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Newspapers out there published this on the net. True or false or a mixture, it is what we are being fed but now we are part of a worldwide audience. If you are fluent in a dozen languages and have the time you may be able to find what is important and relevant. There again if nobody is talking you cannot. That is how it was when Monica Lewinsky, a Jew was at it with Clinton. Hundreds of newspaper reporters in Washington failed to know, or failed to tell or were told by their editors not to tell. It was all left to Matt Drudge, another Jew and show business gossip writer [ with the Drudge Report ] in far away Hollywood to let the cat out of the bag.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within..... The traitor is the plague."
Cicero on Treason

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."
Lord Acton quoted
Think e.g. of Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Eisenhower, Obama, Netanyahu, Strauss-Kahn
Blair Is A War Criminal On The Run

Top Stories 2017
30 June 2017

Germans Are A Minority In Frankfurt
More than half of residents living in the German city of Frankfurt have a migrant background, according to new statistics. 

Figures show 51.2 per cent of people living there are either non-German, German citizens born abroad or Germans who are the children of immigrants.......... Turkish migrants are the largest non-German minority that are settled in Frankfurt, accounting for 13 per cent of the population.

A further 61 per cent of residents who were born abroad have come from other countries within the European Union [ for a total of 74.2% foreign - Ed. ].
Merkel's genocidal attack on Politics In Germany is succeeding. She is like most prime ministers in Europe, in being childless. She has no stake in the future.


Donald Trump Bans Terrorist Immigrants Again
So Rent A Mob swings into action. The judge who chose to allege that Don's first ban was invalid is in clear breach of his obligation to enforce the law as it is, not some private version. He broke his oath of office and should have found himself on holiday in GITMO.


Israeli Prime Minister Being Investigated For Fraud
Mariah Carey's billionaire ex-fiancé is reportedly due to be interviewed by Israeli police as part of a corruption probe into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

James Packer, the son of late Australian media tycoon Kerry Packer, is said to have given Netanyahu's oldest son Yair free hotel rooms and luxury flights, and he has been wanted for questioning in Israel since March............ Israeli police are investigating whether Netanyahu's acceptance of the gifts could be an illegal conflict of interest.............

In January, Israel's Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri [ a thief who got three years ], told ABC's 730 program he had met with Packer's lawyer who had asked him about arranging citizenship or residency in Israel for the billionaire.
Netanyahu beat the fraud raps last time. His lawyer got to be attorney general. Quid pro quo? He is a non-stop liar. Why would Jim want residency in Israel? It would be useful if he went on the run. That is the whole point of the place, for Jews at all events.


Third World Homosexual Becomes Irish Prime Minister
The son of an Indian immigrant who came out as gay in 2015 will be the next Irish prime minister, after he was voted leader of the country’s main governing party.

Leo Varadkar’s victory in the Fine Gael leadership contest on Friday, which took place after outgoing PM Enda Kenny announced his resignation last month, marks another significant step forward for equality in the country, after 2015’s gay marriage referendum.

As well as becoming Ireland’s first gay prime minister, Varadkar, 38, will also become the country’s youngest leader, and the first from an ethnic minority background. His position will be confirmed later this month when parliament resumes after a break.

Varadkar faced a stiffer-than-expected challenge in the centre-right Fine Gael election from his rival, Simon Coveney. The Cork-born Irish housing minister is popular with the party’s grassroots, particularly in Fine Gael’s more conservative, rural redoubts.......

Kenny said Varadkar had his full support. “This is a tremendous honour for him and I know he will devote his life to improving the lives of people across our country,” he said. “I want to also thank and pay tribute to Simon Coveney for making the leadership election a real contest. This has been a wonderful exercise in democracy for the Fine Gael party.”
This is a result of the Culture Wars being waged against Western Civilization, especially The Catholic Church. See e.g. the next one.


Catholic Church Under Attack While Paedophile Jews Are Protected
Pope Francis' financial adviser is being charged in Australia with multiple counts of historical sexual assault, in a stunning move certain to rock the highest levels of the Holy See.

George Pell, Australia's most senior Catholic, is the highest-ranking Vatican official to be charged in the church's long-running sexual abuse scandal.....

He has denied the accusations and denounced what he called a "relentless character assassination"
The Catholic Church has a case to answer. It did handle accusations badly but they victims of hostile Main Stream Media. This makes it different from Zionist crazies and Jews generally; they have been protected by the very same Media in spite of their far nastier track record. But one Jew, who is honest let several cats out of the bag. Failed Messiah fed us the dirt, the totally proven evidence against rabbis and other Paedophile Jews. See Failed Messiah On Paedophiles. The Jew Shatter is out of politics in Ireland. The evil he did remains.


Irish Education Minister Attacks Catholic Church
Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton has responded to claims that the removal of the ‘baptism barrier’ will not combat the growing number over-subscribed schools in Ireland.

Minister Bruton’s proposals would see 2,800 Catholic schools across the country banned from discriminating on the grounds of religion when it comes to admitting children to schools.

However, both the Catholic Schools Partnership and the Catholic Primary Schools Association have claimed that will do nothing to deal with creating more places in over-subscribed schools, and that there was a greater problem with the amount of overall places being made available.
This is not equality; it is Racism.


CNN Retracts Lies Against Donald Trump After $100 Million Libel Threat
Fraudulent stories, lies, Disinformation, Propaganda, business as usual.


Sarah Palin Has Excellent Libel Case Against NYT
The New York Times is another Propaganda machine with an agenda.


29 June 2017

Western establishments are opting for a full population replacement to keep the ball rolling
The technical term is Genocide, which is a crime under international law. See e.g. the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide
The Gefira team has taken a year to analyze the current state of affairs in the world. The promising role of the BRICS countries has disappeared whilst the US still has the characteristics of a waning power and the European Union failed to become the world’s leader. The global economy cannot operate without a decisive intervention from central banks.
The Western powers did not succeed in bringing democracy to the Middle East and the conflicts with Islamists are intensifying. Nationalism in Europe is on the rise while the global elites keep on foisting a multicultural programme on their respective societies. The increasing uncertainty, the lack of convincing economic recovery and of global leadership is the result of the far-reaching changes in demographics with no comparable historical precedent. The Gefira team is one of the few research groups that understand that the dramatic changes in the world population will have a profound effect on financial markets, emerging countries, distribution of religions, migration and geopolitics.

Since populations in Africa and South Asia are exploding whereas those of the developed world are shrinking, Western establishments are opting for a full population replacement in Europe and the USA; conversely, Japan and China will keep their borders shut, and we will see a 60% population decrease there. The reversal of a population decline can take 50 to 100 years. The Gefira will focus on the unprecedented demographic shifts we are experiencing right now; in this issue we take a look at the changes in China whose (especially working) population is about to shrink and whose urbanization will come to a halt within the coming 10 years; we also discuss the strategic role of the Russian and European space programmes.
Destroying Western Civilization is THE policy of criminals like Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron, Merkel, Obama, Netanyahu, & Her Majesty's Government.


Canada’s Secret to Resisting the West’s Populist Wave
TORONTO — As right-wing populism has roiled elections and upended politics across the West, there is one country where populists have largely failed to break through: Canada.

The raw ingredients are present. A white ethnic majority that is losing its demographic dominance. A sharp rise in immigration that is changing culture and communities. News media and political personalities who bet big on white backlash.

Yet Canada’s politics remain stable. Its centrist liberal establishment is popular. Not only have the politics of white backlash failed, but immigration and racial diversity are sources of national pride [ to whom? Editor ]. And when anti-establishment outsiders have run the populist playbook, they have found defeat. Canada’s multicultural identity is largely the result of political maneuvering...........

In Britain, among white voters who say they want less immigration, about 40 percent also say that limiting immigration is the most important issue to them. In the United States, that figure is about 20 percent. In Canada, according to a 2011 study, it was only 0.34 percent.
The New York Times is a Propaganda machine that hates "populism", another term for popular, for Democratic. It approves of Racism, IF it is anti-white, anti-Canadian. The New York Times is run the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies, by haters, by Racists. Compare this article with reality in the State of Israel where black infiltrators are put in Concentration Camps In Israel pending export.


Black Thugs Thrown Off EasyJet Flight
The Mail chose to allege that they were British. The Mail is a Propaganda machine. Its readers aren't stupid enough to believe it.


Israel’s Secret Program to Get Rid of African Refugees
KIGALI, Rwanda — The man picked Afie Semene and the 11 other Eritreans on the flight from Tel Aviv out of the stream of disembarking passengers as if he already had their faces memorized. He welcomed them to the Rwandan capital, Kigali, and introduced himself as John. He was a Rwandan immigration officer, he explained, there to help smooth their arrival. He collected the travel documents each of them had been issued in Israel and led them past the immigration counter where the rest of the passengers from their flight queued. Nobody stopped them. Nothing was stamped....................

Instead, the next day brought new despair: There would be no visas. No work permits. No asylum. None of the things Israeli authorities had promised the 12 Eritreans when they had agreed to relocate to Rwanda a few weeks prior. Instead, John offered to smuggle them into neighboring Uganda, which he told them was a “free nation.” “If you live here, you can’t leave,” Semene recalled John saying of Rwanda. “It’s a tight country. Let me advise you, as your brother, you need to go to Uganda.”............

By the time Benjamin Netanyahu secured a third term as prime minister in 2013, the tensions had hardened into outright hostility. That year, Israel sealed off its border with Egypt and implemented a raft of policies aimed at making life more difficult for asylum-seekers already in Israel. Then it began secretly pressuring Eritreans and Sudanese to leave for unnamed third countries, a shadowy relocation effort in which Semene and thousands like him are now ensnared.........

