Oldham is in the north of England. It is infested with Third World aliens, especially Pakistanis. It is therefore subject to corruption, Pakistani Perversion, general purpose fraud & Vote Rigging. That is why Labour got an increased majority at the recent [ 2015 ] by-election in spite of the public scandal regarding the Rape & abuse of 1,400 English girls in Rotherham & the determination of Labour politicians colluding with the police to hide the truth, to Pervert The Course Of Justice. See Comrade Corbyn Wins By-Election Comfortably. The Oldham Race Riots were Englishmen versus Pakistani. The Wiki is evasive about Pakistani guilt.
PS It is not mere coincidence that it is a few miles from Rochdale, the scene of more evil.

Comrade Corbyn Wins By-Election 'Comfortably'  [ 4 December 2015 ]
The Labour candidate, Councillor James McMahon, is a director of ten companies including Oldham Property Partnerships Ltd., which goes in for ingenious tax arrangements. Jim says he knows nothing about them. Is he a typical horny handed son of toil or a chancer on the make?
BTW This is where the Oldham Race Riots come from but then it is overrun with Pakistanis i.e. cause and effect.

The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do.
Joseph Stalin. Joe understood Vote Rigging [ and bank robbery too ].

The count gave Labour 62% of the votes, an increase of 7% - see Oldham West and Royton. No wonder Nigel Farage said the result is bent. "Is this Britain or is this Harare" NB It isn't Pakistanis in Zimbabwe, it's blacks.
PS UKIP revoked on the fraud allegation; more fool them.
PPS See our company director with his Pakistani voters.


Nigel Farage Complains About Pakistani Corruption
Nige seems to think they are just as bent as blacks in Harare, that's the one in Zimbabwe. He's not wrong. Postal voting is wide open to Vote Rigging. That is how Her Majesty's Government likes it; Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition ditto.


Oldham Race Riots ex Wiki
The 2001 Oldham riots were a short but intense period of violent rioting which occurred in Oldham, a town in Greater Manchester, England, in May 2001. They were the worst ethnically-motivated riots in the United Kingdom since 1985, briefly eclipsing the sectarian violence seen in Northern Ireland.[1] The Oldham Riots were the first of a series of major riots during summer 2001, which saw similar ethnic conflicts follow in Bradford, Leeds and Burnley.

The riots followed a long period of ethnic tensions and attacks in Oldham, occurring particularly between groups of the local communities and South Asian-Muslim communities.

The most violent rioting occurred in the Glodwick area of the town which is a multi-ethnic district of Oldham and home to a large community of Pakistani people.


Pakistani Rape Epidemic [ July 2013 ]
It is being concealed by the Main Stream Media, the Propaganda machines that betray us, just like Her Majesty's Government which imports the swine in the first place. It isn't just London of course.