Jews in America

More names are named in Jews in American Politics

Lisa Bloom ex Wiki
Lisa Bloom
(September 20, 1961) is an American civil rights attorney known for representing women whose sexual harassment claims precipitated the firing of Bill O'Reilly from Fox News and for advising Harvey Weinstein amid sexual abuse allegations.

Bloom founded and owns a twelve-attorney civil rights law firm, the Bloom Firm, and has represented clients including Kathy Griffin and Mischa Barton. Bloom was also the anchor of Lisa Bloom: Open Court (formerly Bloom and Politan: Open Court), a two-hour live legal news program on truTV's In Session, from 2006 to 2009.[1]

Bloom is the only child[2] of civil rights attorney Gloria Allred [ see the next one ] and Peyton Huddleston Bray, Jr.[3]


Gloria Allred ex Wiki
Gloria Rachel Allred
(born July 3, 1941) is an American women's rights attorney notable for taking high-profile and often controversial cases, particularly those involving the protection of women's rights.[1]


Armand Hammer - Lenin's Willing Industrialist
Hammer's biography makes him sound quite reasonable. The truth was rather different and much nastier. He wanted money and power; he got them by colluding with the Bolsheviks.


Peter Beinart
Is a Jew rocking the boat. Someone has been reading the Communist Manifesto, whence A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of Communism


Milo Yiannopoulos
A provocateur - he says "Trust me, alt-right hardliners don’t like me any more than they like the Republican establishment or Hillary: I’m a degenerate, race-mixing gay Jew, and they don’t let me forget it!" It seems that he is a thief too; modus operandi fraud. Now there's a surprise. See Milo Yiannopoulos A Jewish Fraud or
PS He was with Breitbart.


Bernie Sanders ex Wiki
Jew, Marxist, politician, running for president. Guillaume Durocher explains that Sanders is being marketed to white soft lefties while Clinton is playing to a different subset of white leftists. S is not liked by blacks. The Unbearable Whiteness Of feel the Bern


Richard Falk
Is hated by Zionist crazies so he can't be all bad. See e.g. Edward Said’s Humanism versus the U.S. State Department’s Anti-Semitism. He made No.3 on the Wiesenthal Foundation's list of Alleged Anti-Semites


Daniel Goldhagen
Is a Jew, a liar and a propaganda front man.


Marilyn Monroe
Knew all about their foul desires.


Michael Shermer
Shermer markets the Holocaust® Racket.


Jew Spends $2 Million To Stop Sherriff Enforcing Immigration Law [ 5 November 2016 ]
George Soros gave $2 million to help Illegal Immigration into America. Soros keeps quiet about blacks infiltrating the state of Israel. Jews put them in Saharonim Concentration Camp or Keziot Concentration Camp pending export. Jews want Third World parasites inflicted on us but not them.


Larry Summers
Jew, political, academic, just as bent as the rest.


Sheldon Adelson, A Rich Jew Being Investigated By The FBI
How did he get that rich, that fast? Money talks. Money buys silence.


Institute For Policy Studies
Is a propaganda operation run by Jews.


Milton Friedman
There are decent Jews. Professor Friedman was one.


Noel Ignatiev
Communist, Jew, Racist, journo, nasty bit of work.


Jewish Task Force
There are vicious Jews. These are some.


Fidel Castro
Castro is in off shore America, a Jew full of hate.


Paul Eisner Denies Holocaust Story
There will not be many bar mitzvahs for him.


Failed Messiah
Is run by a Jew telling us about Jews. The New York Times tells us that he is a muckraker. Of course they report news. The difference is too subtle for me to distinguish. Mr. Rosenberg is not alleged to be lying. Since he uses main stream media reports that would be a difficult claim to get away with. It is not at all bad. He is influential, in Forward's  Top 50.


 48 Percent of Billionaires In America Are Jews
True or false? True almost certainly. It could be higher.


Jack Abramoff
Jew, fraud, political manipulator and thief


Was run by deeply nasty Jews on the make.


The Awareness Centre
Is a one woman operation. She is a Jew grassing her own if they are paedophiles.


Eric Berne
Started life as Eric Lennard Bernstein in Canada. Became a psychologist and founded a branch thereof called Transactional Analysis. He wrote a popular book about it called Games People Play.


Carl Bernstein
Jew, treacherous, parents communists. Screwed Peter Jay's wife, Bianca Jagger, Martha Stewart [ so that is how you get good publicity in the newspapers ], and Liz Taylor. Big on the Watergate Job.
Ivan Boesky
The Wikipedia admits that Ivan Boesky was a Jew and thief. Being a Jew he was naturally a big time thief. Insider trading was his modus operandi. Because he grassed his little mates when he got nicked they let him off with a $100 million fine and 3.5 years inside. He helped put Michael  Milken away. The Wikipedia doesn't tell us that Michael  Milken is also a  Jew. Bill Pierce is not so tactful.


Ivan Boesky ex Wiki
Ivan Frederick Boesky was notable for his prominent role in a Wall Street scandal that occurred in the in the mid-1980s. Boesky was born to a Russian-Jewish family..........

By 1986, Ivan Boesky had become an arbitrageur who had amassed a fortune of about US$200 million by betting on corporate takeovers. He was investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for making investments based on tips received from corporate insiders.

Although insider trading of this kind was illegal, laws prohibiting it were rarely enforced until Boesky was prosecuted. Boesky cooperated with the SEC and informed on several of his insiders, including junk bond trader Michael Milken. As a result of a plea bargain Boesky received a prison sentence of 3.5 years and was fined US$100 million.........Boesky has never recovered his reputation after doing a stint in jail, and paying hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and compensation for his Guinness share-trading fraud role and a host of separate insider dealing scams.
He was on the Guinness Job too. So the Guinness Four were the Five with four and half being Jews.

