Calais is in north-east France and a major ferry port. It is where workers strike for more money will indulging in Sabotage; the very word derives from the French word for clog. They are useful as de facto hammers. The other, far more important issue is the thousands of Illegal Immigrants congregating there to invade England so that they can abuse the dole system.

Black Criminals Trying Break Into England To Rob And Rape [ 25 July 2015 ]
is bribing them to come, just like Blair & Brown. They are Traitors, the Enemy Within. It wouldn't be necessary to hang many blacks or politicians for that matter, before the rest would take the point. Cameron knows that Illegal Aliens Cost Billions. He doesn't care.


Seven In Ten Calais Migrants May Reach England [ 4 August 2015 ]
As many as seven in ten migrants in Calais may be reaching the UK, police figures suggest, as their attempts to cross the Channel appear to be becoming more organised. Research by French authorities estimates that 70 per cent of those who are “processed” in Calais are no longer there four months later.
The French don't really care. Once they are in England they are no longer defiling la belle France.


Blacks In Calais Being Incited By Leftists [ 6 August 2015 ]
British far-left activists are “manipulating migrants” to stage mass intrusions into the Channel Tunnel and provoke violent clashes with security forces they depict as “savages”, French police have claimed. The accusations came two days after a French officer was treated for face wounds after being struck by a rock apparently thrown by a Sudanese migrant in the first such incident inside the Eurotunnel site to date. Migrants made around 1,700 attempts on Sunday night to penetrate the Eurotunnel premises in a bid to get to England.

The previous night, an “organised” group of around 200 migrants tried to “walk” to the UK via the Channel Tunnel, tearing down outer fences and charging past police with tear gas, chanting: “Open the borders!’”..........
Given that various bishops are inciting Illegal Immigration it is all too likely that les flics are right.


BBC Incites Sympathy For Illegal Immigrants In Calais [ 8 August 2015 ]
The BBC is a Marxist propaganda machine, part of The Enemy Within.


Calais Blacks Rape English Sympathiser [ 11 August 2015 ]
The woman was reporting on illegal immigration from France to Britain and police believe the attack was carried by some of the men she intended to write about in the northern France port. Detectives described the attack as being of a "particularly brutal nature". Some 100 would-be immigrants to Britain were rounded up by a force of French riot police and are being questioned as potential witnesses.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was described as "a London student who had travelled to France to highlight problems surrounding clandestine immigration." A local police spokesman added: "She appeared to be working alone, which was clearly a very dangerous thing to do........

In 2005 a gang of would-be immigrants was implicated in the rape of a resident of Oye-Plage, near Calais.
Another leftie gets bludgeoned by reality. Now she knows that Rape is fun - for the perpetrators. Perhaps she has found out that Third World invaders have turned Malmö into the Rape Capital Of Scandinavia.


Caring Brits Help Illegal Immigrants At Calais - The Guardian Praises The Well Meaning [ 20 August 2015 ]
Packing up a van and heading to Calais: a homemade humanitarian mission

A growing number of Britons with no previous aid experience are travelling to France, moved by the plight of refugees. The Guardian follows one woman’s journey to Calais with tents, clothing and donated wash bags.
Compassion in action this day, according to The Guardian. It does not bother to mention the career criminals going over there to import blacks for money. Sums around £2,000 have been mentioned. Being cash in hand means that it is Free Trading. Your accountant will confirm that there are significant advantages in the tax position. The reality is that the well meaning have fallen for the Western Guilt story. It is Pathological Altruism destroying us. The Guardian colludes because it is a Marxist propaganda machine marketing Ethnic Fouling In England & the rest of Western Civilization.


Calais Criminal Invasion Force [ 20 September 2015 ]
The Telegraph
tells the truth after a fashion. Blacks in the Calais camp are all men, young, vigorous and vicious. Other propagandists pretend there are women and children as well. These would be invaders are not refugees because they have already reached a 'safe' country, which is to say France or any other European country for that matter. They want to get to England to rob us.


