Revolution is an important political tool but not one to be used lightly. A good government rules with the consent of the governed. A bad one does not. Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. That comes straight from the American Declaration of Independence

 Revolution means that a large number of people take forceful action because they are seriously disgruntled, often with good reason. It can be encouraged by propagandists or Subversives. Gerry Adams of the IRA found Bloody Sunday a very useful propaganda tool. Another Bloody Sunday in Russia led to the revolution in 1905. Some led to good results eventually. Others, especially the communist versions had appalling outcomes.

It is a sad fact that the whole of Christendom is under sustained attack from within using treachery and Treason. Governments have been taken over. They are now the enemy. Revolution may be the only answer. Leaderless Resistance is about how to do these things. We may need to know more. Here are some pointers. Read for yourself. Think for yourself. Decide for yourself.

Rules for Radicals
Is an approach to inciting the huddled peasant masses - or those who can be led to believe they are victims. It is another offering from a malicious Jew, one  Saul Alinsky


Right Of Revolution
Schools don't teach us about this. Universities might well - among the Bolshevik propaganda. When a government is that corrupt, that vicious it is the way to go.


Right Of Secession
Is the right to break away, the Right Of Revolution but not one to exercise lightly.


Revolutionary Egypt
Revolution happened in Egypt because there was oppression but the intellectual leadership, the ideas that led to something maybe better came from outside. There are lessons here for every victim of vicious government.


Nonviolent Revolution
When the oppressed have no guns they need other means to get freedom, accountability, prosperity etcetera. Professor Sharp explains all; make that a lot of it.
PS The Arab Spring did turn violent. There is still armour round the presidential palace in Cairo.


Declaration of Independence
Do we need government? Yes, more or less. Do we have an obligation to suffer kleptocracy, government greed, government treachery, government lies or government oppression? No is my answer. So it was with a fairly small minority in America in 1776. The Declaration spoke to people there. So did Tom Paine , an Englishman from Thetford in Norfolk. He wrote Common Sense. They both have something even more relevant for us now in England.


file:///D:/Data/Politics/Resistance In England.htm


Communist Revolutions
These are inspired by Marx's ideas then used by rogues like  Lenin and  their Useful Idiots.


Resistance Is NOT Futile
Revolutions get a bad press in England but resistance gets a good one because it refers to movements against the Nazis in France or, to a lesser extent against the Soviets. American resistance against the English King tends to be ignored. The conditions justifying resistance and revolution are there throughout England, Europe and America. Treasonous governments controlled by enemy aliens could refer to the French authorities under the Nazi regime or Her Majesty's Government controlled by Jews flooding England with enemy aliens. Advocating armed resistance might well be a criminal offence but it is not illegal to think that it is utterly justified. Doctor Mills explains. The Samizdat is important too.


America Is Revolting
Fred is very sensible and Fred is very right about the corruption of politics. Fred explains how they could sort out their own affairs and do it legally.


Final Solution to the Washington Question
No it is not about the Holocaust® story. It is about getting a grip of traitorous politicians. It does not just apply to Washington either. Why do you think there are thirty armed thugs at the end of Downing Street?


Resistance In England
There was a stay behind organization in England. This puts a view. Our wonderful government tried to wipe it out some years ago. This proves that they are the enemy and that they know it.


The Real Tory Plan - Not The One In Their Manifesto
The central fact of this nation is that its political and media classes are rotten to the core. These classes are made up of ageing radicals who’ve spent the past 30 years marching through the institutions, and of younger apparatchiks who don’t fully believe, but who accept the framework within which they operate. And it’s worse than this. A fish rots from the head down, and the rot in this nation has spread deep into the body. Key parts of the electorate may not consciously have embraced the statist and green and politically correct ideologies of The Establishment. But they have been desensitised to them. They regard any alternative as eccentric or even alarming.
Sean Gabb, the director of the Libertarian Alliance explains all. Read the full article and ponder. Quo Vadis?


Communist Revolutions
These are inspired by Marx's ideas then used by rogues like  Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and  their Useful Idiots.


Leaderless Resistance
Tells us that the American Revolution was effective because it attacked the friends of the government, those in favour of the status quo.
The radical political leaders of the Revolution such as John Adams, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Richard Henry Lee, John Hancock, and Joseph Warren, to name but a few of the more well known, had to conduct their struggle for freedom in the face of disapprobation and rejection by their peers before the time of actual armed conflict, and after its commencement to charges and cries of "incendiaries and traitors.".........

Correspondingly, the Founders had an analogous movement among the common people which, although the objective of overthrowing the government was the same, the methods were those resorted to by people in every age when faced with overpowering force of all-powerful government, namely, mob action, riots, uprisings, midnight forays, and harassment, intimidation, or terroristic acts directed against governmental supporters. All of these and other acts came under the single heading of patriotism so far as their perpetrators were concerned.

After a review of non-battlefield hostilities, it becomes apparent that the American Revolution was won more by mob action than by armed conflict! Thus, any idea that the Revolution was won in an ordeal of battle is out of place in view of the facts.
This is not about WHY. It is about HOW. Being leaderless means being safer because there are no lines of communication, less scope for infiltration by CIA, MI5, Mossad and similar outfits.


Revolution Within The Form
This means taking over and pretending that nothing has changed - apart from policies. It is treachery and treason which worked very effectively when Jews infiltrated Her Majesty's Government, along with every other government in Christendom. It is a fundamental part of the Long March Through The Institutions inspired by Antonio Gramsci, the chief theoretician of the communist party in Italy. It is used by the Invisible Enemy and led to the Marxist Takeover Of The Ruling Classes.


Revolutionary Intelligentsia
The Wikipedia uses this term and explains it rather badly. It means little more than subversives.


Revolutionary Majorities
The American Revolution happened because people decided to do something about bad government. Their current rulers are far more oppressive and corrupt. Here is something about effective action.


Russian Revolution
There were two in 1917. There was the honest revolution of the people and the coup d'état, the take over by the Bolsheviks which means in essence the Jews followed by civil war. It led on to others in Europe and China.


Parham Airfield Museum
Deals with les Maquisards d'Angleterre. Ditto for:-



Britain's Forgotten Revolution Of 1919 [ 16 February 2017 ]
It is a somewhat forgotten passage in British history, when the Government had to use heavy handed tactics by deploying warships, tanks and troops to the UK's streets because of social unrest after the First World War....................

The Army had to be called in because police officers were among those on strike - with soldiers deployed to suppress disorder as fierce and violent riots involving British trade unionist and Communist crowds wreaked havoc..........

Life after the First World War for everyone was tough and Britain found itself in a perilous state - there was a lack of food, young men had perished as they fought for their country and lives had been lost throughout the battle. Riots saw widespread mutinies in the Army, tanks brought onto the streets to crush workers' uprisings and troops imposing martial law on the Bedfordshire town of Luton...........

This took place against the background of a British invasion of Russia and fears in the Government that a revolution was imminent.
Life was grim in the 'land fit for heroes' promised by  Lloyd George. Notice that police pay was doubled when they struck.