Margaret Hodge

Margaret Hodge née Oppenheimer is a rich Jew with an ugly track record. Covering up for paedophiles like Mark Trotter does not amuse. Nor does getting away with it. The genuine Labour Party people of Barking were not delighted by having her foisted on them. Jack Straw, another nasty little Jew was part of that. Colluding with Vodaphone to screw Englishmen may have been profitable for her but not us. The Wikipedia's write up leaves a nasty taste. There is more on her nasty politics at Corbyn Kept Quiet About Islington Paedophiles.
PS Of course she goes in for ingenious financial shennanigans; she's a Jew on the make after all. See e.g. Panama Papers in re Hodge

Timeline: Margaret Hodge row | Society | Society Guardian
"Tash Shifrin outlines key dates in the row over how the children's minister dealt with reports of child abuse at a London council that surfaced when she was ..." but doesn't mention that Blair lived in Islington and panders to Jews or that Hodge is a Jew too.


Public Speaks About Hodge
Margaret Hodge is a particularly nasty character with a very dodgy history. Not enough people know about her turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of children in Islington. I do hope we’ll be making sure everyone in Barking knows about this horrible woman, who, incidentally, has no ancestral roots at all in Britain and was not born here [ because she is a Jew from Egypt - Editor ].

All right-thinking people like to imagine, when hearing stories of the maltreatment of children, that they themselves would guarantee sanctuary. But often they simply don’t. A senior social worker, Liz Davies, and her manager, David Cofie, first told Margaret Hodge, then leader of Islington council, in 1990 of their suspicions that there was widespread sexual abuse of children in Islington care homes.
Labour is evil. Bureaucracy ditto.


Spin Doctors, Media and the Left
Tells us about the in depth evil of Labour people in Hackney which is near Islington where Blair lived and Hodge will also have been privy to.


Margaret Hodge, MP Lied About Her Wealth


Hodge is a Jew. Hodge is a liar. QED.


Hodge The Dodge Gets £1.5 Million Bung From Tax Haven [ 30 April 2015 ]
Tax evasion? Hodge is a Jew keeping ugly company. It isn't just money, it's Paedophiles as well.

BBC Hides The Truth About Hodge The Dodge [ 30 April 2015 ]
The BBC protects its peculiar friends. Jimmy Savile was just one of them.


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