Politics in Hungary

Hungary has been an exciting place from time to time; interesting too. It was also challenging, if not fatal. Emigration was a sensible option. Being infiltrated by Bolsheviks was never going to be a good idea; one that means largely Jews.

Hungarian Soviet Republic March - August 1919
Was run by a Jew, a very nasty bit of work who called himself Béla Kun, a misspelling of Cohen.
Tanácsköztársaság) was a short-lived Communist regime established in Hungary in the aftermath of World War I. Lasting only from 21 March until 6 August 1919, the Soviet republic led by Béla Kun collapsed when Romanian forces occupied Budapest during the Hungarian-Romanian War. It was the first Communist government to be formed in Europe after the October Revolution in Russia brought the Bolsheviks to power in that country. The successor to the state was the Kingdom of Hungary, which was formed after the Romanian Army pulled out of Hungary.
There are deeply unpleasant people out there. A certain amount of government is needed to keep them under control.


Holocaus Racketeers Stole Hungarian Taxpayers' Money Too [ 4 September 2012 ]
Budapest government says US organization overseeing payments to Holocaust victims has failed to prove how funds were used
"The US organization Claims Conference... has not been able to show proper accounts of how the funds received from the Hungarian government were used," a statement on the government's website said. It added it had "requested on several occasions that Claims Conference open its accounts but since it failed to do so, the government has requested that the disputed money be reimbursed with interest."

In December 2007, the previous Hungarian government had signed an agreement with the Public Fund for Jewish Heritage in Hungary (Mazsok) to pay $21 million (€16.7 million) over five years in damages to Hungarian Holocaust survivors. Mazsok managed the payments to survivors in Hungary, while Claims Conference was to oversee damages to those living abroad.

"In line with the deal, the Hungarian government transferred $12.6 million to Mazsok between 2007 and 2009, two thirds of which went to Claims Conference," the government said Thursday. Documents received from Claims Conference did not detail who had received damages or whether they were really Holocaust survivors, Budapest also complained.

Some 600,000 Hungarian Jews were [ allegedly ] killed during the Holocaust.
Stealing $8 million is small time theft for the Jews running Holocaust® racket They have taken German fools for €63.2 Billion back in 2007. Now it is more but every little helps. There is no business like Shoah  business.


Hungarian Fascist Government Harassing Nationalists [ 5 October 2014 ]
Richard Spencer was arrested by police in Buda [ half of Budapest ] at a conference of the National Policy Institute. A further report - NPI Conference Salvaged Minus Spencer & Dugin confirms the point, saying that he is being banned from Europe for three years. So the European Union is a Tyranny, a corrupt Tyranny of course.
PS The BBC was there but suppressed the truth. Try  googling "Richard B Spencer" site:http://www.bbc.co.uk to see. The Beeb is a Marxist propaganda machine.
PPS The governments of France & Russia colluded in this attack on democracy


Hungary's Prime Minister Is Not A Traitor  [ 9 March 2015 ]
Viktor Orbán
tells the truth about Multiculturalism & Immigration. Sounds good to me. It makes him different from Cameron.


Hungary PM Viktor Orban: Antagonising Europe since 2010 [ 6 September 2015 ]
That is a BBC headline verbatim. It is a BBC lie, a straightforward lie. They prefer to lie by omission; it is easier to get away with. They are experts at the half truth, quarter truth, one percent truth. Viktor Orbán does not peddle their party line so the BBC hates him. The BBC is a Marxist propaganda machine run by Jews like Alan Yentob, Jenny Abramsky, Mark Damazer & Danny Cohen, a scruffy little swine. Analysis is at BBC Bosses Are Enemy Infiltrators. The Beeb is an enemy of England. Believe it if you want. I do not.
PS The same lie is told by The Embassy Of Peace at The Most Hated Man in Europe: Viktor Mihály Orbán, prime minister of Hungary


Hungarian PM Says Europe's Response To Illegal Immigration Is Madness [ 6 September 2015 ]
Hungary’s nationalist prime minister, Viktor Orbán has claimed Europe is in the grip of madness over immigration and refugees, and argued that he was defending European Christianity against a Muslim influx.

Orbán’s incendiary remarks came as he arrived in Brussels for a confrontation with EU leaders over his hardline policies in Europe’s biggest migration emergency since the second world war.

“Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe,” Orbán wrote in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Europe’s response is madness. We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.
The Guardian claims that Mr Orbán has claimed........ Do you see a bias there? The Guardian knows that Words are Propaganda Tools. I claim that The Guardian is a Propaganda machine, a Marxist propaganda machine; an enemy of Western Civilization to boot. Its claims, its allegations should be treated with suspicion if not contempt. It is part of a major Main Stream Media onslaught being used to inflict Third World aliens on us; one designed by Jews to abuse our better feelings, our compassion. It is Pathological Altruism at work.


Hungarian Prime Minister Rejects Markel's' Moral Imperialism In Refugee Racket  [ 25 September 2015 ]
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's most recent comments on the invasion are beautifully stated in terms of the “moral imperialism” of countries like Germany that are imposing their sense of morality on other EU member states......

All of the Jewish intellectual movements discussed in The Culture of Critique resulted in moral critiques of the West, particularly centered around the absolute evil and even psychopathology of identifying as Whites and having a sense of White interests. This ideology has occupied all the moral and intellectual high ground in the West for at least the last 50 years and is constantly disseminated throughout the media and educational system.....

