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This is what I published in August. I confirm my fundamental view - newspapers are political weapons, propaganda machines being used to manipulate us, just like the rest of the Main Stream Media, i.e. Television, wireless, film, magazines and Books. For earlier offerings go to 2016 or contact me at Mike Emery

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"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

Top Stories 2017
17 August 2017  

The Labour Party Is An Enemy Of The Working Classes
How do we know? Because Sarah Champion, a Labour MP was sacked for telling the truth about Pakistani Perverts. See below:

Labour MP Say Pakistani Perverts Are Still Raping English & Gets Sacked
Sarah Champion Was “Thrilled” With Her Sun Article

Sarah Champion is under pressure from Corbynistas on Twitter demanding that she is sacked from her Shadow Cabinet job over her article in The Sun last week:

“Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is.”

To save face with outraged lefties, Champion is putting it about that her words were stripped of all nuance and that she didn’t write the opening sentences. Sun sources insist Champion was not only sent the subbed text, she was sent the hard copy of the page (above) and raised no objections.

In fact her personal assistant emailed the paper the day following the article’s publication to say that Champion was “thrilled with it”:

Date: 11 August 2017 at 10:40
Subject: RE: Sarah’s piece

She is absolutely thrilled with it – just gone to get some hard copies. However, she is mortified that you’ve used such an ancient picture of her – it is about five years old! I sent some newer ones last summer to the picture desk and am attaching them again here. Please can you send them on to the relevant person. Thanks, x

Champion has said what is the obvious truth about rape gangs – her personal assistant’s only complaint before the Corbynistas got involved was that the picture of her used was old. Only when social justice warriors started shrilly tweeting calls for her to resign did Champion seek to disown the article… 
Champion is a ratbag on the make, just like Jo Cox. Champion told the truth about Third World parasites. Whoops, she came unstuck when the Enemy Within turned on her. Cox was different; she crossed a Patriot.


16 August 2017  

Charlottesville Rioting Was Allowed By Virginia State Police
Here’s How Virginia State Police Facilitated Violence At Charlottesville

As an attendee of the Unite the Right rally and scheduled speaker, I have serious questions about the actions of Virginia police on Saturday. It appears that police created a dangerous situation which was entirely avoidable. I will explain in detail the facts of what happened.

One does not need to support any of the positions of the Alt-Right to be concerned about what this means about the state of Free Speech in America.............

The rally had a legally issued permit, revoked by the city a week before but reinstated by a Federal judge the day before the rally. The barricade layout was as police described to organizers it would be, and speakers received a briefing on this the day before. Virginia State Police commandeered the north side of the park. No one was allowed in that half of the park except a few rally people handling the audio equipment. Police also controlled the streets around the park on three sides: Jefferson St. to the north, 1st St. to the west, and 2nd St. to the east.

Market St. to the south was an uncontrolled chaos full of antifa.................

Shortly after all rally attendees were present in the park, word began to spread that a State of Emergency had been declared, presumably by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe [ It was  - see Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Declares State of Emergency During “Unite the Right” Rally ]. At my position in Pen 2, people were confused by this. It seemed unnecessary and preemptive since the rally seemed fairly well under control at this point. It was about 11:30 a.m., and the rally was not scheduled to start until noon.

After some minutes of confusion and rumors, Virginia State Police got on a loudspeaker and announced that we had been declared an unlawful assembly. We were instructed to leave the park, and told that anyone refusing to do so would be arrested.

Attendees began attempting to leave via exits 1 & 2 and were set upon by antifa as they attempted to do so. After a quick consultation, a small group of rally headliners and attendees decided to engage in civil disobedience and get ourselves arrested, myself included...............

From there the bulk of the rally attendees were able to march north and eventually reached the relative safety of MacIntyre Park, about two miles away, but many had been scattered throughout the city by the chaos of the dispersal.

At that point the police had completely lost control of the city. The State of Emergency order meant that any public gathering was de facto illegal, but antifa were still allowed to roam freely bearing weapons and attacking people. This chaos ultimately led directly to the vehicular incident that killed a woman and badly injured more than a dozen others.

My conclusions are that police wanted this to happen. It’s clear that VSP had specific orders to drive us out of the park to the south, into the teeth of violent armed antifa counter-protesters.
Charlottesville council were very hostile; their refusal to grant a permit was politically motivated   

This particular rally was at the receiving end of a major stream of abuse by the Main Stream Media including Propaganda machines like the Mail - see e.g. Daily Mail Runs Seven Different Stories Inciting Anti-White Race Hatred About One Incident. The media are actively inciting White Guilt and Black Hate; this is Racism, anti-English, anti-White racism and crime, contrary to Part III of the Public Order Act 1986. The police corruption was engendered by the city politicians.
PS More and better details are at Charlottesville Massacre [ a work in progress ].


The Mail's readers are not stupid enough to swallow her story. Is she making a fuss about the Pakistani Perverts raping English girls in Rotherham, in Rochdale et cetera ad nauseam? No! They are being protected.


15 August 2017  
Is the anniversary of VJ Day in 1945 when the Japanese were defeated.

Donald Trump Says White Americans Should Not Kill Left Wing Criminals
But the Hard Left howls for more. They see it as a sign of weakness. The very same extremists happily ignore Islamic atrocities. See e.g. the next one.


Islamic Attacker With Car Kills One And Injures Seven In Paris
This one is alleged to be a lunatic rather than Third World parasite full of hate but the Mail mentions last weeks' Islamic atrocity. Of course they are being fed briskly down the Memory Hole of Nineteen Eighty Four fame because they are enemy aliens or parasites. This contrasts with the torrent of hatred directed at James Alex Fields Jr., the young white American who also got one kill. He took a Left Wing criminal out of action. We are being told to tolerate Black Hate because of our alleged White Guilt.


Universities Lower Entry Standards
Teenagers hoping to get into a top university through clearing will have a better chance than usual this year. Elite institutions are lowering their entry requirements in a desperate bid to recruit more students when A-level results are announced on Thursday.