Calais Immigrants Are Vicious, Armed Rapists [ 26 September 2015 ]
The women stand covering their faces in a small group and holding up signs while under a motorway bridge on the outskirts of Calais. Behind them is the Jungle camp – a wasteland where around 4,000 asylum seekers [ i.e. Illegal Immigrants ] live and the place just 333 women and 123 children now call home. On the road above them, articulated lorries speed by, carrying freight bound for England. Many of these women have spent their nights on this road, trying to scramble on board vans, cars and trucks. They have all failed.
Real refugees stop at the first 'safe' country they come to. France is safe. This lot are Illegal Immigrants, scroungers  on the make, wanting free medicine, free housing free dole. Jeremy Corbyn will give them what they want - if he gets the chance.


Vicious Criminals Invading Europe   [ 23 September 2015 ]  Actually it is not that bad; it is worse. They are idle, vicious, full of hate & disease. To be fair the Islamics among them have strong views about the Homosexual community - they involve castration & beheadings. Who wants them? Cameron, the Traitor, the curse of England. See the next one.


  [ 23 September 2015 ] 

Why does the British National Party get abused? Because it is not run by  Traitors. What kind of alien do they want? See the next few.


Calais 'jungle': migrants set tents on fire as riot police attempt to evict hundreds from camp [ 1 March 2016 ]
These 'refugees', these 'victims' are vicious criminals on the make. Cameron's bribes are the major attraction. Then there is the fun of being able to Rape English girls & go Scot free.


Migrants Storm Macedonia Border With Greece  [ 1 March 2016 ]
They are not just criminals, they are vicious too.


Calais Criminal Slum Before And After




Islamics? Yes. Criminals? Yes. None of them are looking for safety. They want to rob us.

Notice that they are all men of fighting age. They look surly and stupid too.


Children's' Commissioner Incites French To Inflict More Juvenile Delinquents On England [ 8 April 2016 ]
Dozens of children ‘disappear’ from the Jungle in Calais

Anne Longfield, the Children's Commissioner for England, has written to French authorities after it was revealed that 129 lone children had gone missing since part of the Jungle camp in Calais was dismantled. She asked France to speed up processing in the cases of dozens of children who are on their own and claiming asylum and could be eligible to come into the UK.

Charities identified children as young as ten who had fled war torn countries such as Syria and may be entitled to asylum in Britain under the Dublin III Regulation, whereby children can have their claims.........
The Children's Commissioner for England has responsibilities for England as distinct from Illegal Immigrants in Calais, France.
PS Their publicity front man is Oliver Berman, the Jew [ probability > 99.9% ] who helped another Jew  Sue Berelowitz get away with "knowing nothing" about Pakistani Perverts raping children when it was her responsibility to protect them in Rotherham.


Calais Criminals Smash Up Paris Metro [ 16 April 2016 ]
Over 1,000 nonwhite invaders—Eritreans, Sudanese, and Afghanis—smashed up the famous Stalingrad Metro station in northeast Paris in a drink and drug-fueled orgy over the night of April 14/15, police have reported.

The invaders—all moved by the French government from the Calais “Jungle” to Paris—started rioting after police arrested one of the nonwhites for being drunk and disorderly. The other invaders—all of whom claim to be fleeing “war” and “violence” then attacked the police, bystanders, and finally each other in a series of massive brawls which carried on for hours........

The area has seen a huge influx of nonwhite invaders, forcibly moved from the Calais area where they have engaged in endless attacks upon motorists, trucks, and truckers in repeated attempts to get to Britain.
These are the vicious thugs that Cameron wants to import. Aren't we lucky? No! Is Cameron a Traitor, the Enemy Within? Yes!


Left Winger Shot By 'Refugee' In Calais [ 29 May 2016 ]
A liberal refugee-helper volunteer was shot in the face by a nonwhite invader during this week’s tribal warfare between Afghans and Sudanese in Calais's “Jungle,” French news reports have revealed.

In addition, at least four other liberals, all working in the “Jungle,” and the “Doctors without Borders” offices were attacked during the rampage by the “peace-seeking refugees.”

At least one of the tribesmen—an Afghan—has been killed in the fighting, and another 40 hospitalized after the clashes broke out late this week. Sporadic fighting has continued into the weekend................

