Iraq Historic Allegations Team

The Iraq Historic Allegations Team was set up to deal with allegations of British Army malpractice in Iraq. Various criminals saw opportunities to get rich quick. They took them; the tax payer got robbed. Men were screwed but then men don't matter; politicians do. Blair & other slimy rogues got away with it. The fact that men shouldn't have been there in the first place was duly ignored. Blair was being used by the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies to bully Arabs for the presumptive benefit of the hooligans controlling Palestine, the Stolen Land that they call Israel. Business as normal, corruption as normal. The thieves are not all at the Iraq end.

Phil Shiner is one of the thieves and a Socialist thief at that. Another is now, in April 2017 being tried by the Solicitors' Regulatory Authority or some such. NB Wikispooks claims that Shiner is a very wonderful human being; it lies. Ditto for the human rights organisations Liberty and JUSTICE , "Baroness" Chakrabarti & the Law Society. He wrote for the Guardian; this is pretty much a list of Left Wing rogues and fools.

Her Majesty's Government takes a position at Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) & IHAT WORK COMPLETED TABLE. A rather more critical view comes from Wikispooks; it is at IHAT; saying inter alia that:-
The case started on 29 January 2013...... which rejected claims that IHAT was not independent and concluded that because "none of those present at the time of death are likely to give evidence because of what McKinnon J described at the end of the criminal trial of Baha Mousa as “a more or less obvious closing of ranks”... we consider that it is very unlikely that there will be a criminal prosecution".

 The Guardian is "more or less obviously closing ranks" to collude with the thieves making fraudulent allegations in the first place.

Solicitor Being Investigated For Bribing Iraqis To Pervert The Course Of Justice [ 4 August 2016 ]
One of the country's leading human-rights lawyers faces a criminal inquiry into claims Iraqi civilians ​were bribed ​to bring abuse claims against British soldiers, The Telegraph can reveal. Phil Shiner is accused by legal regulators of  ​knowing about the bribes which were allegedly disguised as expenses and then submitted as legal aid claims funded by the taxpayer.

​Mr Shiner's law firm has brought more than 1,000 allegations against British soldiers, some of whom have been pursued through the courts and had their lives ruined...........

Cases brought by PIL and other law firms who have sued British troops for alleged abuses in Iraq have cost the Ministry of Defence more than £20m in compensation​ in 324 cases concluded so far. Evidence exists showing that Professor Shiner was aware of ‘disguised bribes’ being paid in relation to publicly funded matters

But following the Al Sweady Inquiry - which found that ​some ​Iraqi witnesses had lied about murder and torture allegedly committed by British troops - the methods of the law firms have been thrown into doubt.

On Tuesday, the Legal Aid Agency, after its own 18-month investigation, stripped PIL of its access to public money, preventing it bringing any more legally aided cases.
Shiner is a shit, a loud mouthed self-righteous shit on the make & a Socialist to boot. He has no compunction about robbing the tax payer blind. Prosecuting him for Treason as well as fraud would make sense. "Professor" Shiner will claim ignorance, just like Professor Clinton, another doctor of law - the one who "didn't have sex with that woman" allegedly.


Corrupt Law Firm Shuts Down [ 15 August 2016  ]
The legal aid was cut off. So the vultures walked away. They have taken the tax payer for more than £20 million. The Al Sweady Inquiry cost another £24,598,372 plus VAT. Shiner is a crooked shit on the make, a Socialist who hates the British Army. With decent luck he will be in prison with other undesirables.