Colleges are awash with places because of a dip in initial applications, caused by a reduction in the population of 18-year-olds and a decrease in EU students.
The Daily Mail notwithstanding, these are not top universities but they are a straw in the wind. The Education Industry is oversized. Most degrees are worthless. Three bright lads decided not to pay silly money to go to uni. They got jobs, decent training then paid to go to university. Job first, education after. BT knew they were worth having and worth keeping.


Daily Mail Alleges That Three Sex Criminals Are British
It lies; that is the Daily Mail for you. The perpetrators have fine old English names like Khong Tam Thanh, Le Michael, and Vu Thai Son. To be fair these Orientals will be flogged in prison. Recall that Her Majesty's Government allows British citizen to rape English girls if they are Pakistani Perverts. Singapore has a much better government.
PS The Telegraph is telling same lies as the Mail - see Britons get jail and caning for Singapore sex assault during stag party. Not for nothing is it called The Quislinggraph.


Church Can Cure Homosexuality - A Deceit Of Satan Allegedly
So says the comedian running it but then he is a Nigerian, who calls himself Daniel Olukoya. The Mail picked this one up from the Liverpool Echo. They both run pictures of the reporter, an Englishman to deceive us into believing it is not a black run boondoggle. Sources are Mountain of Fire and Miracles ex Wiki, 'Die in the fire' - hear the terrifying chants at gay 'cure' church in full ex Liverpool Echo or Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries UK HQ

A smarmy looking chancer but he is getting away with it, proving that Noble Savages are savages none the less.


14 August 2017  

The War Drums Beat Louder- Talking Themselves Into War
“I’m not saying we wouldn’t get our hair mussed, Mr President, but I do say not more than ten or twenty million dead, depending on the breaks.” So said General ‘Buck’ Turgidson, urging the US president to carry out a nuclear first strike, in Stanley Kubrick’s 1963 film Dr Strangelove: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

But nobody in Kubrick’s movie talked like Kim Jong-un (“American bastards would be not very happy with this gift sent on the July 4 anniversary,” he crowed, celebrating North Korea’s first successful test of an ICBM). They didn’t talk like Donald Trump either (“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”)

Kubrick’s film came out the year after the Cuban missile crisis, when the world went to the brink of nuclear war after the Soviet Union put nuclear missiles into Cuba to deter an American invasion. It was a terrifying time, but neither US President John F Kennedy nor the Soviet leaders used violent language. They stayed calm, and carefully backed away from the brink...............

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson briefly said that the US was not seeking to change the North Korean regime last week, although he was almost immediately contradicted by President Trump. In the long run, however, that is the unpalatable but acceptable way out of this crisis. In fact, there is no other way out.
We live in interesting times; it is not always a good thing. World War III looks more likely, not less. Gwynne Dyer explains; he knows what he is talking about - unlike most journos.


Daily Mail Runs Seven Different Stories Inciting Anti-White Race Hatred About One Incident
Here they are: Blacks & white Fanatics went there to make trouble; they succeeded:-
Pictured: Woman, 32, mowed down and killed while protesting hate-fueled white supremacist march in Virginia 
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton condemn violence at deadly white supremacist march in Virginia
White House updates statement on Charlottesville violence condemning 'white supremacists, KKK and Neo-Nazis' - though Trump stays silent and away from the press
EXCLUSIVE: 'He saved me, then he was under the car': Heroic moment man pushes fiancée out of the path of white supremacist's car at Charlottesville rally as he breaks his leg
Ted Cruz and other Republican senators call to designate Virginia car attack domestic terrorism as FBI opens civil rights investigation
Sickening moment white supremacist drove into crowds caught on camera by woman whose fiancé pushed her out of the incoming car's path
White nationalist is 'FIRED from his job' as Twitter names and shames far-right thugs at 'Unite the Right' Charlottesville rally that led to protester's death.


May And Merkel Condemn 'Far Right'
Theresa May today condemned the 'Far Right' after a white supremacist rally in Virginia erupted into violence [ due to Left Wing crazies attacking - Editor ].

The Prime Minister and Angela Merkel have joined those speaking out against racism following the bloody episode over the weekend. But Downing Street stopped short of criticising Donald Trump over his muted response to the clashes - which saw him merely decry 'violence on many sides'........

'What the President says is a matter for him,' the PM's spokesman said. 'We are very clear. We condemn racism, hatred and violence [ unless the perpetrators are Third World parasites or Hard Left criminals - Ed. ]. 'We condemn the Far Right.' 

On Saturday a Nazi sympathiser, 20-year-old James Fields of Ohio, used his Dodge Charger to run over people protesting against the march, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injuring 19 more. Fields has been charged with second degree murder. 
Merkel has imported well over a million parasites who have murdered and raped dozens, if not hundreds. May is doing the same.


Blair Bribed By Arabs
Tony Blair was paid millions of pounds by an Arab state while working as Middle East envoy, emails have revealed............ 

The United Arab Emirates helped to fund Mr Blair's London office while he was carrying out work trying to solve the Israel Palestine conflict.

But at the same time, he also received millions in consultancy fees from the sovereign wealth fund of its capital, Abu Dhabi, according to The Daily Telegraph.
£2 million is quite useful. Blair uses cutouts to conceal who is paying how much.


Paedophile Murderer In Yemen Executed While Public Take Macabre Photos
And the Daily Mail shows a macabre photo of Arabs taking aforesaid macabre photos. Heigh ho. NB the degraded hooligans, the peasant masses, hoi polloi who read the Daily Mail approve big time.


13 August 2017  

Solicitor General Says Pakistani Gangs Need Real Punishment For Raping English Girls
Judges must give longer sentences to Asian Muslim grooming gangs who abuse white teenage girls when there is evidence of racism, the Government’s senior legal advisor has said.

Robert Buckland, the Solicitor General, told The Telegraph that racism “cuts all ways” and should be “front and centre” when it is part of sexual abuse cases.