 By 2012, a leading Israeli politician was denouncing the asylum-seekers as “a cancer in our body”[ Was he wrong? - Editor ] and residents of south Tel Aviv were organizing protests against them. That same year, the minister of interior suggested making “their lives miserable” in order to dissuade even more from coming.
The Jews lied and cheated; that is what Jews do. The don't want Third World infiltrators any more than anyone else. That is why there are  Concentration Camps In Israel


28 June 2017
On this day in 2016 Islamics carried out the Istanbul Airport Attack, murdering 45 people. It was just one of their six [ 6 ] Istanbul attacks in 2016.

Refugees not welcome YouTube propaganda fail?
In the wake of several terror attacks across Europe, and an alleged revenge attack at the Finsbury Park mosque in London, which has a long history associated with terrorism, popular video sharing site YouTube has put out a thinly veiled propaganda piece.

The video, titled more than a refugee, features a number of refugees from the Middle East, mainly young girls, a common ascetic for the refugee crisis.

The reality is different. According to the latest figures, the majority of the refugees are not from Syria, are economic migrants, unskilled, and overwhelmingly military age men. You can read the current ‘official statistics’ here. In fact, the huge influx of military age single men has led to a gender imbalance in Sweden, which, post refugee invasion, has seen it’s rape crime statistics skyrocket.

The video makes no references to the social, demographic or economic costs of taking in different cultures, many of which are openly hostile to that of Europe and unabsorbable in the large numbers being forced in. Indeed these costs are so high that by “helping” these “refugees” by permitting them to invade en masse, Europe and the first world is ensuring that it will never again be able to assist the victims of future crises.

However, it appears that the free market of ideas is reaching people and the audience is wise to the propaganda.

As of the time of writing the current like bar stands at a disproportionate dislike ratio
With more than 16 million views it is getting noticed.144,163 likes versus 444,192 dislikes indicates that people are not falling for the lies, the Propaganda generated by the International Rescue Committee, another group of Useful Idiots controlled by the Puppet Masters, by Zionist crazies. Its president is David Miliband, a Marxist Jew. He gets paid very handsomely; Being Richer than a refugee David Miliband gets lavish £425k to head International Rescue Committee. It beats working for a living.


Russia recalls ambassador at center of collusion allegations against Trump campaign report
WASHINGTON – Russia is recalling its ambassador who has been the source of the collusion allegations against the Trump campaign, according to BuzzFeed News.

The Kremlin is sending Sergey Kislyak back to Russia amid the growing US, FBI and congressional investigations into Russia’s meddling in the US presidential election........ Kislyak, who reportedly met Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and ex-national security adviser Michael Flynn, will say his goodbyes at a fete July 11 at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington.
This is a strange little story. Ambassador meets people. So what? It's what ambassadors do. Did he betray Russia?


Six Police Charged With Misconduct In Public Office After Hillsborough Disaster
Hillsborough match commander David Duckenfield, former chief constable "Sir" Norman Bettison and four other people have been charged with offences relating to the Hillsborough Disaster.

The Crown Prosecution Service announced that Duckenfield has been charged with the Manslaughter  by gross negligence of 95 of the 96 Liverpool FC fans who died at the FA Cup semi-final in 1989 and Bettison is accused of four counts of Misconduct In Public Office.

Sue Hemming, head of the CPS's special crime division, said former South Yorkshire Police officers Donald Denton and Alan Foster, as well as force solicitor Peter Metcalf, are charged with doing acts with intent to Pervert The Course Of Justice. Former Sheffield Wednesday secretary Graham Mackrell is also charged with three offences relating to health and safety at sports grounds.
They managed to hold off charges for 28 years, a tribute to Police Corruption. They are sturdy liars. But then it was only 98 English people who were killed; more than the Manchester Massacre & London Bridge Massacre put together. Of course if they had been Third World parasites and Illegal Immigrants like the inmates of the government supplied flats in the Kensington Fire we would have been appalled, heads would have rolled etc. The CPS has missed out on charges of Perjury. NB The Mail's write up is rather better - see Six charged over the Hillsborough disaster


27 June 2017

London Mayor Wants Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants In Kensington Fire
Undocumented migrants and illegal subtenants who survived the Grenfell Tower blaze may be unaccounted for and are not seeking state support due to fears over their immigration and housing status, charities and legal experts have warned. Underreporting of illegal subtenants could also mean the death toll is higher than currently assumed, it is feared...........

Amid the mounting concerns, a government source said the Met police had committed that if victims living in the UK illegally contact the hotline set up for victims, they will take no action. They did not mention whether Home Office officials would have any involvement.
The police are pandering to these criminals too, because they are Racists, but anti-English racists. The Metropolitan Police chief, 'Sir' Bernard Hogan-Howe was in the South Yorkshire Police, where he achieved total ignorance of wholesale rape of English girls by Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham.
PS See Sadiq Khan backs amnesty on illegal immigrants who lived in Grenfell Tower at time of fire


26 June 2017
On this day in 2015 an Islamic trouble maker carried out the Tunisia Massacre, achieving 39 kills a few months after Islamics murdered 22 Europeans and Brits in the Bardo National Museum attack. Now they are forgotten but we all care deeply about the Illegal Immigrants, the Islamic infiltrators who came unstuck in the Kensington fire. They matter because Capitalist Swine want cheap servants. NB Cameron says that Islam Is A Religion of Peace. He lies; so do the rest.

Over 40 Islamic Terrorists Abuse Human Rights Law To Avoid Deportation
Over 40 foreign-born terrorists have avoided deportation from the UK after using human rights law to argue they would be mistreated if returned to their home countries.

A Home Office report into the government's Deportation with Assurances (DWA) scheme - which was agreed in 2005 with Ethiopia, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Morocco - revealed the figure.

Just 12 foreign terrorists have been successfully deported through DWA.
The Mail does not mention that bent lawyers are abusing legal aid to keep them here and keep themselves in luxury at our expense. Phil Shiner, a typical example is a thieving shit. The Crown Prosecution Service kept him out of prison by Perverting The Course Of Justice.


Blacks Riot After Drug Dealer Dies In Police Custody
Six police officers have been injured after rioters launched bricks, bottles and lit street fires over the death of a young black father-of-one.

The family of Edir 'Edson' Frederico Da Costa claim he was 'brutally beaten' and left with a broken neck after he was stopped by the Met in Newham, east London on June 15 - he died in hospital six days later. 

Police admit they used CS spray and some force to arrest him but believe he fell ill because he had 'swallowed a large quantity of drugs' - a post-mortem found no neck or spinal injuries.
When Blacks attack people that is different. They pretend it is nothing to do with them. So does the BBC, in order to incite Black Hate, a criminal offence due to the Public Order Act 1986. They are allowed to get away with it because it is government policy.


25 June 2017  

Comrade Corbyn Goes To Glastonbury Festival Touting For Votes
The actor, who revealed he based his most famous character Jack Sparrow on one of rock'n'rolls most infamous faces in Keith Richards, watched intently as rapper Killer Mike and El-P were introduced by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The Labour leader was spared the same humour aimed at President Trump following Johnny's now infamous assassination joke. 

Johnny was forced to apologise for comments he made on Thursday which seemed to call for the assassination of The President. 'I apologise for the bad joke I attempted last night in poor taste about President Trump,' Depp told the People.
The actor in question, one of murderous inclination is a fellow called Depp. He dresses like an Oxfam advert. Comrade Corbyn was there to bribe Left Wingers who want free holidays at university. Marxist goes unto  Marxist.


24 June 2017

Cue Operation Muslim Appeasement
Following an attack on Muslim worshippers outside Finsbury mosque in London last night, politicians lined up to lavish on Muslims the Political Correct sacred status of ultimate ‘victim’.

Today, we heard strong words from Theresa May racially identifying the attacker as a lone, middle-aged “white man” and condemning the heinous crime as an ““evil Islamophobic attack.”

Jeremy Corbyn was “overcome” and “distraught” – by the looks of his media publicity shots, far more so than when scores of British children were blown to pieces in Manchester by an Islamist suicide nail-bomber and when scores of revellers in England’s capital city ‘indiscriminately’ (though conflicting reports claimed the knifemen went for ‘white’ people) had their throats slit and were stabbed repeatedly to death in a frenzy of religious and racial hatred.

Islamist London Mayor Sadiq Khan declared that every one must report hate crimes and promised they would be dealt with, intimating that Muslims are the victims and should aid authorities in persecuting their fellow ‘British’ nationals – the white Kuffar.

Let’s get this into perspective; so a crazed lunatic drives a van into worshippers killing one and injuring at least ten – a truly sickening attack and one that the BNP condemns in the strongest of terms.

In the last two months alone, at least 30 people have been slaughtered in similarly horrific attacks by multiple Islamist terrorists in several orchestrated terror attacks.................

These attacks are a direct result of the mass immigration agenda of the political class which was forced on the British people without debate, referendum or any mandate whatsoever from the British people............. In order to engineer some kind of balance, white Brits will now be targeted disproportionately to any apparent crimes they commit..........

Given her fanatical obsession with ‘diversity’, Theresa May appears to have been oblivious to the irony when stating:

“We shall not be divided.”

Look around, May, Britain is already divided, very divided, and your despicable ilk has engineered it so.

Now the politicians have lost control – and they know it!

Read the BNP Ten-Point Plan to Counter Islamist Terror here.
The British National Party is playing dirty; it is telling the truth. The BNP is, in fact Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition, as distinct from the Labour Party and other enemies of the honest Working Classes. In fact it is worse than the BNP are saying. Third World aliens are an imported problem; it is not accidental. It is deliberate. The whole political class are Enemies Of The People.


Cyprus Captures Three After Gangland Murder
THREE men were remanded in custody for eight days on Friday on suspicion of taking part in a plot to kill an underworld figure last year. Police told the court they have also issued arrest warrants for five more people – four foreign nationals and a Cypriot – in connection with the case.

