Holot Concentration Camp

Jews complain about Concentration Camps when they are victims, or more likely when they allege they are victims. As perpetrators it is very different. Holot is just one example - see Concentration Camps In Israel for more and better details. Now [ 24 September 2014 ] the high court in Israel Jews Ordered To Shut A Concentration Camp Full Of Blacks because it is not 'open' meaning it is a prison which they cannot leave. Jews pretend it is open but they put it in the middle of a training area and require three Appells [ roll calls ] per day. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp settled for just two of them but then the Nazis are nicer than Zionist crazies.

Israel Opens New Concentration Camp For Blacks At Holot
Holot implements a new Prevention of Infiltration Law - see http://972mag.com/knesset-passes-revised-law-for-detention-of-african-asylum-seekers/83395/ [ Knesset passes revised law for detention of African asylum seekers ]. It is liable to become operational two days after the law was made. Of course when patriotic Americans want a border fence to keep Mexicans out Jews get very mouthy. They want America flooded with Third World aliens.

The entrance to this 'open detention faculty'


African detention center to open this week - short of fire code and without hot water
Detention centre sounds more innocuous than concentration camp. It is in an army training area with three Appells [ the Nazis term for roll calls ] a day. This means the inmates have nowhere to go even if they want to. - www.haaretz.com/news/national/.premium-1.562618


24 Hours Outside Holot
Blacks want a comprehensive solution. Jews have one: Send them back.


Blacks Call Holot Home Says Jew
It is a prison just the same.


Holot Is An 'Open' Prison
Escapers will be captured then put in Saharonim Concentration Camp where they don't pretend it is 'open'.


Jews Make Holot 'Legal' 
The previous law was struck down by the High Court, which ordered the state to begin releasing the asylum seekers it was indefinitely detaining. Instead, the Knesset passed a law to circumvent the ruling and indefinitely detain asylum seekers in ‘open prisons.’
When Jews don't like the law they ignore it, or cheat or change it. After all they are God's Chosen People.


Third World Parasites Escape From Holot
"Migrants abandon Holot 'open' detention facility in protest More than half of migrants transferred to Holot center abandon facility in first week, march to Jerusalem to protest Infiltration Prevention Bill joined activists, MKs. Migrant: 'We are marching for freedom' "
Would the Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King have joined them? Probably not because he was controlled by Jews.


Jews Ordered To Shut A Concentration Camp Full Of Blacks [ 24 September 2014  ]
Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered government to close the Holot detention facility for African asylum-seekers within 90 days and it voided an amendment to Israel’s Anti-Infiltration Law, passed by the Knesset nine months ago. That amendment allowed Israel to incarcerate without trial anyone who enters the country illegally........

Justice Uzi Vogelman,.... said......... the legislation “violates human rights in an essential, deep and fundamental way.” “We didn’t do this voluntarily,” he wrote in the ruling. “We did it because it’s our obligation.”
Jews care about 'human' rights when they are at the receiving end. But it is different with blacks; they are Untermenschen [ the Nazi term for subhumans ] while Jews are not just the Herrenvolk, they are God's Chosen People, even one might say a Light Unto Nations.
PS There is no mention of other Concentration Camps In Israel at Saharonim or Ketziot.


Racist Jews Lean On Blacks In Concentration Camp 30 September 2014 ]
Blacks immigrate into Israel. Jews object because they are Racist or grossly Racist. They put them in Concentration Camps pending export. KL Holot is one of them.


Jews Want Ethnic Cleansing Of Bedouin 30 September 2014 ]
In fact Jews want Ethnic Cleansing of everyone, except their slaves. That is why they are inflicting Ethnic Fouling on England as well as  the rest of Western Civilization. Jews are grossly Racist.


Holot Concentration Camp Is Still Holding Black Criminals [ 28 November 2014 ]
The Knesset is preparing to fast-track approval of a new bill that would allow the detention of asylum seekers, with the Interior and Environment Committee taking an unusual step of scheduling six meetings on it in the space of just three days next week.

The High Court of Justice overturned the previous “Anti-Infiltration Law” on September 22, but gave the government 90 days to comply. The government wants the new law approved before this grace period expires, in about another three weeks.

The new bill authorizes asylum seekers, who have come to Israel from Eritrea and Sudan, to be held at the detention facility in Holot for a maximum of 20 months. The version overturned by the High Court in September had allowed them to be held at Holot indefinitely.

It also requires asylum seekers who are being held at Holot to show up for only one nightly head-count. The old law required them to show up in the morning, noon and night, which meant that even though asylum seekers were technically permitted to leave Holot during the day, it was hard for them to do so and still be back in time for the next head-count, given the facility’s isolated location deep in the Negev.

But the facility will still be locked at night, from 10 P.M. to 6 A.M., as it was under the old law.

Another change concerns how long asylum seekers can be held at Saharonim Prison [ see Saharonim Concentration Camp ] immediately after their arrival in Israel. The new bill limits detention at Saharonim to a maximum three months, down from a year under the old law. After that, they will be transferred to Holot.

Overall, the new bill reflects no fundamental changes in policy. Instead, it moderates the terms of the previous policy in the hope that this will suffice to get the High Court to uphold the law.

The new bill will be brought to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation for approval on Sunday, and its first Knesset reading is slated to take place the following day. Assuming it passes, the six committee sessions will then take place from Tuesday to Thursday.

The bill will be sent back to the plenum for its second and third readings as soon as the committee approves it. How many sessions the committee will actually need to for this purpose isn’t yet clear. But Interior Minister Gilad Erdan and Interior Committee chairwoman Miri Regev plan to cooperate closely in an effort to push the bill through as fast as possible.

Erdan formulated the provisions of the bill together with Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, but there are still issues on which they disagree. For instance, Erdan would prefer to extend the maximum period of detention at Saharonim to six months. But Weinstein believes that in light of the High Court’s comments in its September ruling, any period longer than three months is unlikely to win the justices’ approval.

Weinstein also initially wanted to restrict the maximum period of detention at Holot to one year, but eventually agreed to the 20-month limit.

The new bill, which the government circulated to cabinet ministers last week, retains the prohibition against asylum seekers working during their period of detention at Holot. To reinforce this prohibition, the government is planning additional measures to discourage employers from hiring them.

For instance, it plans to amend the foreign workers law to allow heavy fines to be imposed on employers who hire asylum seekers being held at Holot or whose temporary residence visas have expired. Moreover, even when an asylum seeker is legally allowed to work, the employer will have to deposit 20 percent of his salary into an account that will be given to the asylum seeker only when he leaves the country – a provision aimed at encouraging asylum seekers to leave Israel.

Finally, as part of the Economic Arrangements Bill accompanying the 2015 budget, the government has proposed significantly increasing the fee employers must pay to hire asylum seekers who have valid work visas. In most industries, including restaurants, hotels and cleaning firms, the fee will amount to 30 percent of the asylum seeker’s salary, compared to 20 percent for an ordinary foreign worker who entered the country legally after obtaining a work permit in advance. The employer will not be allowed to deduct this fee from the asylum seeker’s salary.
Jews don't like blacks or the High Court when it pretends to care about human rights for Illegal Immigrants. That is why Holot is remote, escape is difficult, there are three Appells per day.

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