He said that “the law does not discriminate” between different forms of racism and that the courts should apply a “sentencing uplift” where there is evidence of “racial hostility of motivation”.

Tory MPs are calling on the Attorney General and Mr Buckland to review the sentences of an 18-strong gang in Newcastle convicted of grooming and raping hundreds of underage white girls.
This is a welcome development. It looks as though Robert Buckland might be honest; that is welcome change too. Anti-English Racists like the BBC, Blair, Brown, Cameron etcetera will not be pleased.


White American Attacks Fascist Trouble Makers Full Of Hate
A 20-year-old Ohio man was charged with murder on Saturday after being accused of plowing his vehicle into a crowd of anti-fascists [ sic ] at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one woman and injuring 19 others, which caused the FBI to open a civil rights investigation. James Alex Fields Jr., of Maumee, Ohio, is being held at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail. He was charged with second-degree murder...........

The deadly crash came after violent clashes erupted as hundreds of white supremacists including armed militias marched into Charlottesville sparking violent confrontations with counter-protesters.
The QUOTE anti-fascists UNQUOTE were there to cause trouble. They succeeded better than they had hoped. They are the kind of Useful Idiots that populate Rent A Mob. They have been deceived by the Education Industry and malicious Main Stream Media, like the Daily Mail that incite Black Hate and White Guilt. Mr Fields was, quite rightly annoyed by these hate filled twerps so he acted, thereby making a mess of his car. NB These Fanatical loud mouths are the real Fascists, the sort who hate Free Speech & Democracy.
PS The Mail shows one picture of a black criminal using a flamethrower & alleges that he is a counter protester. It lies.


Blair Was A Marxist And A Cunning Liar
 One more radical, more devious & more dangerous than Comrade Corbyn says Peter Hitchens


Jew Captured After Two Other Jews Were Murdered
A suspect has been arrested after a manhunt was launched when a mother and daughter were found stabbed to death inside their home in north London. Police were called to the house of Joshua Cohen at 8.50pm on Friday night and found his sister and mother, aged 33 and 66, suffering from stab wounds........

Neighbours claimed that Cohen had recently been to prison for assaulting his sister, who was named locally as Hannah Cohen. In a public appeal, Met Police said Cohen had shaved his head and eyebrows and suffers from mental health issues including paranoid schizophrenia.
Cohen is  a vicious Paranoid Jew, who looks deeply stupid. Lots of them are murderous thugs; it is normal, if fact compulsory for the Zionist crazies who run Israel.


12 August 2017

Islamic Claims That Newcastle's Islamic Rapists Are Not Islamics
Will anyone believe him? Presumably he is embarrassed by the publicity but he hadn't got much to say when they were raping English girls wholesale. In that he is just like the police and Labour politicians who need Pakistani Perverts for their wholesale Vote Rigging.


Why Is Fox News Front Man Guilty Until Proven Innocent?
A system of sorts has been perfected to destroy the most effective conservative spokesmen on the Fox News Channel, and it operated with stunning efficiency over the last few days.  A marginal writer with a documented background as a high level political operative and fundraiser in left wing Democrat politics published an unsourced article at a far(?) left Web site, HuffPost (formerly the Huffington Post).

The article claimed that multiple anonymous sources supposedly confirmed to the writer that “several years ago” prominent Fox News channel (FNC) host and anchor Eric Bolling – who happens to be a strong supporter of President Donald Trump – texted a graphic, lewd photo of male genitalia to two or three of his FNC female colleagues.............

Nonetheless, before the evening was over, a pre-recorded new episode of Bolling’s weekly show Cashin’ In, that had been set to run Saturday morning at 11:30 AM EDT, was pulled from the FNC schedule. The next day, Saturday, a one sentence statement from Fox News informed the world that Bolling was immediately suspended from his jobs at Fox News (six shows a week, totaling 5 ½ hours of airtime, not counting frequent guest spots on other Fox programs).
This is part of the Long March Through The Institutions, infiltration of the Main Stream Media, the Education Industry, governments, civil services, Christianity etc. by the Enemy Within. It the system worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party. It is working well.


Catholic Bishop Alleges That Homosexuality Is A 'Gift From God'
AICO, Brazil, August 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A Brazilian bishop who called homosexuality a “gift from God” in a homily defended his words by saying his intention was to “save lives” and help “overcome prejudices that kill.”

But Daniel Mattson, a same-sex-attracted Catholic and author of the recently released Ignatius Press book "Why I Don’t Call Myself Gay," says the bishop’s words will do the opposite. “If homosexuality is a gift, and therefore it’s good, then why is it not good to act upon it?” he told LifeSiteNews.
As this bishop knows full well, Adultery is contrary to the Ten Commandments and a Sodomite perversion to boot. is he a heretic? Presumably. He was appointed by Pope Francis and demonstrates that Catholic Church Infiltration is proceeding apace. It is a top down attack, the sort advocated by Antonio Gramsci, the leader of the communist party in Italy; his main target was the Catholic Church. He has won.


11 August 2017  

 Residents In Cotswolds Village Have DNA From 18 Places Alleges Daily Mail Online
The English village that's not very English at all [ claims the Mail - it lies - Editor ] ! How residents in a Cotswolds community have DNA from 18 different parts of the world despite 95% saying their heritage is white British

With its wisteria-covered, honey-coloured stone cottages, it is hard to imagine anywhere as quintessentially English as the Cotswold village of Bledington.

So you can imagine how surprised the residents were to discover that they are not very English at all – but instead have DNA from 18 different parts of the world. Although the last census lists the community as 95 per cent white British, a study has found that Bledington is actually a hotbed of diversity.

