South Yorkshire Police

The South Yorkshire Police is paid to protect people in an area including Barnsley, Doncaster & Rotherham as well as Sheffield. Yorkshire has the best police force that money can buy; one that colludes with local politicians in concealing crime, especially the Rapes carried out by Pakistani Perverts. They are guilty of Misconduct In Public Office as well as Perverting The Course Of Justice.

But while the management was allowing English girls to be abused, it was busy seeing itself all right - see Top South Yorkshire cops got £120,000 in bonuses while sex abuse scandal was unfolding.

Let us not forget that one of theirs was 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe, who is now running the Metropolitan Police and alleging that he is against Racism when Englishmen are accused but refusing to act again Pakistanis if they are racist. That goes double if they happen to be his little mate, 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham.

Of course they deny their evil - see e.g. South Yorkshire Police deny hiding girls' sex abuse or South Yorkshire Police 'must get a grip' on child abuse. Lying is routine corruption in the police.

NB They managed to conceal at least 1,400 crimes in Rotherham & another 200 in Sheffield - see South Yorkshire Police Ignored 200 Rapes By Pakistanis In Sheffield


Top South Yorkshire cops got £120,000 in bonuses while sex abuse scandal was unfolding
Exclusive: Top South Yorkshire cops got £120,000 in bonuses while abuse scandal was unfolding
At least £120,000 in bonuses were paid to senior South Yorkshire Police officers while the child grooming scandal was unfolding, The Star can reveal.

More than £50,000 was paid in just two years to former chief constable Med Hughes, who ran the force between 2004 and 2011.

But South Yorkshire Police have refused to reveal what bonuses were paid between 2002 and 2008 on the grounds it would be too ‘time-consuming’ to retrieve the information. [ They lie the way they breathe - Editor ]

A response to a Freedom of Information request by The Star said prior to 2009/10 there was no obligation to provide information on senior officers’ bonus payments, making it difficult to ‘locate, retrieve and extract’ details of the payments.....

South Yorkshire Police were criticised earlier this year by Home Secretary Theresa May, who said in the early 2000s the force was ‘allegedly so intent on meeting Home Office targets about car theft and burglary that it ignored hundreds of young girls being abused in Rotherham and Sheffield’.


South Yorkshire Police Cutting 850 Jobs [ 98 April 2016 ]
SOUTH Yorkshire Police is set to slash almost 850 staff over the next four years. The cuts, which would see the number of support staff falling from 1,733 to 1,001, are outlined in the county’s policing plan, which also reveals public confidence in the police has fallen in Rotherham over the past year.
South Yorkshire Police are the mob who let Pakistani Perverts rape 2,000 English girls; that was just in Rotherham. So why employ them if they won't do their job? NB One of the best police force that money can buy was 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe who is very anti-Racist when Englishmen are accused but determinedly ignores racism when Pakistanis are the perpetrators, especially if they are his little mate 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham


South Yorkshire Police Chief Suspended After Hillsborough Lies Regurgitated [ 28 April 2016 ]
The Chief Constable of South Yorkshire Police has been suspended in the wake of a jury's damning verdicts over the Hillsborough disaster. David Crompton's force was accused of 'retelling discredited lies' at the inquests which found 96 fans were unlawfully killed at the stadium in Sheffield in 1989.

Mr Crompton was suspended by the area's Crime Commissioner Dr Alan Billings, who said he 'had been left with no choice.. following the run-up to and delivery of the Hillsborough verdicts'.........

Earlier today, former head of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Lord MacDonald said prosecutors will consider charges of gross negligence, manslaughter, perversion of the course of justice, perjury and misconduct in public office.
Would anyone be fool enough to believe a word spoken by a sour faced rogue like this? The Hillsborough Disaster happened in 1989; the Hillsborough cover up has been going on ever since. The Rotherham cover up has been going on since 2004 if not earlier.

The South Yorkshire Police colluded with the Labour Party to bring us 2,000 Rapes in Rotherham. The pay off? Pakistanis using industrial scale Vote Rigging to get power to use and abuse billions, or is it mere millions? Not one policeman has been charged, far less convicted.

Police Spent Millions Perverting The Truth About The Hillsborough Massacre [ 1 May 2016 ]
South Yorkshire Police should be disbanded. Officers must be prosecuted. The bad cops must be weeded out. Twenty-seven years on, it is time they made way for the good ones”

This week, the cops and robbers narrative was turned on its head. The line between good and bad was blurred. The findings of the Hillsborough inquest were chilling enough even before taking into account the suspension of South Yorkshire’s police chief for continuing – 27 excruciating years later – to perpetuate the myth that Liverpool fans were somehow to blame for the deaths of 96 of their fellow supporters. The findings were chilling enough even before we found out that Chief Constable David Crompton had used millions of pounds of public money to pay lawyers to maintain a version of events during the inquest. They were chilling enough before we learnt that a message on a website for South Yorkshire’s retired officers told them to be “proud” of the work they did that day..........

This is a dereliction of duty so heinous that on Wednesday, it even managed to unite political parties in the Commons. Theresa May and her Labour counterpart, Andy Burnham, displayed a dignity and decency that, for once, could make Parliament proud. The MP Frank Field said that though trustworthy institutions had been damaged by the events of that terrible day, “one institution shines through gloriously – the family”. And then we remembered that the families who lost people that day were compensated for around £3,500, while officers who claimed for the trauma of Hillsborough were given, on average, £93,000..........

South Yorkshire Police should be disbanded. Officers must be prosecuted. The bad cops must be weeded out. Twenty-seven years on, it is time they made way for the good ones.
It takes eighteen months to make a copper, which is to say a hardened liar. What they miss when they go out is not the drinking and driving but the pleasure of being able to commit Perjury. It was the South Yorkshire Police who colluded with the Labour Party to allow Pakistani Perverts to Rape 2,000 English girls in Rotherham.
PS This article does not mention that one of theirs, 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe became the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, which meant he was able to ignore the active Racism of his little mate, 'Lord' Nazir Ahmed, Baron Ahmed of Rotherham.


Police conspired to protect Rotherham child sex abusers  [ 1 May 2016 ]
The headline is verbatim. The perpetrators are South Yorkshire Police and Pakistanis. The policy comes from the top, from Her Majesty's Government but then Her Majesty's Government Is Rotten.


South Yorkshire Police Used Perjury To Pervert The Course Of Justice [ 15 May 2016 ]
South Yorkshire Police
carry on business as usual. Yorkshire has the best police that money can buy. Putting a man in prison for ten weeks is False Imprisonment achieved by Unlawful Arrest. The pigs will probably allege that they didn't do it by Perjury. Lying is just too easy. Their victim should sue. The police don't care; it is only tax payers' money. Keeping themselves out of prison does matter to them.
PS They did a 27 year cover up on the Hillsborough Disaster. The Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham described them as being 'rotten to the core'. Will they get sorted out? Not a chance.


Fifteen South Yorkshire Police Sacked [ 13 September 2016 ]
Those are just ones who got caught and whose faces didn't fit. Who are they? Pass. What did they do? Pass. Police get secret 'Justice'.  South Yorkshire Police setting standards in corruption all day and every day.


South Yorkshire Police Look For Dead Boy On Greek Island [ 18 October 2016 ]
South Yorkshire Police ignore 1,400 rapes in Rotherham because they were only English girls attacked by Pakistani Perverts.