Population Dynamics

Population Dynamics boil down to three important areas. Immigration both legal and illegal into civilized countries,  the emigration of jobs to outside countries and the failure of young people to have families. The second has some benefits. The first imports disease, ignorance, hatred and cheap labour; it doesn't stay cheap. The pressure not to have babies comes from Feminists and finance. Who can afford a mortgage these days? Do the Puppet Masters controlling politicians, immigration,  Multiculturalism, the Main Stream Media, finance and Feminism understand the effects? Undoubtedly. Do they push them in Palestine, the Stolen Land, the one that they call Israel? No chance. They are keen on Ethnic Cleansing and have nothing to learn from Adolf. They have the de facto connivance of the rulers of England, North America, Europe, indeed the whole of Western Civilization. It starts with Ethnic Fouling then becomes Genocide. In America their conduct is treason. They are in grave breach of their Oaths of Office and their duty to uphold the Constitution.

Because movements are medium and long term changes it is easy not to notice, specially if the media are trying to convince you that it is a good thing or a non-issue. Here are some news items bearing on the subject. You might see that the problem is major and getting worse. The pressures build up over years and there is an outburst and we all pretend that we are surprised. The most recent example of race hatred and the media suppression of the truth was in New Orleans. Before you think that was a one off, remember back to 1992 Los Angeles riots, 1967 Detroit Riot, 1967 Newark riots and the 1965 Watts Riot. Read this critically and think whether they are taking it down the middle. Then decide for yourself.

Does the whole thing matter? Yes. England was a great country, full of Englishmen and proud of its achievements. Now it is being infiltrated by foreigners who care not. Indeed they hate England and hate us. The same is happening in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. That is to say in every decent country. You might ask who wants it to happen, who allows it, who makes it and why. See Ethnic Fouling on the point.

The ‘Reafricanization’ of the West
In spite of the title this is a good analysis of the pressures driving our birthrate down by Roger Devlin. He does not mention directly that house prices have made starting a family impossible for ordinary young couples. But what is the worldwide outlook? See the next one. Africans breed like flies then they want out; they want civilization, free housing, free everything. Western governments give it to them.


Population Predictions For 1950 To 2100



Population Changes
People are breeding less; women are having fewer children. This effect has been going for some years. The good new is that blacks are slowing down even more. Hispanics too. We are not going to be overrun just yet, corrupt politicians notwithstanding.


Tesco Says Population Is At Least 77 Million
Tesco sells food. They know how  much people buy, how much they eat. Divide one by the other to know the truth that people do not put on census forms. In fact their understanding is a lot more sophisticated.

Mr. Baker's follow up article explains the effect on the housing market. See Alimentary my dear Watson


Demography Is Destiny
If people do not have children they die out. Can it happen? It is going on in England NOW!


Its the Demography Stupid
Mark Steyn explains and explains well. White women are not having babies. We are being drowned in a tide of black and brown Third World third raters.


Population Environment  Propaganda
Europeans are dying out. Greenies approve big time. So do various other enemies. Robert Henderson explains.


Population Pyramids
England is dying. It is that simple and tragic. The fact is ignored by the Main Stream Media and caused by Her Majesty's Government, as vicious a bunch of rogues as any who  graced a gallows.

But blacks and browns are breeding like flies while Russia dies along with the rest of Christendom. Population Pyramids shows the grisly reality.


Our wonderful politicians show every sign of wanting illegal immigration. Withdrawing the border patrols from the Mexican border encourages it. It is meant to. It works. Give illegals superior rights, government housing, legal fees, advice on how to get away with it and see them react by pouring in bringing disease, crime, witchcraft [ fact not fiction ], alien religions and hate.


Populations, Species and Evolution
Is more like The Origin of the Species; a top down look from Ernst Mayr a first class biologist rather than a political view.




New Orleans Special [ September 2005 ]
See some of the articles and some of the pictures.


Volkswagen could cut 10,000 German jobs [ 4 September 2005 ]
This is just as much a tragedy as Katrina but it happens slowly. 10,000 FAMILIES are going to suffer while foreigners are being imported to do low grade jobs or become dole bludgers.