Liquor, Lies, and Edgar Bronfman
Bronfman used to smuggle booze into America during Prohibition. Now his son sells the stuff legally and kills people just the same. Bronfman with sales of $6 billion annually is begging for money to harass Louis Farrakhan, under the auspices of the World Jewish Congress - the same World Jewish Congress that has its own internal problems with thieving.


Louis Brandeis ex Wiki
Was very influential, brought America into the Second World War


Brooklyn Child Molesters
A rabbi from Kew Gardens Hills has resigned from the rabbinical organization that was reportedly on the brink of casting him out because of long-standing sexual abuse allegations. Rabbi Ephraim Bryks, who was first accused of abusing a Canadian boy in the 1980's, resigned last week as a member of the Rabbinical Council of America. He also agreed to leave Jewish teaching. Bryks co-founded the Yeshiva Berachel David in Kew Gardens Hills where he is presently an administrator. 
This is just one case. His guilt is not admitted or proven in court.


Michael Chertoff

General Wesley Clarke - The Hero Of The Waco Massacre
Somehow I was totally unsurprised when Judicial told us that Clarke is a Jew. His face fits with people that matter. That is all that it takes with a corrupt government.


Frank Collin [ Cohen ]
Jew, pervert, treacherous. Set up a false front operation.


Computer Scientists
Bruce Schneier is fingered. He is all right.

Alan Dershowitz
Is a Jew, loud mouth, liar and rogue. He was a lawyer making a lot of money out of the human rights racket then wrote a book in favour of torturing prisoners - if they are enemies of Israel. Norman Finkelstein [ a decent Jew ] has said very publicly that Dershowitz is a liar but he has never been sued for libel. Dersh would have done just that if he thought that he could get away with it.


 Marc Stuart Dreier - Jew And Thief
Marc Stuart Dreier (born May 12, 1950), formerly an American lawyer from New York City, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison on July 13, 2009.......... He had pleaded guilty on May 11, 2009 to eight charges in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.[4][5] The eight charges included one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and wire fraud, one count of money laundering, one count of securities fraud and five counts of wire fraud in a scheme to sell $700 million in fictitious promissory notes. Since December, 2008, Dreier was implicated in a massive investment fraud case which allegedly began in 2004. He was the sole equity partner of the dissolved law firm, Dreier, LLP. Dreier was charged around the same time that Bernard Madoff confessed to his fraud.
Doing it at the same time as Madoff made it easier for the main stream media to cover up for him. The main stream media is owned by Jews.


Albert Einstein Genius or Plagiarist
The greatest genius ever or a Jewish charlatan promoted by other rogues? My money would be on the fraud angle. It is done because he was a communist. Other Jews of undoubted brilliance like John von Neumann get ignored.


Rahm Emanuel
Is a crook and a thug running Obama.

Andy Fastow - Prisoner 14343-179 at the Federal nick in Oakdale, Louisiana.
Was the chief financial officer of Enron, the Crooked E which went down big time. He set up the fraud, grassed the other crooks when it fell apart and got off lightly for that reason. Albeit a bent judge may have helped. He also benefitted from a very low key  write up in the Zionist media. He got hit with 78 charges, admitted 2, got away with 6 years in a nice nick. Treachery is a Jewish thing. His wife is also a Jew and a thief but only got caught on a tax fiddle. She got a twelve month.


Richard Falk - Jew and Honest
Richard Falk is.......... Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Not merely a professor but a distinguished professor of law and a Jew to boot. Jews hate him because he is honest about their evil.  See Jew Appointed As Human Rights Expert - Jews Whine Because He is Honest


Martin Frankel
The Wiki doesn't admit that Frankel is a Jew. Rabbi Marx does along with several others.  Frankel was an outright fraud and a keen fornicator. He did a runner from Germany, was charged by the FBI with 36 counts of fraud worth $208 million, found guilty on 24 of them and sentenced to a mere 16 years. He also got the benefit of a Zionist media cover up. See Bill on the point.
Pincus Green
The Wiki admits, just barely that Green is a Jew. He colluded with Marc Rich in big time thieving. He also got a corrupt pardon from Clinton. Here Clinton  makes his excuses for letting them get away with it. This was in the New York Times, a Zionist propaganda operation. The full article is at Bill Clinton - My Reasons for the Pardons. Some one at Free Republic is not convinced by his story.
Tommy Franks
It turns out that Neocon U.S. Army General Tommy Franks, Centcom Commander and head of U.S. troops in the Iraqi war, is Jewish. Seen on MSNBC reviewing the troops in Baghdad, Franks shocked some by proudly giving the Communist clenched fist, outreached arms signal rather than the traditional U.S. military salute. At a press conference on March 25, 2003, General Franks stated, "The media is a weapon of war."
Conspiracy World may not be the strongest of evidence but it could well be right. The Truth Seeker - Who is General Tommy Franks? tells us that his background has been covered up. This is suggestive.


Jacob Heilbrunn
Is a neo-Conservative and Jew with power. A very nasty combination. He explains the neo-Cons.


 Seymour Hersh
His work first gained worldwide recognition in 1969 for exposing the My Lai massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War, for which he received the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. His 2004 reports on the US military's mistreatment of detainees at Abu Ghraib prison gained much attention.
The Wiki is keen to tell us about My Lai and Abu Ghraib but buries mention of his book on Israel's nukes in the detail. See Samson Option - Israel's Nuclear Arsenal & American Foreign Policy.


