Racism In Pakistan

Racism in Pakistan is perfectly normal. It is more tribal than national. The same applies in Libya, Nigeria, anywhere outside Western Civilization. That is why it gets ignored by the Main Stream Media. In England however the Guardian, the paper that tells the BBC what its opinions are, markets Racism as the ultimate evil, if and only if the alleged perpetrators are English or possibly Brits. That is because it is run by  Racists who hate us.

However the Guardian let its guard down. It told the truth, by accident it must be admitted. None the less it is there in Rampant Racists, Pakistanis With Kalashnikovs Cause Aggravation

At the moment of writing an English Political Prisoner Has Just Been Released From Lunatic Asylum after she told the truth. Two Englishmen are being tried for murder because and only because the victim was a black. The law regarding Double Jeopardy was perverted in order to put them in prison. Of course when Islamics commit crime, e.g. wholesale Rape, especially in Rotherham the Police ignore it; they are criminals too. In that case it is the South Yorkshire Police, the best that money can buy.

That is just one known example.

It is Her Majesty's Government's policy to import Pakistanis by the boat load. There are now millions of them. The purpose is to create strife, to overload the health service, to destroy England. It isTreason. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition are different, not in their hatred of the working classes but their enthusiasm for corrupting Elections. Bribing Pakistanis with council houses at our expense was just fine, as long as they did not live near our wonderful MPs or anyone else who matters.

Corruption come naturally in Pakkers. They learn it with their mothers' milk.

One nest of vipers is Tower Hamlets in London. They are often Pakistanis from Sylhet in Bangladesh or Mirpur, Kashmir. Pakistanis control the council which means they control the income from the business rates paid by Canary Wharf, a major business area. £1 billion sounds very adequate. It has plenty of scope for feeding several millions off to villages in Bangladesh


Rampant Racists, Pakistanis With Kalashnikovs Cause Aggravation [ 18 December 2011 ]
As western troops draw down [ retreat ] by 2014, Pakistan can help construct a stable future for the war-ravaged country – or spoil a deal it dislikes. But beyond that, it is the internal stability of Pakistan that is more worrying. The country is riven by ethnic, tribal and political fault lines, which, in turn, are being exacerbated by galloping population growth and deepening poverty. Turmoil in a country with at least 120 nuclear warheads and a projected population of 300m people by 2030 could make Afghanistan look like a walk in the park. Talk of a "nuclear Somalia" is overstated, but you get the point.
The Guardian tells its Useful Idiots the truth. It does not expect them to wonder why the Grauniad wants Her Majesty's Government to import millions of then. To destroy England is my answer. Nor do they explain why HMG is so keen to oblige. Treason is the answer to that. Of course Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition wants them even more. Bribing them to use illegal votes for Labour is crime and party policy.

Pakistani Cricketers Fixed Matches In London [ 2 November 2011 ]
Two Pakistani cricket players conspired to take a bribe to fix plays in a Test match against England last year at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, prosecutors said. In a “depressing tale of rampant corruption at the heart of international cricket,” former Pakistan team captain Salman Butt, 27, and fast bowler Mohammad Asif, 29, agreed to perform poorly on three plays in the match to affect gambling outcomes, Aftab Jafferjee, a lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service, said in the opening day of trial today.

The alleged crime was uncovered by a journalist at the now- defunct News Of The World tabloid, who offered Butt’s agent, Mazhar Majeed, a 140,000-pound ($216,000) bribe. Majeed accepted the money so Butt would arrange for Asif and another player to bowl “no balls” on Aug. 26 and 27 last year during the fourth cricket Test against England.
Pakistanis act naturally. Her Majesty's Government acts surprised. HerAllegedly Loyal Opposition acts as though it is nothing to do with them. Importing scum like these remains main line policy for the traitors running England.
PS Robert Henderson, a Englishman with a strong interest in cricket got aggravation for saying that foreigners like these Pakistanis are corrupt.