At least five of the liberals were wounded in the violence, including one woman who was seriously injured after apparently receiving a gunshot wound to the face, the paper added.........

One Ethiopian was badly burned by the arson attacks in the camp, suffering 70 percent burn wounds to his body. He was airlifted to the Lille University Hospital for treatment........

The dead invader, a 25-year-old Afghan, is the twenty-sixth such death recorded in Calais since June 2015.
These 'refugees', these alleged victims are vicious, dangerous perpetrators on the make. Are the Main Stream Media telling us the truth or are they Propaganda machines run by the Enemy Within?

Calais is where it all happens; rape murder, robbery, you name it - but they are ALL victims on the run from nasty, rough people.

Calais criminals carry on the way they intend to carry on in England.


Third World Invaders Attacking At Calais [ 3 August 2016 ]
The hordes of Third World invaders massing at the French port of Calais turned violent once again last night, attacking vehicles and burning at least one passing truck.

The invaders blocked roads with trash, and tried to force their way into vehicles heading for Britain in a night of mayhem, local activists reported.

According to the Les Calaisiens en Colere group, at least one truck was set alight by a gang of nonwhite invaders after it failed to stop for them and allow them to board...........

Their normal modus operandi is to smash open the doors of trucks which are moving slowly and force their way in, hoping to avoid detection at the border control point.

The invader violence is an indication that the French government’s attempts to close down the Calais Jungle have been a failure, as by all indications, the number of nonwhites illegally present in the area has actually grown over the past few months.
They are vicious, they are greedy, they are being bribed by Cameron with the dole, free medicine, free everything including Illegal Immigrant Housing. They get priority over English people. Theresa May could stop the bribes & see the problem shrink dramatically. Will she? Does she want to? We will see.

What are the Main Stream Media telling us about this? Not a lot. They are part of the problem.


Calais Criminals Smash Tourists' Cars For Fun [ 16 August 2016 ]
The sister-in-law of a motorist whose car was seriously damaged has claimed the attackers were migrants using bats and knives in Calais.........

Meanwhile, locals living near the French port city have also warned drivers to avoid the area and have reportedly said migrants are not checking whether children are inside the vehicles before they attack them.

Ms Mayla posted photographs of her brother-in-law's vehicle and wrote that it sustained more than £435 worth of damage when it was set upon by '15 migrants' who carried out the attack 'just for fun'..........

........... reports US news site Breitbart.
Why go through Calais in the first place? It's heaving with criminals. There are other ports. Flying is another option.


Calais Criminals Attack Again [ 3 September 2016 ]
Riot police have once again been forced to fire tear gas at migrants attempting to ambush UK-bound traffic in Calais. Hundreds of refugees living in the sprawling Calais Jungle camp were pushed back on Thursday after they reportedly tried to access the motorway that leads to the port. The lengths migrants are going to in their desperate bid to get to Britain have reportedly escalated in recent weeks as The Jungle population continues to swell.

There has been an escalation in the disorder with reports of gangs using trees to block roads before masked men wielding sticks threaten motorists that stop.
Live ammunition works better than tear gas. The major cause is the bribes that Her Majesty's Government gives them, free medicine, free food, etc. Illegal Immigrant Housing is far better than anything that we get. In fact the criminals get absolute preference. They also use fraud to get in - see the next one.


French Truck Drivers Will Blockade Calais Unless British Government Stops Fining Them For Importing Third World Criminals [ 4 September 2016 ]
Truckers in Calais are threatening to extend a blockade to the port and Eurotunnel next week unless Britain stops fining drivers whose vehicles are found to contain migrant stowaways. Motorists hoping to cross the Channel in either direction have been advised to avoid Calais on Monday, when hundreds of lorries will converge along the A16 motorway leading to the port and totally block the entry road, joined by tractors driven by farmers irate at seeing their land trampled by migrants and police.
Bribing Third World criminals & parasites to invade England is government policy & practice. It is also madness or Treason. Closing Calais is one answer. Another & better is shooting invaders. It would generate lots of publicity. Marxists could be trusted to make a fuss, which would discourage blacks, browns, yellows, whatever.


