Nick Griffin

Nick Griffin runs the  British National Party which is why he is hated with total sincerity by the BBC, the rest of the main stream media and the political establishment. However they are keeping quiet about his track record of fraud which means they are depending on him to destroy the party. It is working well. Given that Griffin Has A Track Record Of Fraud was published in 2007. People should have been getting a grip long ago.

Nick Griffin Explained
Griffo is a serial swindler destroying the BNP which is why our wonderful government lets him walk free.


The mind bending power of the masters of the media
Nick Griffin writes about the power of the Jews. But that was then. This is now. He was right then. He is running the British National Party now.


Déjà Vu
Is French for: We've been there before. Here in this case is gross maladministration, money disappearing, gross accusations and general paranoia.


Griffin Has A Track Record Of Fraud - The Main Stream Media Cover It Up
June 16, 2007
The body of this post is taken from the Electronic Loose Cannon, e-bulletin of former National Front National Activities Organiser, Martin Webster. ARN republishes Webster’s missive without alteration as (yet another) instructive intervention in the BNP’s leadership race. While Mr. Webster, a life-long racist, clearly has his own agenda and appears to be driven by his loathing of BNP leader Nick Griffin, there is no doubting that he is also a good “facts” man. Obviously intent on inflicting maximum damage on Griffin, Webster’s article will nevertheless make interesting and useful reading for anti-racists generally, though – naturally – we cannot vouchsafe the truth of Martin Webster’s statements. Read on…

Some ‘deep background’ on the BNP Chairman
A reader has e-mailed me as follows:
“Nick Griffins sister stood for the NF in Suffolk. What is her name? What is Griffin’s father’s REAL name? He claims it to be Edgar Vincent Griffin. He also claims to have been born in Harrow but he wasn’t, he was born in Brighton. Why would he lie about that?”

This prompted me to consider that there are so many newcomers (compared to me!) to the Nationalist scene that the time had come for a bit of “deep background” on Nick Griffin, Chairman and, to all intents and purposes, owner of the British National Party. I have no knowledge of Nick Griffin’s father, Edgar, beyond that he is a chartered accountant and that his father, Edwin, was a leading Freemason who left Nick, £300,000 in the late 1980s (which he quickly lost in stupid property deals). On the one occasion in the mid 1970s that I stayed over-night at the Griffin family home (then at Hill House, Huntingfield, near Halesworth, Suffolk) the kitchen was filled with oriental carpets, giving it the appearance of a souk. Mrs. Griffin had bought a job lot of these and was proposing, somehow, to merchandise them. She asked my opinion as to their quality. I was surprised she didn’t remark: “Never mind the quality — feel the width”.

It became evident to me on that occasion that the entire Griffin family were money mad. I understand that the family lived in Barnet when Nick was a toddler. Presumably his father had made sufficient cash to translate the family to Suffolk. Perhaps Grandpa helped.

I was informed last year by Daily Mail feature writer David Jones that Nick Griffin’s sister is “Susan Patricia”. Jones said he had tried to locate her via a search of the on-line Registry of Electors, but had no luck. There is a real mystery concerning why she has broken off all contact with her family and made efforts to cover her tracks. Susan Patricia was once engaged to Ipswich National Front branch Organiser Tony Williams, a boyhood friend of Griffin’s. At the time (late 70s/early 80s) Williams (whose father was a wealthy businessman) was building up a very successful off-licence business in East Anglia. During the 1970s Susan Patricia stood at least once (I think in Ipswich) as an NF local council candidate. I don’t know when or why the engagement between Susan Patricia and Williams ended. It may have been something to do with the following:

In the mid/late 1980s Griffin swindled Williams of a couple of thousand pounds. Griffin told Williams that he had got news about a bargain supply of CDs somewhere on the Continent, but that he didn’t have the cash to take advantage of the offer. He implied the purchase was for his own private business enterprise and promised to repay Williams in cash “within two weeks”. As they were friends, the deal was transacted without paperwork. Weeks went by and no repayment was made.

When Williams asked for his money, he was astounded to be told by Griffin that the money was “a loan to the party” (i.e. what remained of the National Front, or one of its splinters) not a personal loan to him, or a loan guaranteed by him, and that if Williams wanted his cash, he should chase the party. But this was at the time that the remnant of the NF was splintering into little grouplets and Griffin was helping Roberto Fiore set up the International Third Position, so in effect there was no identifiable “party” to chase and any litigation against the then impecunious Griffin would be futile.