Pakistani Killed His Baby Daughter [ 5 November 2011 ]
Girl, two, died 'after mother and boyfriend burned her in the shower and failed to get urgent medical treatment'
Kristiana Logina suffered 10 per cent burns to her body
Court heard her burns went untreated and her skin started to decay
A two-year-old girl who died at her mother's home was probably held under a shower head or extremely hot water and was never taken for urgent medical treatment, a court heard. Kristiana Logina suffered 10 per cent burns to her body when she was held under a scalding hot water which could have reached a maximum of 58 degrees, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Her mother, Eva Logina, 25, and her then boyfriend, 49-year-old Rashpal Chana, applied creams and bandages to Kristiana's wounds but never took her to be assessed and treated by medical professionals.
The mother is a Latvian slut who should never have been let into England. Ditto for the Pakistani.


Pakistani Crook And Bogus Blonde Bride Arrested After £400 Bribe [ 17 November 2011 ]
A bogus bride was arrested in her wedding dress seconds before she was about to tie the knot to a complete stranger for just £400. Elizabeth Balogh, 33, was taken away in handcuffs with her fake bridegroom when police officers and border agency officials raided a register officer where the sham wedding was taking place. Balogh was jailed today after a court heard she had been paid £400 to marry Pakistani-born Asif Hussain, 25, to allow him to stay in Britain after his visa ran out........ Prosecutor Hywel Hughes told Cardiff Crown Court that the official at Cardiff register office was suspicious because Hussain did not speak English.
Stealing dole money beats starving in Pakistan. No doubt he would have been willing to vote Labour, illegally of course.

Pakistani thief                          Hungarian cheapskate             The fixer is even rougher.


Racist Pakistani Murdered White Slut [ 17 November 2011 ]
White teenage mother stabbed to death and dumped in canal 'after her married Asian lover rejected her child'
Laura Wilson, 17, killed three days after she revealed to the families of Ishaq Hussain, 22, and Ashtiaq Asghar, 18, that she had had affairs with both men
Asghar 'sent text to Hussain day before she died which read: "I'm gonna send that kaffir b**** straight to hell"
A white teenage mother was stabbed to death and her body dumped in a canal after her married Asian lover rejected her child, a court heard yesterday.

Student Laura Wilson, 17, was killed by 18-year-old Ashtiaq Asghar, having allegedly been lured alone to the canal by his friend and her former lover Ishaq Hussain, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Laura had a brief fling with near neighbour Hussain, 22, and gave birth to their daughter in June last year but he refused to accept the child was his, the court was told. Laura was killed last October only three days after she revealed to the families of Hussain and Asghar that she had had affairs with both men who were trying to keep it secret.
The Mail settles for love rather than lust on her side. For the Pakistanis it will have been lechery.


Pakistani Is The First To Be Jailed Using The New Bribery Act [ 20 November 2011 ]
Crooked court clerk who took £500 bungs to wipe motoring offences from justice computers makes history as first person to be jailed under Bribery Act
Munir Patel sentenced to three years for bribery and six years for Misconduct In A Public Office
A crooked court clerk who helped at least 53 offenders escape justice yesterday became the first person to be jailed under new bribery laws. Munir Patel, 22, received a three-year prison term for taking bribes.  He was also given six years for misconduct in a public office. The sentences will run concurrently. He used his privileged access to official databases in the back rooms of a magistrates’ court to wipe the convictions of motorists from the records – in return for £500 a time from the accused.

He also advised defendants on how to avoid being brought to court, while working in an administrative capacity at Redbridge Magistrates’ Court in East London, on a salary of £17,978..........

It was widely expected that the first case involving the much-heralded Bribery Act legislation, which superseded century-old laws, would involve a high-profile corporate case.
Import Pakistanis, import crime, import corruption, import large scale corrupt voting. That is why Labour does it. It is fair to say that the judge has not swallowed the idea that ethnics are victims who should be allowed to get away with crime.

The Daily Mail is tactful. It does not tell us some/most/all of his customers were Pakistanis too. There is trust of sorts among hyenas.


Labour 'Lord' Plays Race Card After Expenses Try On  [ 21 November 2011 ]
Three Asian peers given lengthy bans from Parliament after wrongly claiming almost £200,000 in expenses are at the centre of an extraordinary legal battle over whether they were targeted because of their race. The sanctions against Lady Uddin, Lord Paul, and Lord Bhatia were the most draconian against misbehaving peers in 300 years. But now Labour peer Lord Ali has hired leading human rights lawyer Imran Khan to review the damning judgment on the peers by the Lords Privileges and Conduct Committee.
There is nothing Draconian about what happened. They were not hanged, drawn and quartered or even beheaded. They should be grateful instead of whining about their hard luck.
PS Only one thief is Pakistani, the other two are Indian.


