Political Subversion

Democracy means that the people rule their own country. Representative democracy is different. It means that the representatives rule; that they can misrepresent people. Thus democracy can be perverted. It is perverted. The Long March Through The Institutions has succeeded. Countries can be controlled by taking over political parties. That is what the Puppet Masters do. Perhaps not all of them are Zionist crazies but I can't think of any others, Lenin's Useful Idiots apart. Some are just chancers on the make. English politics have been subverted. Here are examples.

British National Party
Nick Griffin, the leader got abused on the grounds of being a nationalist. The Establishment ignores the fraud et cetera because Griffin has broken the party.


English Defence League
The leader sounded all right about Islamics then suddenly went the other way. Fool, rogue or blackmail victim? Pass. He is totally discredited. Another nationalist outfit is broken.


Front National
Is run by Marine le Pen. Her father was a sound sort of chap but she panders to Zionist crazies.


Conservative Party
Were the natural party of government and nominally for small government and freedom. It gets called the stupid party and proved it by losing to post Marxists posing as the Labour Party. They still have not worked out what happened to them or why. Being infiltrated by Conservative 'Friends' of Israel is the Kiss of Death for honest government.
PS It gets worse. Now [ April 2010 ] the party is run by Cameron, a crypto-communist. He is destroying the party by filling it with blacks, Asians, homosexuals and other undesirables. See more on this from Sean Gabb at Conservative Party As Quislings.


Labour Party
Was the party of the honest working man. Now it is the party of the thieving Third World dole bludger. They are bribed to vote Labour using Illegal Immigrant Housing. But the party is run by corrupt politicians. Not all of them are Jews. We have our very own criminals. Blair is only one of them. It has been infiltrated by the Hard Left & the Ultra-left as well as Zionist crazies.