial side rather than the apparatchiks.


Red Hot TV
Pornography channel owned by Richard Desmond, a rich, foul mouthed Jew.


Reuters [ 1851 - ]
Is not a newspaper. It is a supplier of news, of content, rather like, the Deutsche Presse Agentur, Agence France Presse and even Press TV which also does TV.


The Spectator [ 1828 - ]
It has had a succession of owners. Conrad Black was one such until he had problems with major fraud raps. For an example of its gross treachery see their article on Enoch Powell And His Most Important Speech
PS Black got six and half years.


Der Stürmer ex Wiki [ 1923 - 1945 ]
Der Stürmer (literally, "The Stormer;" or more accurately, "The Attacker") was a weekly tabloid-format Nazi newspaper published by Julius Streicher from 1923 to the end of World War II in 1945, with brief suspensions in publication due to legal difficulties. It was a significant part of the Nazi propaganda machinery and was vehemently anti-Semitic. Unlike the Völkischer Beobachter (translatable as The People's Observer), the official party paper which gave itself an outwardly serious appearance, the tabloid-style Der Stürmer often ran obscene and tasteless materials such as anti-Semitic caricatures and propaganda-like accusations of blood libel,[1 ] pornography, anti-Catholic, anti-capitalist and anti-"reactionary" propaganda too.

The paper originated at Nuremberg during Hitler's attempt to establish power and control. During the struggle to achieve power, Streicher was accused by the opposition of the Nazi party as being "a liar, a coward, of having unsavory friends, mistreating his wife and of flirting with women". Despite the accusations, the first copy of Der Stürmer was published April 20, 1923. Der Stürmer's circulation grew over time, distributing to a large percentage of the German population as well as Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States. Between August 1941 and September 1944, Streicher authorized articles demanding the annihilation and extermination of the Jewish race.
The fact that Julius took a forthright line on Jews was never going to make him popular with the Zionist criminals who took the Stolen Land, of Palestine. Notice that the Wiki claims that he makes accusations. It does not deny that he was telling the truth.


The Sun [ 1964 - ]
Is owned by Rupert Murdoch and follows his party line which is often to the right but is more to do with the politicians involved.


The Tatler [ 1709 - ]
The current incarnation began in 1910. It is more concerned with gossip and manners than politics but can be very informative.


The Telegraph aka The Quislinggraph [ 1855 - ]
It is THE paper of the moderately right which may be why the Wikipedia didn't bother to tell us about it. It is a Quisling operation.


The Times [ 1785 - ]
It was politically sound and very profitable. Rupert Murdoch bought it since when it has gone off.


Television X
Pornography channel owned by Richard Desmond, a rich, foul mouthed Jew.


Richard Desmond ex Wiki
Richard Clive Desmond (born 8 December 1951) is an [ allegedly ] English publisher and businessman. He is the owner of Express Newspapers and founder of Northern & Shell, which publishes various celebrity magazines, such as OK! and New!, and British national newspapers Daily Star and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns Portland TV[3] which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, and others.




 Red Hot TV, and others.


and Daily Express. Northern & Shell also owns Portland TV[3] which, in turn, owns the adult TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV, and others.


Völkischer Beobachter = The People's Observer [ 1920  - 1945 ]
The Völkischer Beobachter ("Völkisch Observer") was the newspaper of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party) from 1920. It first appeared weekly, then daily from February 8, 1923. For twenty-five years it formed part of the official public face of the Nazi party.

The "fighting paper of the National Socialist movement of Greater Germany" (Kampfblatt der nationalsozialistischen Bewegung Großdeutschlands) had its origin in the Münchner Beobachter ("Munich Observer"), which in 1918 was acquired by the Thule Society and in August 1919 was renamed Völkischer Beobachter. The NSDAP purchased it in December 1920 on the initiative of Chase Bauduin and Dietrich Eckart, who became the first editors. In 1921 Hitler acquired all shares in the company, making him the sole owner of the publication........

Perhaps the most notorious article printed was an interview with Hans Frank, Governor-General of occupied Poland, on June 6, 1940. The occasion was a widely distributed proclamation in Czechoslovakia announcing the execution of seven Czech students. This is what he said:

If I had to order a distribution of posters announcing such an event every time I order a shooting of seven Poles, there would not be enough trees in the Polish forests to supply the necessary paper.

The final issues from April and May 1945 were not distributed.
It was the voice of Adolf, the voice of the Nazis.


Wall Street Journal

Was a magazine rather than a newspaper.

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