New Orleans - a Requiem [ 4 September 2005 ]
It was a dangerous place anyway. Is it worth rebuilding? We are still not being told the people story, that is the looting, rape, murder,  cannibalism  and race hatred [see New Orleans Special ]. Agendas matter.


Whites in New Orleans are Facing Rape and Genocide at the Hands of Black Mobs [ 3 September 2005 ]
It is not quite genocide but it is murder and racially motivated. This is multiculturalism in action with the benefit of an almost total news black out. Agendas are operational in Orleans and news rooms.


Chinese Politics Arrive in New Zealand [ 3 September 2005 ]
Extortion, murder, narcotics, whatever. Get enough Chinese together and they start acting like Chinamen. One career criminal has just come unstuck.


Cannibalism in New Orleans [ 3 September 2005 ]
It is reported that black hurricane victims in New Orleans have begun eating corpses to survive. Four days after the storm, thousands of blacks in New Orleans are dying like dogs. No-one has come to help them.
It sounds reasonable to me as long as the corpse is fresh and there is one way of making sure; do your own killing. This is unauthenticated but then communications are out, so most of it is word of mouth.


Al-Qaida claims London bombing   [ 2 September 2005 ]
Blair gets the blame and quite rightly. He claimed that he was shocked that men born in England would attack us. Naive, ill informed or a liar; take your pick.


Asians becoming more isolated as urban ghettoes grow [ 1 September 2005 ]
Do they want to integrate? Should they integrate? Should they be here? Do they make England a better place?


New Orleans - a disaster area [ 1 September 2005 ]
The damage is humungous. Deaths are in the hundreds minimum but the looting is going well. Rescue helicopters were fired on - presumably by looters. The Telegraph does not take a big position on who is doing the looting but their little photo is indicative.


The Colour of Crime  [ 31 August 2005 ]
We are supposed to pretend that we didn't notice or that it isn't true but the Graun has had a fit of honesty and told us that:-
Three-quarters of those murdered or maimed in shootings in London are black, as are 80% of those who pull the triggers.

Overall gun crimes recorded by the police rose by 6% in England and Wales during 2004/5. There were just under 11,000 incidents.


Zimbabwe votes for final steps to seize white farms [ 31 August 2005 ]
Racism is just fine when it happens to white men. It is only when it is the other way round that howls of protest go up. The Indy does not even use the word in this article.  There will be a lot of blacks as well as white men there who wish that Sir Ian Smith was still running the place even though the left hated him.


Brazil, Russia, India and China to outdo Europe and the US [ 30 August 2005 ]
They are in a hurry. They have the hunger and the drive. We are lazy and have too many parasites. See also The American Economy is Destroying Itself


Black bishop attacks Church racism     [  29 August 2005 ]
Infiltration by homosexuals with agendas is bad news.  Promoting blacks with agendas is bad too. The Church of England no longer believes in England or the church. It is just  a bunch of squabbling factions and the punters are walking away. Do any of them qualify as Christians?


FO warned Blair that war was fuelling Muslim anger   [ 29 August 2005 ]
When our home grown terrorists made a big bang on 7/7 Blair claimed that he was shocked. He shouldn't have been. If he was not lying  he was naive.


Top 25 Most Dangerous Cities 2004   [ 28 August 2005 ]
Planning that holiday in America? Plan your way round Miami, at number 2 and Little Rock where Clinton was, at a less dangerous 23. Motown  almost makes it as the most exciting. If you know your America you will see that it all ties in neatly with the demographics and, whisper it, the colour of the inmates. You could settle for Margate or Phuket.
1 Camden, NJ
2 Detroit, MI
3 Atlanta, GA
4 St. Louis, MO
5 Gary, IN
6 Washington, DC
7 Hartford, CT
8 New Orleans, LA
9 Richmond, VA
10 Birmingham, AL
11 Baltimore, MD
12 Richmond, CA
13 Memphis, TN
14 Jackson, MS
15 Tampa, FL
16 San Bernardino, CA
17 Compton, CA
18 Springfield, MA
19 Miami, FL
20 Cleveland, OH
21 Dayton, OH


Woman kicked to death by blacks in Oakland, California   [ 28 August 2005 ]
Oh well, cross Oakland off the list too. BTW, the local police only found out about it from the Internet.


