Top Stories 2014

These are the stories that tell us something about the way the world was going to the Devil:-

Rotherham Rape Epidemic
On 21 August 2014 Alexis Jay OBE reported that at least 1400 English girls had been Raped by Pakistanis in Rotherham alone; further that the authorities had known since 2002 if not earlier. Not one of the police or other government officials who allowed it to happen, who did not protect us, who are guilty of Misconduct In Public Office has been charged, far less tried or convicted. You might feel that the Director of Public Prosecutions is guilty of Perverting The Course Of Justice. Equally you might think that he is doing it with the approval of Her Majesty's Government. They are Racists, anti-English Racists but Racists none the less. They are Traitors too.
PS It is not just Rotherham; it is anywhere that Pakistanis have been allowed to infiltrate.


January 2014
Jews are Paedophiles buggering their sons while Hollande, the head puppet in France told the Jews about his absolute commitment to Israel. See him betraying his country at Another view is the Metapedia Bad News List.

Jews Rape Children In Bathhouses  [ 12 January 2014 ]
In Ritual Bathhouses of the Jewish Orthodoxy, Children Are Systematically Abused
Around half of the boys in Brooklyn's nest of Jews have been buggered says Nuchem Rosenberg, a rabbi. Normally they get away with it because of Mesirah, which is what the Mafia call Omerta, their code of silence.


Edward Snowden To Talk About U.S. Government Crime On Thursday [ 26 January 2014 ]
Edward Snowden exposed illegal espionage by the NSA. He proved it, which is why he is going to be at the receiving end of a Malicious prosecution if they can catch him. Fortunately Vladimir Putin is protecting him.


Edward Snowden Interview Blacked Out In America  [ 30 January 2014 ]
Mr. Snowden saw James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence commit Perjury while anonymity was given to American government thugs who threatened him with murder. The NSA is part of the Five Eyes Alliance, which includes GCHQ, criminal organisations, gathering data illegally pointlessly.


Dieudonné Robbed By French Government [ 31 January 2014  ]
They stole £600,000 in cash because the Jews hate Monsieur Dieudonné thus proving that France is ruled by a Zionist Occupation Government [ ZOG ] that panders to the Puppet Masters. Money laundering is the excuse. Subornation of Treason is the truth.
PS The Mail's write up is full of misdirection. "Some say" should be decoded as "liars claim".


Over Half A Million Attend Funeral Of Revered Racist Rabbi [ 25 January 2014 ]
Over 500,000 Jews are grossly racist, in Israel alone.


Gaza Massacre III
Killing people is fun - for Zionist crazies, for psychopaths so now they are doing it all over again.



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