In fact, the average villager's DNA is just 42 per cent British. One resident learned she is 7 per cent Asian Indian, while others had genes from places as far away as the Pacific islands of Melanesia. Some were found to be as little as 3 per cent British.
The Daily Mail is a Propaganda machine run by a foul mouthed bully. It is Racist, anti-English racist but racist none the less. Inciting hatred of Englishmen or even Europeans is crime, contrary to the Public Order Act 1986, in particular Part III but it is only used against Englishmen or Brits; just another example of corrupt government.
PS This was their lead story this morning; now, at 16:38 it has gone. Has that oaf who edits the filth decided that it is not going to play well with honest men? Perhaps an order came down from on high, from the owner, Jonathan Harmsworth aka Viscount Rothermere.


Blacks Tortured & Murdered People In House With Confederate Flag
Blacks are incited to be Racist by the Education Industry & the Main Stream Media; they are the Enemy Within who want Black Hate. Naturally the local media suppressed the truth. Is this a one off? Far from it. See e.g.
Sheriff's Officer Hit by Molotov Cocktail While Serving Warrant in Delaware County by DERANGED BLACK SOCIOPATH 
BLACK Man, 'Willie Joe', arrested for buggery after witness allegedly snaps photo of him in sex act with dog - serial dog rapist   BLACK Sexual-assault suspect arrested in Marion County for rape of a pre-teen child      
BLACK pimp accused of sex trafficking, holding victims against will
PS There are lots more like this at the New Nation


10 August 2017

YouTube Will Censor Free Speech
If videos are QUOTE controversial UNQUOTE they will be blocked. Who decides what is controversial? YouTube or those with the loudest voices. They include Merkel who is destroying Germany by flooding it with Third World parasites and, naturally Jews, the Zionist crazies who don't tolerate aforementioned Third World intruders in Israel.


Seventeen Pakistani Perverts Had 278 Victims
Shocking details of a large-scale Asian sex gang who spent four years plying vulnerable young girls with drink and drugs at 'sex parties' in Newcastle can be revealed for the first time today. A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of, or have admitted, charges including rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution, in a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court. Older men preyed on immature teenagers who were plied with cocaine, cannabis, alcohol or mephedrone (M-Cat), then raped or persuaded into having sexual activity at parties known as 'sessions'.

The case has raised huge controversy after a convicted rapist was paid almost £10,000 of taxpayers' money to spy on parties where under-age girls were intoxicated and sexually abused.
There was an Englishwoman procuring the girls; she was a Judas Goat, who betrayed them. The complaints about paying a spy to infiltrate are attempts to Pervert The Course Of Justice, to obstruct investigations. NB These criminals, perhaps second generation immigrants were imported by a corrupt political class. The Guardian's write up reads as reasonable even though it is run by Marxists.
PS Government policy is Get Used To It Suckers.


Rotherham MP Claims That Political Correctness Let Pakistani Paedophiles Rape 1,400 English Girls
People are failing to confront the problem of Asian men abusing white girls because they are terrified of being branded a racist, a Labour frontbencher today said [ claimed/alleged/whatever - delete to taste ]. Shadow Women's Minister Sarah Champion said political correctness was leaving many too terrified of speaking out against the abuse.

And she hit out at the 'floppy left' who she said would probably 'have a go at me for being a Racist' for daring to speak out.

Her intervention comes after members of a large-scale Asian sex gang were convicted of plying vulnerable young girls with drink and drugs and raping them at 'sex parties' in Newcastle.........

Over the course of four trials, 20 young women gave harrowing evidence covering a period from 2011 to 2014.

Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and were mainly British-born, with most living in the West End of Newcastle. 

The case has prompted a fresh barrage of criticism of  the authorities as experts say that the grooming of vulnerable white girls by gangs of mainly Asian men continues to be a major problem in the UK - despite a string of high profile cases exposing it.
Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham has waited until we have all forgotten just how Pakistani Perverts got away with Raping at least 1,400 English in her constituency. It was because the police and Labour politicians protected the perverts as a quid pro quo for the wholesale Vote Rigging that put her into Parliament.


China Bullying Viet Nam
Viet Nam has decided not to drill for offshore oil within its 200 mile zone after Chinese threats. Donald Trump wants China to lean on the fat fool running North Korea instead.


9 August 2017
On this day in 1945 Nagasaki was nuked by Bockscar, a B29 Superfortress using Fat Man, a plutonium device. It was an air burst at 1,540 feet. It saved hundreds of thousand of lives including that of one friend. Tickets to Japan were one way then. Pearl Harbour began it. Nagasaki ended it. See Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Macarthur did the cover up by keeping journalists out of the place and censorship - see  The Hiroshima Cover-Up

Donald Trump Under Establishment Attack
That the Trump presidency is bedeviled is undeniable. As President Donald Trump flew off for August at his Jersey club, there came word that Special Counsel Robert Mueller III had impaneled a grand jury and subpoenas were going out to Trump family and campaign associates.................

So, it is time to ask: If this city brings Trump down, will the rest of America rejoice?

What will be the reaction out there in fly-over country, that land where the “deplorables” dwell who produce the soldiers to fight our wars? Will they toast the “free press” that brought down the president they elected, and in whom they had placed so much hope?

My guess: The reaction will be one of bitterness, cynicism, despair, a sense that the fix is in, that no matter what we do, they will not let us win. If Trump is brought down, American democracy will take a pasting. It will be seen as a fraud. And the backlash will poison our politics to where only an attack from abroad, like 9/11, will reunite us.
This is a coup d'état in progress, an attack on Don, a freely elected president & on Democracy. The attackers, the Deep State are Traitors, the Enemy Within.

Mark Steyn made the same case & very well at Donald Trump Under Attack By The Deep State. It is time to recall not just the Declaration of Independence but the Consent Of The Governed & the Right Of Revolution.


Islamic Terrorist Rams French Soldiers In Paris
The attacker injured six men but hasn't been caught yet. So we don't know, as a matter of certainty that he is Islamic, not yet but that is what the percentages tell us. When he is identified it will turn out that he is a lone wolf, a lunatic or wasn't breast fed. The media will then hide the facts because they are part of the problem. But see the next one.
PS Government policy is Get Used To It Suckers.