George Koval - Atomic Spy
George Koval also had a secret. During World War II, he was a top Soviet spy, code named Delmar and trained by Stalin’s ruthless bureau of military intelligence. Atomic spies are old stuff. But historians say Dr. Koval, who died in his 90s last year in Moscow and whose name is just coming to light publicly, was probably one of the most important spies of the 20th century.

On Nov. 2, the Kremlin startled Western scholars by announcing that President Vladimir V. Putin had posthumously given the highest Russian award to a Soviet agent who penetrated the Manhattan Project to build the atom bomb.
The announcement hailed Dr. Koval as “the only Soviet intelligence officer” to infiltrate the project’s secret plants, saying his work “helped speed up considerably the time it took for the Soviet Union to develop an atomic bomb of its own.”
Since then, historians, scientists, federal officials and old friends have raced to tell Dr. Koval’s story — the athlete, the guy everyone liked, the genius at technical studies. American intelligence agencies have known of his betrayal at least since the early 1950s, when investigators interviewed his fellow scientists and swore them to secrecy.
The New York Times takes a relaxed view of Jewish traitors but then it is owned by a Jew. The Wiki does not admit that he is one of theirs.


Jews In Nevada
They wormed their way in at the very beginning. That is how Jews do it.


Tony Judt
A Jew who was prone to tell the truth Jews and Zionism. He was hated for that reason.


Daniel Lapin
 Is a sound sort of chap. Zionist thugs hate him though. He approves of Christmas and that is just for starters. The Wiki is keen to find the dirt but drew blank.


Dennis Levine
Dennis Levine was a prominent player in the Wall Street insider trading scandals of the mid-1980s. As a managing director at Drexel Burnham Lambert, he was charged with insider trading by then U.S Attorney Rudy Giuliani, eventually leading investigators to the arrest of Ivan Boesky.........

Levine spent much of his working life on the phone developing a ring of professionals working at a number of Wall Street firms. Participants exchanged and traded on inside information they obtained through their work.
........ he moved his business to Bank Leu later in 1981, eventually earning $10.6 million in illegal profits. Faced with overwhelming evidence (including records of his calls), Levine pleaded guilty to securities fraud, obstructing justice, tax evasion and an unrelated charge of perjury. His cooperation with prosecutors led to a lenient sentence by U.S. District Judge Gerard Goettel of two years in prison and a $362,000 fine. He also settled an insider trading suit by the SEC, agreeing to forfeit his illegal profits. He is banned from the securities industry for life.
See also
List of insider traders
When they got leaned on they all started babbling. American law enforcement is more effective than the English financial crime set up.


Monica Lewinsky
This is the Lewinsky of the Lewinsky scandal.


Bernie Madoff is a Jew and a world record beating thief.


Michael Medved
Is a patter merchant in the main stream media industry.


Michael  Milken
Is a Jew albeit the Wikipedia doesn't choose to admit it. He was a major innovator in the junk bond industry until he got put in prison. They hit him with 98 charges. He bargained his way down to 6 lesser charges, 22 months in prison and $900 million. He used Alan Dershowitz, an unscrupulous liar to reduce his sentence.


Michael Milken
Michael Robert Milken is a prominent American financier and philanthropist [ make that Jew and thief - Editor ] who almost single-handedly created the market for junk bonds..... After he was sent to prison on finance-related charges, his detractors cited him as the epitome of Wall Street "greed" during the 1980s, and nicknamed him the Junk Bond King.
Milken was indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 as the result of an insider trading investigation. After a plea bargain, Milken pled guilty to six securities and reporting violations. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but was released after less than two years. He then launched a public relations campaign to highlight his role as a financial innovator, particularly with regard to popularizing higher-risk alternative investments.
Show me a clever thief and I will show you a thief.


Monsanto Family - Jews And Slavers [ 29 October 2008 ]
The Jewish Monsanto Family of Louisiana included  Benjamin, Isaac, Manuel, Eleanora, Gracia and Jacob. They  made frequent purchases of Blacks including twelve in 1785, thirteen and  then thirty-one in 1787, and eighty in 1768.  In 1794, Benjamin sold "Babet," a Black woman, to Franco Cardel.  Manuel sold two Blacks from Guinea named "Polidor" and  "Lucy" to James Saunders for $850 in silver.  As individuals they were owners of Africans whom they named "Quetelle," "Valentin,"  "Baptiste," "Prince," "Princess," "Ceasar," "Dolly," "Jen," "Fanchonet,"  "Rozetta," "Mamy," "Sofia," and many others. Isaac repeatedly mortgaged four  of these when in financial trouble. Benjamin Monsanto of Natchez,  Mississippi entered into at least 6 contracts for the sale of his slaves  which would take place after his death. Gracia bequeathed nine Africans to  her relatives in her 1790 will, and Eleanora also held Blacks as slaves....... To read...about Jewish Slave Dealers.. Jewish Slaveowners
Jews always were big in slaving. They still are. Monsanto is in genetic modification and bunch of rogues on the make.


Mukasey nominated as Attorney General
As I had expected, Bush has appointed a radical Zionist with close ties to the State of Israel. Mukasey, if confirmed as U.S. Attorney General, will protect the Zionist state and its agents who are suspected of involvement in the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.
We can depend on Mukasey to see things Israel's way. Bush is a Zionist puppet. This substantially confirms an earlier report on the man. See Bush Nominates Zionist Judge as Attorney General


Bush Nominates Mukasey, Upholder Of Kol Nidre
President Bush nominated an Orthodox Jew to be U.S. attorney general.
Michael Mukasey, a retired federal judge from New York, is a conservative who has criticized Bush administration policies that have kept detainees from consulting with lawyers. Democrats have praised Mukasey, and his selection represents a shift from Bush's combative defense of the most recent attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, who resigned last month.........