Illegal Immigrants In Calais Sell Sex [ 25 September 2016 ]
Female migrants are selling sex to pay for their entry into the UK with sex, according to a leaked report.

The confidential National Crime Agency (NCA) memo also states the sexual abuse of children is rife in the squalid Jungle camps in Calais.  It cites a Unicef report that warned unaccompanied children worked for months in 'near slave-like conditions' and that 'sexual abuse appears to have been commonplace'.
ALL of them are criminals on the make. They are not looking for a 'safe' country; they are looking for free housing, free medicine, free everything including free Rape opportunities. They are offered by the Labour Party, especially in Rotherham.


French Police Use Tear Gas On Racist Brits In Calais [ 6 October 2016 ]
Ten officers were injured in Northern France as protesters - who said they were expressing solidarity with migrants - hurled stones at riot police in a nasty confrontation that lasted three hours.
Rent A Mob in action again. They are the kind of self-righteous little swine who know how to run our lives better than we do. Socialism starts with Altruism, sympathy for the weak then briskly becomes hate for the presumptive oppressors. Pathological Altruism is dangerous & contra-survival.


French Don't Want Calais Criminals Either [ 9 October 2016 ]
French villagers are protesting the arrival of migrants who are being dispersed around the country as the government shuts down the slum-like camp in Calais that has become a flashpoint in Europe's migrant crisis. Competing rallies were being held Saturday in Pierrefeu in southeast France.

It comes after Calais officials say they will be starting the process of bulldozing the sprawling camp within nine days.
Genuine refugees stop at the first "safe" country they get to. France is safe. So is Afghanistan according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees see e.g. Pakistan Expelling 3 Million Afghan Refugees - Media Suppress Facts & Truth. The chancers invading us are criminals on the make. Perhaps the French should recall La Resistance, opposing an enemy government. Her Majesty's Government is inciting these Third World parasites by bribing them with free medicine, free education, free and superior Housing; it goes on. It is why Illegal Aliens Cost Billions but the government doesn't care; they are using our money, not theirs.


Theresa May Imports Third World 'Children' [ 18 October 2016 ]
The first Calais 'children' arrive in Britain: Migrants who claim to be aged 14 to 17 are reunited with their families in the UK as French prepare to demolish Jungle camp 

The first migrant children have arrived in Britain from Calais as a fast-track system is launched to move youngsters from the Jungle camp before it is demolished.

Fourteen children  [ who are allegedly ] aged 14 to 17 arrived by coach at the head office of UK Visas and Immigration in Croydon, south London, to register with the Home Office........

A number of other 'at-risk' unaccompanied children are also allowed following the Dubs Amendment to the Immigration Act that was passed in May.............

Children who are eligible to come to the UK under the Dubs Amendment to the Immigration Act 2016 must be supported in France while their cases are considered.
Dubs is a Jew from Czechoslovakia. He would doubtless claim that he is not an enemy alien intent on the Ethnic Fouling Of England. Believe of him what you will.
PS Notice that all of these "children" are men of fighting age; old enough to rape, old enough to kill. There is not a woman among them.
PPS The Mail's readers aren't fool enough to believe they are not men and vicious at that.

This "child" should be immediately locked up in a lunatic asylum.

A "boy" or an arrogant chancer who has been allowed to get away with it?

A cocky little swine with new opportunities for rape and robbery.

The Red Cross woman looks vicious too.


Calais 'Children' Are Battle Hardened Alleges Home Office [ 18 October 2016 ]
The Home Office has taken the point that people are not stupid enough to believe their lies about 17 year old "children"; it is still importing more Third World criminals to fill up the Trojan Horses.


Afghan Woman Raped By Poor, Hard Done-By Armed Victims In Calais [ 18 October 2016 ]


Calais Criminals Back Already [ 27 October 2016 ]
The French government’s attempts to raze the Calais Jungle are unravelling as hundreds of nonwhite invaders are already returning to the town, refusing to accept France’s offer of “asylum.”