You will know that Griffin was eventually forced to quit the ITP after a deal which involved the purchase of printing equipment which turned out to be only just so much scrap iron; and swindling one of its members, Colin Todd, caretaker of the Fiore-owned building Liss House at Liss Forest, Hants. Somehow Griffin persuaded Todd to “invest” his life savings in a venture. It was a scam and Todd lost the lot. When confronted with this cruel swindle Griffin shrugged it off, remarking that “Todd is a drunk”.

The two thousand pounds loss which Williams sustained as a result of Griffin’s crookedness was not the worst aspect of the sting. It was the crass and cynical dishonouring of an agreement between two long-standing friends. Williams just could not believe Griffin could be so dishonest and so brazen — and so casual about a long friendship.

This made Williams loathe Griffin and, decades later, prompted him to make available to me a DVD copy of a video he had shot of a building restoration project which had taken place in 1984 on Hill House, the Griffin family home in Suffolk. Griffin told the NF that he had persuaded his parents to grant the National Front’s youth wing, the Young National Front, free use of a number of outbuildings of their farmhouse, but that restoration work would need to be done free of charge. YNF and NF members went to the farm for weekend after weekend during that year and did hard and dangerous building work for no wage. They paid their own fares to and from the site and slept on the floors of the buildings they were renovating.

They were given “free” meals, but the meals were in fact paid for by means of a petty swindle. Williams had delivered to the site before work commenced a van-load of tins of continental lager which had just gone by their ‘sell-by’ date and could not be sold via the off-licence trade. Williams GAVE the lager for FREE distribution to the young idealists. The Griffins knew a business opportunity when they saw it and they set to work grinding off the ‘sell-by’ date from the cans, which were then SOLD to the workers at £1 per can! Easily £2 in today’s values. But this was only a trivial side swindle. The worst aspect of the main swindle — the building restoration — was that the youngsters were put to work on an a major asbestos clearance.

By that time a law had been passed requiring asbestos clearances to be conducted by specially licenced asbestos clearance contractors whose staff had been specially trained and who use special protective equipment and who bagged and disposed of asbestos waste in a prescribed manner. Needless to say, the NF/YNF people were ignorant of the dangers and of the law governing such work, and they simply climbed on to the roof of “the Asbestos Barn” and hurled the asbestos sheets to the ground, sending up clouds of potentially lethal dust. This and other aspects of the work was filmed by Tony Williams on his video camera. Griffin wrote and spoke a commentary to the video. His voice is unmistakable. At one point in the film John Field, then the Organiser of Hackney YNF, is shown on the roof without any protective equipment or safety harness, hammering down asbestos sheets as clouds of dust rise. Griffin remarks in his commentary: “If he doesn’t break his neck, then he die of cancer due to asbestos poisoning”.

This remark was made with cold matter-of-factness.

Some may ask why such wickedness should be made an issue now…. “after all, it was a long time ago”. There are two equally important answers, as follows: Firstly, asbestosis is a terminal condition which takes decades to manifest itself. The people who as young men worked on the asbestos clearance at Hill House are now coming into the time when, if they have been unlucky, symptoms will start to present. They may have no idea what is happening to them, or why.

Secondly, anybody who in his 20s (an adult) who could perpetrate such a thing against anybody, let alone “comrades”, and who could perpetrate sundry other swindles against friends and associates, is not somebody who at any subsequent time should have any trust reposed in them. Needless to say, the property, once renovated, was never made available to the NF (nor was the video!!). The whole thing had been a trick whereby the Griffin family exploited their political connection to con young idealists to get dangerous, expensive and potentially lethal work done for free.

Griffin had only asked Williams to make the video to give the YNF lads the illusion they were engaged in “a historic project” — and how those innocents played up to the camera! Williams says he was as much conned as to the real purpose of being asked to make the video as he was conned by the use made of his supply of lager. The work which those lads did added greatly the value of the Griffin property. When the property was sold, not a penny of the enhanced value created by the renovation work was directed to any nationalist political movement, as promised by Griffin at the outset. Fiore and other of the Italian ITP prominenti occasionally turned up to Hill House to inspect the good work, since the concept of “rural community centres” was then very much one of their ideological fads. One would have thought that the swindle they saw Griffin perpetrate against the NF would have warned them off trusting him with their financial affairs…. but Fiore and his gang were then and are now greedy for money, so perhaps they admired Griffin’s style.