Islamic Terrorist Is Confirmed As An Islamic Terrorist
So the perpetrator is another Islamic. Well there's a surprise.


Ten Blacks Murdered An Islamic Terrorist 
These black thugs were imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought. Ditto for the Islamics.
PS One perpetrator might be English.
PPS Government policy is Get Used To It Suckers.


Illegal Immigrants Foiled 30 Thousand Times At Calais
Those are just the known attempted crimes. Those who succeeded are different. Stopping them is simple enough; stop bribing them to come using with free medicine, free housing etc. Hanging some would get lots of publicity, making it even more effective.


Black Bully Beats Up 11 Year Old English Lad
And his helpful mates put it on YouTube. Will he get prosecuted? No! Why not? Because he is black. The Mail's comments have been censored in case people say what they really think about Third World thugs.


Jew Beat £20 Thousand Fraud
Roseman transferred the money to a thief's bank account after getting fraudulent emails. Barclays told Santander to stop payment but were slow. He went to the High Court & got an order using the relevant form, N244. It worked. The form is for general purposes. Background is at Being a barrister made it much easier for him. Was the thief caught? We are not told.


Passports For Sale In Europe
Cyprus ranks 7th out of 12 countries studied in an analysis of citizenship-by-investment programmes by the Financial Times group’s Professional Wealth Management, ahead of Malta, Bulgaria and Austria, the other European Union member states on the list. The research group ranked Dominica as the top jurisdiction in scope of the study, scoring an overall 90 per cent, with St Kitts and Nevis trailing with 88. Third, with 85 per cent, was Grenada, with Antigua and Barbuda (78), Saint Lucia (76), and Vanuatu (76), following in the next three spots.

Cyprus scored 67 per cent overall, Comoros 66 and Malta 64 per cent. Bulgaria, Austria and Cambodia ranked last, with 61, 54, and 53 per cent, respectively.

The rankings were devised as the aggregate of seven indicators: freedom of movement, standard of living, minimum investment outlay, mandatory travel or residence, ease of processing, citizenship timeline, and due diligence.
Buying citizenship this way is expensive. EUR 500,000 would be about as low as it goes. The other way, the cheaper way is just go there. Illegal Immigrants are paid very handsomely to infiltrate Europe. Anyone who wants a British passport could go to Mishcon de Reya; it means being in the hands of the Jews but might cost less overall. NB Due diligence in this context might well mean blind eyes being turned, Perjury etc.


8 August 2017

Donald Trump Under Attack By The Deep State
On this 200th day of the Trump Administration, the 45th presidency is under assault as few legitimately elected governments in free stable nations have ever been. The weapon of choice is, as Jeff Sessions' Justice Department has very belatedly recognized, the leak. There are three kinds of leak:

The first is the palace-intrigue stuff: Spicer loathes Scaramucci, Scaramucci hates Priebus, Priebus despises Bannon, etc. The second is the drip-drip-drip of the "Russia investigation": Robert Mueller has empaneled a grand jury, he's looking into eight-year-old Trump prop. The third is the full transcripts in American newspapers of Trump's conversations with the Mexican president and the Australian prime minister.................

From November to January we had three months of blather about the "peaceful transfer of power", but that is in fact precisely what the losers have denied the winners: Instead, they weaponized the transfer. Do you think, after last week, the Aussies think this is a normal "transfer of power"? What we are witnessing is a slow-motion coup against a duly elected government by people determined to use whatever they have to hand - national-security leaks by the permanent bureaucracy, money-no-object fishing expeditions by hopelessly conflicted prosecutors, domestic surveillance of political opponents by Obama officials, and indifference to most of the preceding by a GOP congressional leadership that has no interest in seeing Trumpism succeed.

If they prevail, they will be teaching the electorate a very dangerous lesson: you can vote for change all you want, but you ain't gonna get any. And that leads nowhere good.
UNQUOTE Donald Trump is hated by the Establishment, by the Main Stream Media, by the Education Industry, by the Deep State. They are Fanatics, arrogant rogues who loathe the honest Working Man & Democracy. They are enraged by his failure to vote as they demanded, for corruption, for Clinton. The Forgotten Man did what he wanted. Now they are attacking. Don should start putting them where they belong, in prison.
PS Two major security breaches were published in full by the Washington Post - see Transcripts of Trump’s calls with Mexico and Australia. Do. Don & Malc read as reasonable men dealing with nausea set by a Marxist crook.


7 August 2017
Is the anniversary of the 2011 Brixton Riot. There were also the 1981 Brixton riot 1985 Brixton riot [ 28 September 1985 ] & 1995 Brixton riot [ 13 December 1995 ]. The 1981 event was the start of a series which proved that blacks are trouble. Her Majesty's Government carried on importing them with the enthusiastic connivance of Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition.

EU Orders Poland To Obey Or Get Kicked Out Of The Union
A HOST of EU countries are set to demand Poland and Hungary accept their quota of migrants or they will face being booted out of the crumbling bloc.
So they can get kicked out for free but they want us to pay £100 billion for Brexit, to escape. So the answer is simple, stop importing alleged refugees. It would save billions, cut crime, make England happier & more wholesome. It would be very popular.
PS See more at The EU threatens Poland for not accepting Muslim refugees.


Diane Abbott Claims Venezuelan Elections Are Fairer Than England's
Abbot is a fat, black, ugly Trotskyist but she might be right. Labour likes Vote Rigging, especially using Pakistani criminals in Rotherham and other such ghettoes. It needs fraud to stay in power. The Tories are stupid enough or corrupt enough to let them get away with it. That is why Abbot is in Parliament, in power now.


Last Survivor Of D Day Raid Dies
Fred Milward, a sergeant of the 9th (Eastern and Home Counties) Parachute Battalion [ 9 PARA ] was one of 75 men to survive the D Day attack on the Merville Gun Battery. There are not many left. They risked all for England, then were betrayed by the political class.