The three remanded suspects are a 30-year-old Turkish Cypriot, a 35-year-old Greek Cypriot and a 47-year-old Serb who is currently a convict at the central prisons, serving out a sentence for a drugs-related offence.

They are suspected of having played a part in arranging or mediating for the arrival of two Serb hit men, whose target is believed to have been Alexis Mavromichalis, aka ‘Alexoui’.

Chief inspector Marcos Nikolettis told the court that on March 22, 2016, the force had received an urgent message from Belgrade Interpol notifying them of an impending contract killing.

The Serbian authorities had been investigating a crime ring when they found out that a number of its members were in Cyprus plotting a murder.

The court heard that one of the wanted men had contacted an unknown individual in Nicosia’s central prison, who eventually hired him to carry out the contract for €100,000.

The pair had agreed that the man would hire the hit men.

Police said initial investigations showed that the possible target was Alexis Mavromichalis from Nicosia. It also emerged that the contact was Marios Christodoulou, aka Benny, currently doing life in jail for the killing of Phanos Kalopsidiotis and conspiracy to murder Mavromichalis.............

Kalopsidiotis, according to Mavromichalis, considered the pair responsible for his father’s murder in 2014 and a gangland hit in the summer of 2012 that saw five people killed.

Benny worked for Rodotheou and had been arrested in February 2015 in connection with a rocket attack in Nicosia that was meant to take out Mavromichalis but killed his 28-year-old bodyguard instead. The attack followed an incident at the Apoel fan club in which Benny was beaten by Mavromichalis and his men.
They can so they do. Sloppy security is what lets them down.


23 June 2017  

Daily Mail Alleges That Hate Crimes Soar By 500 Per Cent In Manchester
Islamophobic crimes in Greater Manchester have increased by 500 per cent centre after the bomb attack in the city, according to police figures. Hundreds of complaints about attacks, threats and vandalism directed against Muslim residents were received by GMP in the wake of the Arena attack on May 22.

Muslim organisations - as well as individuals and families - now say they face daily harassment and abuse by those who wrongly blame them for the actions Islamist-inspired Salman Abedi.
The Mail's readers are not stupid enough to believe it. This is government propaganda. Government policy is different; it is about protecting Islamic infiltrators. It is  Get Used To It Suckers. If you are English you don't matter.

Importing Third World parasites is Ethnic Fouling, population replacement, Genocide & Treason. So is denying it. Why are they doing it to us? Because Jews Want Third World Immigration. Pandering to Zionist crazies is what  Her Majesty's Government does.


DUP Invites Labour To Offer Bigger Bribes
The DUP has held secret talks with Labour and the Lib Dems to pressurise Theresa May into accepting their spending demands, it is claimed. Ian Paisley's party is said to have met with the opposition parties in a bid to get their backing on an amendment to the Queen's Speech which would rule out the return of a hard border with Ireland.

The party, led by Arlene Foster, wants the plans to be approved, in return for them agreeing to a confidence and supply deal with the minority Tory government.
Comrade Corbyn will use this one to leverage Theresa May. He could force her to call another election, putting him in with a chance of power and an opportunity to destroy England.


Pakistani Rapist Fought Off By 13 Year Old English Girl
Detectives released CCTV footage in a bid to catch the man who assaulted the girl, 13, in Blackburn, Lancashire.

The man can be seen following his victim before catching up with her and talking to her. She crosses the road away from him but he then sprints after her. The suspect grabs his victim from behind before the brave teenager punches him and runs away.

He can then be seen running away from the scene at around 7pm on Wednesday 14 June, past a row of garden hedges.
Another Pakistani Pervert imported by Her Majesty's Government with malice aforethought and Treasonous intent.


Afghan Murdered European Official's Daughter
The father in question invited people to donate money to Bangla Desh.


22 June 2017  
On this day in 1941 the Wehrmacht began Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia  and sealed the fate of the 1,000 year Reich. The reason was to get oil fields, to beat the Royal Navy blockade.  See Why Germany really lost World War II.

DUP Demands £2 Billion Bribe
That is just for starters. Comrade Corbyn and the Liberal one are in attack mode.


Importing Third World Parasites Into Europe Is Policy Says Juncker
Juncker didn't use those precise words but he is determined to flood European with Third World chancers on the make. This is population replacement, it is Ethnic Fouling, it is Genocide. This includes acts intended to destroy national or ethnic groups such as Englishmen. It is there in the United Nations definition; see the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide for more and better details. Juncker is like the overwhelming bulk of the political class, a destroyer, one of the Enemy Within. The techniques he uses were worked out by Antonio Gramsci, the leading intellectual of the Italian communists. Attacking from the top down, infiltrating politics, churches etc. is all part of the Long March Through The Institutions to destroy Western Civilization. It is working all too well.


Black Stole White Baby In Johannesburg
A shocking video has been released of the moment a toddler was snatched just yards from his family at a South African restaurant. The CCTV footage, filmed in a Spurs steak restaurant in Johannesburg, shows the young blonde boy strolling on his own towards a play area.............

Seconds later a man wearing a blue t-shirt approaches the child, grabs him and quickly carries him away. Instantly the boy's father storms over to the man and thankfully retrieves his frightened son. 
Was the black going to use the child's body parts for witch doctoring? Was it going to be kidnapping for money? Pass. The thief lied his way out of it. The police, also black would have let him get away with it.


21 June 2017
Is Midsummer's Day 

Theresa My Apologises To Kensington Fire Victims
But Theresa May does NOT apologise to Pakistani Perverts' rape victims in Rotherham or anywhere else but then they are English, not Illegal Immigrants like the Kensington lot. The Rotherham cover up, the collusion in Rape happened on her watch, when she was the Home Secretary  [ 12 May 2010 – 13 July 2016 ]. In fact they are still going on, the perversion and the cover up. May et al are Perverting The Course Of Justice but they are above the law. Albeit a few Pakistanis get thrown to the wolves from time to time.


Three Pakistanis In Rotherham Charged As Paedophile Perverts
They are out on bail, which gives them time to do a runner back to Pakistan.


Belgian Army Shoots Islamic Terrorist In Brussels Railway Station
A suicide bomber who allegedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' and triggered an explosive vest at Brussels Central Station has been gunned down and killed by soldiers. Shots rang out soon after 9pm as police and soldiers moved in ‘to neutralise a suspect who was threatening civilians,’ said an investigating source. The suspect was said to be wearing a rucksack packed with explosives around Belgium’s busiest railway station. Tourists were among those who fled in panic, and within a few minutes nearby shops and restaurants were shutting down.

The Grand Place, the city’s most popular tourist spot, was completely evacuated because of fears that the man might not be acting alone. 
Another day, another Islamic terrorist imported by European governments, by ZOGs [ Zionist Occupied Governments ] controlled by the Puppet Masters. NB Jews Want Third World Immigration for us; they are a weapon creating Ethnic Fouling & Genocide. But it is different with Israel; the same Zionist crazies want Ethnic Cleansing, followed by Genocide. The Master Race want racial purity in Israel; so they put infiltrators in Concentration Camps like Saharonim & Keziot pending deportation.


DUP Blackmailing Theresa May
The Prime Minister has been warned by the Democratic Unionist Party not to take its support 'for granted' last night in an apparent setback to her hopes of securing a deal to keep her in power. Theresa May is trying to hammer out an agreement with the DUP to shore up her minority Government. But sources within the Northern Irish party warned a deal was 'certainly not imminent'.

The senior source said the talks 'haven't proceeded in a way that the DUP would have expected' and cautioned that the party 'can't be taken for granted'...........

Mrs May needs the support of the ten DUP MPs to keep her in power. But no vote on the Queen's Speech will take place until next Thursday, so the lack of an agreement is not terminal.
Theresa May made a mess of Election 2017. Now the chancers are going to screw her and us. Ditto for crooks in Europe.


Ugly Marxist Criminal Uses Kensington Fire To Set Up A Day Of Rage
A veteran revolutionary convicted of assaulting the Conservative Party chairman is the force behind a “Day of Rage” protest accused of exploiting the Grenfell Tower catastrophe to overthrow Theresa May. Extreme-Left militants are calling on demonstrators to “bring down the Government” and “shut down London” in a march on Parliament  to coincide with the Queen’s Speech. The ringleaders are accused of “hijacking” Grenfell Tower disaster to whip up support. They are demanding the Prime Minister resigns while claiming the victims “were murdered by this rotten capitalist system”.
The Kensington fire "matters" because Illegal Immigrants came unstuck.


German Thought Police Go On The Attack
It should be absolutely apparent that free speech is dead in Europe, if it ever existed at all. While a man in Scotland faces a year in prison for an offensive YouTube video and British police scour social media for xenophobic responses to terror attacks, things are not much better on the mainland.

Today, German police conducted nationwide raids on citizens who posted offensive comments or participated in online “hate groups.” This is the second annual day of action against “hate posting.”

Twenty-three police departments were deployed across 14 German states, to enter the homes of 36 suspected hate posters and confiscate their internet connected devices, according to a press release from the German federal police (BKA). ............

Germans can receive up to 5 years in prison for “hate posting.”
Merkel is an evil ratbag.
She hates Free Speech. She should get 5 years for hate and death for Treason.


Black Robber Loses Out

Calvin Carter III doesn't look very happy. Are you all broke up about this violation of his right to be a black thief? He is charged with attempted murder.


Heretical Lesbian Bishop Says Remove Crosses And Encourage Islamics

See the face and know that Brunne is a chancer extracting the urine, another Feminist & anti-White Racist. She was appointed to the office by other Heretics. She is no more a Christian than Ovadia Yosef, the chief rabbi of Israel. It is all part of Antonio Gramsci's attack on Holy Mother Church, Christianity and Western Civilization generally.
PS Brunne has tried it on before.