Griffin performed another “Barn conversion” swindle soon after he became chairman of the BNP in 1999 — in about 2001/2. The BNP put up the money for the materials and provided free skilled labour for the renovation of his barn on his ‘Y Gribbin’ farm in Wales. This barn is supposed to function as a venue for party meetings. If as and when it is used as such, the party is invoiced by Griffin for its use. Griffin did not grant the party any equity in the property in return for its “investment” so that if as and when the farm is sold, the added value created by the barn renovation go entirely to Griffin and not a penny to the BNP. For some reason Griffin never secured the video (with his commentary dubbed on it) of the Hill House outbuildings renovation of 1984. Perhaps in the hurley-burley of political splits and financial shenanigans he forgot all about it.

Williams left the NF at about the time of its final disintegration under Griffin’s (mis)management and some time in the 1990s became head of the minuscule National Socialist Movement. The NSM became exposed by the media for one reason or another and Williams fled the country and settled in a far-off land. He took with him the video of the Hill House renovation. Eventually he made a DVD conversion of the video and made available a copy to me. The ownership of the copyright of this film is retained by Williams under contract. Information about this DVD has been given to a wide cross-section of the media. I have retained the complete file of all the negotiations which took place. In all instances there was an initial flurry of keen interest and then, in all cases, the interest suddenly evaporated without any explanation.

Can one imagine what the reaction of the media would be in normal circumstances where a politician — of ANY party — was on record on a DVD of being involved in such a matter and of commenting sarcastically about the possible death of one of his duped helpers? To put the gravity of the current situation into some kind of perspective, one would have to recollect the kind of huge smears, based on the most trivial of pretexts, levelled at personalities in the National Front during the 1970s. In 1978, for example, the Daily Mirror concocted a double-page spread exposing the Organiser of a local branch of the NF as “a Nazi” because part of the minute pattern on his tie, when hugely enlarged, could be said to resemble a “pattern of swastikas”! The NF official concerned (Paul Kavanagh) was a respectable middle-class importer of machine tools with no “Nazi” background whatsoever. Indeed, he was widely rumoured to be an MI5 informant (but that is another story!). He was co-founder with Andrew Fountaine of the “National Front Constitutional Movement”. How does that bit of nonsense about Paul Kavanagh’s tie compare with Griffin’s outrageous record?

My recent experiences of the media vis-à-vis Griffin seem to be very similar to that of the author Dominic Carman (son of the famous libel lawyer, the late George Carman QC). Three years ago Carman was engaged in researching Griffin prior to producing a biography. Carman subjected me to two long in-depth interviews, the first was video-taped, the second audio-taped. He took copies of a lot of documents I have on file. The questioning covered a lot of ground, including most intimate matters. In-between Carman’s first and second interview with me, he had visited the Griffin farmhouse home in Wales. I understand he spent the weekend there and took the opportunity to interview Nick’s wife Jacky separately from her husband Nick. She was very frank on delicate matters. Carman also took information from former pupils at a girls public school in Suffolk, whose sixth form Nick and one or two other lads were permitted to attend. The information which they gave chimed with that provided by Jackie and provided context for my information in the same general area of sexuality.

Two years rolled by but Carman’s book did not appear. A brief article about Griffin by Carman appeared in the Daily Mail colour supplement about a year ago which was clearly based on his book researches, but since then there has been complete silence. Intrigued by this, I e-mailed Carman on 25th April this year, saying: “….. you will understand my wondering if the reason why your book on Griffin has not appeared has anything to do with my experiences of trying to get quite crucial information about Griffin’s character and background into the public arena at a time when the mainstream media profiles of him are edging towards hagiography. Any reply will be kept confidential by me if you so request…..” Carman received my e-mail but has sent no response. I quite understand. He wants to be able to continue to earn his living from the mainstream media. For want of any other explanation, I feel entitled to propose that the media was and is being orchestrated not to do anything to dislodge Griffin from his perch at the top of the BNP. It is evident that the Establishment has every reason to be happy to have creature like Griffin at the head of the premiere “nationalist” party in Britain, just as it is happy to have corrupt creatures at the head of every other political party which strives for the rewards which only Establishment patronage can bestow.

Martin Webster
Leave a rotten rogue to lead it and destroy it? That is the message coming through


Another former member of Griffin’s kleptocracy breaks ranks to document a “criminal conspiracy”
My attention has been drawn to a very recent posting by one Arthur Kemp on his own blog site. In this he ‘spews his guts’ over the increasingly isolated and discredited Nick Griffin, chairman of the British National Party. I run out the full text below.

Until recently Kemp was one of the leading lights of the BNP who ran a book-selling franchise under the party’s financial umbrella. He became disillusioned with Griffin not over any matter of policy, principle, financial management or the like but because they fell out in a squabble over money. Faced with a mounting pile of debts, Griffin would not pay Kemp his ‘dues’.