Islamic scholar bans suicide attacks  [ 28 August 2005 ]
Perhaps London will do for a holiday - if you can stand the expense, the congestion etc. A lot of Islamics are annoyed about this spoil sport.


Threat state in Oz  [ 27 August 2005 ]
Is about the same as the state in England. Shipping Islamics in is a recipe for trouble. Men have died as a result. Capitalists want cheap labour. Lefties have fallen for the  Western Guilt story line. Zionists encourage both lots - except in Israel, the stolen land.


The American Economy is Destroying Itself [ 27 August 2005 ]
Accountants and managers are driving jobs offshore and with them the men who have the background to innovate. Innovation from offshore means the death of the goose that lays the golden egg and keeps accountants off the dole queue. Thus quoth a real economist.


At least 17 die in Paris apartment fire    [ 26 August 2005 ]
All of them were West Africans. We are not told whether they were illegal immigrants:-
He said the state-owned building, run by the humanitarian organization Emmaus under the direct care of a linked association, France-Euro Habitat, was in a decrepit state. It was infested with rats and mice, walls were cracked, and lead was in the paint that covered them, he claimed. Electricity bills were "exorbitant" for some residents, he said, suggesting that the wiring could be faulty. It was totally unfit."
UNQUOTE ex The Grauniad
Do any of them work for a living - except in the crime industry? They tell us something about the joys of multiculturalism.


Bush might deter illegals     [ 25 August 2005 ]
He has been encouraging them and   millions have taken him at  his word. Now he is looking at his popularity ratings as they sink. An election is in the offing. Blair might pretend to do something too.


Soviet bloc workers flocking to Britain     [ 24 August 2005 ]
Nearly a quarter of a million workers from the east European countries that joined the EU in 2004 have arrived to work in Britain over the past year - more than 15 times the Home Office estimate, official figures showed yesterday. Half the new workers are from Poland.
Believing government estimates is for mugs. They have agendas and our good comes down the line; a bad third after theirs and foreigners. Politicians in Europe don't want them.  Blair is letting them get away with it.


Clarke spells out extremist deportation criteria [ 24 August 2005 ]
His list sounds almost reasonable. It would be if Her Majesty's Government were not  unprincipled and corrupt.


Security risk immigrants 'waved through'   [ 23 August 2005 ]
Waved through in their thousands. Leaky borders are caused by government policy - undeclared but policy none the less. The "Daily Mail" used "inverted commas" to imply that they are merely quoting Migrationwatch for some reason or other.


China awakes?   [ 22 August 2005 ]
Tensions are growing in China. The rich get richer. The poor feel poorer and the corruption is major growth industry. There could be major outbursts. Starting a war to distract the peasants might seem a good idea. Australia and New Zealand need to keep their defence pacts in good working order.


Survivor says illegal migrants locked in sinking boat [ 19 August 2005 ]
Over a hundred punters at US$10,000 each adds up to over that $1 million and sounds like a very useful business opportunity. The tax position makes it that much better. Narcotics might well be easier. They don't complain afterwards.


Think-tank to educate on Islam  [ 18 August 2005 ]
We are dangerously ignorant it seems while they are merely dangerous. Appeasement didn't work with Adolf. Shipping them back makes sense. Keeping the rest out makes sense too.


U.S. seeks massive stock of smallpox vaccine [ 17 August 2005 ]
And the Chinese are building up to a biological attack. See yesterday's main article.


Bush under pressure on influx from Mexico [ 17 August 2005 ]
Bush is importing illegal immigrants and  disease carriers, whence perhaps the smallpox vaccine. He is also gravely in breach of his oath of office in the matter of upholding the Constitution.


Chinese Defence Minister Gives Speech About WAR plans against the United States    [ 16 August 2005 ]
Actually it is America, Canada and Australia. Now the Chinese war minister is sacked. He says that it will be war in 5 to 10 years. They need Lebensraum - that is living space for you non-Nazis.
In it, he spoke openly about China's need for "more living space" and stated bluntly that The United States, Canada and Australia are the only places large enough to    accommodate future Chinese needs.  He notes the need for a quick, effective biological attack upon the U.S. to depopulate it as a prelude to conquest, and plainly states that China is working on genetic bio-weapons to kill everyone except "yellow people."
This is a www.HALTURNERSHOW.COM exclusive. Some one in the know fed him the text verbatim in Chinese and English.