Mukasey's wife, Susan, is a former headmistress of the Ramaz Lower School, an Orthodox Jewish school in New York City........ Mukasey gave a lecture on the Kol Nidre in September of 2004:
Mukasey got away with it.


Jew Betrayed America [ 9 January 2009 ]
Stewart David Nozette is an American scientist and admitted spy for Israel. In the past he worked for the United States Department of Energy, United States Department of Defence and NASA. In January 2009 he pleaded guilty to tax evasion and defrauding the government. He was scheduled to be sentenced for these crimes on November 17, 2009. On October 19, 2009, Nozette was arrested in a FBI sting operation on espionage charges: attempting to sell classified information to an individual he believed to be an Israeli Mossad operative. According to court papers Nozette wanted to be an ongoing spy, providing Israel with American’s most sensitive information for $2 million............ Prosecuting attorney Anthony Asuncion said Nozette admitted to passing classified information to the Israelis in the past........ His father had worked on the Manhattan Project developing the atomic bomb during World War II.
Jews betray America. Like father, like son. It is in the blood. Was this one all over the main stream media? No!


Peter of Peter, Paul and Mary Is A Jew And A  Pervert
Pleaded guilty to taking "immoral and improper liberties" with a 14-year-old girl back in 1970. As reported at the time, the girl and her 17-year-old sister went to Yarrow's hotel room seeking an autograph. Yarrow answered the door naked and made sexual advances that stopped short of intercourse... Yarrow served three months of a one- to three-year prison sentence and was pardoned by Carter in 1981.   
The Wikipedia confirms the story. Carter let him get away with it.


Marc Rich
The Wiki admits that he is a Jew and a thief. He was charged with trading with the enemy. He did a runner when he was charged and lived in Switzerland for years. Clinton gave him a pardon hours before leaving office but after the bribes were paid. Rich has to pay a de facto fine of $100 million before he is in the clear. His lawyer, Lewis Libby has just [ March 2007 ] been convicted of treason. More on the bungs from a Jewish controlled source is  at Rich Cashed In a World of Chits to Win Pardon This was in the New York Times, a Zionist propaganda operation. The full article is at Bill Clinton - My Reasons for the Pardons. Some one at Free Republic is not convinced by his story.


Jew Sentenced To 27 Years For Forgery, Theft Etcetera [ 2 April 2011 ]
Sholom Rubashkin, the former day-to-day manager of the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant in Postville, was sentenced Tuesday to 27 years in federal prison. Rubashkin was convicted last fall of 86 counts of fraud, including money laundering and mail, wire and bank fraud charges. All of the charges stem back to a massive May 12, 2008, immigration raid at the Postville facility. More than 300 immigrant workers detained by federal authorities pleaded guilty to criminal charges related to identity theft within days of their apprehension, and the bulk have been deported after serving brief federal prison sentences.

Last November, a South Dakota jury concluded that Rubashkin ordered employees to create bogus financial documents to collect advances on a revolving loan. Rubashkin was recently acquitted on 67 misdemeanour counts of violations of child labour law. To date, 10 members of Agriprocessors management or office staff have been convicted on federal charges in the wake of the immigration raid. Only two defendants in the case have not faced prosecution: Hosam Amara and Zeev Levi. Both men are believed to have fled the country to avoid prosecution and are considered fugitives.
If you doubt for a moment that Rubashkin is not guilty as Hell, did not commit fraud deliberately look at Search for Bill Meyer and know. Justice is done sometimes.


Jew Hires Forty Two Congressmen To Get Him Out Of Prison [ 2 April 2011 ]
Forty two Congressmen have written to Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate this case for alleged misconduct and fairness of Rubashkin′s 27-year sentence.
This Jew can dish it out but he can't take it. How much did it cost him and his to try to pervert the course of justice? The answer has to be lots. Two of his henchmen were brighter. They made off to Israel where extradition agreements mean nothing.


Jews Come Unstuck In $100 Million Fraud
Two Israeli businessmen were sentenced to imprisonment in Georgia Friday for allegedly offering seven-million-dollars-worth of bribes to the Georgian deputy finance minister, Army Radio reported. Ron Fuchs was sentenced to seven years in jail, and his partner, Zeev Frenkiel, will serve six-and-a-half years, and each will have to pay thousands of dollars worth of fines, the report said.

The businessmen allegedly attempted to bribe the Georgian minister to expedite the international arbitration which would have mandated that the Georgian government pay Fuchs a sum of roughly 100 million dollars. Frenkiel is an owner of a company that has been involved in a range of business ventures in Georgia. Media reports say Fuchs has an interest in a company called Tramex, which had oil and gas interests in the country. He was awarded an international arbitration ruling that Georgia had violated its obligations when it rescinded his interest, and ordered the Georgian government to pay $100 million in damages.
The trifling point that they were caught on camera proving they are guilty as Hell is dismissed with contemptuous indifference. Truth is not a concept they deal in.


Robert Rubin
Rubin got to be the  70th United States Secretary of the Treasury. The Wiki admits slightly that he is a Jew. He got away with it. Cold Call, an article from the New York Times, a Zionist propaganda operation leaves us to wonder whether he should have.