While I don’t doubt that all that Kemp says about Griffin is true (haven’t I been saying much the same thing for the past eleven years??) I think it would be a mistake to regard Kemp as an ‘Innocent-at-Large in a Naughty World’ — which is clearly how he hopes you will think of him.

Kemp is an ex South African policeman who has been on the nationalist political scene both here and in the USA for some years. For a while he was an associate of Dave Duke.

Three years ago Kemp spent much e-mail energy trying to persuade me that just because Duke......

     (a) behaved disgracefully when in the late 1970s he visited Britain as leader of the Ku Klux Klan and, for the sake of cheap personal publicity, co-operated with BRMB Radio in an attempt to set up an ambush for the National Front by including him (without the NF being told in advance) in a “Joint NF/KKK Radio Interview” just as a general election was pending......

     (b) was later jailed in America after pleading guilty to embezzlement of his organisation’s funds (i.e. spending his members’ subscriptions on the roulette tables)......

...... it didn’t mean he was a bad person!

(There were aspects of Duke’s selfish and outrageous personal behaviour whilst he was in Britain which shocked his Birmingham hosts, but which would be too much of a digression for me to recount here.)

Kemp has been willingly sucking at the tit of Griffin’s BNP for some years, deeply involved with the party’s head office coterie which had a deeply kleptocratic culture. All sorts of financial scandals have transpired whilst Kemp was a member of the party’s leadership echelon.

As a former police detective and an experienced political hand, Kemp must have realised what Griffin was up to, but he kept his mouth shut and stood with Griffin as scandal and crisis followed scandal and crisis — and purge followed purge. Only when his brooklet from the main Griffin money stream ceased to flow did Kemp wake up to “....the gangster-like Griffin”!

Kemp presents what he says is documentary evidence to establish that Griffin tried to induce one of the printers involved in producing BNP election literature to engage in a “criminal conspiracy” whereby the printer would improperly invoice (or re-invoice?) the outstanding sum to Richard Barnbrook rather than to the BNP/Griffin. I understand the issue of the authenticity of the legally required Return of Election Expenses submitted in respect Griffin’s Barking campaign is already before the courts.

Barnbrook was elected as a BNP member of the Greater London Authority in May 2008. He was adopted by members of his local Barking & Dagenham BNP branch to be their candidate for the Barking constituency in the 2010 general election. Griffin later parachuted himself in and announced he was to be the candidate. The wretched Barnbrook accepted this and meekly volunteered to act as Griffin’s Election Agent.

How Griffin repaid Barnbrook’s loyalty is recounted by Kemp.

Kemp ends his exposé with a multitude of “Mea culpas” and declarations that he should have paid attention to those who issued warnings about Griffin for years past. I for one do not accept these glib ‘apologies’.

I regard Kemp — at best — as a political and financial adventurer who has been closely involved with too many dodgy characters over the years ever to be taken seriously by anybody who has got so much as half a brain. (I leave it to the reader to assess what proportion of the nationalist supportership is thus equipped.)

Kemp obviously hopes that his information will be used by the relevant authorities to prefer criminal charges against Griffin. He evidently considers that charges involving conspiracy, perverting the course of justice, fraud and sundry breaches of election law should be on the menu.

I doubt if the authorities or the mass media will react to his documentation of Griffin’s criminality any more than they have done when similar or even more serious matters, with supporting evidence, have been drawn to their attention over the past decade.

The Establishment knows that Griffin is a crook who is bringing the nationalist movement to financial and political bankruptcy and its supportership to disillusionment and despair. It will do nothing to prevent Griffin from continuing with this destructive work.

Griffin is not an “agent of the enemy” or a “state asset” or any such thing. He is simply a sociopathic financial predator doing his thing.

Martin Webster.

Arthur Kemp's blog - downloaded Monday 18th July 2011

The Gangster-like and Surely Criminal Behaviour of Nick Griffin
By Arthur Kemp

Nick Griffin has behaved like a gangster, has committed fraud and attempted to incite a criminal conspiracy to bankrupt Greater London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook with forged documents blaming him for the party’s printing debts.

This shocking situation has brought the entire party into disrepute and is conclusive proof that Nick Griffin is unfit to be leader of the BNP.

The outrageous story begins in July 2010, when Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up a conspiracy to force Richard Barnbrook into giving up the Greater London Assembly seat.

To do this, they devised a plot to use forged documents to get Mr. Barnbrook declared bankrupt.

To this end, the utterly evil and devious plan was developed:

1. Nick Griffin approached the owner of Romac Press in Belfast, David Sloan, with an offer to settle the outstanding printing debt owed to his company.

