Pope Francis

Is our wonderful new Pope a great man, a great Catholic? Is he in deed, in thought a Catholic? There are questions that should not need to be asked but they have been. The answers do not inspire confidence. The Main Stream Media are saying nice things. That is not necessarily a good sign. In fact they are often part of the problem. Maurice Pinay, who understands the issues is contra; see e.g. The Pope Is Wrong.

Pope Is A Heretic
Is the Pope  a Catholic? NO! He is another traitor pandering to Jews. You doubt it? Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.


Pope Tells 'No Longer Fertile Europe To Ensure the Acceptance Of Third World Immigrants [ 28 November 2014 ]
Is he a Catholic? After this episode the answer is a clear NO! Is he trying to destroy Western Civilization by overrunning us with Third World undesirables? Obviously. He is colluding in Ethnic Cleansing as a precursor to Genocide.

His expression says he is a cunning chancer who thinks he is getting away with it.


The Communist Friends of the 'New World Pope'
Primitive communism is much like primitive Christianity but the former has done much evil, accounting for more than 85 million murders, See The Black Book of Communism on the point.


Pope Francis Got Maimonides Award [ 5 March 2014 ]
So who was Maimonides? A leading Jew full of hate, full of evil. Even the Wikipedia admits that he had his detractors - just like little Adolf. Did  Maimonides support inter-faith relations? Not exactly. Maimonides was in favour of Sodomy, of Paedophiles, said that Gentiles are not human, was an anti-black Racist, that God ordered Jews to murder Christians.


Pope Tells Mafia To Stop Evil Or Prepare For Hell - Zionist Mass Murderers Get A Pass26 March 2014 ]


Francis Endorses Holocaust® Story While Ignoring Israeli Ethnic Cleansing [ 9  March 2014 ]
This happens while chief rabbis of Israel incite evil. E.g. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef says  Gentiles exist only to serve Jews.


Is The Pope A Catholic? [ 5 April 2014 ]
This is usually asked as a rhetorical question. Now it is a real one. The issue of bears in the woods seems to be settled. If the Pope decides that Church doctrine can be jettisoned the Faithful might decide to take their loyalty elsewhere. Joe Stalin asked how many divisions the Pope had. We had the last laugh on that. However  Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the communist party in Italy set up the attack on the Church as the main thrust of his offensive on Western Civilization. Cultural Marxism is winning the battle of ideas. The Church of England has been broken by infiltrators - see e.g. Bishop Is A Heretic Inciting Sodomy. The Long March Through The Institutions is paying off. The Main Stream Media are propaganda machines, just like the Education industry.


Pope Francis' Favourite Painting Is Anti-Christian
There is very little chance that Marc Chagall, the Jew who produced it  was unaware of the meaning of 'YESHU' ("may his memory be blotted out"). Chagall grew up at the center of Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic Judaism, married a Lubavitcher and sought out the Lubavitcher Rebbe for advice. It's doubtful that Pope Francis is unaware of the meaning of YESHU either.


Pope Denounces Racist, Xenophobic Attitudes Toward Immigrants  [ 17 July 2014 ]
Is Pope Francis a Catholic? Is the Pope a Christian? More to the point is the Church part of Western Civilization, friend or foe? Ask what Il Papa has to say about the gross Racism of the Jews perpetrating Gaza Massacre III this very day. Then decide whose side he is on. Or read the next one first.


Immigration Is Destroying America [  17 July 2014 ]
That is the point of it. Immigration is a weapon. The enemy are pouring across the borders, into Civilization. Who is using these Third World intruders to destroy us? Try the Zionist crazies who preach sweetness & light as they murder people in Gaza. Their Long March Through The Institutions has produced Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ] in Europe and America. Pope Francis is just one of Lenin's Dangerous Idiots.


Pope Panders To Zionist Crazies [ 16 August 2014 ]
Pope Francis
is against traditional Catholics, against the Latin Mass, against Catholics who hold to tradition. So are Jews such as
Yitzchok Adlerstein, a rabbi in the Simon Wiesenthal mob. But Francis objects to Anti-Semitism, to Jews being blamed for their evil.


Poor Humble Pope Francis Hobnobs With Richest Jew In Argentina [ 10 October 2014 ]
Our new Pope is all too friendly with the Jew, Eduardo Elsztain & the World Jewish Congress, a bunch of crooks.


Pope Demotes Cardinal Over Family Policy [  22 October 2014 ]
Churchgoing Catholics will face continued pressure to accept a change in pastoral practice towards homosexuals and divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, as well as changes to other contentious issues...... The two-week synod, involving nearly 200 prelates from around the world, resulted in what many observers saw as a victory for those opposed to the more contentious changes.......

The Oct. 5-19 synod was widely criticized by participants for being engineered by ideologically motivated prelates. They reportedly made concerted efforts to steer the assembly toward radical reform and away from Pope St. John Paul II's teaching on marriage and the family.
Is the Pope a Catholic? It is usually a rhetorical question. The issue regarding bears is pretty much settled. Now we do have to ask why the Pope is going easy on Sodomite adultery, on sexual perversion. The omens are not good. Holy Mother Church was the primary target of Antonio Gramsci, the founder of the communist party in Italy. Infiltration is the attack mode.


Catholic Archbishop Markets Holocaust® Story  [ 17 November 2014 ]
Tim Dolan
visits Israel. Tim Dolan snivels to Jews. A fortnight later Tim Dolan gets to be a Cardinal.
PS Is Pope Francis a Catholic? It is not just a rhetorical question; it is real in a world of Catholic Church Infiltrators.


Is The Pope A Jew Or A Catholic? [ 11 December 2014 ]
"[Pope Francis] cares for me, and controls everything regarding my food to makes sure it is all kosher, and according to my religious tradition" (Rabbi Abraham Skorka)
I think we can regard the Vatican Insider as a reliable source regarding Pope Francis. Is he an Infiltrator, an enemy of Holy Mother Church? It gets easier to believe.


Pope Claims He Is Not A Marxist - Again [ 12 January 2015 ]
Pope Francis
told us again. Do people doubt him? It sounds that way. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.


Francis Destroying Holy Mother Church
Perhaps that is an overstatement but he has an agenda. The True Faith comes down the line.


Jews Claim They Can Out Think God - So Does The Pope [ 4 July 2016 ]
"My children have defeated me"
(God, according to Babylonian Talmud, Bava Mezia 59b)
Pope Francis recently offered another sign of his adherence to Orthodox Judaism with his comment that he has the audacity to rebuke Jesus and has done so throughout his life, even as Pope: [ see ]
What Francis refers to here is the essential rabbinic tradition, 'audacity towards heaven' (chutzpah kelapei shemaya), meaning to rebuke, or even put God on trial.
Israel Shahak made the same point about Jews. He also said that God must be stupid if they get away with it.