Well Over A Million Illegal Immigrants In UK Say Secret Figures
Up to 250,000 people drop off the radar and end up as illegal immigrants in Britain every year, according to secret Home Office figures, amid warnings that border controls are completely ineffective and will only get worse after Brexit.

David Wood, who was head of immigration enforcement at the Home Office until 2015, said that more than 1.2 million illegal immigrants are currently living in Britain, predominantly after overstaying their visas.

People are not aware of the scale of the problem because official figures are not published and Home Office estimates for illegal immigrants are kept secret by ministers because they are “embarrassing”, according to experts.

In a highly critical paper for Civitas, written with Alasdair Palmer, a former Home Office speechwriter, Mr Wood disclosed that the Home Office has privately estimated that between 150,000 and 250,000 foreign nationals fail to return to their home country when they should.................

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said: “Our laws are being enforced. In fact, it is harder than ever before for those with no right to be here to remain in the UK.

“We expect those with no basis of stay to leave voluntarily. Where they do not, we will enforce their removal. This includes foreign criminals of whom we returned more than 6,000 last year.............

Dr David Green, director of Civitas, said: “In recent years, successive governments have shown all the signs of wanting to hide the true scale of immigration from members of the public.

“The Government has better calculations of the scale of both legal and illegal immigration but has deliberately suppressed publication.”
Government policy is inciting Illegal Immigration. ditto for Her Majesty's Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition & Comrade Corbyn; They are, at best Lenin's Useful Idiots, tools of the Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies.


20 June 2017
This day is the first of the Herzliya Conference in the State Of Israel. It is run by Zionist crazies for Paranoid crazies, for Racists full of hate. It deals inter alia with QUOTE The Mounting Threat of Iran and the Radical Axis UNQUOTE. Do they really believe this nonsense?

Failing To Confront Far-Right Terrorism Will Only Embolden The Other Barbarians Among Us
The Telegraph does not approve of the Right Wingers among us; it has a much more relaxed view of the Barbarians being imported with malice aforethought by Her Majesty's Government. It is not called the Quislinggraph for nothing NB The Telegraph's headline is verbatim.


Woman Raped Nine Times By Brutal Ethiopians Imported By Merkel
A tearful woman broke down in court in Germany as she alleged that three asylum seekers raped her a total of nine times when she was ambushed at a town fair. The alleged attack in August 2016 left the 28-year-old Hungarian victim 'shattered,' she told a court in Mühlhausen. 

Her mobile phone was stolen and the men used it to film their brutal assault which included kicking and punching her and dragging her by her hair, she claims.
Will Merkel deport them? Naughty little Adolf wouldn't have put up with kind of thing.


Mosque Attacker Is A Brit
He is probably disappointed at only getting one kill but he is still very useful to the Traitors and Useful Idiots who want England destroyed using Ethnic Fouling & Genocide.


Comrade Corbyn's £9 Thousand Bribe Bought The Youth Vote
Paying £9,000  year to go to a third rate university is a mug's game. Humanities courses are extended Brainwashing by Marxist agitators. Save the money, get a job, learn something useful on line and be a millionaire by 30. It makes lotsa sense.


Grenfell Tower Council Is Sitting On A £300MILLION Reserve
The Daily Mail is in propaganda mode again. Yes, Kensington has plenty of Capitalist Swine who want Illegal Immigrants as cheap labour, as cleaners, gardeners etc. Kensington has reserves because it is not a corrupt, loony left spendthrift mob like Tower Hamlets. Notice that the Main Stream Media avoid mentioning Kensington because it is associated with the rich. How To Frame A Patriot explains how the media pervert the truth.


19 June 2017

White Van Man Kills One Outside Mosque
One person has been killed and ten more injured after a white van driver screaming 'I'm going to kill all Muslims' ploughed into worshippers near a renowned north London mosque, in the latest terror attack to rock Britain.

A 48-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after the van mounted the pavement and veered into the congregation outside the Muslim Welfare House, near Finsbury Park Mosque, shortly after they finished Ramadan evening prayers.............

As details of the attack emerged, the Muslim Council of Britain condemned the incident as 'the most violent manifestation' yet of Islamophobia and called for extra security around mosques.

The Met Police has now vowed to put extra security around mosques at this 'sensitive time' as Muslims continue to mark the holy month of Ramadan. Mr Basu [ A Pakistani or some such on his own account ] said it was an 'incredibly challenging time for London' with emergency services 'stretched' but that officers would do all they could to keep people safe.
An Englishman, or at all events a real Brit acted. He is a Patriot, just like Tommy Mair and will get abused, just like Tommy. Targetting politicians makes more sense because they are the perpetrators; they incite Third World infiltrators; they bribe Islamics full of hate. The political policy and practice is Ethnic Fouling, population replacement and Genocide. They are Traitors, the Enemy Within. NB the police are going to protect Islamics. The rest of us will have to get on with it. Get Used To It Suckers. That is policy too. English girls in Rotherham are NOT being protected from Pakistani Perverts.


CNN Set Up Fraudulent News Report To Make Islamics Look Good
Recently, we did a recount of the top ten most blatant, most brazen examples of CNN broadcasting outright falsehoods, interviewing members of their own crews as they pretend to be members of a crowd, and fully staging mock-ups of bogus scenarios.

Well, the most trusted name in news broadcasting has once again been caught red-handed staging more fake news. This time, it comes in the wake of a terrorist attack. We’ve seen footage from a cell phone camera filming the staging area for a fake protest scene after the recent terrorist attacks in London.

In those attacks, 7 people were killed and 48 people were injured. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the violence. ISIS supporters openly celebrated the attacks and at around that same time, the CNN propaganda machine was caught setting up a phony protest pushing their “religion of peace” narrative.............

The protesters are trotted out calmly from behind the film crew staging area. They are not happened upon by a roving news crew- they are the crew. They form up and raise their signs dispassionately as the CNN “reporter” calmly looks on and reviews her talking points. She opens her bogus report saying, ‘Reporting live to you now from a beautiful scene…’ As she drones on, someone near to the camera can be heard laughing, joking, and saying “This is embarrassing.”.............

The video was taken by a bystander, uploaded to Twitter and was then discovered by independent journalist and lawyer, Mike Cernovich before it went viral.

It is a direct violation of well-established journalistic ethics for journalists to have any involvement in the staging of news photographs. That is to say giving any direction to the subjects of a news report on how to present themselves is directly in violation of the standards that news reporters are expected to uphold...........

Of course, we know that CNN has been in the business of staging the news for a very long time and journalistic ethics have not been very near to their hearts in recent memory. But it is important not to let this kind of deception go on unchallenged- especially when it is being done to convince us that the people who want to kill us, destroy our culture, and obliterate everything that we hold dear are not our enemy.

Western nations are being conditioned to accept enemy combatants [ i.e. Trojan Horses ] into their borders. We are being told that the enemy at the gate is a friend- and we are being told this by the most trusted name in broadcast news.
Is CNN really that corrupt, that dishonest? YES. It is just one of the Propaganda machines which are the Main Stream Media. Thank God for the Internet, the truth machine. The video is at


The Slaves Who Helped Make A Tory MP A Millionaire
The Mail is in propaganda mode again; it does not mention who imported the blacks into the Americas. Louis Farrakhan does; he knows because he did the research. See the results in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews published by the  Nation of Islam. It was Jews on the make - as usual. Who freed the slaves? It was an Englishman, called William Wilberforce. It is a matter of fact that the Royal Navy lost more men on the West Africa Station than they did in two world wars.
PS The headline is verbatim.


18 June 2017

Calais Criminal Invaders Attacking
Police reinforcements including at least 150 riot control officers have been drafted into Calais as UK-bound migrants set up burning roadblocks to stop lorries. They use the motorway obstructions to get lorries heading to England to stop, so they can climb aboard and hide until reaching their destination. The tactics have been used at least three times in as many weeks, with images shot in the early hours of June 9 showing rubble and branches piled up on the A16 in Calais.

A Polish HGV driver who regularly travels between his home country and Britain posted a video of the incident online, and it shows gangs of mainly young men running along the busy road brandishing weapons and trying to climb into lorries.
It is government policy to allow Third World parasites into the country. It is also policy to pretend that they are trying to stop them. The Main Stream Media are Propaganda machines colluding with smugglers. The one who get in are paid very handsomely by the standards of Kinshasa and many other Hellholes.


Grenfell Tower Residents To Get £5,500 From TOMORROW
So Third World aliens & Illegal Immigrants get sympathy and help but 1,400 English girls raped by Pakistani taxi drivers get nothing. The police and politicians who allowed the Pakistanis to get away with it are Perverting The Course Of Justice. It is also Misconduct In Public Office by the Crown Prosecution Service & Her Majesty's Government.


Bull Kills Matador In France

Tripping over the cape is not a good idea; nor is turning your back on the bull.


16 June 2017
Is the anniversary of the 1976 Soweto Riots, which have been used by the Propaganda industry. All is explained by American Renaissance at Forty Years Since Soweto Riots.

Islamic Thug Tried To Murder Five Blacks
Apparently they were not very nice to him so the judge let him off with five years. An Englishman would have been accused of appalling Racism. The judge would have given him life. The Main Stream Media would have howled for blood  and demanded the death penalty but the Daily Mail is just another anti-White Propaganda machine.


Woman Pushed Out Of Newsnight For Not Following Party Line
Lily Allen, whoever she might be says the Kensington death toll is higher, that media are downplaying it. So she got written out. The Main Stream Media market the Party Line. That is why they are pretending that the losers are not very largely Third World aliens and Illegal Immigrants to boot. See also Lily Allen pulled from Newsnight after controversial Grenfell Tower comments
PS She dresses like an Oxfam advert.