2. In terms of this offer, Mr. Griffin asked Mr. Sloan to sign and print out, on Romac letterheads, two different letters addressed to Mr. Barnbrook.

3. The first letter, which Mr. Griffin dated 11th August 2010 (both letters were written by Mr. Griffin in July 2010), was a seemingly friendly reminder to Mr. Barnbrook that the printing bill for the Barking and Dagenham election material had not been paid.

4. The second letter, which Mr. Griffin dated 1st November 2010, was a formal demand for full payment of the outstanding debt, failing which court proceedings would follow.

Mr. Sloan has confirmed to me in person that Mr. Griffin asked him to sign these two letters.

In return, Mr. Sloan said, Mr. Griffin undertook to pay off the printing bill and, as “a sweetener,” offered to put Mr. Sloan onto an EU salary for £1,000 per month.

To his great credit, Mr. Sloan refused to partake in this plot, telling me that it was clearly a “criminal activity.”

Mr. Griffin’s daughter, Jennifer, sent the two letters Mr. Griffin had drawn up (as MS Word attachments) to Mr. Sloan by email from her ‘britprincess’ hotmail account.

Ms Griffin’s email is reproduced below.

Note the wording:

“These from Nick.”

‘These’ refers to the two word document attachments to the email. The full text of these word documents is reproduced below.

“Please add your surname to them both and print on Romac letter headed paper.”

This is an instruction to Mr. Sloan to print and sign both letters on his own official letterheads.

“Please then post them to Gribin, Llanerfyl, Welshpool, Powys SY21 0JQ.”

This is an instruction to Mr. Sloan to return the signed letters direct to Mr. Griffin personally, and NOT to forward them to Mr. Barnbrook.

The plan was that Mr. Griffin would then send the letters to Mr. Barnbrook, pretending that they were coming from Mr. Sloan.

To make matters more devious, Mr. Griffin deliberately used Mr. Barnbrook’s old mailing address, because then Mr. Barnbrook would be certain not to even receive them.

The point of this was to make sure that when Mr. Barnbrook was eventually sued for the outstanding account, the plaintiff (supposedly Romac Press, but actually Mr. Griffin in the background, pulling the strings and having written the letters of demand) could claim that the letters had been sent and had been left unanswered.

“He says that if we get the London seat back we will be able to guarantee you a payment each month.”

‘He’ is of course Mr. Griffin.

This sentence shows the quid pro quo: if Mr. Sloan agreed to take part in this thoroughly disgusting plan, he would be paid the £44,000 he is owed.

As it turned out, Mr. Sloan refused to play Mr. Griffin’s criminal game.

As a result, he was not paid, and this has resulted in a number of legal actions.

“Call or text me if you need, best wishes

This shows the level of involvement in this criminal conspiracy by Jennifer Griffin as well.

She was not merely a “messenger” for her father, but obviously knew the intricate details of the plot.

The exact wording of the first letter, of which you can download an original here, [Pdf file] reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook
136 Arden Crescent

11th August 2010

Dear Richard

I hope that you are now fully recovered from the excursions and perhaps disappointment of the election. I guess you have been busy but I am getting a bit worried that I haven’t received any payments for my invoices, let alone the prompt and full payment which you promised when pressing for the jobs to be done so urgently before the election. I hope and trust that you will be able to put this right very shortly.

Yours Sincerely
Romac Press”

The exact wording of the second letter, of which you can download an original here, [Pdf file] reads as follows:

“Richard Barnbrook 136 Arden Crescent

1st November 2010
Dear Richard,
Re. Invoice Number 7760 and 7770
As we have not received a reply to our letter of 11th August we are writing to inform you that, unless a satisfactory proposal for settlement of this outstanding claim is sent to us within fourteen (14) working days of the date of this letter, we shall issue a summons against you in the county court without further reference to you.

Yours sincerely,
Romac Press”

There are some important and shocking points to note about these letters:

1. Both were written by Nick Griffin at the same time (July 2010).

2. Both have been written with different dates to make it appear as if they were composed and sent at a date in the future.

3. Both are designed to take an innocent man to court and have him declared bankrupt, simply because he has fallen out of favour with Nick Griffin.

4. The second letter contains the following revealing authorship details: “Dominik” is listed as the original author. This is the well known computer name used by Jane Phillips, the very expensive lawyer retained by Nick Griffin.

I don’t think that Jane was involved in this criminal conspiracy – or at least I hope not – and I suspect that Nick Griffin merely altered one of her letters.