Pakistani Pimps Might Get Sorted Out Says Government [  21 November 2011 ]
Bring these evil men to book: Asian gangs who groom teenage girls for sex to be finally targeted in crackdown
Catalogue of failures by police and care agencies to protect teenage girls highlighted in report
Caregivers have suggested that political sensitivities are to blame for failures.......
The news comes amid a devastating report into the failures of police and care agencies to protect teenage girls who have been groomed, raped and sold by male gangs, most of whom are Asian.
Political sensitivities is code for let them get away with it because the are Pakistani or Indian. It is all part of Electing A New People


Pakistani Cab Driver Gets Away With Six Months For Attacking A Man With His Taxi [  21 November 2011 ]
Caught on camera: The shocking moment taxi driver ran down his own passenger in row over £8 fare....... This is the moment a taxi driver deliberately ploughed into a passenger after a row about an £8 fare. Muhammed Javed, 45, drove straight into Huw Lloyd, who was left clinging to the bonnet for 80ft, before suffering head injuries and a fractured hand. Javed, from Bristol, was jailed for six months after admitting using the cab as a weapon last April. Bristol Crown Court heard that Javed, who moved to the UK from Pakistan 21 years ago, drove off after the incident, leaving the injured man in the street.
They did not charge him with attempted murder then he got a soft judge. Justice must be seen to be done? Justice must be seen to be believed. Play the race card every time. It works for them.


Pakistani Married Woman 22 years Older Then Flew Four More Brides For His Friends [  [ 24 November 2011 ]
Bangladeshi [ Ex East Pakistani]  student 'married woman 22 years older in sham wedding then flew four more brides to UK to marry his friends'
After their own sham marriage, Mohamed Tanin, 25, and Maria Marques,  47, flew four Portuguese women to London to wed Tanin's Bangladeshi friends, who paid him £2,000 for each bride, it is alleged. Tanin’s UK leave to remain visa was about to expire three months before he married Marques at Bow Church in London on November 24, 2009. 

The ‘sham contract marriage’ was ‘not for love’ but a deal which allowed him to apply to live permanently within the UK and the rest of the European Union, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard....... Three of the grooms were tenants at a property Tanin owned in East London, while a fourth he met while working at London Zoo..... All four applied for a certificate of approval to marry, which would allow them to get the same immigration status as their Portuguese wives.
Sometimes the border police get it right. There are thousands if not millions more in England getting away with it, sponging off the dole.

This was no love match.


Pakistani Paedophile Family Networks Prey On English Girls [ 25 November 2011 ]
Editor’s note: This was submitted as a comment on a previous blog by someone identifying himself as Mickey Meadows (comment #54910; comment is effectively anonymous, since commenters supply whatever information they want). I thought it deserved wider attention. A key point is that sexual exploitation of White girls by Pakistanis is not the result of loner psychopaths but done by people well integrated into their family networks–that indeed the exploitation is a family affair. Not surprisingly, these crimes are under-reported and the authorities are reluctant to prosecute because of the ethnic implications. So we have the pathetic spectacle of White governments so paralyzed by fear of offending non-Whites that they won’t protect their own people.

In the UK there’s a terrible problem of South Asian’s of Pakistani origin targeting underage female white children for sex. Particularly children in the care system where they are most vulnerable.

The problem has been reported a few times but it gets silenced. But from the reports that have emerged, and the cases that have come to court, the most shocking aspect of this is not just about the racial dimension, but the fact that these children get passed around from man to man—not in the way a pedophile network might do this, where the pedophiles are all social outsiders who find each other to share in their perversion. No….these Pakistani gangs pass these children through their *family* networks. Cousins, uncles, fathers, brothers, friends of the family.

From the perspective of inter-group attitudes, this makes it incalculably worse than ordinary paedophilia. Passing white children around for sex within a family and friends structure means that the concept of treating our children like meat is culturally normal and mainstream for them. They are pedophiles to our children but not their own children. They are pedophiles that treat our children like meat, and they don’t even see it as paedophilia because our children aren’t even qualified as children in their eyes.