In Praise of Female Sexuality   [ 16 August 2005 ]
If they are showing themselves off from 17 to 23 they are natural and normal. The rest of us are  wrong. It is their business to have babies. Those who leave it have got it wrong. Bringing them up matters too and that means husbands. Paul Sheehan doesn't mention them. He always  writes well.


Global hunt for 20,000 workers   [ 16 August 2005 ]
Australia wants you and there are worse places to be. If you are young, intelligent and fit you are in with a chance. Oz is infested with socialists so it is not free any more. Taxes are high but it is warmer. Far from perfect but about as good as it gets. Fred recommends Mexico if you are retired and know Spanish. See How To Bail To Mexico


Black Rapist Murders 4 In Atlanta Court Breakout [ 16 August 2005 ]
This ran a while ago but we were all too restrained to tell you, the delicate reader what colour he was in case it incited prejudice against our African friends. The Jewish Task Force has a different approach. They seem to think that Afro-Americans are stupid, idle, vicious and deserve what's coming to them. Isn't it awful?


The unintended consequences of multiculturalism [ 15 August 2005 ]
Eskimaux [ plural  of Eskimo ] are big on drugs, petrol sniffing, suicide, dole bludging. These are the benefits of a caring government big on multiculturalism. Unintended consequences as far as the caring are concerned but intended by the intelligent and vicious. Lenin was not a mass murderer by accident. Nor were Mao or Adolf. Destroying a civilization may take time; it also takes brains and malice.


Texas Becomes Fourth State to Have Non-White Majority Population   [ 15 August 2005 ]
It is happening now. It is happening in England too. Is it being reported? Not very much. Are we being told about the wonders of multiculturalism? Yes. Do the tellers thereof live in the affected areas? No chance.


Racism? Not on your life. Islamics attacked. They are known and the police let them get away with it. If Englishmen had done it we would be crying to the heavens about it. The head copper claimed that they take it seriously;  not seriously enough to prosecute though.


How To Bail To Mexico   [ 12 August 2005 ]
If you are getting fed up with England or America, police states, high tax, rapacious divorce courts etc. there is an answer. To get the best out of it learn Spanish. It can't be that hard. Millions of foreigners have.


Britain too soft on extremists, say Muslim allies  [ 12 August 2005 ]
Saudi and Pakistan have had  experience in dealing with bad tempered fools in stupid hats. Shipping them in as cheap labour is not the answer. Saudi's ambassador has been given the run around. The management just doesn't want to know.


Public pays for luxury life of cleric who preaches hatred [ 12 August 2005 ]
And Arabs tell us that we are fools for our pains. See the previous one.


Inside the sect that loves terror   [ 12 August 2005 ]
Inciting murder is crime but if Muslims do it the authorities ignore it but they are happy to harass Englishmen. See the previous one.


The Religion of Peace   [ 10 August 2005 ]
Islam that is. Look at the facts. Count the bodies and wonder why Blair wants to import them. This not to say that they are only murderous thugs out there but they are vicious and getting worse.


Preachers of hate could be charged with treason   [ 8 August 2005 ]
That sounds reasonable at first glance. Charging the importers thereof would be good. Convicting them would be better. Hanging them publicly would be excellent. But they are politicians and justice is only for little people.


The multicultural mistake   [ 8 August 2005 ]
Newspapers don't normally tell us that it is a mistake. They claim that it is wonderful. Newspaper owners don't live in the ghettoes that they helped to create. Does Murdoch know that she is telling the truth?


Intelligence chiefs warn Blair of 'UK insurgency'  [ 7 August 2005 ]
Islamics are going to try it on. This could be good. This is the job that the army is paid to do. That is what the army is for. Shoot the troublemakers and export the rest.


Blair cracks down in face of renewed terror threat [ 6 August 2005 ]
Blair is an unprincipled oik using a bomb as an excuse to grant himself more power. Sending trouble makers back to the ghastly little hell holes they came from does make sense though. Sending the lot makes even more.