In summary, this is the situation:

- Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson drew up an unbelievably evil plot to deceitfully bankrupt an innocent man because they had fallen out politically with him;

- Nick Griffin attempted to bribe David Sloan from Romac Printers to play along with two forged “letters of demand.”

- In return for Mr. Sloan’s co-operation, Mr. Griffin offered to pay Mr. Sloan’s outstanding printing bill of £44,000.

- In addition, Mr. Griffin offered Mr. Sloan an additional £1,000 per month paid from EU funds as an additional bribe to take part in this criminal scheme.

- The forged letters of demand were written and pre-dated by Mr. Griffin personally.

- Mr. Griffin’s daughter Jennifer, who is currently the BNP membership secretary, is fully aware and complicit in this evil, vile, outrageous and clearly criminal scheme.

It is clear that Nick Griffin is not fit to be leader of the BNP.

In fact, it is clear that Nick Griffin is not even fit to hold public office.

It is beyond my imagination how anyone could stoop to such low levels.

Not in my wildest imagination could I think up such an evil and criminal plot as this.

I have known for a long time that much was amiss in the BNP, hence my resignation from all positions in it earlier this year.

Now however, having discovered the true depth of the criminal depravity of Nick Griffin and Clive Jefferson, I feel humiliated and embarrassed even to be associated with them, never mind being in the same party.

I wish to apologise to everyone who warned me about Nick Griffin. You were right and I was wrong.

In fact, the truth is actually much worse than even that about which I was warned, and ignored.

I can only say that I make mistakes, and I am sorry.

But I tell you what: I only make a mistake once.

If the BNP membership re-elect Nick Griffin as their leader, they will only have themselves to blame and they will get what they have voted for.

You just cannot have a cabal of convicted criminals, pornographers and gangsters running a party and not expect behaviour as outlined above.

Hopefully, the party members will, however, see sense, and vote out these gangsters for once and for all.

* No doubt I will be attacked and smeared all over the various forums and blogs after this post appears. That is alright, it is the price I am more than happy to pay.

*I have a duty to the hardworking, genuine and loyal nationalists out there, who have been so brutally betrayed by the Griffin cabal. They have a right to know what is going on, so that they can make informed decisions on how to deal with it.

*Oh, in case anyone reproduces Nick Griffin’s childish “Wormtongue” allegation, let me show you the text message he sent me on 26 June 2011, immediately after the rancour of the General Members’ Meeting.

* I had apologised for my (typically, sad to say) late night offensive and intemperate emails of a few days previously, and this is what Nick Griffin wrote back:
[MW file note: Pic of photo of mobile phone screen in text mode displayed here, reading as immediately below]

"Text Message
22:57 16/06/11

"From: Nick G

"Thanks for that. Apology accepted
and understood. In turn, my
apologies for
thoughtless 'disrespect' (negroid
concept of coufrse, but accurate
here) over consultation. Yes, I
regard you as a friend and valued
comrade in the struggle. More in
due course. Best wishes and good

The next day, Nick Griffin then phoned me up and offered me a job.

All I would have to do was to come with him to Strasbourg for a week, and help him compile a campaign based around the Charlene Downes case. The money would come from his Communications Allowance.

It was an obvious bribe.

I turned it down, and, in the light of the criminal activity detailed above, I am now doubly glad.

But the point is that two weeks ago I was a “valued comrade in the struggle” but as soon as it became known that I was supporting Andrew Brons, I instantly became “Wormtongue.”

Thank God I don’t have any contracts for the party in my name, otherwise I am sure Nick Griffin would do to me what he tried to do with Richard Barnbrook.


—Arthur Kemp.


Griffin Must Go - British Nationalism Is On Hold
That is the way the BBC and other Enemies Of The People, of England like it.


Life After Griffin
Tells us more about Socialist treachery than Griffo
The BNP may have failed in the May election, but the future is still bright for the far right

During the 1979 election, Margaret Thatcher talked tough on immigration, crystallising many voters’ anxieties. The far-right National Front fielded more than 300 candidates, but the party’s expected breakthrough failed to arrive and it descended into bitter infighting. Fast-forward to 2010, when BNP leader Nick Griffin did less well than expected against Labour’s Margaret Hodge in Barking, and his party lost all 12 of its councillors on the local council. Already the BNP has fallen into factionalism, which some hope might mark the end of the far right’s recent successes. As historian Richard Hofstadter wrote in 1955 of third parties in America: it looks as if far right parties are like bees; once they sting, they die.....

More broadly, the BNP now operates in an environment growing more favourable to the far right, not less. Record levels of concern over immigration, a recession, persistent economic inequalities, distrust of politicians and the convergence of the three main parties in the centre will continue to provide fertile ground in future local and European polls [ In other words the traitors are succeeding - Editor ]...............