“I don’t doubt Germany’s right to define its moral obligations for itself. They can decide if they accept every refugee or not… (but) that should only be compulsory for them,” Orban said....... [ see ] (“Hungary PM rejects Merkel’s ‘moral imperialism’ in refugee crisis.“)

We’ll see how this plays out. Hungary and the other Eastern European countries opposing this moral imperialism may well realize that remaining in the EU is suicidal for them in the long run and that re-aligning themselves with Russia would be a far better alternative despite the brutal history of the Soviet era. It’s a different world now.
This flood of Illegal Immigration is Ethnic Fouling, a step toward Genocide. It has been set up by Zionist crazies, the Paranoid psychopaths who Stole Palestine and call it Israel. Turning Patriotism into Racism, into the great evil has been a brilliant success for them. One reason is our stupidity, our failure to understand Morals. There is also our lack of Moral Courage.


Hungary Solved Third World Immigration Problem - Europe Can But Won't [ 2 November 2015 ]
One of the great lies — endlessly repeated — of the world’s liberal-plutocratic media is that nation-states are “too small” or “powerless” to manage any major problems on their own in the age of globalization........

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has now exposed these globalist lies concerning Immigration: The building of a fence and the policing of borders have effectively halted the invasion of illegal migrants to his country. Hungarian police report that daily border crossings have collapsed from a peak of 9,380 to just 277. Hungary, a nation of just under 10 million people, has thus solved the “migrant crisis.”.......

And Orbán has not been content to merely save his own nation, but has constantly lectured his fellow European leaders to do the same, despite the fact that this encourages Western liberal-plutocratic media to ostracize him for “Xenophobia.” The Hungarian Prime Minister spoke at length on the migrant crisis at a meeting of the European People’s Party (EPP)  [1] (the center-right umbrella organization of leading conservative and Christian-Democratic parties, including Orbán’s Fidesz and Germany’s ruling Christian Democrats). He urged his colleagues to reject immigration on grounds of party-political interests, of respecting the popular will, and of European interests:
The situation is not bad; it is worse. If Viktor Orbán can sort out this Third World invasion Cameron can too. For him it is far easier. Defending an island's border is easy. We kept Adolf Hitler out. But Cameron is like Merkel, he wants them. Cameron is an enemy of EnglandCameron is a Traitor. Then there are Lenin's Useful Idiots, inciting 'victims' using our better feelings to cause Pathological Altruism. The Church of England is full of them.

The article mentions politicians who are on side, who don't want European turned into a bunch of coffee coloured third raters. They include Horst Seehofer of Bavaria, PEGIDA, Alternative for Germany, Bart De Wever of Antwerp, the Swiss People's Party Dieudonné. Let us hope they bring sanity to the fore.


Hungarian Prime Minister Opposing Merkel's Treason [ 18 April 2016 ]
Orbán’s 10-Point Plan to Sabotage Merkel
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's 10-point “save the Schengen” plan, announced last Friday, is designed to undo all of Angela Merkel's plans to flood Europe with Third Worlders—and will as such be rejected out of hand by the European Union.

The plan calls for the punishment of any EU Member State which breaks the Dublin regulation, the abolition of any plan to “distribute refugees,” and the processing of all “asylum applications” outside Europe, among other things.

According to a statement on Orbán’s website, the proposal, made at Centrist Democrat International’s meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, is “necessary because the EU is endeavoring to reform the asylum system, while Hungary’s position is that it is the [EU’s] borders that have to be protected.”................

This means that the EU will not have the right to “allocate refugees” on a pro-rata basis. There must be no mandatory distribution or automatic mechanism to distribute such “refugees.” As can be seen, this plan is certain to be rejected by Merkel and her allies, who actively and deliberately seek the flooding of Europe with nonwhites as quickly as possible.

As there is not the slightest chance that Orbán’s plan will be accepted by anyone except the Visegrád countries, the likelihood of an east-west EU confrontation—and potential split—draws ever closer.
The European Union was a corrupt Boondoggle, a major power play designed to destroy Democracy from the very start. Its failure will be good news.


Brussels Bullying Hungary - Brussels Wants Illegal Immigrants [ 6 May 2016 ]
The European Union (EU) aims to fine the Visegrad 4 nations €250,000 per “refugee” per year for refusing to take their “quota” of nonwhite invaders, the European Commission (EC) has announced.

The EU has also threatened to suspend the Schengen passport free zone for those nations and withhold billions of euros in EU funds. The announcement is guaranteed to result in a heightening of tension between the V4 nations and Brussels, and could pave the way for a final showdown between Eastern Europe—which has refused to commit racial suicide—and the West.

The money—which will amount to a significant figure—will be “docked” from those member states refusing to take in their “quota” of “refugees.”.......

The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia have all rejected Brussels’s attempts to implement “migrant quotas.”
Brussels bureaucrats hate Democracy. These eastern states have been through more than seventy years of Tyranny. They don't want more of the same, or Third World aliens for that matter. What is are the Main Stream Media saying? Not a lot. They are part of the problem.


Hungarians Vote 92% Against Third World Immigration [ 3 October 2016 ]
Hungarians have rejected EU quotas for mandatory migrant resettlement in a referendum last night. Eurosceptic President Viktor Orbán scored an overwhelming majority of 92.3% to 1.4% but the turnout of 42% was below the 50% needed for the vote to change Hungarian law and the National Election Committee has now declared the result void. Interesting that the Hungarian vote to join the EU in 2003 saw a turnout of only45.6%when rules were different. The EU, death by a thousand referenda…
That sounds like an honest vote. Sadly less than 50% voted so the result is not binding. Notice the Main Stream Media enthusiasm for ignoring the truth.


Hungarian Migrant Quota Referendum, 2016 [ 8 October 2016 ]
They voted:-
98% against
1.64% for
6% spoiled votes
The total turn out was 44%, less than the 50% required to make it binding. Spoiling votes was incited by left wing dissidents. The Main Stream Media were keen on suppressing the truth about our distaste for having Third World aliens inflicted on us.