Harry's Girlfriend Has a Touch Of The Tar Brush
But the Main Stream Media was hiding the fact; keeping it for a revelation after a wedding. Then they are going to market it big time, alleging that we are Racist. In fact Racism is a Marxist construct, a Propaganda weapon being used against us, to help Her Majesty's Government get away with flooding England with Third World aliens.


Cypriot Corruption Is Alive And Well
She got two years for death by dangerous driving but they got away the extensive Perversion Of The Course Of Justice. Perhaps too many people with friends were involved in the cover up.


Jews Attack Al Jazeera
Jews don't like Main Stream Media that do not follow their Party Line so Al Jazeera is coming under pressure and Free Speech be damned. It has been blocked by Saudi Arabia, Egypt & the UAE.


6 August 2017
On this day in 1945 Hiroshima was nuked using Little Boy, an atom bomb using uranium and dropped by Enola Gay. It was an air burst at 2,000 feet. Pearl Harbour began it. Hiroshima and then Nagasaki ended it. See Nuclear for more and better details. It saved us many thousands of men. Tom & Les survived because of it. Or read Thank God For The Atom Bomb. Facts were hidden from us see e.g. Hiroshima Film Cover-up Exposed
PS Fun fact; the men who flew were blessed by a Catholic Air Force chaplain, Father George Zabelka blessed the men who dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. - see Blessing the Bombs The Hiroshima Bombers' Chaplain Faces Christ, by George Zabelka. Then he went the other way.

Islamics Get Fed Better In Prison Says Duke Of Marlborough
The [ 12th ] Duke of Marlborough let slip the most surprising secret of his rackety past during the time he was banged-up in prison: he became a Muslim to make sure he got enough to eat. His change of faith apparently allowed him extra rations while he was behind bars.

Answering questions at the China Exchange from provocateur Sir David Tang, who prides himself on giving society guests a tough grilling, the former Marquess of Blandford confessed: ‘I changed religion when I went to jail. I became a Muslim because you got more food. It wasn’t the time of Ramadan. I luckily hit it just right – just afterwards!’
Another example of the political elite's hatred of Englishmen, especially the [dis]honest Working Man.


Islamic Terrorist Captured In Paris
Another Islamic, anther terrorist imported by corrupt governments, by treason & with malice aforethought. He is written off as a lunatic so we aren't supposed to care about him or the millions more filling the Trojan Horses, waiting to complete the destruction of Western Civilization.
PS NGOs and European Defense Forces Shipped Another 85,000 Africans to Italy


UK Ready To Pay £36 Billion Brexit bill, But Only If EU Talks Trade
Is Her Majesty's Government working in British interests? NO! What are the French going to pay us for helping them in two world war? Not a lot. What are the Germans going to pay us for starting those wars? Not much either but they bunged Jews With Light Fingers Took Germans For €63.2 Billion on the strength of the Holocaust® Story.


Thought for the Day
The National Debt Helpline
exists to tell people
how to deal with their debts
to tell the government to cope with its
National Debt

It is well over £1 TRILLION

5 August 2017
This day in 2011 was the start of the Planet of the Apes riots when Multiculturalism showed what it can do to for us.

Grenfell Tower Block Goes From Tragedy To Hard Left Propaganda Tool
The Grenfell Tower block fire and its aftermath
 Robert Henderson
The fallout from the Grenfell Tower (GT) fire is turning it from a very serious and traumatic physical disaster  into a political vehicle for the Hard Left who have been openly encouraged by  the  leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn  who has called for empty properties owned by the rich in the area to be commandeered and used to house those rendered homeless by the fire , while the shadow Chancellor John McDonnell  designated  the deaths murder by political decisions and called for a  “Day of Rage” on the streets.  The street level response to make this into an anti-Government matter  really took off  when  the revolutionary left became involved.  Mustafa al-Mansua  a  Jeremy Corbyn-supporting political activist  was identified as being the organiser of the  protests in Kensington Town Hall...............

What is a plausible number of  residents  for the GT?  Reports say around 600. If that is correct it looks as though quite a few have simply gone AWOL...........

But there was another force at work. Many,  probably the large majority of the residents of GT were either first generation immigrants or from  ethnic minorities born in Britain. This  brought political correctness into play. Imagine if the tower block had been overwhelmingly  inhabited by white Britons. Would the response have been so fervid? Would the hard left have been out in such force? Would a black MP like David Lammy have been accusing the authorities of covering up the true death toll? Would millions of public money have  been shelled out for 68 expensive  flats  to rehouse those who had lost their homes?  Or would the authorities and the politically active have been much less interested? I will leave those questions to the reader to answer.
We already know how Her Majesty's Government reacts when English people are victims. They are treated with contemptuous indifference. They are the Forgotten Man. Everybody in Rotherham & Rochdale knows that; the priority was keeping police and politicians out of prison. A few Pakistani Perverts were thrown to the wolves. There was no help given to the 1,400 known victims or the others. Political Correctness is a technique for suppressing the truth and exacerbating the problems caused inter alia by Third World parasites.


National Trust Marketing Homosexuality
The order to their volunteer workers backfired. Decent people would not wear "Gay Pride" badges. The Trust was infiltrated some years ago by the Hard Left using the techniques of Entryism. It is part of the Long March Through The Institutions, the system worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communist party in order to destroy Western Civilization. NB Their most recent magazine marketed various weirdoes of this sort.


Third World Twerp Fires Shotgun Into Woman's Vagina In A Sex Game
A man who left his partner for dead after accidentally [ sic ] firing a shotgun while it was inserted into her vagina to fulfill her sexual desires has been jailed for ten years. David Jeffers, 47, fled in panic from a Britannia hotel in Manchester leaving his partner disfigured on the bed after their fantasy went catastrophically wrong.

The 46 year-old victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been left with life changing injuries to her bladder and female reproductive organs but amazingly survived..........