Polls say most voters don’t like immigration, want less of it, and simply don’t believe government statistics are honest. But the far right no longer relies solely on this issue. Attitudes to Islam are now just as important. A 2009 YouGov poll suggested 44 per cent of voters agreed that “even in its milder forms Islam poses a danger to western civilisation,” while a recent British Social Attitudes survey showed barely a quarter held any positive views toward Muslims at all.
Prospect does not tell us that we need a patriotic party because of their treason, because they are flooding us with foreigners. It talks round the fact. Nor does it say that they are keeping Griffin out of prison because he is destroying the BNP.


Nick Griffin Goes On The Attack [ 26 November 2012 ]
I'm writing to you personally to tell because I've got exciting news about our response to the appalling Establishment paedophile scandal that is fast undermining what little credibility the old parties and their media allies still have.

I believe that the BBC Savile story was probably first rolled out to draw attention away from the issue of Muslim grooming gangs, which was dominating the news until then. It was meant as a propaganda red herring.

But, if so, it is turning out to have been a terrible mistake. Because what started out as the long-overdue exposure of one particularly nasty 'celebrity' first evolved into a scandal within the BBC's pop music section, then mutated into a disease of the entire BBC, then – like a deadly virus out of some African jungle swamp – jumped species and infected the Tory party, before spreading to the LibDems and Labour as well. 

You only need spend a few minutes on the Internet to know how much more there is to come out.

With Savile's proven links with Yorkshire ripper Peter Sutcliffe [ See eg ], the case is looking more like the Dutroux paedophile murder scandal that brought down the Belgian government in 1996...........

There is now a really serious possibility that the same could happen here in Britain. So far, the controlled media have kept people focused on the relatively minor issue of Savile and his friends' liking for not quite legal teenage girls.

But more and more is filtering out about the former charity supremo's liking for little boys and corpses – and Savile's role as a pimp for a network of Establishment paedophiles [ Unsubstantiated - Editor ] stretching all the way to 10 Downing Street itself. Under several different Prime Ministers!..........

Senior Labour politicians such as Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt [ a communist sympathiser ] whose National Council for Civil Liberties [ ] was officially affiliated to the Paedophile Information Exchange [ See Labour Link To PIE ] and its twisted campaign to decriminalise incest and legalise sex with children.

Creatures such as Margaret Hodge and Tony Blair,

who sat on Labour councils in East London when AIDS-infested Labour campaigners [ like Mark Trotter ] were raping little boys – and helped with the cover-up.

The Cameron thing, who only the other week made his warped priorities crystal clear on Morning TV when he showed far more concern about the possibility of 'homophobia' that for the need to protect children............

They are, in truth, not so much a Government and Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, as a crime syndicate. [ Spot on there - Ed. ].
Griffin talks the talk; will he walk the walk? Is he bluffing? Does he actually know enough to convict Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg, Harman, Jowell, Miliband, Reid, any of them of being Paedophiles or collusion - as distinct from Traitors & light fingered rogues? If he does, he should consider whether he will be murdered. This is not to say that Griffin is not a serial swindler destroying the British National Party. That is why he has been allowed to get away with it. Now he has outlived his usefulness. We will see a real scandal, a body, an inquest with a crooked coroner or a blackout.


Nick Griffin Expelled From The BNP [ 3 November 2014  ]
This is good news, an opportunity for the British National Party to clean up its act after Nick Griffin tried to destroy it. They didn't have anyone to do what it took although they did say that he is a thief. The Establishment was determined not to prosecute because he was doing so much damage to the party.



Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is French for We've been here before. So a leopard does not change his spots.

From Déjà Vu -

Déjà Vu

Monday, 06 September 2010 23:13 Written by Michael Wood

Former National Front Chief, Martin Webster, explains how Nick Griffin's unconstitutional seizure of the NF led to the maladministration and the subsequent financial difficulties experienced by that party. Mr Webster also draws comparisons between Nick Griffin's handling of criticism whilst at the helm of the NF, and now, at the helm of the BNP. Namely, the publication of lengthy articles which attempt to lay the blame upon the malcontented, the state and his rivals.

Mr Griffin's original nationalist fantasy was written almost 25 years ago, and yet, Nick Griffin still employs the same tactics today. The clear proof that the man has refused to abandon, and move on, from the failed techniques used in Nationalist circles of the 1980s.

Mr Webster advises readers to view the document entitled: 'Attempted Murder'. Please do so. The most interesting part of that document, for me, are the pejoratives used to describe Martin Webster and his leadership, because Mr Griffin has become everything that he claimed Mr Webster was.