The news media and politicians and courts won’t call it paedophilia and won’t talk about the awful implications that follow from a people who will do this to us and not even be ashamed of it within their own families and friends. They don’t call it pedophilia because it is so widespread and so roped into their mainstream, that they don’t want to ostracize the people responsible.

Our news media and our politicians are putting concerns for those pedophile criminals that treat our children like meat, actually ahead of children. It chokes me.

The passing around to relatives dimension is available in mainstream articles (see, e.g., here).
Quote from the article:

“‘No one wants to stand up and say that Pakistani guys in some parts of the country are recruiting young white girls and passing them around their relatives for sex, but we need to stop being worried about the racial complication.’”

Then in the next paragraph a confirmation of the fact our own media and police and politicians are avoiding calling these people pedophiles. Despite the fact the girls are underage, deliberately targeted, and the subject to the worst form of pedophilia which is to be passed around like meat.

“The offenders were not viewed as paedophiles but had picked the girls ‘because of their malleability’.”

I’m sorry, but if some guy views child pornography he’ll go to prison and be stigmatized for the rest of his life. But if a gang of Asian men go to a children’s home and rope children into drink and drugs before subjecting them to abuse that will probably destroy their lives, this is not pedophilia according to the media. These men should be spared that stigma.

Paedophiles are evil. We all know that. Hanging is too good for them. Pakistani Perverts are, well....... let us say different. We can't talk about them because we would get accused of Racism. That would be too awful. Of course if Englishmen are alleged to have a killed a black such as Stephen Lawrence there will be an orgy of hate. That is not Racism, not when a black is at the receiving end. In fact they will pervert the law on Double Jeopardy to get them. Having changed the law to deal with one case they still had to lie to justify a third trial, which is now Triple Jeopardy


Pakistanis Murder Woman In Another Honour Killing [ 27 November 2011 ]
American woman and partner attending family wedding in Pakistan murdered in suspected honour killing
A Scottish businessman and his American wife were gunned down in the street in a suspected honour killing while on holiday in Pakistan.
Glasgow-based Saif Rehman, 31, and Uzma Naurin from New York, 30, were shot dead when their car was ambushed in the north-eastern city of Gujrat following a shopping trip. It is understood the couple were accompanied by a driver, Mr Rehman’s sister and her two-year-old daughter, but the other passengers were unharmed.
The Daily Mail claims that the man was Scottish and woman American. In fact they were both Pakistanis. The Mail tells some of the truth some of the time which is an improvement on some filthy rags.


Paedophile Pakistanis Murdered An English Girl [ 3 December 2011 ]
Groomed for sex at 12, stabbed to death at 17: Shocking life of white teenage mother murdered after Asian lover rejected her child
Laura Wilson, 17, identified as 'at risk' of sexual exploitation in 2005
A teenage student stabbed to death and dumped in a canal was groomed for sexual exploitation by adults from the age of 12, it has been revealed. Laura Wilson, 17, had been tracked by social services since 2005 after she was identified as being 'at risk' of sexual exploitation by British Pakistani men.......... Laura Wilson had a brief fling with near neighbour Ishaq Hussain, 22, and gave birth to their daughter in June last year. The white teenager was the victim of a cycle of sexual abuse and little was done to help her, Laura's family have claimed. [ What did they do? Not a lot presumably. Editor ]. Rather than removing her from the situation, social services only carried out 'preventative' work to stop her falling into the clutches of abusers. The student was murdered in October last year after bringing 'shame' on two Asian families......

Earlier this year an investigation by the same newspaper triggered an assessment of street grooming. The Times uncovered a pattern of child-sex offending involving Pakistani men and girls aged 12 to 16.
When Pakistanis are at it, passing an English girl round the family, treating her as the scum of the earth the Main Stream Media goes quiet. The Feminists? They must have been doing their nails or washing their hair. Rape is a Feminist issue unless Third World scum are the perpetrators. One such is Margot Wallström who is keeping quiet very about her success in making Malmö into the Rape Capital of Sweden. Meanwhile Her Majesty's Government carries on importing them.