Smuggler caught with 450 fake passports   [ 4 August 2005 ]
A lot of people want out. This creates a market. An Algerian with a British passport had a supply. They cost around £150 in the Khao San Road backpacker enclave.


Blair must overturn 40 years of mistakes [ 2 August 2005 ]
The bombers were merely the front men of a brotherhood of hate or rather men who despise us for decadent softies who are fools enough to let them in and let them sponge on us; a brotherhood who intend to conquer England with the connivance of a corrupt and idle ruling class, one that has swallowed the Western Guilt propaganda. They could succeed. This article assumes that Blair wants to sort problems rather than create them.


Can China compete in a strong renminbi world [ 2 August 2005 ]
The Chinese were doing well until they revalued but their success did not come from cheap labour. It helped but there are lots of other countries which have low pay. They have the competence at all levels and all fields to take raw materials through  to exports. Geely does not make cars; it assembles pieces and sells them for US$3,800. Bad news for Ford, GM, you name it.


Racism and the Media  [ 1 August 2005 ]
Anthony Walker, who was  black was murdered and the media shouts racism. Richard Whelan was murdered by a black and he made it onto page 15 of the  Daily Mirror but then he was  only an Englishman. David Henkel, a decent family man was kicked to death by an Albanian(?) gang but he was only an Englishman so that was trivialized by the media. We are being treated as second class citizens in our own land.


Illegal Immigrants Cost Us £3.7 BILLION Per Year [ 2 November 2013 ]
Illegal immigrants use £3.7billion worth of taxpayer-funded health and education services every year, figures out yesterday suggest.

Each one taking advantage of Britain’s free NHS and schools costs the Treasury £4,250 per year, a Home Office report reveals.

The figures underline the true cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers and emerged as ministers admitted their controversial ‘go home’ vans led to just 11 illegals volunteering to leave the country.........

Latest figures suggest the illegal population living in the UK may be as high as 863,000. [ Latest figures are wrong - see Our Population Is At Least 77 Million- Editor ].
Cameron pretends he is trying to get rid of them. Cameron is a liar. The Guardian pretends that immigrants make us a profit. The Guardian is a liar. See e.g. NHS Fraud Pays Off For England Alleges Guardian - Guardian Lies In Its Teeth - some truth is in Illegal Aliens Cost Billions. Ditto for the next one.


Capitalist Swine Flooding Us With Third World Aliens While Englishmen Stay On The Dole  [ 2 November 2013 ]
Queue here to work in Britain: Two months before doors open to more EU migrant workers, NHS, fast-food firms and hotel chains recruit cheap labour in Romania British companies are actively recruiting Romanians to come and work as midwives, waiters and hotel workers in the UK. Ahead of Britain opening its borders in January, weekly jobs fairs are being held in the capital Bucharest. And dozens of recruitment websites are advertising low-skilled jobs in this country – some offering the promise of ‘cash daily’ and others claiming knowledge of English is ‘not necessary’.

Under the EU's freedom of movement laws, all 29million citizens of Bulgaria and Romania, which joined in 2007, will gain unrestricted rights to live and work in Britain
We get to pay for millions of third generation dole bludgers, which is bad enough. Then there are the Third World parasites abusing the NHS & dole. Now Cameron & other Capitalist Swine are letting more flood in.


Our Population Is At Least 77 Million [ 2 November 2013 ]
That was way back in 2007. It is higher now. What does it take to find out how many live here? They all eat so supermarkets can make estimates from the amount of food sold. It can be done from the amount of water or sewage. Thamesmead is just one area full of illegals. What do they do for a living, apart from thieving? There is prostitution of course but a bigger market is Narcotics. The profits are satisfying. Your accountant will confirm that there are important advantages in the tax position.


One Out Of Three Babies Has A Foreign Born Parent [ 24 December 2013 ]
This understates the problem because there are so many second and third generation immigrants. Propagandists would claim it is not a problem. They are Political Criminals causing Ethnic Fouling In England as well as America, Canada, France, Holland, Ireland & the rest of Western Civilization. It will morph smoothly into Genocide. That is what the Puppet Masters want.


