Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan is a Pakistani politician & lawyer born in England being marketed by the Labour Party & the Main Stream Media. He is an Urdu speaking Islamic who was the Chairman of the Fabian Society, a dangerous & effective variant of Communism.

Labour wants influence among Pakistanis; it gives them access to power by way millions of corrupt votes and Vote Rigging. That is why Labour was so keen on ignoring Pakistani Perverts who raped 1,400 English girls in Rotherham alone. There were another 200 in Sheffield that are known about.

The quid pro quo is giving power to Pakistani invaders, whence Khan. Of course he keeps vicious company. See e.g. Khan's Extremist Islamic Associates Threaten London. What is our aspiring new mayor going to do for London? More to the point, what will he do to it? One obvious answer is put his little mates into place.

Khan as a lawyer tried to get damages for Ali Dizaei, an utterly corrupt bent copper, a Third World thug who played the Race card for everything it was worth. There were other bad cases too.

The Labour Party has betrayed the Working Classes. That is why it bribes Pakistanis for the Vote Rigging while pandering to Zionist crazies for the money, which comes by way of 'Lord' Levy et al.


 Khan's Extremist Islamic Associates Threaten London
Sadiq Khan’s speechwriter Shueb Salar has been exposed as a very dodgy character. His tweeted references to hoes”, “bitches” and “faggots are the least of Guido’s concerns, more worrying is his belief that the terrorist killing of Lee Rigby was faked.

This is on the conveyor belt to a belief system of the kind that thinks Israel was behind 9/11 as an excuse for the War on Terror / Muslims. Sadiq is always slippery in these situations, he hasn’t seen his radical Jihad supporting in-laws for years, he was shocked that former associates ended up in Guantanamo. He has no idea why he follows ISIS supporters on Twitter – blaming staff, (we now know that is more plausible than we thought previously). He claims he will keep London secure and he has a tough anti-radicalisation strategy. Presumably hiring them on to his staff isn’t a component of that strategy?

If Sadiq can’t even hire aides who are not a potential security risk, can he really keep London secure? This is not some historical mistake, some loose association, it is someone on his personal staff – who was still being paid by him until this morning. At the very least it brings into question Sadiq’s judgement…


Sadiq Khan ex Wiki
The Right Honourable Sadiq Khan MP
 Shadow Minister for London In office Majority 2,842 (5.3%) Personal details Born 8 October 1970 (age 45)
London, United Kingdom Political party Labour Spouse(s) Saadiya Ahmed (1994–present)[1]
Children 3 Alma mater University of North London, College of Law Religion Islam

Sadiq Aman Khan is a British politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Tooting since 2005. A member of the Labour Party, he is standing as the party's candidate to be Mayor of London in the 2016 mayoral election. Ideologically, he is situated on the social democratic wing of the party.

Born in London to a working-class British Pakistani family, Khan attained a degree in Law at the University of North London. He subsequently began work as a solicitor specialising in human rights. Khan was a councillor in the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006.

In 2008 he was appointed Minister of State for Communities by Prime Minister Gordon Brown, becoming the second British Pakistani to serve in government. Khan later served as Minister of State for Transport. He joined the Shadow Cabinet of Ed Miliband as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor in 2010.[4] On 16 January 2013 he was also appointed Shadow Minister for London;[5] on 11 May 2015 he resigned from the shadow cabinet to seek nomination as the Labour Party's mayoral candidate. On 11 September 2015, Khan was selected as the Labour candidate to run for the London mayoralty.[6]

Early life
Khan was born in 1970 in London to a family of Pakistani immigrants with eight children.[7] His father, Amanullah Khan, worked as a bus driver and his mother as a seamstress. He grew up in a council flat on the Henry Prince Estate in Earlsfield, and attended Fircroft Primary School and Ernest Bevin College, before entering the University of North London to study law.

He was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of North London, and a former Governor of South Thames FE College. Vice-Chairman of the Legal Action Group (LAG), Khan also served as Chairman of the civil liberties pressure group Liberty (NCCL) for three years.