The Russian Jewish Mafia
While the FBI and major media obsess about the Sicilian Mafia (the “Cosa Nostra”) a far more powerful and sinister force is in existence that has controlled most of the globe’s organized crime for at least two decades—the Jewish mafia from Russia (a “Kosher Nostra”). Yet there is not even a desk at the FBI for their crimes, which dwarf those of the Italian gangsters in scope, violence and depth.......
The very fact that the Jewish mafia (often misnamed the “Russian” mafia) was capable of completely covering its tracks, being completely left out of all news reports surrounding the incident, while the common people (in Russia) were utterly convinced of their complicity, proves the immense strength of this rather new movement of organized crime...... There has been nothing like it before in the history of the globe. And they are just getting started. 
This is based largely on Red Mafiya written by Robert I. Friedman, a Jew and not against Jews. It is an honest summary. Semion Mogilevich is mentioned. Even this Wikipedia bio tells us that he is very big time.


Haim Saban       Jew Perverting The Course Of Justice [ 29 July 2010 ]
The reported efforts by a “suspected Israeli operative” to get Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) to quash an espionage prosecution into AIPAC hinge on Haim Saban, an Israeli-American billionaire. Who is he?

According to the story thus far, the Israeli agent whose phone was being tapped by the NSA promised Harman that, if she could get the Department of Justice to abandon its prosecution of two former AIPAC staffers, Saban would use his influence with then-minority leader Nancy Pelosi to keep Harman in her leadership seat on the House intelligence committee.

The Los Angeles Times, in a brief profile today, describes Saban, who was worth $3.4 billion in 2008, in quasi-heroic terms as a generous and committed man of passion:............

Another way to put it is that Saban decided to buy himself a foreign policy. He has personally paid more money to politicians than any other American—$13 million since 1999, according to Portfolio—all with the avowed intent of insuring that the U.S. will support Israel no matter what Israel does. Saban told Portfolio that his grudging support of Barack Obama in the 2008 election was premised on being reassured that Obama had a “visceral commitment, as opposed to a logical or strategic one,” to the Jewish state.
Buying people, buying politicians, buying influence, buying war. That is how Jews do it. And where does the money come from? They buy it steal it, finagle it.


 Haim Saban - Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia
Haim Saban (Hebrew: חיים סבן, born 15 October 1944 in Alexandria, Egypt[1]) is an Israeli-American television and media proprietor. With an estimated current net worth of $2.8 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 102nd richest person in America.
Jew, pushy, rich, dangerous because he backs the murderous thugs running Israel - that summary is merely what the Wiki has to say about him.


 John Sack - A Jew Who Told The Truth
He was born to a Jewish family on March 24, 1930, in New York City. His work appeared in such periodicals as Harper's, The Atlantic, Esquire and The New Yorker. He was a war correspondent in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Yugoslavia. He was also a correspondent and later a bureau chief of CBS News in Spain.

He also wrote ten books, including the controversial title, An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945. The book caused an uproar because Sack reported that, at the end of World War II, a number of Jewish Holocaust survivors, like Salomon Morel, ran some Polish-Communist concentration camps and prisons, where they tortured and killed mostly German but also Polish civilians, including women and children.
Jew tells truth, Jew makes himself very unpopular. There are decent Jews.


Jacob Schiff
 Was a big time financier who used his power to destroy Russia and the Tsars. He led to millions of deaths but not a word of apology from various hooligans.


Steven Schottenstein
Accused of emotionally and physically abusing his daughter. Steven Schottenstein is currently the president of the Jewish Federation of Columbus, OH. Steven has connections to Congregation Ahavas Sholom synagogue in Columbus and Congregation Torat Emet - The Main Street Synagogue in Bexley, OH. In Cleveland the Shottenstein [ sic ] family has a great deal of influence.  There are many buildings carrying the Schottenstein name such as "The JCC Schottenstein Auditorium, the Cleveland Schottenstein Chabad House
Rich, vicious and influential sounds about right. NB that he is being written up by other Jews.


Bugsy Siegel
Jew from Austria, major criminal, worked in Las Vegas.


Marty Siegel - may not be a Jew
Martin Siegel was a star investment banker who became embroiled in the insider trading scandals of the 1980s, alongside Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken. He attended Harvard Business School before working at Kidder Peabody and Drexel Burnham Lambert. He was lauded in the banking industry as a leading expert in defensive tactics for avoiding hostile takeovers. In 1987, he plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate the securities laws and one count of tax evasion for failing to report payments from arbitrageur Ivan Boesky. Having cooperated with the government, Siegel received only a two-month prison sentence. His involvement in criminal activities is recounted in the book Den of Thieves by Pulitzer Prize winning author James B. Stewart.
The Wiki does not finger him; nor do others. Not all criminals are Jews but he worked with them. See A Raid on Wall Street


Nathan Gregory Silvermaster - Jew And Traitor
Nathan Gregory Silvermaster (November 27, 1898 – October 7, 1964), an economist with the United States War Production Board (WPB) during World War II, was the head of a large ring of Communist spies in the U.S. government. It is from him that the FBI’s “Silvermaster file”, documenting the Bureau’s investigation into Communist penetration of the Federal government during the Cold War, takes its name....

Silvermaster was born of a Jewish family in Odessa, Russia, on October 27, 1898. He moved with his family to China, where he learned to speak perfect English with a British accent. He emigrated to the U.S., and received a B.A. from the University of Washington in Seattle (where he was “stated to be a known Communist”) and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, where his thesis was entitled “Lenin’s Economic Thought Prior to the October Revolution.” He became a naturalized American citizen in 1926. He was reported to be in contact with a very large number of Communist Party USA officials, and was active in a number of Communist front groups.......