Pakistani paedophile.
PS Do not forget that the Congo Is The World Rape Capital


Islamics Murder More In Honour Killing Spree With More Than Two Thousand Attacks [ 4 December 2011 ]
Alarming rise of Muslim 'honour attacks' in the UK as police reveal thousands were carried out last year
Culprits hailed 'heroes' in the community for carrying out the attacks
Nearly 3,000 so-called honour attacks were recorded by police in Britain last year, new research has revealed.

According to figures obtained by the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation (Ikwro), at least 2,823 incidents of 'honour-based' violence took place, with the highest number recorded in London.

Police in Northumbria saw a 305 per cent increase from 17 incidents in 2009 to 69 in 2010, while Cambridgeshire saw a 154 per cent jump from 11 to 28. A quarter of police forces in the UK were unable or unwilling to provide data, Ikwro said.
These are only the known attacks carried out by Pakistanis in the main. Most of them fall short of murder. If they want to murder each other they can always go back to the Hell holes they created then get on with it.


Pakistani Thief Tried Fraudulent Marriage To Steal Dole Money [ 4 December 2011 ]
Caught by crib sheet: Sham marriage groom jailed after police find list he used to memorise bride's details
A Pakistani man has been jailed after police raided his sham marriage and found a ‘crib sheet’ he used to memorise his bride-to-be's details. Fraudster Ijaz Khalid, 28, was all set to wed Czech Michaela Sivakova, 22, when officials swooped in on their wedding after a tip-off from a s [ sic ]

Police arrested the pair, along with the bride’s parents Ruzena Sivokava, 41, and 47-year-old Michal Sivak at Calderdale Register Office in Halifax before the ceremony was completed. Bradford Crown Court heard that Khalid had been in the UK since 2007 but his visa had expired at the time of the fake marriage in June. Kitty Taylor, prosecuting, revealed that Khalid's desperate attempts to stay in the UK saw him apply for a marriage certificate with another Czech woman in April -even though he told police he had been in a relationship with his bride-to-be Sivakova for months.
The border police say they will not tolerate illegal immigration but the Her Majesty's Government make sure that millions get in and get away with it. Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition is even more corrupt.

Pakistani thief                                          Cheapskate [ £200 ] Czech slut


Pakistani Thug Murdered Two Other Pakistanis Over Parking A Van [ 13 December 2011 ]
An argument over parking led to a ‘completely good and blameless’ businessman and his nephew being machine-gunned to death by a drug dealer. After his car was blocked in by a van, Ayub Khan went to fetch a MAC-10 pistol capable of firing 1,000 rounds a minute. Khan, then only 20, gunned down hotelier Amarjit Singh Tiwana and his nephew Rajinder Singh Tiwana at point-blank range. He then turned the weapon on Amarjit’s daughter Harjinder but did not fire – possibly because the gun had jammed. Khan fled the country after the attack but was extradited from Bangladesh in 2010..............

Khan, who has previous convictions for robbery and possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply, looked ‘furious’ as he drove away. About ten minutes later three Asian men returned and started to damage the van which had blocked the road. One pulled out a gun from a bag and opened fire, killing both Amarjit and Rajinder.
Import Pakistanis, import crime. That is the policy of Her Majesty's Government and even more so for Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition. It's all those corrupt votes, the Vote Rigging that are the pay off. We need Armed Citizens.

It is all there, written on his face. Hanging and flogging are the answers for his sort.


Rampant Racists, Pakistanis With Kalashnikovs Cause Aggravation [ 18 December 2011 ]
As western troops draw down [ move out of ] by 2014, Pakistan can help construct a stable future for the war-ravaged country – or spoil a deal it dislikes. But beyond that, it is the internal stability of Pakistan that is more worrying. The country is riven by ethnic, tribal and political fault lines, which, in turn, are being exacerbated by galloping population growth and deepening poverty. Turmoil in a country with at least 120 nuclear warheads and a projected population of 300m people by 2030 could make Afghanistan look like a walk in the park. Talk of a "nuclear Somalia" is overstated, but you get the point.
The Guardian tells its Useful Idiots the truth. It does not expect them to wonder why the Grauniad wants Her Majesty's Government to import millions of then. To destroy England is my answer. Nor do they explain why HMG is so keen to oblige. Treason is the answer to that. Of course Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition wants them even more. Bribing them to use illegal votes for Labour is crime and party policy.



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