Jeffers, who lives in Harehills, Leeds, inserted the loaded shotgun, which he claims to have found in the toilet of the Wetherspoon's pub at Leeds train station, into her vagina before accidentally [ sic ] pressing the trigger.
UNQUOTE These are strange charges; it was not attempted murder or possession with intent. Grossly irresponsibility is not a crime, merely dangerous but then he is another Third World alien imported by Her Majesty's Government as another act of gross irresponsibility, if not treason. His story about finding a loaded gun in a public loo is clearly fantasy.


4 August 2017
This day in 1914 was the start of World War I: Germany invaded Belgium; in response, the United Kingdom declared war on Germany.

Sabre Rattling Could Go Very Badly Wrong
The American government is making threatening noises, sending carriers to Korea and acting like the world's policeman in a bad temper. This is not good. Fred tells us that Iran hasn't backed down, China hasn't backed down, North Korea hasn't backed down. Just how many nuclear nations can America afford to upset. Fred has been there; he played for real in Viet Nam and got a year in hospital for his pains. Another corporal got it wrong. Naughty little Adolf thought he could beat Russia, just like Lieutenant Bonaparte. Recall that this day is the anniversary of World War I. The Third World War will be worse.


Israeli Prime Minister Is 'Suspected' Of Bribery & Fraud
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is suspected of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in two cases, Israel Police confirmed on Thursday when it requested a gag order on the ongoing talks to recruit a state witness. The gag order was granted and is effective until September 17...........

Also on Thursday, Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit said that progress was being made in talks with a former top aide to Netanyahu, Ari Harow, about becoming a state witness...............

According to recent reports by Haaretz, the information he provided allegedly indicated criminal connections between Harow, the prime minister and people in the prime minister’s circles..........

Harow, who is suspected of bribery, fraud, breach of trust, aggravated fraud and money laundering, was also a key figure in a case that the police did not pursue. He headed the American Friends of Likud, which allegedly paid the salary of Odelia Karmon, an adviser to Netanyahu when the prime minister, who heads the Likud party, was opposition leader.

During the investigation of Harow, police confiscated his cell phone, and found recordings documenting the Netanyahu-Mozes conversations that are the basis of the Case 2000 probe...........

“Bibi became insanely hysterical, all of a sudden. I don’t know who whispered to him, after all, you can light him up like a flame ... and then he said to me: Odelia, give back the money.” In the recording, Karmon also mentioned Harow: “He plied Netanyahu with many things. Flight tickets or whenever Netanyahu was in a bind. But not in exchange for anything. He was honest and sweet. He was simply helpless.”
got away with it last time, then his mouthpiece became the attorney general. See e.g. Israel's New Attorney General Kept Politicians Out Of Prison


Woman On Trial For Smuggling 12 Vietnamese Illegal Immigrants Into England
A mother-of-four has gone on trial accused of helping to smuggle 12 Vietnamese illegal immigrants through the Channel Tunnel hidden in a van-load of tyres.

The group was discovered when a UK border force official spotted a pair of jean-clad legs sticking out of a tyre stacked in the rear of the Mercedes Sprinter van. Katy Bethel, 28, was a passenger in the works vehicle driven by Aaron Harris...................

''There were 12 Vietnamese nationals concealed in that load of tyres. All were illegal entrants trying to get into the UK.'........

Bethel, from Gillingham in Kent, denies assisting unlawful immigration on July 4, 2015.
The other one admitted his guilt. She will claim ignorance.


Tower Block In Dubai Catches Fire - Not Many Dead
Dubai's record-breaking 1,100ft Torch Tower full of expats burst into flames in a chilling echo of the Grenfell Tower disaster this morning - but, unlike London, its wealthy residents made it out alive. Fire 'spread rapidly' through the skyscraper in Dubai's world-famous Marina in the early hours of this morning..............

The same skyscraper was devastated by fire in 2015 and the building's flammable cladding, which was similar to that used in Grenfell Tower, was blamed for fuelling the flames. At least 80 died in the West London inferno in June.
It would have been quite exciting. Obviously people survived because they are Capitalist Swine unlike the losers in the Kensington Fire, those unfortunate Illegal Immigrants being used as cheap labour by aforementioned Swine.


3 August 2017

Italy Captures Third World Smugglers' Boat
Italy seizes German-operated migrant rescue boat claiming it is being used to help ‘clandestine immigration’ from Libya to Europe........ Italian authorities have seized a migrant rescue boat, accusing its owner of aiding 'clandestine immigration'.

The 100ft-long vessel, operated by pro-migrant group Jugend Rettet, is currently being held at a Sicilian port.

The move comes after Italian lawmakers approved controversial plans to use warships to prevent migrant boats reaching Europe from Libya - a move branded a 'recipe for more suffering' by Amnesty International, which claims intercepted migrants could be at risk of torture.
Jugend Rettet is a Criminal Charity in the business of importing Third World parasites on the make. They would claim that they are Morally superior to the rest of us, the Europeans who created civilization. They are some of Lenin's Useful Idiots. The Italian government has been colluding in smuggling by giving immunity to prosecution to the perpetrators. One such is Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark. She is above the law when all is said and runs Save The Children to boot.


Indian Doctor Charged With 118 Sexual Offences
It is alleged that Dr Manish Shah, 47, assaulted 54 victims at a surgery in Havering, east London, between June 2004 and July 2013, when he was first arrested.

Shah was first suspended for four months by the General Medical Council in August 2014 - a year after unspecified 'interim conditions' were placed on him - but his suspension has been extended on a annual basis since............

Police began an investigation into Shah, from Romford, after several people came to police with allegations in July and August 2013. He is due to appear on bail on Thursday, 31 August at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court.

The NHS website says Shah, who has been registered as a GP since March 2006, is able to perform some minor surgery and his main interest is in family planning. The website adds that he is able to ‘fit and remove [contraceptive] coils’, but it is unclear if any of the allegations relate to intimate examinations.
This is a change from Pakistanis but he is still a Third World parasite imported by a corrupt government. They have been hesitant about charging him but then he is a foreign undesirable.