Iraq Historic Allegations Team ex Wiki
The Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) is a unit set up by the British government in March 2010 to investigate allegations of abuse and torture by British soldiers in Iraq.[1] Much of these have focused on three interrogation sites near Basra operated by the Joint Forward Interrogation Team (JFIT) between March 2003 and December 2008.The inquiry was established in November 2010[2] after 146 Iraqi men claimed to have been tortured.[3]

The unit is led by retired senior civilian police detective, Mark Warwick, and is made up of Royal Navy Police officers and ex-civilian police detectives[4] and will soon be up to its full complement of 145 staff. In January 2013 G4S subsidiary G4S Policing Solutions lost its contract to provide 40 former police officers for the inquiry, and was replaced by Police Skills, a subsidiary of Red Snapper Group, who will provide 100 former detectives.[5]

In a judicial review the Court of Appeal ruled in November 2011 that the involvement of the General Police Duties branch of the Royal Military Police (RMP) "substantially compromised" the inquiry because members of the unit had participated in detentions in Iraq. The armed forces minister, Nick Harvey, responded by announcing in March 2012 that that the RMP staff would be reassigned and replaced by Royal Navy Police personnel by 1 April 2012.[4][3][6]

Lawyers representing people alleging that they have been tortured applied for another judicial review in May 2012 to examine the claim that the Royal Navy Police are not sufficiently independent since they also took part in interrogations,[7] and that abuses were so systemic and widespread that only a public inquiry will satisfy the UK's human rights obligations.

The case started on 29 January 2013 and a judgement was handed down by Mr Justice Silber on 24 May 2013.[8] In this judgement it was stated that IHAT has now been structured in such a way that it can independently carry out its investigative and prosecutorial functions. It also ruled that the decision of the Secretary of State to refuse to order an overarching public enquiry could not be called into question and said more should be done to address wider systemic issues. A possible solution - coronial-type inquests once criminal proceedings are complete in a particular case, or once it is evident that particular allegations will not lead to a criminal prosecution - was suggested for consideration by the Secretary of State.


Corrupt Law Firm Shuts Down [ 15 August 2016 ]
The legal aid was cut off. So the vultures walked away. They have taken the tax payer for more than £20 million. The Al Sweady Inquiry cost another £24,598,372 plus VAT. Shiner is a crooked shit on the make, a Socialist who hates the British Army. With decent luck he will be in prison with other undesirables.


Brits Being Investigated For Alleged Crimes In Afghanistan [ 22 September 2016 ]
But the War Mongering rogues who sent them there are busy spending multimegabuck bribes.


Ministry Of Defence Paying Far Too Much For Investigating War Crimes  [ 19 September 2016 ]
For hundreds of British troops, the prospect of being prosecuted for events that took place in Iraq 13 years ago  remains a very real nightmare.

Almost 1,500 [ alleged ] cases of abuse of Iraqis, including allegations of torture and even murder, are being investigated by a special team set up by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Soldiers are terrified of being arrested more than a decade on from the occupation of Iraq, and are dismayed and disgusted by the length of time the  investigations are taking. But for one husband and wife team, the British occupation of southern Iraq has proved a cash bonanza.

Martin Jerrold and his wife, Helen, have paid themselves dividends worth hundreds of thousands of pounds after winning the contract to provide civilian investigators for the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT). The Jerrolds’ company, Red Snapper Recruitment, was first awarded the contract in February 2013 and had it  renewed last year.

The contract is worth £4.8 million a year – about 12 per cent of Red Snapper’s total turnover. The company currently supplies 127 investigators and analysts, many of them former police officers, to the IHAT team.
The MoD has its very own MOD Plod. They don't wear blue pointed hats but they do understand the system [ more or less ]. The men have done training so they know the answers; Number, Rank & Name - nothing else. Check up on Resistance to Interrogation. The bully is there to soften you up for the 'nice' one. Tea and sympathy are dangerous. Guilty or not - say nothing. There are corrupt lawyers full of hate out there telling Arab liars on the make what to say - see Al Sweady Inquiry for more and better.
PS If the MoD & Her Majesty's Government were serious they would give the real perpetrator a fair trial then hang him. They know where Blair is. He is a War Monger who killed thousands but he had no compunction about hounding men of the Parachute Regiment after Bloody Sunday.