Legal career
  • Bubbins vs The United Kingdom (European Court of Human Rights – shooting of an unarmed individual by police marksmen)[9]
  • HSU and Thompson v Met Police (wrongful arrest/police damages)[10]
  • Reeves v Met Police (duty of care to prisoners)[11]
  • Murray v CAB (discrimination)[12]
  • Ahmed v University of Oxford (racial discrimination against a student)[13]
  • Dr Jadhav v Secretary of State for Health (racial discrimination in the employment of Indian doctors by the health service)[14]
  • CI Logan v Met Police (racial discrimination)[15]
  • Supt Dizaei [ Ali Dizaei ] v Met Police (police damages, discrimination)[16]
  • Inquest into the death of David Rocky Bennett (use of restraints)[17]
  • Lead solicitor on Mayday demonstration 2001 test case litigation (Human Rights Act)[18]
  • Farrakhan  v Home Secretary (Human Rights Act)[19]
  • In February 2000, Khan represented a group of Kurdish actors who were arrested by Metropolitan Police during a rehearsal of the Harold Pinter play Mountain Language, securing £150,000 in damages for the group for wrongful arrest and the trauma caused by their arrest.[20]
  • McDowell and Taylor v Met Police: Leroy McDowell and his friend Wayne Taylor, who both suffer from the blood disorder sickle cell anaemia, successfully sued the Metropolitan Police for assault and false imprisonment.[21]

Political career

Khan represented Tooting as a Councillor for the London Borough of Wandsworth from 1994 to 2006, and was granted the title of Honorary Alderman of Wandsworth upon his retirement from local politics.

Member of Parliament
In 2003, Tooting Constituency Labour Party decided to open its parliamentary selection to all interested candidates, including the incumbent MP since 1974, Tom Cox. This prompted Cox, then in his mid-70s, to announce his retirement rather than risk de-selection. In the subsequent selection contest, Khan beat five other local candidates to become Labour's candidate for the seat. He was elected to Parliament at the 2005 general election.

Khan was awarded the "Newcomer of the Year Award" at the 2005 Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Awards "for the tough-mindedness and clarity with which he has spoken about the very difficult issues of Islamic terror". In August 2006, he was a signatory of an open letter to Tony Blair criticising UK foreign policy.

Khan had to repay £500 in expenses in 2007 in relation to a newsletter sent to constituents featuring a 'Labour rose', which was deemed to be unduly prominent. While the content of the newsletter was not deemed to be party political, the rose logo was found to be unduly prominent which may have had the effect of promoting a political party. There was no suggestion that Khan had deliberately or dishonestly compiled his expenses claims, which were not explicitly disallowed under the rules at that time. The rules were retrospectively changed disallowing the claim, which had previously been approved by the House of Commons authorities.

On 3 February 2008, The Sunday Times claimed that a conversation between Khan and prisoner Babar Ahmad – a friend and constituent – at Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes had been bugged by the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Branch. An inquiry was launched by Justice Secretary Jack Straw. There was some concern that the bugging contravened the Wilson Doctrine that police should not bug MPs. The report concluded that the doctrine did not apply because it was ordered by a police officer and not an MP.

In 2010, Khan was re-elected as the MP for Tooting despite a swing against his party of 3.6% and a halving of his previous majority. In the subsequent Labour leadership election Khan was an early backer of Ed Miliband, becoming his campaign manager. Khan masterminded Miliband's shock win over his elder brother David, and was tipped as a future rising star of the Labour Party, jumping 82 places in one year to 16th in The Daily Telegraph's 'top 100 most influential left-wingers' poll'.

In April 2010 it was revealed that Khan had repaid wrongly-claimed expenses on two occasions, when literature was sent to his constituents. The first incident concerned letters sent out before the 2010 General Election which were ruled to have the "unintentional effect of promoting his return to office", the second a £2,550 repayment for Christmas, Eid, and birthday cards for constituents, dating back to 2006. Under House of Commons rules, pre-paid envelopes and official stationery can only be used for official parliamentary business. Khan's claim for the greetings cards was initially rejected, but he presented a new invoice no longer identifying the nature of the claim, and this was accepted. Khan attributed the improper claim for the cards to "inexperience" and human error and apologised for breaking the expenses rules.

At the 2015 general election, Khan was returned for a third term as MP for Tooting, defeating his Conservative rival by 2,842 votes. He was one of 36 Labour MPs to nominate Jeremy Corbyn as a candidate in the Labour leadership election of 2015, but has said that he was "no patsy" to Mr Corbyn and would stand up to him.

Following Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Cabinet reshuffle of 3 October 2008, Khan was appointed Minister of State for Communities, replacing Parmjit Dhanda, and becoming the second Muslim to serve in the UK Government. Before the House of Commons in January 2009, Khan criticised the Pope for the rehabilitation of Bishop Richard Williamson following his remarks about the Holocaust, a move he described as "highly unsavoury" and of "great concern".