Three More Islamics Full Of Hate Convicted Again
Three terrorists who called themselves the 'Three Musketeers' are facing jail after their plot to carry out a London Bridge-style knife rampage was foiled by undercover MI5 agents. Naweed Ali, 29, Khobaib Hussain, 25 and Mohibur Rahman, 33, named themselves after the literary characters as they collected a small arsenal including a half-made pipe bomb and a meat cleaver with the word 'Kafir' etched into the blade.

They used a Musketeers image from the Disney cartoon as a logo on encrypted Telegram messages as they prepared to bring carnage to the streets of Britain. Shocking CCTV footage shows two of the trio walking around Birmingham N New Street station with the bag in which their weapons were later found.

Husssain and Ali had already been convicted of terrorist offences after they went to training camps in Pakistan. Police and security services set up a fake delivery firm called 'Hero Couriers' to snare them again. The firm rented premises in Birmingham city centre and hired Hussain for £100 a day - even issuing him with a t-shirt and high-visibility vest bearing the company logo as he was dispatched on jobs around the country.
This lot are third raters full of hate, an imported problem, brought to us by the political elite, by Her Majesty's Government acting in concert with Her Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition and other of Lenin's Useful Idiots. There are thousands more like them. Government policy is to let them incite Race hatred contrary to Part III of the Public Order Act 1986 and to prosecute Englishmen who have the temerity to comment.

The Indian government set this problem up in Sri Lanka ex Ceylon by importing weapons to one tribe. They made war against the other. It was also done by the Greek government; supplying weapons to EOKA in Cyprus. They made war against the Brits. Hundreds or thousands died. Now HMG and other Western governments are importing Third World aliens to form Trojan Horses. The weapons will come later.
PS Criminals are not all Pakistani, even more are Blacks. See the next ones.


Third (black) suspect arrested for weekend murder of (White) Abilene teen  Third (BLACK) suspect charged with murder in shooting of (WHITE) Columbus cab driver
Shocking video shows a gang of (BLACK) teenagers punching, kicking and spitting on a group of defenseless (WHITE) youngsters in a vicious and unprovoked attack  
1980s Rap Legend The Kidd Creole Suspected in Deadly Stabbing of Homeless Man

2 August 2017

AA Boss Sacked For 'Gross Misconduct'
It is all over the Main Stream Media but are they telling us why? No, they keep us in the dark. He has gone into a lunatic asylum for a while, which sounds like an admission of guilt.


Journalist Retracts Two Days After Annoying Israel Lobby
Kevin Myers
wrote about Jews in the Sunday Times. He was sacked and has now snivelled to them. This was after mentioning that a couple female Jews were highly paid. No big deal you might have thought but Jews infiltrated the Main Stream Media because they want them run their way. Thus it was when two eminent political scientists were denied access to the media for writing about their power in The Israel Lobby. Yes Neoconservatives did use American armed forces to make war on Iraq; it gave them access to Arab oil.


1 August 2017
1 August is Lammas or Lammas Day (loaf-mass day), the festival of the first wheat harvest of the year. On this day it was customary to bring to church a loaf made from the new crop. In many parts of England, tenants were bound to present freshly harvested wheat to their landlords on or before the first day of August. In the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, where it is referred to regularly, it is called "the feast of first fruits". The blessing of new fruits was performed annually in both the Eastern and Western Churches on the first or the sixth of August (the latter being the feast of the Transfiguration of Christ). The Sacramentary of Pope Gregory I (died 604) specifies the sixth.
August 2014 Sinjar, Iraq Massacre Kills 5,000. It was perpetrated by ISIS.

Islamic Terrorist Kills Two In Konstanz Nightclub
Two people have died and three others are fighting for their lives after a man armed with a machine gun opened fire in a packed German nightclub, according to reports. Revellers fled from the Grey venue in the city of Konstanz near the Swiss border after the 34-year-old Iraqi attacker burst in and opened fire at 4.30am.

Special forces and a police helicopter were sent to the scene with the gunman 'put out of action' in minutes. ............

Police have said that the shooter's motive is not yet known and it is not clear if he acted alone or with accomplices. Police said the incident was being treated as a 'possible relationship dispute' and not a terror attack. They said the killer had been a long time resident of Konstanz.

On Friday, a failed asylum seeker killed one person and injured six others in the northern city of Hamburg.

Officials said he was an Islamist known to security forces and he had was psychologically unstable.
Which story do you choose, lone wolf, lunatic, domestic nausea? They are standard excuses used by the Main Stream Media, the lies they use to excuse vicious Third World parasites. They were imported deliberately, with malice aforethought by Angela Merkel, a Traitor full of hate.


Girl Raped Twice In One Night By Pakistani Thugs
Khurram Rahi, 27, who was arrested yesterday has been charged with rape He and another man, 34, were both held on suspicion of raping a girl, 14 Police say teen first attacked at Witton railway station in Birmingham on Tuesday Girl then flagged down vehicle outside the station and was raped a second time  It comes after police released CCTV stills of two men they want to speak to A man has been charged with rape after a 14-year-old girl was attacked twice in one night at a railway station in Birmingham. 

Khurram Rahi, of Rosefield Road in Birmingham, was arrested yesterday alongside another man, 34, and will appear at the city's Magistrates' Court tomorrow.
More criminals imported by Her Majesty's Government, by treason.


16 More Pakistanis Captured After Paedophile Perversion In Yorkshire
Police investigating allegations of historical child sex abuse in the Huddersfield area have made 16 further arrests.The alleged offences took place between 2004 and 2011 and involved girls aged between 11 and 17. All those arrested have been bailed pending further inquires, West Yorkshire Police said. Twenty-seven men and two women were previously charged as part of the investigation.

They are due to stand trial for offences including rape, trafficking, and child neglect.
Pakistani Perverts carry on doing what they like after being imported by a government of traitors.


Three Police Torture Man Using A Taser
It happened in Tennessee. The Mail doesn't explain why they did it or whether he was a regular customer trying it on.


31 July 2017


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