The Silvermaster spy ring operated primarily in the Department of the Treasury but also had contacts in the Army Air Force and in the White House. Sixty-one of the Venona cables concern the activities of the Silvermaster spy ring. This represents 1% of the total (approx 6,000 cables) and 3% of the (2,000) translated/partially translated VENONA cables.

Not all traitors are Jews - according to the Wiki.


Jim Simons - Crypto, Finance
James Harris "Jim" Simons is an American mathematician, academic, investment advisor, billionaire and philanthropist. In 1982, Simons founded Renaissance Technologies Corporation, a private investment firm based in New York with over $30 billion under management; Simons is still at the helm, as president, of what is now one of the world's most successful hedge funds. Simons earned an estimated $2.8 billion in 2007, $1.7 billion in 2006, $1.5 billion in 2005, (the largest compensation among hedge fund managers that year) and $670 million in 2004. With an estimated current net worth of around $5.5 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 57th-richest person in America. He was named by the Financial Times in 2006 as the "smartest" billionaire.

Simons lives with his wife in Manhattan and Long Island, and is the father of five. Simons shuns the limelight and rarely gives interviews, citing Benjamin the Donkey in Animal Farm for explanation: "God gave me a tail to keep off the flies. But I'd rather have had no tail and no flies."
Big in crypto so presumably checks out clean.


Susan Sontag
Sontag was a vicious Jew full of hate but the media gave her lots of help in spreading her evil views. She was a Feminist who kept her mouth shut about Rape when white girls were the victims of blacks. She was a virulent Racist which worried Jews not in the slightest. That is how it is with Jews.


George Soros
Another Jew using his money to destroy civilization.


Mark Steyn
There are good Jews. Mark is one such, very articulate and in favour of democracy. He is a first class writer too.


Maurice Tempelsman
Was at it with Kennedy's old woman. Loaded, a smoothie.


Thinking Fast And Slow
Sometimes psychologists come up with something worthwhile. These did. These are Jews. The article does not make the connection with Bruce Schneier, also a Jew whose work on computer security has gone toward why people do the wrong things, in fine applied psychology.


Unabomber Was A Jew
The evidence against is him is less than definitive but it is very probable.

Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?
by Kalle Lasn, AdBusters, March/April 2004
Fingers Norman Podhoretz, Irving Kristol, Midge Decter, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, I Lewis Libby, Elliot Abrams, Dov Zakheim, Robert B Zoellick, Richard Perle,  Eliot Cohen, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Joshua Muravchik, Meyrav Wurmser, Irwin Stelzer, Michael Ledeen, Daniel Pipes, Marty Peretz, Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, John Podhoretz, Neal Kozodoy and Jonah Goldberg.

Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?
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Friends help each other out. That’s why the US sends billions of dollars every year to Israel. In return, Israel advances US strategic interests in the Middle East. But despite this mutual back scratching, Israeli-American relations are enduring a rough patch. Last December, a senior State Department official blasted Israel for having “done too little for far too long” to resolve the conflict with its Palestinian neighbours. Indeed, President Bush himself had scolded Israel a month earlier with his demand that “Israel should freeze settlement construction, dismantle unauthorized outposts, end the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people and not prejudice final negotiations with the building of walls and fences.”

Harsh words, but is it all just window-dressing? This was not the first time Bush criticized Israel and he has made numerous calls for a “viable” Palestinian state during his presidency. Nevertheless, he has never concretely punished Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for ignoring US directives and shrugging off his commitment to the peace process. It’s also worth noting that diplomatic admonitions are the responsibility of the State Department which has been on the losing end of the policy wars in Bush’s White House. One wonders what Israeli-American relations, and indeed what American relations with the rest of the world would look
like if the neocon hawks who control Rumsfeld’s Defence Department were also in charge at State.

A lot of ink has been spilled chronicling the pro-Israel leanings of American NeoCons and fact that a the disproportionate percentage of them are Jewish. Some commentators are worried that these individuals – labelled ‘Likudniks’ for their links to Israel’s right wing Likud party – do not distinguish enough between American and Israeli interests. For example, whose interests were they protecting in pushing for war in Iraq?

Drawing attention to the Jewishness of the NeoCons is a tricky game. Anyone who does so can count on automatically being smeared as an anti-Semite. But the point is not that Jews (who make up less than 2 percent of the American population) have a monolithic perspective. Indeed, American Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat and many of them disagree strongly with Ariel Sharon’s policies and Bush’s aggression in Iraq. The point is simply that the NeoCons seem to have a special affinity for Israel that influences their political thinking and consequently American foreign policy in the Middle East.

Here at Adbusters, we decided to tackle the issue head on and came up with a carefully researched list of who appear to be the 50 most influential NeoCons in the US (see above). Deciding exactly who is a neocon is difficult since some NeoCons reject the term while others embrace it. Some shape policy from within the White House, while others are more peripheral, exacting influence indirectly as journalists, academics and think tank policy wonks. What they all share is the view that the US is a benevolent hyper power that must protect itself by reshaping the rest of the world into its morally superior image. And half of the them are Jewish.

Kalle Lasn

From the March/April 2004 issue of Adbusters magazine.


A Jew moans about this article
 Cold Call "As would later be documented in James Stewart's Den of Thieves, Boesky had been buying his information from Martin Siegel, a takeover wizard at Kidder, ..."