Illegal Immigrants Imported For £4 Thousand Each [ 24 December 2013 ]
This was rather useful tax free income until the French stopped it. Does Her Majesty's Government want them stopped? NO! It is a gang of Traitors. Ask Cable or Miliband. They know all about the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes


One In Three Births In France Are To Third World Aliens [ 24 September 2014  ]
Should you always believe alternative media, especially Right Wing sources? Perhaps not but when 'respectable' Left Wing media operations like Le Monde say they are lying it is worth asking why. As Otto von Bismarck almost said - Never believe anything in politics until it has been officially denied.

The Womb Raiders are winning; incited to flood in, bribed to stay, with nothing better to do than breed, fornicate, rob & rape.


Europeans Are Dying Out For Lack Of Babies  [ 16 February 2015 ]
Young people cannot afford to have children. Women want them but wages are too low. They are being undercut by Immigrants, legal or not. Capitalist Swine want cheap labour. Dole bludgers can do it because they have the leisure that honest working people have not. It is the same throughout Western Civilization. See more on this at Population Dynamics or Population Dynamics


Italians Fish 2 Thousand Illegal Immigrants Out The Sea [ 16 February 2015 ]
It is one way of replacing us. The Jews have a better approach; using concentration camps at Ketziot, Saharonim & Holot. They are not thought to have gas chambers. Then there is GITMO.


One Baby In Four Is Born To A Foreigner [ 17 March 2015 ]
Immigration to Britain must be reduced because foreign-born mothers are having too many babies, a government minister warned yesterday.

Lord Bates, a Home Office minister, cited official figures showing that one in four children was born to a mother from outside the UK in 2013 — the latest year for which figures are available — compared with about one in nine in 1990. The proportion of births to mothers born outside the country is at its highest level since records began 46 years ago.

Foreign-born mothers also have more children on average, according to the Office for National Statistics.
Womb raiders are winning. It would not matter in the slightest if they were doing it in the Hell Holes they created. It means that a Soaring population is ‘almost entirely’ fuelled by migrants


http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11480732/Britons-still-live-in-Anglo-Saxon-tribal-kingdoms-Oxford-University-finds.html - also see





One Out Of Four Babies Is Born To Foreigners [ 17 July 2015 ]
BRITAIN’S migrant baby boom means more than a quarter – 27 per cent – of newborn children having a foreign mother...... If the upward trend continues unchecked, the number born to migrant mothers will be one in three by 2021.

Almost 188,000 of the 695,000 live births in 2014 was to a woman born abroad, the Office for National Statistics said. The figure has more than doubled from 13 per cent in 1997 when Prime Minister Tony Blair took charge and set up New Labour’s open-door immigration policy.

The startling statistics come just weeks after it emerged that net migration had hit its highest level for a decade, soaring 50 per cent in a year to 318,000.........

Fertility rates among immigrants were highest among mothers from Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Illegal Immigrants come to England and get paid to breed, so breed they do. Our wonderful government wants them. Labour NEEDS the Vote Rigging while Tories want the 'cheap' labour. It is Ethnic Fouling. It is Genocide. It is Treason It is policy.


Police Make It Easy For Illegal Immigrants [ 17 July 2015 ]
To be fair this is not their corruption; it is that of bent politicians pandering to Zionist crazies.


White Population Growing Old To Be Replaced By Third World Savages [ 12 August 2016 ]
The world grows old: More than 50 countries - including Britain, the US and Australia - will have more over-65s than kids by 2030, prompting a pensions crisis............

Nee research suggests there are now 30 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada, who have more old people than youngsters and they are all facing a pensions crisis.

By 2075 Mr Chamie estimates the world's population will be around 10 billion and globally more people will be over 65 than children.......

'To sustain pension programs for the elderly, countries have a number of options at their disposal. 'Governments may choose to increase taxes, redirect government revenue, reduce benefits or privatise old age pension schemes.
The Daily Mail notices the basic fact but ignores the real issue. We are being bred out of existence. Young people can not afford to start families so they don't.

See Population Dynamics or Population Pyramids for more of the bad news.


Illegal Aliens Are Breeding Like Rabbits [ 1 December 2016 ]
More white people are dying than being born in a third of the states, according to new research.