15 June 2017
On this day in 1215 AD King John sealed the Magna Carta at Runnymede

Illegal Immigrants Die In London Inferno
How many died? We will never know. How many were Illegal Immigrants? We will never know but is has to be more than Islamics achieved with the London Bridge Massacre or the Manchester Massacre. Why were they given "social housing"? Because Capitalist Swine in Kensington want cheap servants. The similarities to the 9/11 Job are noticeable; this time Islamics were victims  rather than perpetrators.


Islamics At London Inferno Were Heroes Alleges Daily Mail
What caused the fire?  The faulty fridge story is out there and a lot of Islamics were awake at the time so it could have been one of them doing something stupid.
PS See the photos and play Spot The Brit. You might get lucky.


London Inferno Started By Ethiopian's Fridge
Just how do you make a fridge catch fire? Pass. Gross misuse could be the technique used.


Daily Mail Markets Jo Cox Story
A year after the murder of his wife, Jo, Brendan Cox remains endlessly surprised by the capacity of grief to floor him at unforeseen times. Often it is the moments of unalloyed joy that presage the most crushing heartbreak.

Last month, he spent half term at his cottage on the Welsh borders with his two young children, Cuillin, six, and Lejla, four. The absence of Jo left an aching emptiness: the previous May had been their last glorious holiday there as a complete family.
The Mail doesn't mention that she was a Marxist ratbag on the make or that her old man is also a shit working in Save The Children, a criminal organisation; he had to Resign After Women Complained


PayPal Pulls Plug On French Nationalists
Internet financial giant PayPal has closed the account of the French group Generation Identitaire (Generation Identity) after that organization started raising funds to charter a boat to block far left invader “rescue expeditions” in the Mediterranean.

Generation Identitaire is the youth branch of the nativist Bloc Identitaire movement, and describes its mission as “defending the identity of France and Europe.”Their original plan was to “charter a boat and sail in to the Mediterranean to thwart NGO ships” that regularly go and fetch Third World invaders—after arranging pick up points with smugglers—off the Libyan coast and ferry them to Italy or to European Union naval ships in the area. Generation Identitaire said it would help any of the invaders they came across who were in distress before returning them to the African coastline. The operation named “Defend Europe” that was backed by other identitarian groups around Europe had raised around €65,000 in contributions, €15,000 more than its initial target. PayPal......... continues to allow pro-invasion crypto-communist organizations such as the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS)  receive cash from sympathizers via PayPal.
PayPal is being political, an opponent of Free Speech & Nationalism. It will collect money for Enemies of Civilization like MOAS


14 June 2017
On this day 1982 The Parachute Regiment took Port Stanley and ended the Falklands War

Inciting Hate Means Rentamob Is In Action Again

Feminism, inciting Homosexuality, complaining about Racism unless, of course it is anti-White are all single-issue Marxist causes. The Puppet Masters, the Zionist crazies pull the strings, while leaving Rent A Mob to do the work.


The Washington Establishment Is A Treasonous Bunch Of Rogues Betraying The President People Wanted
The Establishment has its agendas, its pay packets, its peculiar friends. Leaking classified information is crime. The perpetrators are insiders; they hate Donald Trump. Impeaching him is their objective & Democracy be damned. Hanging a few dozen would make a big difference. Merely sacking hundreds or thousands would be effective too.


The RSPCA was thrown into more chaos last night following reports the charity spent almost £1million on a luxury home for just a dozen cats and the daughter of chairwoman who lives there rent free. The claims come after scathing criticism of its management from the Charity Commission in the wake of the sudden departure of its chief executive.

Daughter of RSPCA national council chairwoman Daphne Harris, Katie Toms, 39, lives at the semi-detached four bedroom house in Headcorn, Kent, rent free, the Sun reported. The home was bought in 2011 for £464,935 by the local branch of the RSPCA, which is run by Mrs Harris.

There were two further outlays of cash - £138,323 and £137,277 - the paper reported, as well as £223,969 in wages and expenses since 2011 and a £40,000 car Mrs Toms is thought to have the use of........

His departure from the £150,000-a-year post after 15 months comes a fortnight before the June 24 annual meeting of the charity, which has an annual income of £144million and employs more than 1,500 staff.

A source told the Times it was unacceptable to lose the experienced businessman and added: ‘This is a disgrace and it is high time the Charity Commission took over the day-to-day management of the charity to safeguard animal protection. There had been no mention of him leaving.’
Perhaps this does not amount to fraud; it just looks like it. The RSPCA is run malicious rogues. Other outfits abuse their Charitable status by becoming smugglers, importing thousands of Third World parasites on the make. For evidence see Criminal Charities. One of them is Save The Children, run by Helle Thorning-Schmidt, lately the prime minister of Denmark. She is above the law. Finance for these crime comes from enemies of Western Civilization. One such is almost certainly George Soros, one of the Puppet Masters. It is not just Ethnic Fouling, it is Genocide. Coconspirators include Her Majesty's Government & other Zionist Occupation Governments [ ZOGs ].



13 June 2017
This day in 1656 AD is claimed by Jews claim for their second infiltration of England. See e.g. Folly and Blair praises Jews' contribution to Britain 

Theresa May's Power Depends On DUP, On Christians
Theresa May's more recalcitrant friends in the DUP think gays are godless sodomites who'll be spending eternity on a roasting spit in hell. Jeremy Corbyn's more recalcitrant friends are disinclined to wait that long and would rather light them up now - or hurl them off the roof. Hamas, which Mr Corbyn supports, is fairly typical.
So real, all man Protestants feel that Islam has something worthwhile to offer us. They may have worked out that their new best friend is in the business of importing Muslim savages by the thousand & they are virtually all men of fighting age.


BBC Proves Its Hatred Of Conservatives
The carefully constructed house of cards has been swept away. It is politics more chaotic, more brutal than any thriller.

The Conservative Party has a reputation for ruthlessness - getting rid of even much loved leaders when they are no longer a tool to maintaining the party's rule. The defenestration of their idol Margaret Thatcher was a sign of that. But this is far more cruel, a breathtakingly savage lesson in the exercise of power.

Mrs May has been broken on the electoral wheel but is forced to stand on splintered limbs, grimacing through the pain, for the sake of her party's chance to cling to office. She is like a medieval monarch, captured by her barons, shorn of the advisers she loved and trusted, allowed one old close friend to minister cold comfort. The government is stable as a two-legged stool, and she is sapped of strength, weakened by the demands of her colleagues..............

No-one else wants the job quite yet. But on the other hand, no-one wanted the chaotic farce following David Cameron's exit that produced this situation.
The BBC's loathing followed Richard Nixon to the grave but Ted Heath was given a pass because he was a Paedophile pervert of treasonous intent. Recall the Beeb's determined ignorance of Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall ,Peter Jaconelli, Cyril Smith, Mark Trotter, Greville Janner & hundreds more Paedophile Jews [ see Failed Messiah On Paedophiles for more and better details].


Why The Tories Lost Election 2017
How do The Tories lose to a Marxist friend of IRA terrorists, one who panders to Islamics? Read and learn.


Oldie Shoots Two Intruders Killing One
The police will give him major aggravation. He needs to know Resistance to Interrogation. The rule is: One shot, two stories - Two shots, one story. The survivor will be incited to drop them in it.


12 June 2017

DUP Demands A Price For Helping May & Brexit
The Tories look set to water down their controversial 'dementia tax' as part of a deal with the DUP. The small Northern Irish unionist party, which is in talks with the Conservatives to keep Theresa May in power, has reportedly made protecting pensioners central to their wish list of demands. 

Many Tory voters switched to the DUP [ That is total rubbish - there were no Tories to vote for - Editor ] because they were angry at Mrs May's plans to make more pensioners have to use the value of their home to pay for their care.............

The party  believes [ because it is true ] that former veterans are being hounded through the courts while others involved in Republican violence are not.........

Under hugely unpopular social care reforms unveiled in the Tory manifesto, tens of thousands of people who receive care at home face costly bills as – for the first time. The value of a person’s home will be included in their assets, with only the last £100,000 protected. 

The policy bombed with voters and was seen as the turning point which saw Mrs May's election campaign derail - ending in her humiliation in the vote on Thursday night.
The DUP has its wish list. They will get some; enough perhaps to restart the
guerrilla war in Ireland. The DUP is right about the dementia tax; an obviously stupid idea. Ditto for Malicious Prosecution being used to screw men of the British Army while IRA murderers have immunity. With the DUP on side Theresa May will have a majority of 6, enough but only just.


Italians Catch Drug Smugglers But Allow Third Aliens To Invade
It was picked out by the helicopter amid an investigation code-named 'Triton'. Three police boats were dispatched to intercept the boat and recover drugs
Operation Triton is run by Frontex, to import Illegal Immigrants by the thousand every day. They have the active assistance of Criminal Charities like Save The Children and finance from George Soros, a Racist Jew intent on destroying Western Civilization.


Academics Hate The Truth - Another Book Burning In The Making
A cold civil war has been raging within academe, a war between “Biologians” and “Culturists.”. Recently the war has been getting hotter: Biologians are actually being suppressed, not debated, by Culturalists. Case in point: My own recent experience after publishing my eleventh article with American Historical Review,

Perspective: Many modern biologists, genomic scientists, and physical anthropologists are Biologians. They think evolutionary adaptations are partly responsible for some racial disparities. But most historians, social scientists, public leaders, and Main Stream Media journalists are culturists. They minimize the importance of biology and evolution and say that history and culture explain the variations in the distribution of human characteristics............