Racist Pakistani Incites Hate In London [ 2 April 2016 ]
In one of the most blatant recent displays of anti-white Racism, the UK Labour Party's nonwhite candidate for London mayor has said that there are “too many white men” working for the city’s underground train service.

Any white person saying such a thing about nonwhites would most certainly be charged with “racial hatred,” but because it was said by a nonwhite about whites, there will be no consequences.

Speaking at a public meeting in the suburb of Brixton—which has been majority nonwhite since the 1970s—the Labour Party’s Sadiq Khan said that he would “reshape” the Transport for London (TfL) board—which runs the world-famous London Underground—if he was elected.

“It needs to better reflect London’s diversity in the interest of Londoners,” he said “Did you know there are sixteen people on the board of TfL? “Thirteen of them are white men. Thirteen. Think about it. It only has three women on it. That’s less than one in five.”

He went on to say that the “needs” of women and nonwhites were being neglected on the London Underground, specifically referencing the dramatic rise in sexual assaults on that service............

Reports of sexual offences on the London Underground almost tripled over the past five years. As mayor I will take these problems seriously.” What Kahn failed to point out was that the rise in sexual assaults on the London Underground service has closely paralleled the demographic shift in London to a majority nonwhite population.........

He currently leads most opinion polls for the race, and is likely to be elected in the minority white city.
Sadiq Khan is a de facto Marxist i.e. a member of the Fabian Society. He is allowed to incite Black Hate because he is a Pakistani.


London Jews Welcome Pakistani Mayor And Vice Versa [ 15 August 2016 ]
The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the UK Zionist Federation have both welcomed the election of Sadiq Khan as the first Muslim mayor of London, defying predictions that “anti-Semitism” would drive Jews away from the Labour Party. According to a report in the Israeli-based Arutz Sheva [Israel National News] service, “Jewish Londoners are in fact heartened by their newest mayor.”...........

Noting that “his first public engagement will be the Yom HaShoah commemoration” (a Holocaust® memorial event,” the BoD expressed the “hope that this will set the tone for his mayoralty’s engagement with our community.”
Jews, especially Zionist crazies want London overrun with Third World criminals - as long as they are protected. Of course Khan knows who the Puppet Masters are. Humouring them pays off big - for him, not us. Theresa May has already had her love in with them.


London's Pakistani Mayor Attacking Free Speech Among Englishmen [ 17 August 2016 ]
Islamics will be exempt of course. Angela Merkel is another one that hates Free Speech but she just loves Third World criminals. Khan is using bad law for bad reasons.


Khan Panders To London Taxi Unions [ 19 September 2016 ]
Sadiq Khan has caved in to the taxi unions and awarded black cab drivers a staggering £65 million taxpayer subsidy, 100 new taxi ranks across London and the installation of 90 highly expensive rapid chargers, which electric private hire vehicles will not be allowed to use. At the same time the Mayor is forcing new red tape on private hire drivers, including “advanced driving” and written English tests which black cab drivers will not have to take [ as long as they speak Urdu & come from the right villages in Kashmir ]. So how did the taxi unions end up getting everything they wanted?

Khan is a Pakistani just like the those wonderful taxi drivers who raped hundreds of English girls in Rotherham. Our girls were the pay off for industrial scale Vote Rigging to keep Labour in power. NB Khan is in the Labour Party.

Khan is turning London into a Third World den of iniquity.


Sadique Khan Panders To Jews [ 16 October 2016 ]
The de facto mayor of London will be in for a few shekels when he wants votes.


London Mayor Opposes Donald Trump's Ban On Islamic Terrorists But Banning Jews Is Different [1 February 2017 ]
Just hours after demanding the government rescinds its invite to President Trump over his travel ban, Sadiq Khan will tonight host a City Hall reception with 11 dignitaries whose countries bar Israeli citizens from entering. Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen will all be represented at the gathering of ambassadors this evening. All 11 of these countries block travel to Israeli passport holders. Khan will use tonight’s party to criticise Trump’s ban as “cruel, prejudiced and counterproductive.While dining with 11 diplomats whose countries have done the same for years…..
To be fair Jews ban Africans and put Illegal Immigrants in purpose built concentration camps like Saharonim, Keziot & Holot pending export.
PS These camps are thought not to have gas chambers except, possibly for delousing blacks.


Pakistani Mayor Of London Hates Democracy [ 30 July 2017 ]
But he benefits from Vote Rigging just like all of those wonderful politicians in Rotherham.