The death rate among Caucasian Americans outstripped the birth rate in 17 states in 2014, compared to just four in 2004, the University of New Hampshire found. While Latino, black and Asian populations continue to grow, soaring death rates among white middle-aged Americans - combined with the fact that white families are having less children - mean certain states are seeing falling Caucasian populations. White Americans are reportedly dying faster thanks to a silent 'epidemic' of deaths from suicides, drug and alcohol poisoning.

American factories, which couldn't compete with China's cheap labor force, shut down in droves, while thousands upon thousands of middle-aged white Americans, without college degrees, were laid off. Unable to cope, many turned to drugs, alcohol or even took their own lives, according to the research. [ They even voted for Donald Trump - Ed. ]............. 

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said struggling rural economies said the Obama administration was aware of the crisis and was launching new programs aimed at tackling drug-related deaths.
A man's wage is not enough to keep a wife and children in America or England. House prices have seen to that. Exporting jobs was not an accident. Obama is making matters worse deliberately, systematically and with malice aforethought. He is an enemy alien who hates White Men & importing foreign parasites. That is why the Puppet Masters inflicted him on the Americans. Donald Trump is going to bring the jobs back. Good for him.


Cerberus 2.0 Predicts The Disappearance Of The Dutch Population  [ 9 June 2017 ]
A change in demographic trends takes 50 years before they become plainly visible. The decline in fertility in the sixties started to become visible after 50 years. Cerberus, our population simulator, shows with scientific precision that the replacement of the European society has started, and within 50 years it will be visible and irreversible.

Since the seventies of the previous century, the Western societies have not produced enough offspring to keep their communities growing. The fertility rate (i.e. the average number of children per woman) is far below 2.1. i.e. the level of replacement. A population with a higher rate will grow while a population with a lower rate will shrink. As it is, the Western and Japanese societies will begin to implode 40 years from the moment their fertility rate dropped, and this demographic winter, as this phenomenon is sometimes called, will affect the world more profoundly than the climate change, so politicians and investors should take notice..........

Since the demographic decline is observable in all Western countries, we are in for Europeans being gradually replaced by peoples from Africa or South Asia. We are now at the eleventh hour and if we do not put an immediate stop to all immigration, the Dutch society will vanish into thin air.
Wiping out the Dutch is government policy. It is Ethnic Fouling In Holland leading to Genocide - see the United Nations definition at UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It is also being done to England, America, Canada, Ireland & the rest of Western Civilization by ZOGs [ Zionist Occupied Governments ].


Eight Men Charged With Illegal Immigrant Smuggling [ 9 June 2017 ]
Seven Brits and an enemy alien are charged with smuggling Albanians for 6,000 euros each. This is tax free income and rather useful. They should be charged with Treason as well as smuggling.


Britain's Population Will Hit 70 Million By 2030 Due To Heathens Say Statisticians  [ 28 October 2017 ]
Britain's population will surge past 70 million before the end of the next decade, new forecasts reveal today with more than half the increase caused by immigration................

The new forecast from the Office for National Statistics considers immigration, fertility and life expectancy. It concluded that over the next ten years, 46 per cent of UK population growth is projected to result from more births than deaths, with 54 per cent attributed to net international migration. 

Taking into account babies born to foreign parents in Britain, immigration will indirectly account for 77 per cent of the population growth..................... Downing Street said the figures were only a projection but said it showed the Government was 'right to continue work to get migration down to sustainable levels.'

Lord Green of Deddington, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, warned the projections were 'extraordinarily low' based on historical migration.
Three out of four extra will be heathens, largely Islamics, often hostile and normally parasites abusing the dole. In fact the Population is already well over 70 million. The extras are hiding from official statistics. Tesco doesn't think that;  it knows. Everybody eats. Tesco knows how much food is sold, which is why Tesco Said Population Is At Least 77 Million; that was ten years ago, back in 2007. When Lord Green of MigrationWatch, an ex-ambassador tells us that these estimates are extraordinarily low he means they are lying.

The Downing Street allegation that Her Majesty's Government trying to get immigration down is a gross & blatant lie. Ethnic Fouling is policy. So is lying about it.


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