Iraqi Paid £110 Thousand To Find Iraqis Willing To Allege Torture In Return For Handsome Payoffs
An Iraqi fixer at the heart of a witch hunt against British soldiers was paid £110,000 to tout for abuse claims against alleged victims. Abu Jamal worked as an agent for Public Interest Lawyers (PIL), cold-calling fellow Iraqis and helping the firm launch hundreds of cases for the now collapsed firm.

PIL, led by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, pushed nearly 3,389 complaints against UK troops, alleging murder and abuse. However, it has now been revealed that Jamal was also paid £110,829 for his services by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT), reports the Sunday Telegraph....................

IHAT was set up in 2010 by the Labour government to fulfill Britain's obligations under the Human Rights Act. It started off with a few dozen cases but by March 2016, the number of allegations jumped to more than 3,000. Most of them were submitted by PIL.

However, many have since been found to be nothing more than baseless smears, but the controversial £57million inquiry is still investigating hundreds of soldiers.

PIL boss Mr Shiner – who was handed taxpayers' millions in legal aid – also handed files on soldiers to the International Criminal Court and launched civil claims in the courts.

But in June this year, his lengthy pursuit of veterans came to an end as he was charged by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for misconduct. By August – after he was told PIL would face a tribunal and the Government pulled its legal aid – the firm closed down.............

Mr Shiner also denied 'serious allegations' that he misled the £31million Al Sweady Inquiry into claims troops tortured Iraqis and misled a body to get legal aid.

In total, Mr Shiner admitted nine allegations of acting without integrity, including that he made 'unsolicited direct approaches' to potential clients through a fixer, understood to be Abu Jamal. 

Mr Shiner admitted authorising 'financial benefits' – described as 'sweeteners' [ What about productivity bonuses or just plain Bribery? - Editor ]– to Jamal to 'persuade him to change his evidence' into how clients who went before the Al-Sweady inquiry had been found.

He also admitted acting recklessly by claiming at a press conference in February 2008 that the British Army had unlawfully killed, tortured and mistreated Iraqi civilians at the Battle of Danny Boy.

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) heard that Mr Shiner's lawyer had submitted a letter making the admissions on the eve of the hearing [ The ones he knows he can't lie his way out of. - Ed. ].

Andrew Tabachnik, putting the case against Mr Shiner for the SRA, said: 'Even on the basis of his own admissions, Professor Shiner accepts this tribunal must strike him off at the end of this case.'
Shiner a shit on the make. To be fair he is deeply sincere about corruption & his determination to make lotsa money but then he is a typical Socialist i.e. an aspiring Capitalist Swine; it will be why he got the job in the first place. His real concern at the moment is making sure that he doesn't go to prison for fraud. Admitting Bribery isn't going to help. The greasy Arab crook he used to find customers will have been working the angles too.
PS Notice that Shiner betrayed men of the British Army to the International Criminal Court, an outfit that puts criminals in prison - if they are African but not if they are Blair or other white War Criminals.
PPS More and better details of multimegabuck fraud at £22m in compensation is paid to Iraqis who 'killed and maimed UK troops'
PPPS Wikispooks alleges that Phil Shiner is a wonderful human being; it lies. The Wikipedia is keeping quiet about him.


Bent Lawyer Kicked Out After Taking Tax Payer For Millions [ 3 February 2017 ]
A controversial human rights lawyer has been struck off after being found to have acted dishonestly in bringing murder and torture claims against British Iraq War veterans.

Phil Shiner, a solicitor who worked for the now-defunct Public Interest Lawyers (PIL), had 12 charges of misconduct found proved against him by a panel of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

In five charges he was found to have acted dishonestly, including agreeing to pay 'sweeteners' [ aka Bribes ] to a fixer, understood to be Mazin Younis, to persuade him to change his evidence in the £31 million Al Sweady Inquiry.......