At the same time, the British government’s willingness to take in a never-ending stream of lying “refugees” pretending to be children continues to serve as a magnet to the invading hordes.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart warned that the demolition of the Jungle was having little impact, saying that the invaders “are continuing to arrive in Calais even today.”.......... The latest “demolition” promises therefore, to be as useless as the previous three..........

“For the last three years life has been hell in Calais. When the government says it will clear all migrants out of Calais, it is a lie. This is happening during the campaign (for the presidential election in six months).”.......

She said the invaders were “likely to try to establish other camps” elsewhere in the Calais area. This was confirmed by journalists from the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper, who spoke to an invader from Afghanistan, named Ali, who told that newspaper that he was packing to go to the “next Jungle.”
Theresa May is allowing the importation. She knows they are liars & criminals. She is carrying on bribery to incite them. She could stop them if she wanted. She hasn't so she doesn't.


Calais Criminals Are Vicious Rioters [ 3 November 2016 ]
They all pretend to be unaccompanied children but they are parasites, men of fighting age to boot. What they will do FOR England or TO it if Theresa May lets them in? Help destroy it.


Third World 'Refugee' Was A Lying Thief Fornicating With A Married Charity Boss [ 22 January 2017 ]
To those who crossed his path in the Calais Jungle, he cut a sympathetic figure as a young Syrian refugee hoping to cross the Channel to start a new life free from fear and persecution. With his easy charm and near-perfect English, Mohamed Bajjar bridged the yawning gap between the refugees and the British volunteers trying to help them.

Before long, the 27-year-old had become a leading light within one charity,  Care4Calais, and a near-constant presence at the side of its married founder, Clare Moseley. Their relationship, it was reported this week, became romantic and he and 46-year-old former accountant Mrs Moseley embarked on a year-long affair while he worked as her translator and bodyguard.

The liaison, which is said to have ended acrimoniously this month with Mrs Moseley accusing Bajjar — known as ‘Kimo’ — of trying to con her out of thousands of pounds, has embroiled the charity in a highly damaging scandal, not least because of its strict ‘no sex with refugees’ policy.
The Arab is a corrupt rogue from the Barbary Coast where Slaving was a just a business opportunity; now they are smuggling them north instead. She is a fool driven by lechery and Pathological Altruism assisting in Ethnic Fouling.
PS The Wikipedia has not written up this tale of corruption and evil.


Why Jews Want Anti-Israel Immigrants [ 22 January 2017 ]
The Main Stream Media predicts Donald J. Trump will appeal for “national unity” in his Inaugural Address this Friday, but they’ve been mistaken before. One way he could wrong-foot the Narrative: by announcing an immediate pause in “refugee” admissions, currently surging, to be followed by a zero quota for the next fiscal year—something that, by a legal quirk, he has absolute authority to do. There would be hysteria, in which the major Jewish organizations would, almost certainly, join. My question: why would they do that?.................

But what rational calculations might lead Jewish organizations to promote the refugee invasion of Europe?

As reflected in their statements, first and foremost is the perception that racially-conscious, racially-homogeneous Germany turned against Jews during the National Socialist period; and that other European and European-derived countries (such as the U.S.) failed eagerly to accept Jewish refugees. Lack of racial/ethnic homogeneity in diaspora countries is therefore seen as making Jews safer (see, e.g., here, p. 246)...................

The only real cloud on the horizon: the possibility that Leftist political parties, powered by non-Whites and White Social Justice Warriors, will become hostile toward Israel. Thus Muslims in the UK typically end up making alliances with White Leftists critical of Israel. The Labour Party is now dependent on MSM power, Muslim votes and Jewish donors—but Jewish money has been deserting as Labour takes an ever more critical view of Israel............

Notice that such a shift in Jewish attitudes on immigration would not be the result of low-level street crime and occasional acts of terrorism, but because of a possible loss of political control—because Muslim votes are having an effect on nationwide policy that affects Jewish interests.

To the Jewish Establishment, that is indeed very worrying.
In short, Jews hate us and fear us more than the Third World savages they are importing.


Desperate Refugee Children Of Calais Are Being Betrayed By Our Bungling Government [ 9 February 2017 ]
No wonder the British people don’t believe a word this Government says on immigration.