Sam Waksal
Samuel D. Waksal, who was born to Holocaust survivor parents, is an Jewish American immunologist and businessman, who founded the biopharmaceutical company ImClone Systems in 1984. He also served as ImClone's CEO. He was arrested June 12, 2002 on insider trading charges. On October 15, he pleaded guilty to charges of securities fraud, bank fraud, obstruction of justice, and perjury......
Waksal was sentenced to seven years and three months in prison and ordered to pay more than $4 million in fines and back taxes, all the maximum punishments allowable under law. Waksal is not eligible for parole. He is currently serving time in the Federal Correctional Institution, Otisville in New York state as inmate number 53803-054.
Another Jew; another thief. When it is small time it could be anyone. When it is heavy Jews are big. Notice that the Wikipedia works in the Holocaust sob story on time, every time.


Rabbi Sholam Weiss and the Largest Insurance Fraud in US History
Rabbi Sholam Weiss is wanted for racketeering, wire fraud, interstate transportation of stolen property, money laundering, and filing false documents, all in connection with a huge swindle that netted $450 million in the largest insurance company fraud in the history of the United States.
Weiss did a runner and was chased round three continents. He was sentenced to 845 years but he has the [ stolen ] money with which to appeal. He is an enthusiastic fornicator. The Wiki covers up the fact that he is a rabbi, admitting, just barely that he is a Jew.


Harry Dexter White - Jew And Traitor
Harry Dexter White (October 9, 1892 – August 16, 1948) was an American economist, and senior U.S. Treasury department official. He was a primary participant in the Bretton Woods conference and the formation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank...........

According to Henry Morgenthau's son, White was the principal architect behind the Morgenthau Plan [ for the mass murder of Germans - Editor ]. The Morgenthau postwar plan, as authored by White, was to take all industry out of Germany, eliminate its armed forces, and convert the country into an agricultural community, in the process eliminating most of Germany's economy and its ability to defend itself if attacked........

As late as November 1945, White continued to argue for improved relations with the Soviet Union.[8] White later became a director and U.S. representative of the IMF...........

On November 7, 1945, defecting Soviet espionage courier Elizabeth Bentley told investigators of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that in late 1942 or early 1943 she learned from Soviet spies Nathan Gregory Silvermaster and Ludwig Ullmann that one source of the government documents they were photographing and passing on to her and NKVD spymaster Jacob Golos was Harry Dexter White........

The committee also heard testimony by Henry Morgenthau's speechwriter, Jonathan Mitchell, that White had tried to persuade him that the Soviets had developed a system that would supplant capitalism and Christianity.
Scratch a Jew, find a thief, traitor or liar. It is ever thus. The Wiki pretends that is guilt is doubtful.


 Tim Wise
Tim Wise (born October 4, 1968) is an American anti-racist activist and writer. He has lectured since 1995 at over 500 college campuses across the US. He has trained teachers, corporate employees, non-profit organizations and law enforcement officers in methods for addressing and dismantling racism in their institutions.
The Wikipedia is lying. Wise is a Jew as well as being an enemy of America. As a propagandist he incites blacks but keeps very quite about Apartheid when Jews are at it in Israel.

Rabbi Marx
Tells us about the dirt. He knows.
Enron, Fastow, and the Looting of America -- Bill Pierce wades in
"I don't know about Martin Frankel's or Marc Rich's religious beliefs, but Michael Milken and Andy Fastow are both synagogue-going Jews. The New Square Four, Marty Siegel, Dennis Levine, Chaim Berger, Kalmen Stern, David Goldstein, and Jacob Elbaum ..."


Dov Zakheim
Robbing America for Israel is the name of the game. He equipped the Jewish air force.


Saul Zaentz
Zaentz was born to immigrant Jewish parents in Passaic, New Jersey.............. In 1955 he joined Fantasy Records, for many years the largest independent jazz record label in the world. In 1967 Zaentz and other partners purchased the label from founders Max and Sol Weiss. The partners struck it rich by signing the roots-rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival, fronted by former Fantasy warehouseman John Fogerty. Little did the members of CCR know that Zaentz had "cheated" the contract between him and the band. When the band and Zaentz had signed the contract Zaentz said "when you become famous, we'll cut an equal amount of the money". Unfortunately most of the money that was rightfully hard earned by CCR went straight to Zaentz and only a minuscule amount went to the band causing future hatred and lawsuits between the two parties. Zaentz and his partners then parlayed their wrongfully stolen Fantasy earnings into film production, beginning with Payday in 1973..........

Zaentz brought a series of lawsuits against Fogerty, claiming defamation of character for the lyric "Zanz can't dance but he'll steal your money", and also claiming that the fundamental music in "The Old Man Down the Road" was a lift from the Fantasy-copyrighted-but-Fogerty-written song "Run Through the Jungle" from CCR's smash 1970 album Cosmo's Factory. Zaentz won on the defamation issue, forcing Warner Bros. and Fogerty to change the title and lyric to "Vanz Can't Dance", but lost on the copyright issue. The judge found that an artist cannot plagiarize himself. Fogerty in turn claimed the label misled him about investing and managing his earnings from royalties, resulting in a devastating financial loss. Years later, when Zaentz sold his interest in Fantasy, Fogerty almost immediately re-signed with the label.
Zaentz is a thief and that is just what a Jewish propaganda operation says.


Zionist Exploitation Of Blacks
They used the Black Panthers, Nelson Mandela  and The Very Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King as front men to incite hatred among blacks. Their techniques worked well.


Zionist Infiltration Of American Politics
I was thinking recently about what we know and don’t know while reading about the confirmation of Judge Michael Mukasey as Attorney General.  Here are some things we know with reasonable certainty:

 1.  We know from Jewish sources that Mukasey is an Orthodox Jew and political conservative, whose “Judaism is . . . deeply felt.