Mr Shiner was struck off the roll of solicitors after the string of misconduct and dishonesty charges against him were found proved.
Another Socialist, another liar, another thief. Justice has been part served; he still hasn't been done for bribery or attempting to Pervert The Course Of Justice by making false accusations against men of the British Army. A charge of Subversion in some form or Treason would be a worthy extra.


Corrupt Lawyer Claims Bankruptcy After Hiding Stolen Money [ 17 March 2017 ]
Shamed [ but shameless ] lawyer Phil Shiner has been declared bankrupt in a move that could mean he avoids an estimated bill of at least £4million for bringing baseless war crimes claims against British troops. It has also emerged that his house, worth around £330,000, was transferred to his daughters before he was struck off the roll of solicitors for misconduct.

Shiner’s firm made more than £1.6million pursuing unfounded torture and murder claims that cost the public purse £31million to investigate. After he was struck off, the Government pledged to pursue him for the £3million in legal aid his firm was paid to support the claims.

The Ministry of Defence was also poised to claim for the millions it spent defending its soldiers in court. But Shiner has now been declared bankrupt, which could make it harder to recover these costs.

In addition, his four-bedroom Edwardian home in Birmingham has been transferred to two of his daughters, Leisha, 27, and Bethany, 29, who both worked for his firm Public Interest Lawyers......

He was found to have been repeatedly dishonest in falsely accusing soldiers of war crimes, and immediately given a costs bill of at least £250,000. His now defunct law firm brought most of the 3,380 allegations of wrongdoing referred to the Iraq Historical Allegations Team.[ IHAT ].
Another arrogant, lying Socialist, scumbag. His daughters are colluding in the fraudulent misapplication of funds; they should go to prison too.


Iraqis Blamed British Soldiers Not Yanks Because We Are Easier To Defraud [ 3 July 2017 ]
Iraqis who allegedly suffered abuse at the hands of US troops were told to instead blame it on British armed forces who were an 'easy target', it was claimed last night. According to a whistle-blower who was employed by the law firm Leigh Day, agents for the firm pursued claims which were known to be false as the Ministry of Defence could be cheated easily, the Sun reported.

The source added that while Iraqi citizens were abused by American forces, they could not sue them so changed their claims to target Britain – they were paid a minimum of £150,000 for their detention by British troops. The claimants went on to splash the cash on travel and cars, it was claimed.

Claims were processed through a Manchester-based Iraqi named Mazin Younis who owned the translation firm OSW Multilingual..........

The MoD paid out £20million in compensation to more than 300 Iraqi claimants to avoid court hearings and spent more than £100million on legal fees..........

'We have provided evidence that has led to one lawyer being struck off for abusing the legal system and have announced the closure of IHAT.'
£20 million is lotsa money for shepherds and camel drivers, well worth a few lies.



Phil Shiner ex Wiki
Philip Joseph Shiner
(born 25 December 1956) is a British former human rights solicitor who has been Professor in Practice Law at Middlesex University since 2014. He was Head of Strategic Litigation at Public Interest Lawyers (International) from 2014 until the firm's closure on 31 August 2016. He had previously been Principal at Public Interest Lawyers Ltd from 1999 to 2014. He was struck off the roll of solicitors in England and Wales in 2017 over misconduct relating to false abuse claims against British troops.[1][2]

Early life and career
Shiner was educated at the University of Birmingham (LLB, 1978) and the University of Warwick (LLM, 1985).[3] He was an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Warwick from 1999 to 2004, an Honorary Professor of Law at London Metropolitan University from 2005 to 2013 and a Visiting Fellow at the London School of Economics from 2005 to 2013. In July 2012, he was awarded an honorary law doctorate by the University of Kent.[4]

Shiner was named human rights lawyer of the year in 2004, an award given jointly by the human rights organisations Liberty and JUSTICE, for "his tremendous skill, tenacity and dedication to fighting for justice".[5] In 2007, he was named the Law Society's solicitor of the year.[5] From 2004 to 2014 he was a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper.[6]