The reasons were writ large this week when, after we agreed [ Wrong - when they  agreed ] to take [ allegedly ] vulnerable children from the Calais jungle camp – kids at huge risk from slavery, sex exploitation and drugs – many of those who arrived were hulking great blokes with wrinkles and a five o’clock shadow.

The Home Office tried to insult our intelligence by claiming these men only looked older because living in a war zone had aged them. It then tried to cover up the fact they hadn’t checked claims these “children” had family here to care for them. Now we’ve learned many don’t, so local authorities will have to care for them until they’re 25...... 

And I don’t blame them for trying to get into Britain for a better life [ i.e. enhanced opportunities to rape and rob - Editor ].
Notice that all of these alleged children are men, not women; further they are men of fighting age. They are not victims they are perpetrators. We are being set up as their victims by way of Trojan Horses & Treason.

Boy, man or battle hardened lunatic?


British Government Will Let In 350 "Child Refugees" [ 9 February 2017 ]
Britain will only take in 350 child refugees of the 3,000 campaigners wanted because cash-strapped councils have run out of space...............

And No 10 defended the decision to effectively close the scheme, saying child refugees required specialist treatment and there was a 'limit' to the capacity for local authorities to provide that level of care.
These alleged children are not just men of fighting age or even battled hardened veterans. They are more likely refugees from the International Criminal Court, from its war crimes tribunal.

They might be Russian Spetsnaz or Red Army rapists. We are being betrayed again.

This is the comedian who arranged for these criminal infiltrators to be imported, one who is all there when it comes abusing expenses. Don't be deceived by the face. Alf Dubs is a Fabian & Jew from Czechoslovakia, who is NOT arranging Illegal Immigration into Israel. They don't want enemy aliens foisted on them.


Calais Mayor Bans Feeding Third World Invaders [ 5 March 2017 ]
Charities expressed outrage on Friday as the mayor of French port Calais, which has symbolised Europe’s refugee crisis, signed a ban on gatherings that could stop aid groups distributing meals to migrants and refugees.

A decree published on Thursday said the Calais authority believed that handing out meals at the site of the former “jungle” migrant camp was one reason for a rise in ethnic tensions and conflict between rival groups of migrants.

The decree, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, said food distribution by charities had led to large numbers of people gathering at the site of the now-closed camp, with fights breaking out and risks posed to the safety of local residents.

It did not expressly ban food distribution, but said it was “necessary to ban all gatherings” at the site and banned people from entering it. The decree said gatherings tended to take place “after the distribution of meals to migrants”.
These "charities" are criminal organisations which have smuggled thousands of Third World parasites across the Mediterranean. See Charity And Crime. One gang, Save The Children is run by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minster of Denmark. They have de facto immunity from prosecution. If Theresa May wanted to stop them she would stop giving them refuge, free housing etc. Blair, Brown, Cameron et al did not but then they are Traitors.
PS The Jew George Soros is funding anti-civilization operations like Illegal Immigration.


Calais Criminal Invaders Attacking [ 18 June 2017 ]
Police reinforcements including at least 150 riot control officers have been drafted into Calais as UK-bound migrants set up burning roadblocks to stop lorries. They use the motorway obstructions to get lorries heading to England to stop, so they can climb aboard and hide until reaching their destination. The tactics have been used at least three times in as many weeks, with images shot in the early hours of June 9 showing rubble and branches piled up on the A16 in Calais.

A Polish HGV driver who regularly travels between his home country and Britain posted a video of the incident online, and it shows gangs of mainly young men running along the busy road brandishing weapons and trying to climb into lorries.
It is government policy to allow Third World parasites into the country. It is also policy to pretend that they are trying to stop them. The Main Stream Media are Propaganda machines colluding with smugglers. The one who get in are paid very handsomely by the standards of Kinshasa and many other Hellholes.


Illegal Immigrants Foiled 30 Thousand Times At Calais  [ 9 August 2017 ]
Those are just the known attempted crimes. Those who succeeded are different. Stopping them is simple enough; stop bribing them to come using with free medicine, free housing etc. Hanging some would get lots of publicity, making it even more effective.