2.   We know that Mukasey’s sponsor for the Attorney General Position was Senator Charles Schumer of New York.  Schumer is Jewish, a supporter of the Iraq war resolution, a member of AIPAC, and a strident advocate for Israel.....

3.   We know that Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security, is the son of a rabbi, that his mother was apparently an Israeli national,.... Schumer was a leading advocate for Chertoff’s appointment.

What conclusions can we draw from these facts?   One obvious conclusion is that our government’s decisions to tap our telephones, read our emails, characterize our political dissent as “terrorism,” and water board us are now largely controlled by Jews who feel an unbreakable bond with Israel and with their fellow Jews.......

It may be that if the interests of Israel diverged from the best interests of the United States in a matter over which they have authority, these gentlemen would protect America over Israel.  But we would be fools to act on that premise.
Infiltrating enemy aliens into positions of power is an excellent way of destroying a country. It is Antonio Gramsci's way. He was the chief theoretician of the communist party.


Zionist Spies Against America 
Out of the dozens of American spies active from the 1930s-onward, the overwhelming majority were Jewish-by-race. Only a few -- e.g. Whitaker Chambers, Alger Hiss, Elizabeth Bentley -- were non-Jews. Kindly note that this list below is just the tip of the Jewish spy iceberg. There were scores of top-echelon Jewish spies in America from the 1930s-onward, actively spying for the Soviet communists. In fact, we own a large list of those spies. So why not list them all here? Some were never convicted in a court of law, some were apparently-Jewish but not provably-Jewish, etc. As we get more concrete information about Jewish spies, we will list more names.
Jewish treachery is normal and carries on to this day. AIPAC has two of theirs on trial for espionage. They may beat the rap by perverting the course of justice.


Jews In America Betraying Israel Alleges Congresswoman  [ 26 March 2014 ]
Michele Bachmann
seems to be a Christian who can't spell her own name. She is stupid, ignorant, bribed or some combination.


Jews Cut Off Water To Torture Palestinians  [ 26 March 2014 ]
Jews are big on human rights for Third World aliens when England is at the receiving end but in Palestine, the Stolen Land that they call Israel they go in for Ethnic Cleansing. They also whine about Holocaust® Story, about being victims.


Jews Sign On As Americans On World Refugee Day [ 21 June 2016 ]
Why do they want to get into America? More to the point, why do they want out of foreign parts? Or even, why are they hated? It is because the act like Jews, infiltrating, manipulating, lying, thieving. See e.g. the two below.


Jews Arrested For Bribing New York Police [ 21 June 2016 ]
NEW YORK (JTA) — Brooklyn Jewish businessman Jeremy Reichberg and three high-ranking New York police officers have been arrested in a wide-ranging federal corruption investigation involving New York City officials and potential improprieties in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s political fundraising campaigns.

Two of the officers arrested Monday are alleged to have accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of bribes from Reichberg, 42, who had been at the center of the larger ongoing probe along with Jona Rechnitz, a fellow businessman and de Blasio fundraiser.........

Monday’s arrests came two weeks after federal prosecutors charged Norman Seabrook [ a Black ], president of the city’s correction officers union, and Murray Huberfeld [ also a Jew ], the hedge fund financier who sat on the Simon Wiesenthal Center board, as part of the same investigation.
This is just the tip of an ugly iceberg.


 Harvey Weinstein

Tina Brown, an English journalist knew the swine, in fact she worked for him so she writes with some degree of authority at What Harvey and Trump have in common. A fat, ugly Paranoid bully and Psychopath sounds right to me. NB She puts the boot into Donald Trump and keeps VERY quiet about Weinstein being a Jew. She knows which side her bread is buttered on. Truth comes down the line.

More and better details are at Harvey Weinstein




Jews in American Politics

This what the Jewish Telegraphic Agency tells us.

Jews increased their numbers by two in the U.S. Senate and at least four in the House of Representatives
Rep. Bernie Sanders, an independent who was backed by the Democrats, won Vermont’s Senate seat.

Rep. Ben Cardin, also a Democrat, took Maryland’s seat. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, an independent in Connecticut who has pledged to vote with the Democratic caucus, also won.

Another two Jewish incumbent senators won re-election: Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.).

The wins raise Jewish representation in the Senate to 13, the most Jewish members that body has had.

There were 26 Jews in the House in the last Congress.

Six Jewish Democrats — in Florida, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Arizona, Kentucky and New Hampshire — won freshman bids.

That means at least 30 Jews will serve [ sic ] in the House in the next Congress.
Good news for Jews. Bad news for every one else.
PS This quote could not be saved.


Neo-conservatism as a Jewish Movement
Table 1: Characteristics of Jewish Intellectual Movements

  • A deep concern with furthering specific Jewish interests, such as helping Israel or promoting immigration.
  • Issues are framed in a rhetoric of universalism rather than Jewish particularism.
  • Issues are framed in moral terms, and an attitude of moral superiority pervades the movement.
  • Centered around charismatic leaders (Boas, Trotsky, Freud).
  • Jews form a cohesive, mutually reinforcing core.
  • Non-Jews appear in highly visible roles, often as spokespersons for the movement.
  • A pronounced ingroup/outgroup atmosphere within the movement—dissenters are portrayed as the personification of evil and are expunged from the movement.
  • The movement is irrational in the sense that it is fundamentally concerned with using available intellectual resources to advance a political cause.
  • The movement is associated with the most prestigious academic institutions in the society.
  • Access to prestigious and mainstream media sources, partly as a result of Jewish influence on the media.
  • Active involvement of the wider Jewish community in supporting the movement.

Kevin MacDonald goes over the ground at length and ties down the Neo-Con's  treasonous nature and modus operandi.


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