As it happened, a Marxist group at Harvard, Science for the People, responded to Sociobiology with printed leaflets and teach-ins that were harshly critical of Professor Wilson. For a few days, a protester in Harvard Square used a bullhorn to demand that the university fire Professor Wilson, and on one occasion two students invaded the professor’s class on evolutionary biology to shout slogans and deliver anti-sociobiology monologues.
Professor Wolters is a prominent man in his field. Here he explains why he has been censored for his part in the Nature Versus Nurture debate. It has turned nasty, very nasty in the same way as the Main Stream Media regarding Donald Trump. Recall that Marxists, or was it just Joe Stalin backed Trofim Lysenko, a blatantly fraudulent biologist? It was in Germany that naughty little Adolf had his Book Burnings.


Shanghai Flight Aborts After Major Engine Failure
A large hole appeared in the port engine soon after take off. An emergency landing was the right response. The hole was forward of the fan blades; no doubt questions will be asked and will be answered.


11 June 2017 
On this day in 2013 Emma West, England's leading Political Prisoner was due yet again in Croydon Crown Court. They will keep on torturing her until she is reduced to saying that she is guilty of inciting Race hatred. Putting her in a lunatic asylum and stealing her baby are part of the harassment. She is like the rest of us, a victim of a corrupt regime; she needs to understand Resistance to Interrogation.

Boris Johnson Wants To Be PM
Boris Johnson is preparing a new bid to become Prime Minister as Theresa May’s grip on No 10 becomes increasingly fragile, but the Foreign Secretary won't take any action while Theresa May is in power. Talk of his leadership bid came as Mrs May was rocked by the resignations of the two Downing Street advisers who have been blamed for the Election disaster – and a Mail on Sunday poll which found that half of voters want her to quit.............

Mrs May last night won the backing of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist MPs in order to shore up her precarious position, in a deal that would offer her the prospect of a working majority in the Commons.......

Few Tory MPs believe that Mrs May will still be in No 10 by the end of the summer after losing 13 Tory seats – squandering the party’s previous working majority of 12.

Mrs May’s joint chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, stepped down yesterday amid growing criticism of the power which they wielded in Downing Street. MPs had pointed the finger at Mr Timothy for including the so-called ‘dementia tax’ in the Tory manifesto, which was linked to a dramatic drop in the party’s support..............

It is understood that senior party figures had warned Mrs May that she could face an immediate leadership challenge if her aides stayed in their jobs.

The five front runners for the Conservative leadership are Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Chancellor Philip Hammond, Brexit Secretary David Davis, Home Secretary Amber Rudd and Michael Gove.........

The turmoil forced Mrs May to delay a planned reshuffle of her middle-ranking Ministers until today. She is being urged to appoint a formal Deputy Prime Minister to shore up her position, with Brexit Secretary David Davis the favourite for the job.
Of course Boris wants to be Her Majesty's prime minister. He was snapping at Cameron's heels. Now he is in with a chance. Is he the right man or just a showman with an agenda? For my money it has to be  David Davis, a man who did serve Queen and Country, one who made it from nowhere, passed Selection with 21 SAS, was appointed as the leader for Brexit. He is the pick of the pick bunch. Amber Rudd, of Lesbos wants England flooded with illegal immigrants; coming from a crooked family is a bad sign. A lot of politicians want Illegal Immigration but they keep quiet about their treason.


10 June 2017 

Theresa May On The Skids?
Speculation mounted about potential successors, with Boris Johnson and David Davis both strongly tipped, and rumours of a joint ticket involving Home Secretary Amber Rudd and former Justice Secretary Michael Gove.
She fouled up. Various politicians are considering taking over. Boris Johnson is not a buffoon; he is a chancer with a flair for public relations and fornication. Amber Rudd, who wants illegal immigrants is bad news from a bad family with the ability to feather its own nest while leaving investors with the bankruptcies. David Davis is one of the few in either House who served Queen and Country. He made it from nowhere, passed Selection with 21 SAS, was appointed as the leader for Brexit and the pick of the bunch.


Comrade Corbyn's £11 Billion Student Bribe Paid Off For Him
A surge in A surge in voters aged 18-24 was believed to have been fuelled by the party’s promises to end university tuition fees and reinstate maintenance grants for the poorest students – costing £11billion a year – and to increase the minimum wage. Some pundits claimed the turnout for the age group was as high as 72 per cent after the number was tweeted by a youth vote activist and retweeted by Labour MP David Lammy.......................

Overall turnout was 68.7 percent, an increase of 2.6 percentage points from the 2015 general election. Polling expert Lord Ashcroft said 67 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds had voted Labour, compared with just 18 per cent who supported the Conservatives.
Maintenance grants are all about money. So was the Poll tax, which is what did for Maggie Thatcher. The lesson of history is that we learn nothing from history.


9 June 2017 
On this day in 1983 Maggie Thatcher won a landslide victory for the Tories

Tories Losing Seats In 2017 Election
A shaky Theresa May vowed to fight on today despite suffering catastrophic losses as her election gamble humiliatingly backfired.

As the Tories' Commons majority was brutally stripped away by voters, Mrs May faced open calls from her own MPs to 'consider her position' as a jubilant Jeremy Corbyn demanded she make way for him to become PM.

But an ashen-faced Mrs May, who called the contest three years early in a bid to capitalise on sky-high poll ratings, claimed her party was still on track to be the biggest in the Commons. She insisted the country needed a 'period of stability', adding: 'It is incumbent on us to ensure that we have that.'

As the knives came out for Mrs May, former chancellor George Osborne lambasted her campaign performance as 'wooden' and her manifesto as a disaster, making clear he did not believe she could survive for long. Former minister Anna Soubry, who was reelected in Broxtowe, added her voice to calls for Mrs May to consider resigning. Asked exactly where the Tory campaign had gone wrong, Ms Soubry said bluntly: 'Where do you want me to start?' 
The Scottish National Party took a beating which is good news. For the rest, it is bad.
PS The results NOW, at 09:10, with seven seats to go, are Tory  312, Labour 260, SNP 35, giving Theresa May a majority of 54 over Comrade Corbyn. This means that if  Comrade Sturgeon chooses to collude with Corbyn in order to destroy Brexit she may succeed. Making herself a nuisance is the rationale. Things will depend on the agendas of the smallest parties. The DUP , with ten seats might be helpful - at a price. Sinn Féin [ seven seats ] will collude with Labour and vice versa.
PPS Perhaps things went wrong because various people, the young in particular believed Jeremy's promises to make us all better off and to rob Capitalist Swine.


Mark Steyn Comments On Election Foul Up
And on the importation of vicious Third World parasites using the Union Jack as a flag of convenience.


Pound Drops As A Result Of Tory Losses
The pound and Brexit are working together.


Cerberus 2.0 Predicts The Disappearance Of The Dutch Population
A change in demographic trends takes 50 years before they become plainly visible. The decline in fertility in the sixties started to become visible after 50 years. Cerberus, our population simulator, shows with scientific precision that the replacement of the European society has started, and within 50 years it will be visible and irreversible.

Since the seventies of the previous century, the Western societies have not produced enough offspring to keep their communities growing. The fertility rate (i.e. the average number of children per woman) is far below 2.1. i.e. the level of replacement. A population with a higher rate will grow while a population with a lower rate will shrink. As it is, the Western and Japanese societies will begin to implode 40 years from the moment their fertility rate dropped, and this demographic winter, as this phenomenon is sometimes called, will affect the world more profoundly than the climate change, so politicians and investors should take notice..........

Since the demographic decline is observable in all Western countries, we are in for Europeans being gradually replaced by peoples from Africa or South Asia. We are now at the eleventh hour and if we do not put an immediate stop to all immigration, the Dutch society will vanish into thin air.
Wiping out the Dutch is government policy. It is Ethnic Fouling In Holland leading to Genocide - see the United Nations definition at UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. It is also being done to England, America, Canada, Ireland & the rest of Western Civilization by ZOGs [ Zionist Occupied Governments ].


Eight Men Charged With Illegal Immigrant Smuggling
Seven Brits and an enemy alien are charged with smuggling Albanians for 6,000 euros each. This is tax free income and rather useful. They should be charged with Treason as well as smuggling.


8 June 2017
On this day in 1967 the USS Liberty Massacre was carried out by Jews using aircraft and motor torpedo boats because the Liberty was picking their radio traffic regarding a massacre of Egyptian soldiers during the Six Day War. See Israeli Communications Prove Israelis Knew Liberty Was U.S. Ship and James Bamford Responds to Charges Made in Secrecy News - Here is the piece from Secrecy News  The story is told by James Bamford in Body of Secrets. 34 men were murdered

Third World Rapist Attacked Six Women
A sex attacker who stalked lone women before pouncing on them at night faces being locked up after police tracked him down due to his distinctive white Audi A6. Sinuthujaan Yoganathan, 32, stalked at least six women before attacking them in Perivale, Northolt and Harrow in north west London.   

He drove his white Audi before one of the attacks - and officers arrested him when they later found him driving the same car through the area.............

Yoganathan was found guilty of five sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault between April 2016 and July 2016 after a three week trial at Isleworth Crown Court.
Another enemy alien imported by Her Majesty's Government & Treason and the enthusiastic collusion of Her Majesty's Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition.

 Recall the legal maxim, Salus populi suprema lex is a Latin legal maxim that means: The Welfare of the People Shall Be the Supreme Law. It tells us that law exists to serve the common good. It means e.g. that encouraging mass Immigration by Third World parasites is a breach of good government. What kind of savage are they importing? See e.g. the next one.


Witchdoctors Killing Bald Men In Mozambique
Bald people have become the latest targets of witchdoctors in Mozambique, police chiefs say.