Misconduct findings against him

Shiner had "led the pursuit of legal claims against British troops for their treatment of Iraqi detainees after the 2003 invasion".[7] The law firm, Public Interest Lawyers (PIL), of which he was the only director and the owner of 100% of its shares (and which subsequently closed down in August 2016), was "instrumental in passing on about 65% of the 3,392 allegations received by" the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat).[7]

Early courtroom successes for him in the Baha Mousa case were followed by controversy about other allegations, "the most serious of which turned out to be wholly untrue".[7] He claimed that "UK soldiers had captured, tortured and murdered innocent Iraqi civilians after the Battle of Danny Boy near Amara in 2004".[7] In 2014, a report by the Al-Sweady Inquiry showed that the dead "had been members of the Mahdi army militia, who ambushed a British patrol and were killed in exchanges of gunfire. Shiner subsequently admitted paying an Iraqi middleman to find claimants, a practice that is in breach of professional standards".[7]

Admissions and defence
Shiner was charged before a tribunal of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, but did not attend its two-day hearing, after telling it in writing that "he was unwell and could not afford to pay for a defence lawyer".[7] He 'admitted eight allegations of acting without integrity, including that he made “unsolicited direct approaches” to potential clients',[7] and he also admitted 'another allegation of acting recklessly'.[7] Andrew Tabachnik, prosecuting for the Solicitors Regulation Authority, said that 'Shiner’s defence to the dishonesty charges ... was effectively: "I was not in full control of my mental faculties at this time and I didn’t know right from wrong and what I am doing.”'[7]

Findings against him

The tribunal found him "guilty of multiple professional misconduct charges, including dishonesty and lack of integrity".[7] Twenty two "misconduct charges ... were proved to the criminal standard of beyond reasonable doubt. Two other charges were left to lie on the file."[7]

Sentence against him
By February 2017, the tribunal of the Solicitors Regulation Authority had him struck off as a solicitor, and also ordered him to "pay for the full costs of the prosecution, starting with an interim downpayment of £250,000".[7]

Other consequences
By the time he was struck off in February 2017, Ihat "had fewer than 250 active investigations".[7] About a week later Britain's Defence Secretary Michael Fallon announced that Ihat would soon be shut down, largely due to the exposing of Shiner's "dishonesty".[8]

When welcoming the decision to strike him off, the chief executive of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Paul Philip, stated: “His misconduct has caused real distress to soldiers, their families and to the families of Iraqi people who thought that their loved ones had been murdered or tortured. More than £30m of public funds were spent on investigating what proved to be false and dishonest allegations."[7]

Shiner's disgrace also resulted in criticism by former army officers of Baroness Chakrabarti, the Labour Party's shadow attorney general. Johnny Mercer MP, a retired Army captain, chided her for "an almost child-like understanding of military operations" and for "trying to retrospectively apply European Human Rights Law to the battlefield ". Richard Kemp, a retired Army colonel and commander of the first Task Force Helmand in Afghanistan in 2003, accused Baroness Chakrabarti of being "one of [Shiner's] greatest supporters" before his downfall, and of "helping him lose his way" as a result of such support. He said that she had been saddened by Shiner's downfall and had said that, before apparently "losing his way", he had "given good service to the public" and "did some very good work that has been upheld by a judicial inquiry into, for example, the torture and killing of Baha Mousa in Iraq."[9]


Phil Shiner ex Wikispooks
Phil Shiner was a reputed lawyer who worked on issues concerning international, environmental and human rights law. He founded Public Interest Lawyers, which pursued a range of human rights legal cases of national significance, including some which progressed to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights.[citation needed] After a secret tribunal egun [ sic ] in 2016, he was struck off in February 2017 by the Solicitors' Regulatory Authority for "dishonesty".[1]

Phil Shiner reports that he is a committed socialist and the roots of his career as a lawyer are firmly planted in the law centre movement of the eighties. Phil has had a diverse and high profile legal career where he has always acted for the victims of injustices borne of many different circumstances.