There is a certain irony that you will no doubt discover whilst making comparisons. Little known to his current supporters, once upon a time, Nick Griffin was also a party reformist.

M. Wood


Hello, everybody!

Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party, has updated his 1986 classic.....

– The State / Reactionary Plot Against the National Front’

Attempted Murder: The State/Reactionary Plot Against the National Front

(regarded by many as the definitive exhibition of political paranoia)

......with a new diatribe of paranoid delusion and self-justification entitled:


Real Life Studies of Anti-Nationalist Dirty Tricks

This latest opus is designed to convince naïve newcomers to the nationalist movement in Britain that the blame for the British National Party turning into a political, financial and legal train wreck is not his – even though he has had personal dictatorial control over all aspects of the party’s operation for ten years.

Oh no!

The blame for the catastrophe must be imposed on the Satanic conspiracies of Sonia Gable of Searchlight (who, I am sorry to say, comments accurately on his financial shenanigans) and any number of un-named infiltrators from State security agencies who, working in tandem, were behind such “plots” as to try and prompt an election this August for the leadership of the BNP as provided for (just about) in the party’s constitution.

Just how evil can these conspirators get?

I will not run out the text of Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion here as it is a very long text. I won’t say more about as I don’t want to put people off reading it. I want people to read it at least once so that they can compare it with the contents of his 1986 work Attempted Murder. In fact, I ask everybody to read Attempted Murder first.

Attempted Murder, published as a booklet by a faction of the crumbling National Front in 1986, can be seen at [ the Aryan Unity website].

Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion, published on the BNP web site last Saturday, can be read at [the BNP site.]

To those able to persevere with a reading of both documents will be struck by their essential similarity.

In 1983 Griffin, with the support of Andrew Brons, Ian Anderson, Joe Pearce and sundry other members of the NF’s National Directorate seized control of the party by means which, months later, a High Court Judge described as “....unconstitutional....illegal....disgraceful....” This ruling and various court injunctions in my favour were given too late to rescue the NF from ruination.

By 1986 the NF was riven with factional warfare. There were bloody street fights between them. The faction which Griffin ran (motto: “Long Live Death!” – I kid you not) had control of the party’s Head Office and its administrative and financial affairs became a shambles. Cheque payments for supplies of books and leaflets were cashed but the goods not despatched was just one of myriad complaints, most of which focused on money.

In an attempt the fend off the crisis brought about by his and his associates’ maladministration and dishonesty he brought out the booklet Attempted Murder in order to try and demonstrate that the party was the victim of a conspiracy by (among others!) State security agencies and the Post Office....and, of course, members of the faction which opposed his little crew of International Third Position nut-cases led by the Italian crook Roberto Fiore, (with whom Griffin and his family are still in business relationships which involve the importation of Afro-Asian “students” into Britain!)

This inane – insane – propaganda ploy failed and within another year or so the NF finally succumbed to all that the loonies had inflicted on it, and died. The group which nowadays parades about using the name “National Front” is not a legitimate continuance of the original party and has policies and a constitution considerably different from the original party.

I will not attempt to summarise Attempted Murder beyond what I have said above, other than to ask those who read it to look out for Griffin’s vituperations against his then factional opponents, and then reflect on how many of these “poisonous subversives” of 1986 are now “valued close colleagues” of 2010! (See what Griffin has to say about his current best mate Martin Wingfield, for example!)

Having read Attempted Murder, and come up for air, you should then turn to Griffin’s August 2010 screed Sex, Manipulation, Lies and Subversion. You will find yourself of familiar ground.

The BNP is crumbling politically, administratively, financially and legally as a result of his decade long maladministration. The keys to the collapse are improper and dishonest maladministration of the party’s financial affairs and cowardice and surrender in the face of the legal challenge by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

What is Griffin’s response to the situation – other than to send out almost daily begging letters and e-mails to people who have already given till it hurts?

His response is to devise a long turgid text designed to show that all the trouble the party faces is not down to him, the dictator of the party since 1999, but down to the machinations of Sonia Gable, State security agents and senior members of the party who have either infiltrated the party as enemies from the outset, or who have been suborned.

How Griffin has had the time to churn out such self-serving paranoid drivel when his party is facing crisis on a number of fronts, all of which require the attention of a proper leader, is proof enough of this man’s lack of balance and sense of proportion.

The time is soon coming when the men with the flapping white coats and a secure van will be calling at a certain farmhouse in Wales. Will they precede the bailiffs?

By Martin Webster.


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