Police say the body parts and heads of bald men are being traded across the borders to Malawi and Tanzania where they are of value in witchcraft. The police warning came after the brutal killing of two bald men, one of whom had his head cut off, and both had their internal organs cut out and stolen. National police spokesman Inacia Dina told a news conference in the capital Maputo: 'The murders of two bald people has led to two arrests of suspects.
Does this qualify as experimental medicine?


Jews Protect Paedophile Perverts In New York
Agudath Israel of America (aka Agudah) continues to deter reporting orthodox sex abusers by misrepresenting the halacha and claiming one must always consult with a rabbi before reporting child sex abuse to the police. In an unholy alliance with the Catholic Church they lobby state governments to make it hard to prosecute and sue abusers. In his post, Protest Agudah’s Abuse Enabling and Opposition to SOL Reform,” Asher lays out the case against Agudah.

I have often written about Agudah’s disgusting culpability in protecting those who desecrate our children with its horrendous effects on child victims, and adult survivors. In fact, I stumbled into blogging because I was angry enough to write a trenchant satire of an imaginary Agudah speech on abuse (Moetzes Gedolim Speak About Znus Affecting Children) This was back in 2009. Since then they have actually openly spoken about abuse. While their speeches have not been as funny, they have been as evasive and destructive. See for example the most recent speeches by the head of their moetzes (Council of Torah Sages), the Novominsker Rebbe, Yaakov Perlow.
I am not convinced that this lot of Jews has colluded with Holy Mother Church but they both have gone wrong. The Jews have a big advantage; controlling the Main Stream Media, using them a Propaganda machines has been very dangerous, very effective. One implication of this article is that ordinary Jews don't like Paedophile perverts either.


7 June 2017 

Voting Guide For Thursday
Remember the ‘progressive alliance’? At the start of the election campaign, with Labour floundering in the polls, many on the Left were calling for Labour voters to back LibDem, GreenSNP and Plaid Cymru candidates in some constituencies in the hope of cutting Theresa May’s majority as far as possible. Instead, the minor parties have withered as Labour has strengthened in the polls, to the point at which it is just conceivable — if still unlikely — that we could be waking up to a Jeremy Corbyn premiership on Friday morning. Now, it is they who should consider voting tactically............. But where the picture is more confused, there are three ways people can vote tactically to help Mrs May win the strongest mandate to carry into the Brexit negotiations.

First, there are millions of people who voted for UKIP in 2015 who may well be inclined to return their vote to the Tories because they understand Mrs May is the best chance we have of delivering a strong Brexit. This is especially relevant where Labour won the seat two years ago, but where the combined total of the UKIP and Conservative votes would have prevailed.
This is one of the Daily Mail's better efforts. The data will have come from Conservative Party HQ. The point is how to vote against Labour, against Comrade Corbyn, against a disastrous Brexit.


Daily Mail Marketing Jo Cox As A Saintly Victim
The widower of murdered MP Jo Cox, Brendan, has described the moment he heard about her death as like a 'grenade going off inside me'.

Mother-of-two Mrs Cox, 41, was shot and stabbed by [ allegedly ] neo-Nazi Thomas Mair in her Batley and Spen constituency on June 16 last year, days before the EU referendum. Mair was later handed a whole-life prison sentence for the Labour MP's murder.
Jo Cox was killed by Tommy Mair, a Patriot, a Nationalist and, latterly a political activist. Anyone who feels that Tommy is a sound sort of chap, whose instincts are on the right lines is likely to be accused of being a Far Right extremist along with any one who votes to the right of Labour. In fact Cox was a ratbag on the make; she used the Charity industry for the sympathy vote, foreign travel etc. Being with Oxfam, a left wing operation was how she wormed her way into politics and into Parliament but had absolutely no sympathy for English girls being raped by Pakistani Perverts. Her old man is a wrong one too; he worked for Save The Children, a criminal organisation until he was kicked out/resigned/invited to take his services elsewhere - see Her Husband Resigned After Women Complained; putting himself about?
Notice the way she bares her teeth when she is playing to the camera.


6 June 2017 
Is the anniversary of D Day in 1944, when the Allies landed in France. 7th Parachute Battalion [ 7 PARA  ] jumped by Pegasus Bridge to prevent Wehrmacht counter attacks from the east. D Day Landing Scenes Then & Now is worth a look. The comments give the impression that Guardian readers are not always Marxist Paedophiles
In this day in 1982 Jews invaded the Lebanon in Operation Peace for Galilee. Jews are cynical liars who wanted a piece of Galilee.

Melbourne Massacre Responsibility Claimed By ISIS
Islamic State is claiming responsibility for the Melbourne hostage attack that left the gunman and another man dead. 'The attack in Melbourne, Australia was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State in response to the call for targeting the subjects of the coalition states,' the group's Amaq news agency said.

IS blamed the attack on Australia's membership in the US-led coalition against the militant group.
How many Arabs have been murdered by Western invaders in Iraq, Syria etcetera? Thousands at the very least. Corrupt politicians like  Blair, Brown, Bush, Cameron & Obama are War Criminals being manipulated by the Israel Lobby. America is like England, run by a ZOG [ Zionist Occupied Government ]. Those same governments import Third World hostiles by the thousands every day. They are the Enemy Within.


Third World Thug Gets Away With GBH - It Is Positive Discrimination
Why did Zaid Bhamji walk free? Because pandering to Third World aliens is policy. Ditto for importing them, giving them the dole et cetera.


5 June 2017 
On this day in 1967 Jews attacked Egypt, wiping out its air force. It was the start of the Six Day War. Ditto for Jordan.

Managing Post-Terror Attitudes
Mark Steyn explains about the girls and young women murdered in the Manchester Massacre by Salman Ramadan Abedi, an Islamic terrorist full of hate. He and his were imported by Her Majesty's Government. Does Her Majesty's prime minister intend to carry on importing vicious Third World aliens? Is she going to seek vengeance? Will she allow police to carry on ignoring Pakistani Perverts in Rotherham treating English girls worse than dogs. We get to be victims while Capitalist Swine get cheap labour & the Labour Party gets cheap votes by Bribery & Vote Rigging.


4 June 2017
Is the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989

Islamic Thugs Attack At London Bridge
Three Islamics got six kills using knives. The police killed all three using guns. So Third World parasites full of hate proved, yet again that we need the Armed Citizen. Recall that Cameron Claimed Islam is a Religion of Peace. He lied in his teeth as he let thousands of them in.


A Lot More Than London Bridge is Falling Down
At about 10pm British Summer Time on Saturday night, the London Bridge area was the scene of a series of vehicle attacks and stabbings.............

As I write, six members of the public are dead, and three attackers. I'm wary of weighing in as the situation is unfolding, but, though the details are always different, in the end the story is always the same. And, as I said only the other day, the reality of what is happening in Britain and Europe is that this problem was imported and that, until you stop importing it, you're going to have more of it.

No one likely to end up as Prime Minister or Home Secretary after this Thursday's election seems minded to say that, never mind act on it. Instead, we have the usual post-terrorist theatre: Congratulations for the speed of the emergency services, and sober anchormen announcing that Theresa May will be chairing a meeting of COBRA - as though a bunch of bureaucrats with a butch-sounding acronym has any clue about how to stop the corpse count from mounting. The cynical strategy of British and Continental leaders is to get their citizens used to this.........

This is a heartless sophistry from, in large part, the very same people who supported the policies that imported these pathologies to the west. It seems, at a certain level, incredible that you can have two major terrorist attacks in Britain's capital and second largest city in the days before a general election - and yet it will make no difference to Thursday night's result. For who among the major parties is offering any alternative to the disastrous, destructive conventional wisdom?
Mark Steyn tells the truth so much better than me. His analysis? Get Used To It Suckers because we are going to import more Islamic crazies.


Theresa May Says Terrorist Attackers Might Be Terrorists
Theresa May will carry on importing Third World parasites and terrorists, just like Blair, Brown, Cameron. Will she follow the example of the Jews? They put infiltrators in Concentration Camps like Saharonim. Government policy is Ethnic Fouling, Genocide & Treason.


Jew Arrested After Painting Swastika On His Own House In New York
A Jewish man in Upstate NY was jailed on Monday for falsely reporting racist vandalism to police. Now, Andrew King, 54, of Schenectady, is facing a charge of Falsely Reporting an Incident in the Third Degree after police determined that he spray painted three swastikas on his home......... King was in Schenectady City lockup awaiting arraignment on Tuesday morning.

WTEN-TV reported that King was also arrested on an outstanding warrant for Harassment, stemming from an incident in which he allegedly threatened to harm another person in February.
There has been major in increase in Anti-Semitism - allegedly. Jews pretend they are victims when they are in fact the criminals, the perpetrators, master manipulators, the Puppet Masters especially the Zionist crazies.


3 June 2017

BBC Bias Is Blatant
This is not really new news but it is true. All you really need to know is that one perpetrator was Dimbleby. Recall that he [ or the other one ] ran the edition of Question Time set up to put the boot into the British National Party. It was about as fair and even handed as Der Stürmer, the Nazi newspaper run by Julius Streicher. Julius was given a "fair trial" at Nuremberg then hanged for his pains because he hated Jews.


Abusing Diane Abbott Is Playing Race Card Again
But then Abbot has nothing else; it certainly isn't her looks, not even if Comrade Jeremy Corbyn did get involved [ with his eyes shut? ]. Abbot is another Hard Left apparatchik, one just as Racist as the BBC. They are both anti-English racists. NB Racism is a Marxist meme & a Propaganda tool. They use it to market White Guilt and Black Hate. Of course they never mention that the Slave Trade was run by Jews. There are more and better details on that matter The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews


Islamics Alleging They Are Victims While Perpetrating Massacres
Islamist groups in Britain are undermining the fight against terrorism by peddling “myths” about the government’s key anti-radicalisation policy, according to the country’s most prominent Muslim lawyer. Nazir Afzal, a former chief crown prosecutor, warned that an “industry” of Muslim groups was spreading misinformation about the Prevent strategy.

Mr Afzal, who prosecuted the Rochdale sex-grooming gang, also condemned “self-appointed” community leaders whose sole agenda was to present Muslims “as victims and not as those who are potentially becoming radicals”...........

Those seeking to sow distrust of the scheme, which was set up by the Labour government in 2003 and has an estimated annual budget of £40 million, included “Islamists who don’t like anything that’s state-sponsored”, he added.

Mr Afzal, 54, resigned last week as chief executive of the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners [ ACPO ], which attempted to ban him from speaking publicly after the Manchester bombing. “Nobody else was talking publicly about Prevent [and] deradicalisation,” he said of his decision to appear on the BBC’s Question Time, in defiance of his employer............

In his first interview since his resignation was made public, he welcomed Theresa May’s plan for a commission to counter extremism. “That part of the Tories’ manifesto draws a link between radicalisation and violence against women and girls,” he said. “To my mind, the way you identify radicals is by their attitude to women and girls.”

The Conservative manifesto did not refer to Prevent but Amber Rudd, the home secretary, has said that a re-elected Tory government would increase Prevent’s funding. In their election manifestos, the Liberal Democrats are committed to scrapping the scheme; Labour has pledged to review “its potential to alienate minority communities”.

Andy Burnham, the Labour mayor of Greater Manchester, has labelled the Prevent brand “toxic”.
The fact that [ ACPO ] tried to shut Mr Afzal up implies treasonous intent as well as a hatred of Free Speech. They would presumably allege that they were smoothing things over. The Sun's write up of the BBC programme is definitely an attempt to make us think that the Manchester Massacre is not a typical Islamic warlike operation. See - Heartbroken Muslim dad tells Question Time panel his eight-year-old daughter was called a terrorist after Manchester attack. They hope that we will not remember the Nice Massacre and other Islamic Massacres. This is so that Her Majesty's Government can carry on importing hostile Third World savages to fill their Trojan Horses.


Third World Nurse Murdered Two & Poisoned Others - The legal Aid Bill Was £779 Thousand
His barrister was in for better than £300,000. You can see why lawyers take cases, any cases. They are gold mines; we are being shafted.


2 June 2017  

Pakistani Perverts Infest Bradford
Police in an area where a gang of Asian men were jailed for repeatedly raping a 13-year-old white girl are investigating 179 new sex crimes involving 165 suspects, it was revealed today. West Yorkshire Police have said today that more than 100 young victims are being supported  [ sic ] in Keighley and Bradford.

The force says there are 179 crimes where child sexual exploitation is believed to be a factor under investigation in the city..........

Last year a gang of 12 Asian paedophiles from the area were jailed for 143 years after they passed a 13-year-old girl around for sex, with men queuing up to rape her.

Drug dealer ringleader Arif Chowdhury - who is on the run - and his friends terrorised the vulnerable teenager and orchestrated most of the other sex attacks by Asian men he knew............

A local [ Pakistani ] councillor later caused outrage after appearing to dismiss the scandal.

Although he condemned the gang Zafar Ali said: 'It takes two to Tango, there are bad apples, but it doesn't mean to say everyone is bad.
I am not quite sure why the Mail is running this story. Bradford is just as much a run down little mill town as Rotherham and Rochdale. It is why the were infested by Pakistanis; nobody who is anybody lives there. Of course Her Majesty's Government, led by Theresa May is still bribing Illegal Immigrants to there with free housing, free medicine, free dole, free et cetera. They have the enthusiastic collusion of Comrade Corbyn and Her Majesty's Allegedly Most Loyal Opposition


Turk Get 14 Years For Attempted Murder
A man who tied a noose around the neck of his ex-wife and dragged her by car around a town in Germany as their two-year-old child sat behind him has been jailed for 14 years.

Kader K., 28, sustained serious injuries as she was dragged over the asphalt and old cobblestones of Hamelin at high speed by the VW Passat driven by Nurettin B. Their son Cudi watched screaming as he witnessed his mother's ordeal through the back window.

As he was sentenced, Nurettin B., who showed no emotion during his trial, turned to the woman whose life he had tried to end and said: 'I am infinitely sorry for what I did to you and our son.'
The Daily Mail chooses to allege that the perpetrator is German. I allege that he is not; Gastarbeiters were supposed to go back to the Hellholes they left. They weren't stupid enough to go.


1 June 2017  

Tiger Woods Arrested For Driving While Incapable
Tiger Woods was asleep at the wheel of his 2015 Mercedes Benz when he was approached by police early Monday morning during his DUI arrest in Jupiter, Florida. The 41-year-old golfer had to be woken up by an officer according to the Probable Cause Affidavit, which states that the car was running at the time and Woods' right blinker was flashing.

Woods then failed four field sobriety tests according to the affidavit, which also reveals that Woods was on four prescription drugs - Soloxex [sic], Vicodin, Torix and Vioxx. The affidavit notes that Woods has not taken Vioxx this year. After failing those four tests, Woods did submit to a breathalyzer and blew a .000 two times, which suggests that there was no alcohol in his system. He also agreed to a urine test, the results of which have not been released at the time. 

The Probable Cause Affidavit, which was obtained by, states that prior to taking those tests, Woods had 'extremely slow and slurred speech' and did not know where he was at the time. 
Perhaps Woods will beat the rap but it will slow down the adulation he was given when he was golfing because he was black. See the mug shot and know that he is reverting to type.

Degenerate or degenerating?


State Department Will Import More Illegal Immigrants

How many brain surgeons among this lot? It seems that Donald Trump is letting State do it to America.


American Drug Enforcement Agency Covered Up Four Murders In Honduras
In the latest scandal to rock the beleaguered Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the agency covered up a series of failed operations in Honduras that killed four innocent civilians—including a 14-year-old boy and two pregnant women—and injured several others. The drug interdiction missions were conducted jointly by the DEA, U.S. State Department and the government of Honduras between May 11 and July 3 of 2012 as part of a program called “Operation Anvil.” A scathing federal audit released this week by the Inspector General for the departments of Justice and State, offers troubling details of the DEA’s transgressions in the Central American operations, cover up and lies to Congress.........

With about 5,000 special agents, the DEA is tasked with combating the illegal drug trade and leading the nation’s failed, multi-billion-dollar war on drugs. Instead the agency is best known for its embroilment in a multitude of scandals, including losing weapons and engaging in sex parties with prostitutes provided by drug cartels. For years agents participated in wild sex parties with hookers paid for by local drug cartels in foreign countries, according to a federal audit that reveals the parties were held in locations leased by the U.S. government where sensitive equipment such as agents’ laptops and electronic devices were laying around.
The FBI is also full of trigger happy thugs who committed Perjury in order to Pervert The Course Of Justice and get away with dozens of  murders during the Waco Massacre &  the Ruby Ridge Massacre. They succeeded.


Bent Lawyer Gets Out Of Cyprus Prison Very Early
Main opposition Akel criticised the government on Tuesday over a decision to transfer a well-known lawyer from prison, where he is doing time for corruption, to a rehabilitation centre, supposedly for dental treatment.

It emerged last Friday that Panayiotis Neocleous, jailed for two and a half years for corruption together with former deputy attorney-general Rikkos Erotokritou, will undergo dental treatment and will be accommodated at the EOKA rehabilitation centre in Palodhia.

According to Akel spokesman Stefanos Stefanou, the decision to transfer the convict to the facility in his hometown was questionable. On top of this, taxpayers would have to pay some €500,000 for a room to be turned into a cell and the guards, Stefanou said...........

The first council rejected a request to transfer Neocleous to the centre for back problems. The second one examined a request for dental implant treatment, which was approved, Stefanou said..........

Neocleous and Erotokritou, who was jailed for three and half years, were found guilty of conspiring to arrange for the favourable outcome in a civil lawsuit the former deputy AG had filed against legacy Laiki bank in 2013, in which he sought to have about €0.5 million of loans written off against his seized deposits.
Perhaps we should be grateful that he was ever convicted. Corruption is a life style choice, one that has not gone away.


31 May 2017  

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Top Stories 2017
What lies ahead? Pass but there could be some good things.

I was brought up with lies all the time . . . that's how you got along. . . . I have lied my entire life
Monica Lewinsky [ a Jew ] Explains All In
The Quote of the Century

Judge The 2010 Gold G-String Award In New Orleans
This is a rare opportunity to exercise your skill and judgment. Have you got what it takes? NB It may not qualify for the Job Seekers' Allowance. See Stormy Daniels, a past winner and think for yourself.


Jewish Pimp Pleading Guilty In Spitzer Case
An Israeli man [ the Jew, Mark Brener ] accused of running an escort service that brought down New York governor Eliot Spitzer in March was set to plead guilty on Thursday afternoon to money laundering, prostitution and conspiracy, according to his lawyer......... "It does appear that there's a continuing investigation," noted criminal defence attorney Gerald Shargel told WCBS-TV. "The manner in which the investigation is being conducted strongly suggests that Gov. Spitzer is a target."
You have to admit that the pimp dealt in quality, albeit there is no kindness in her face. You might also wonder why Mr Spitzer got aggravation. He was fingered while the rest of her clients walked away. Spitzer did annoy Bush as well as other rich criminals. See Eliot Spitzer Was Screwed for more on this one.

This is not one of the 18 known pictures of her at Kristen the definitive gallery so she'll just have to do until one comes along.


Today's Girl
Is for light relief.

Her Majesty's Prime Minister Picks His Nose In Parliament
Brown is a plebeian oaf and a spendthrift swine to boot. The poor Queen has to deal with the man. Does he wash his hands first? See it in glorious Technicolor® if you have the stomach for it. Then watch him clean his fingers on his tie.

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